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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 30, 1856

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

- V- IB,. A 1 lf riTTf JLdP fj VOLUME XII. MANUFACTURES CARRIAGES FEINTED AND PUBLISHED BT KARllZY, HUGHES & CO., I. -- Dissolution, COD WOULD RES 1rPemooratperyi,tayali;e,uArter!w tj ... ..... R. B.GCS & CO., LIGIITIVIIVG .': 7holesale and Retail. AND ALSOBRASS FOUNDERS kinds of of all jlrnuitou AdvcrlisiDy. jK"N o. 61 FlrTll BTKLET, between Main brass apii d mica ar.d Market. LouiKvi'.'e, Ky. Wait-N- BUSINESS NOTICES. PLACE, 1M vine. Ky. f21 in Kac-or- r. throua'ti Uie l'oai Oltce, will Ciett with THOMAS lion AXD COLLCCTING EXETIAL Ri.l K?tte Airer.t. ! No. Court Ware. W tftwS u" it.M)ALT, A. Painter and Brand Cutter, a (AT JOUSSTON'S PAISTEK.S t'ErOT). So. 63 Third Ktrcpt, LOri?TTLIT., a3b fitf ... W. f. riLCMKK. PILCHER A. KY. THE HOUSE LATELY OCCU-pietr Orrnni y & Owen, Hardirre Dealer. k eep opc.aDtly or (mhd ancpp'.y of the e Irandsof Fxrr-l- floor, which he thelwnt narket itl d y pricea- Jy IS W.oULD - Hydraulic koundry, CornerWaahinaoD and Klcydtrtxrta. MAN LTACTOltY, stantly, Io. hand lreed et ldiwui our.. FLOOD, ANli SHOW CASE ilAKER. 64 Third street. eldAw HADDOX. CARRIAGE DEAL- - JlJ cuet VX Alain FrrwKro'-- aai tiie T !r )'oi k:.' . xsji.'vk u.- Ki A. -, '," AND fi Tl.;rd itreet, tetweer Kivtt, L'.us ilft Ry. .- .ple-be''T w. Smith, .r. ; t'o., Lcui',ille, Ey. s, Ky-- t Ky. rr. I'd lv, idox JiiW-.'n- , & , C'.a zi t d", do. un, I a. Kuainess tinue the Vt hoi sale Grocery and Commission Main and at the oid staud, 9. Ihira street, between W iter streets. a. biia.ivau.ui.u. 10, 1S56. LofiiViLLK, March O. 4. Ml KKAH. JOHH T. MOOB.X. T. BLAWCA6NIKU BLAJiCAGNIEL, MOOEE U MURRAY, WIIOLiliSALB OROCKRS, COlUtlSflON 1IKRCUAN1S, hoie ilaiiUiacturinK Business. Louisville, Feb. 23, AaUULW J. jiUBSiLMAN. icj7 dtf lao Copartnerbhip Notice. HAVING ASSOCIATED WITH business hitherto conduoUd by nivaclf, under the style ot A. Meinau, the tirm will, from this day forward, be altered to (Jll.siAU At L1C111LN. every competition. We request a call and an investigation of our stock to convince purchasers olthe truth 01 our assertions. BI'ltiSAU k LIClllJtN. oc31 DYEING & CLOTHING; Thomas M. Oliver, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES ATTENTION TO UG ! ITI S5 SO,C92 TO BE D1S1 Kill U TED IN GIFT3I J3T"The Drawing to oonia off positiyxly at Mo- xart Hall ia nuietj daj, or sooner, ii' all the licfceu ere sou. BEGS TO ASSURE AFRENTZ under no eirewmiancea will the U:ambuticn be postpoued beyond the tiiii-- . He hopes, oy energy t.nd the of his p.ilror,r, to buijg the en.ot pri!e to a Conclusion at an etriicr period, in wi.ich cas. due notice wiii be given. taVOniy l,iibLicte.s to be so.d. ncats only TUUKE UUNDD AND SIXTali.N GIFTS. The undersigned does not wish to speculate on the public, but wishes on y to adopt ta.s pun to close up ms business; his heaiih is failing, and ce wants to re tirefroni busii ess '1 he public are invi.ed to call and txauUie tne goods, at nr. Ireula'sdesciry ctore, tio. re-- ii a .uarket stiett, one uuor aoove tuiu. Air. rs ail wbo are not aciuainted with h'.ia to the citi- sens of Loaisville. He nas been living iu Louisville the Dust ttteive years, and seels no nesUancy in re- , erring to lua citiseus wiio he na knowu during that unie. and poluicuiar.y to tuose wno na ire naa dealings t. withbini. 'Ln ioi.owing are the articles to be distubuted: 3 Ueuu' uoid Hunting W atches, each 15j 450 00 cn at hi, stches, 4 Gents' Gold qu and outs at Sou one ai. Hunting- Watches, two old 4 Ladies' 2i0 00 at 6a and two atob 8 Ladies' Gold Watches, one atio, one at M0, 14U 00 and one at til 6 Gents' Saver Lever Watches, four at SIS, one li7 00 Chronometer Balance at too 1 Music itox, tnva, two fc.iver Goblets, one at 128 00 u aud one at 16; one Tea Pot, 1J Castors, o at Ji and one at 5 fcilver-plt.te50 00 la; one Cake Stand, ii Gold bracelets, one at ti5, two at $1, 9 aud three at als b6 00 oue at Si, two at 7 sets Aar-iiuand Breastpins, one at bio, 145 00 and lour at $15 at nve at $1U, four at ii, two at So pairs 7,one at $b, one bt J: twelve at $, one Neck175 00 lace at lo 37 breastpins for Ladies, one at 115, eighteen at . hvc at s, two at $10, three at ia o at (6, , twenty at i, ten at ii Ul 33.3 00 three at 4 Gold .extension i'ent aud Pencils, one at $li, 53 50 cue at ivt ol), i.o at tin tLiee at 41, five at 15, three at 15, 12 Goid t 69 00 me at o 16 fciiver laXtecsionPens and Peru ila, four at to, lour at 4, two at H Jo, two at j, two at Si so, 60 00 32 Gold A.OCAC.S, Chaius, Biacuielb, Chteps, belt Buckle, 00 13 toboe!, one at 10, three at (7 60, three atj, 75 50 twoit4o0, inreeato;sixii.eysalJ 9 Finger liinxs hveluniotjU auufoutof them iaicraid two at u,uve at U, two at lu... . 110 00 8 Ctaliiings, tourataio, lour at 60 00 10 Pear., bnaueied, Kuts , u.ud iicnmoiue Kings, 60 00 i attoeaca 14 li ngs Jinameled, Box, Glass, Garnet and To-p73 00 six at to oo, cithiat.a lit assorted tkings uxnet, opal, and Topaz uv, sixteen at4 77 50 tliree at iO assorted Kings Garnet, Paste, and iopai nine at ioJ,i.en at i,s:x at $J60,nve ati.. 86 60 Jiltch ticket wnl admit a lady and gentleman to the Conctrt. lr- - xiLkeUtobehadatthe dltferent hotels, and at the store of Air. k rents. We, the undersigned, have known Sir. A. Treats for a number ot years, and have always regarded him as a man ol veracity lair and honorable. WILL. P. TIIOMASSOX, CAri.BAM'b i'lLLnit, F. AlAKcU.VNl, mrSldtf JOnll. ix. FLlJiI. to a tT Selling off at Cost! IS fltUR 1? 3 'E .1 Positively 110 Klumbug! 310,000 Worm of Watcries, Clocks, Jewelry, &c, cScc. 2,000 rAIRS OF SPECTACLES I AFRENTZ, ON ACCOUNT OF determined to retire from" business, and oilers his entire ttocx of Vt atones, Clocks, Jewelry, Jtl and Fancy Uoo:is, bpeciacles, and. in fact, every aiticle usuuliy kept iu avrst-clas- s establishment, at cos r liis asoorunciil embraces all the late n improvement sand style?, and incomplete in every particular- - Xue stoua of epeciac es are 01 the very best, and known as the "floiomou Spectacles." Those iu want 01 bargains wul find it to tueir alva't.ige by cailiiig ou A. MlfcNIZ, 408 Market street, one door above mr- -i ttth. fi(. p. AND GENERAL FIFm F.aJI Vity Dye House, a4j Falls City Terra Cotta Works. deTSdtf Carter & Jouctt, T70RWARDING Watches, Jewelry, and Watch Materials. They are conhuei't they can i'f their customers, and solicit purchatini? elsew here. thir putrouage belore lYO M U ! ' 1 Cr.rroi'-heM- k ChncreiU- Keith t CONSUMMATION CERTAIN comprising liumor and Masion tncy Irbi, . Pi,.: i uit colors; liioiey and's biac KOUCO. and tiumim.r i.u Ciotns, extrafancy lor black . . . FINE S i'CCK UN HAND CoIm; l)ru u'Lle; tine, and tiringCassimere;, iu . reit vinety; Party and Wedding Vesting; Alraeil.t rTTlHE ANNUAL MEETING OF LEWITT & MILLs'i.csddle, Hir-C;--tain the Louisvi le and Shfpherdsvilla ii. stockhr-lder't V.i t.'i-e- e, and Trunk maaufU jrer, No. 551 and lie. Fir.e French Clottt and Caifiweret, new style, all l'l ink itua.i Company will be he,d at the ollica of the aifexl.bctweeii Cecnd and 1't.irtj, colors tor lius Less euua, which will be made up to ),.iui me G'.-ap Works, in the City 01 Louisville, on near the Ult liouae. oroer us chtavly as tuey Cau be purchased of any Jl NBAi' the 5.h of ilay next, to elei-- t Managertfor e r. enduing AND ciothinxA eb:Hij! iu this city. lourm and riltti, sa:d Atoad Company lor tne GlU. L. )IajL'GLASS, FINE :) . Jlain atreet, be.vteea a1 T.Iarne5s at CE .UTT tt iIILt.1S, So. HI Lo uis vil. e, Ky . t.pZ2 d&twld Sec'y L. and S. I'Ki.k ho.U Co- manufattuiei s iu ktreet, iiOuiaviiie. Co. r!; t HJ "!r, I u liiPpolil, la. .J.L hVniuSvbtl' !?, do. Pney At w FOKMfc.K. CONCERT!! SADDLES I'aj' Vd i,l UNDERSIGNED, GIFT GRAND VCNITIAtl BLIND j Ac fliHE Ai. ly doina baaineat on Market street, bare entered ir.; j copartL:errhp, uuder the name und tj le of iKN-1.c Bl'hlNAlj.acd have lemaved their stcct to Mitiii st reel, between ilia aud Bixtn streets, at uowdy, Terry 4t Co.'s store, np btans. Ttit-i- r stock coiiiuriaeia variety of Frencb and Sf iss 'ri.e tra.linecommunity it most respectfully invited Laths aud thingiea, anu all kinds 01 materiait to investigate the present stock, and to be.tow on the tuiaule lor bail'iing purjKwes. so uucrauy eaicuuea to tne Orders executed m Hit best manner ana at tne snort- - new nru tne patronage former one. t High and Twelfth gr-'actorr and Lumber lard on SI.LICHTBJI. A.ITIIKATf sUcets, LouUruie, Ky. MOST COM- STOCK LP pletely assorted by late importations in Watches rid all kinds of Jeweuy. We can oiler superior ad vantage to buyers, both in regard of cheapness and choice of selection. Our Watches nave acquired a reputation throughout the Western country, and we are determined to meet l,uniit-r- er. Third street, between Market and JetTtrscn, 3 Court Place, fuil .aJ hti now on hand, ot his own B.auu.'ci.ure. a Fhajtona, pulkjcb, t, tuae-seaaasorlment ol , Tj"TjTA YE A NUMBER OF PR I Y ATE iat-t,st liugjies, en liut;gie,Miiiuog-toaGituprcved Lands for i! ot Lin are warrauleJ of ti.e oeetaua ttost uiuahie i iTici'i, FiiriDS and workmenship, combined withs.j ieLa6te, and elegance. eaK', or for city property. pricet for Lnd War-raot- de .t.vteaine attention ol Xos tnenua anu ttie puuuc. They pay lUe U.pliett OC2d d&att at du J. - K.iMITH tOKI. KADnn Trunk, Valines, aud Carpet iiags. COMMISSION flesioval and Notice of Copartnership. UlA9Wl,Aac.1UlllU.1. CARRIAGES. ATTORN LYS AT LAW, .TSruldiix o will continue the Mete H DO GAULT & BY onJOSEPH Flooring, lrened CO.,Hougc and all otter kinds of Sawina; keep con and Atchison & Smith, GENERAL associated with him in business Mr. II. B. of MAONLoS K Tailor bu- iuesut :lcir neir ataud, iNo. 4' Man street, one door east of the Kentucky , at st.nd birthcru ttanit cf Uunyan, where lim titsign heretofore we keeping a oci up.ed by A O. large and auperior asiioitiuetit of Cloths, CibB'.meres, and Vesuncs; also, Cloihiu and turnish'ng Oood9, ao.l respecliuliy auiicit our iiieadi'.u cii; aa-- examine p rl9ii3m JUll.N MAiJNfciM. ouratitck. Ml'EE, uuder tne styie as lobaoco Alanufacturers to receive from the tie for irda, cenieVencs, nnd halcouita, to which we a aiiu-- ot their patronage. We have taken the call the arteiition of thoaein want of ilaiimg for any ef Tliird street, bvtattu Main aud the river, named parpoaeg. V e are prepared to put it i. the ahc-Tapatahort iiot;ce ana on me ci'si ruaonaoie urmi. vhere wa will be pleaed to ate oar triends and custoOrder from a d.stiiire, with tauafaclcry releretiovt, mers. We pledge oursolve to give entj-- satiaLiction filirectveprcicpi attention. in ail Tobacco manulactured by us. ja31 if.m firen. reffreoceii ean be dtf iJ s.iifciion. 1101? UiW AGltlCULTUUAL AND BUILDER, Eat fll-t- . VCalEutmad Chestnut, LouiTiI!e,Hyj RESPECTFULLY AN- of Lonir ville and Tirin-It- r T tbe r.urif toured rKircrii rieeif to f ive ds, luake rirKii,-- , that lit i trej anl urco'f bu.lJiiiM of every dtcriiiou and atyie of tt rpHE XL ilay AND FOKWAKDINU FumpB. Falls City Planing Mill and ARCHITECT arc;,.rt;re. tJ"1 he P Copartnership Notice. UNDERSIGNED HAS THIS Copartnership. TT57E, THE UNDERSIGNED, CAST IKON HAILIMi. V have this day formed a Copartnership, under of WtSitLMAiN it CO., tor the A LARGE purpose carr uentri long XV E HAVE bandsorne Killing ASSORT- - the l rm ofand mg on anu uoiog afrom our aoucco We rery W Patteixs. tuit- give Bcldtw J. VILUA.iS I). Olace. ater, 31 A N U F A CTUR E, AND No. 23 Third St., bet. Jlala aud LOUISVILLE, KY. V 9 hare alwavt on hand. Iron Force and Lift Punn.. ot ti e most approved kiuJa.bcth forcisu-rn- t They wiU always have on hand a large stock of Gro and welia of any oepiu. Ut warrant our I'linups to ceries mini to perform well, and am refund the money if they CORNER Second and 7T.r4, Xnin American ne reo.J a v. rLTEH EBUTH, Flonr end Commission Mrrchent, AT. 154 WM.Ttird suett, FieuchMain, opposite Conner and dealer in Parer E J t Hereon airettg, Lonikvule, ty. ap3 ddin - mectof HACKER. 1IAUSEB, & Attorneys at SOUTHEAST OFFICE . nipt I?ew Paper Hanginss Store. F. WOOD, PAPER HANGER LLANCAMtL,MOUtti.4t RODS, LIGHTNING QUALITY. OF SUPEHlOll lU-- K. existing between the undersigned, under the style of FfcLlX WOOD U. Oa, Paper llArgers, was on liie 1st of January. F.iiherpurtj will use the name of the lute firm in settlement!!. FELIX WOOD, Louis vUle, March 30, ISVa. Wil. F. AVOUU. CopartnerBnip Notice. UNDERSIGNED HAS THIS THE associated with him in business JOHN T.f Mi'OKtj and O. J. MbKlitY, uiur tne nyle MUKKAY.who will con- IN PATENT A LSO AND BRASS FOUNDER, JA. RIGHTS. DEALER at H. M. EMTTII'g Liaht- Ordrra left Xh rd.or ent atreet.belo Water itret, batveea Tirt and Eecond, Lonl- - dii.1 .'tetaou pr atten- C. M'CKIST Sig-- iif WILLIAU KAYE. ;ELL M r LOUIS- - Gould, Dealer Manufacturer and Wholea&le and Betall v ALL KINDS OF ATTOKXEV AT LAW, ??.T0. 5 COURT Iullin IV. Learider JC Uakrr, Mantillaa and Parasols. ITjTILLER & TABB, CORNER OF PECT.CP" ful'y irform bU cu6t-me- r and V.P-V- .r " tne public reneraily that hn for the rpnnc tra; e 60 ii iiiiw couiplo'.e, cnropiiaing I the lintst assortwnt of ' cin-ie- t ever before otitrd in LcuL-rilie- , enibraciLg AUVtkTLsLSO. IF UM 4u.lor : - - .100 at Mock Calashet, Kritskas, CcfS'.uare oflu Liim. on insertion iS infervien Com hti, each Wide teat Bupgief, -6 ore rwjr'n. w;t boat aeration KoCkatryt' Miittiug Top. do I'o M i two tf.c r..!., 1o No T v, Tr itirif ,dO I'.rouchauis, W -l:,roet-oi.::s,o Jl'W Coupa's, Tork Wagoni, is) .14 Co tuutre nix irn:J., v.hnl alteration As 1 reside In the Efirt, I am trH'...i u my per0 01! io !o sonal iiifptcli-jn- i and tupcrmcciaeoce t j tut Lisnuiac-turtuf'rt wntV. r o 7 HI f .ibhi!.i cf the a"ove, and to procure the aty iea imme-qi(-1Hf'. additioEa: SvSr 'or twelve m us on thrir appt arance in the Eastern citi.a. nint!it 20 CO , ren ai.'e once a week . e sjsre f'x wT-thdirectt'd to ii.y autiutnt of tronii:g Ktteiit;cn , na l liare Mmc I ine tinea: ever rtroutiLt litre. f)nw ett.ire tweivr. months, renewable twice a hurci-a40 M Cuionitri from vr. ek distance may always rely ou a litrge t.k.r Or twlv. mori... renewable once a 20 ( stock to eloct trom, and my prices- Kill luit all. Wee apidVaWn ! f.rM.itiin-i's.iEirf'twelve raor.U.s 1' W AdJ.t.nna' . :Trr. s'ig at a vn ror.ionate pricsa. Dis. i'.t,:.e s ier'.il.,:i extra prices. wiar ar.l soe.-iarcptibi.F-eu? i. tervaln.viz: weekly, Alv- MAXUf ACTUKKU3 VF ee3:-wc-- r tr- - e ; ly. ' or mod thy, are rliarged tl per tqes- - fr the Ln'.- - tui well lor eviry tubfteqnent d of yes 117 advertisers istfrictly OTTdr t rvi. CF TBI BEST QCALITT AND LATEST STTLE, to Ue.r crr. imm ini't and n f uarbsmnw. aod brio is not cocsiJtred at lb U op" o' . ;. 4W do, Do iu a'.vance- - Ten CistsT?eeek,pa5-;K;tftotheCarrier- . year fcaiiy'.ry A. FREWTZ'O PARTNERSHIP Futn Street, oetwcun Mam and Market. 76 No. rf ADIES' AND GENTLEMENs' a JsLi wearing apparel dyed, scoured, cleaned in aid ban;;on, STREET, LET. GREEN' AND WALNUT Louisville, Ky., T MANUFACTURER OF CAPITALS superior a vie, aud at prices to suit the timed. Also, uentiemena iioimiig tepairea lumyievo tuiuuniu mar favor us. Ail worA sent to us will be nmshel at the time promised. Cm pei, uugj, riano covert, laoie covert, ana Giives clean d iu a superior style. Cjrunciuanty is our motto. and riehing Tackle, ms WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Fifth Street, near Main, Louisville, Ky. BEGS LEAVE TO r iua ioformmerchants.sunsmiths.and that h I nnw r.r honj .4? iar25d-LEXNI3 & DAVIS. and is conslantiy receiving, diieot and Bases, for Columns; Trufsvls, Brackets, from the mauuiactarers in Ung- Jy Urna-mtr.t- i. Wih1o Cap-- , fcirichmentt.jr h"U tWn th ad Conbi!inc single allqual Chimney Topr, Flower l'ots, ocrrpe4 l y J. 1X1. No. &t tart aide of Third, sortment to be seen at the VV ..rkg. Vases, Ate. As 1356. 1858. lnd, English double and itevolvers and Pistols of ail i'...:e. sixes, and prices; between &.a a ad the inter. kinds; Kite Barrels, Gun Locks, Kouble Triggers, and FF.ANK CAHTEH, ALtO, FLA1N AND ORNAJiEMAL PLASTER. Appara-:u3,facDEMANDS OF THE TIMES evory article sutable for gunsmiths; Sporting Cleaning h V. K. JOI LTT. Tn Ur!l!e.Ort. f l.l'-M-. rlasks, or All pnui'-T.otytoiif iacof.cti;r- Na!U,, Ccttcn Yarna.acd ra'i'.norders for Plastering to. Stucco for interior deeo- - JEL arelagimperative.A We mutt either keepnp with Hods, and as Game Bags, Bhot Beits,large stock of promptly aitendea Hunting Knives; also, a aep6 aoiici'ed. good sprirg and- summei trade behind. Fly"'r them or my own manufacture and warranted; Fishing I'laster i'ans for aale at the lowest cash price. is expected ou every side, and we have provided for a Csckieand Fishing Apparatus of every description; ail ap2i UU MVitIOCK A: CO., rush in the sebd&wly ai wnioh I will scil at eastern prices. Clotainsr Line. YOKE; Iooisville M&nufactnres. The liberal patronage hitherto bestowed on out firm Notice. THIRTY-FIV- E PIANO FORTES SOLD IN has spurred us on to increased exertions, and we have PAR?:r.Lrs cow the ratifying satisfaction to be able to produce a ONE iiONTU! v TAVING DISSOLVED PARTNER- NEW ORLEANS ; stock of every variety of 2- ship with D. I). Spear, I am now practicing Law Sprinr and Summer Garment. jt my own account. All business intrusted to me shall Unequaied in America. The style of our workmanship leproniptiy attended to. OUica Jeiieraon street, near It AVE THE PLEASURE is amply tested already. We have tried to surp.iss our- t'ii'h, nortb side. MADE ON ASH ADVANCEShncpes tel'ldi-wiGEO. T. ARMSTRONG. announce that they are now turning selves this spring; and, feeling fully convinced of cur Ir t tVe f.S.ire of 'tun Forut success, we now wnit fir th decision of l he trading ji Mi itcu , aas Main 6t. U 1 J out an av k JJ aiil AOOWOI CO., 'pirvetk! .i.ey are prepared to tJl'D y community. LIGHTEN, LW LMHAL & streets. i.t. rATCH....A. TSK.T,PHII.Jm. corner ot rata and siain lelo ail d manes for every drscricuon ot iusiramnt. lr. in and eApenniveiy fin- - -thf i liiine; t to the mot UTliEK let.ea. llioae wno may iikvc ner.totoie u!UlUd C:e MO IIUHMUu, aDd Fancy Dyer, re IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE No. aoiU.T of Lou.f. u.e to couipete w;.!i any oth.rcity in i has Places. Fr. Weihe, Silk . Dealers in Staple and Fancy Thy Goods, So. 43 manufactures, wuid do cil to take a it:t ihrougn moved bis Dying Establishment to Fif'.h street, between au6 ditwtf our factory builJit'g. Lvcry facility will be given to Mi.rket aiid jeilersoa, where he is now prepared again Main street. between Fifth and Sixth. mer li jtg and tuiness men to examiue our i our to rto a'l kinds of bilk and Fancy Lying. Every Piano runt hy ua is ttamiited ciual to The ladies and gentieiatn ol lcuisvilieana vidmiy LOUI?YILLr, UENTCCKY. PANAMA, LEGllOltN, AND the tieatmaiie in the United tats, and we are enabled are respectfully invited to call at my new store if they IT 4 PlIM.tTlS HITS nm.TiT Tt utti-i- i to eii at i rices which d"fy competition. bb&cls, Capes, tSwi large i are jost in ourtentu streets. Coats, have S eats, i.c, ac'.nry, corner c.i IMPORTED AND Sjrrkoumt on Fourth Alain au--between Aiarket and with to 1'auts,their Dreiues, dyed and finishedBonnets, or choice t fRicxs.of We Above good, receipt cf acan selland in a supeTrcckiafi Sa cs which we the tock at rior stylo and manner. Crapehawis, Kid Gloves, and lower prices Coach oy f than tne stocks purcnascd. in tne early JettFt. 1 tits, CKAtiU c CO., entlemea t wearing Apparci cieauea anu neauy part of the season. nl ce tne ftoc, wh-.cI am now rer-- . ; Alanuucturers and Music Dealers. -- eted. arj tef selected atock rf poodi in niy lire fianda.ineft runAiiii, fit a iui.n s, P. 8. All wor tent to ray store will fcedonelnthe 465 Main street. sp28 time promised, and at t&e shortest notice. vovlii itv t ir.y t.ld curvrjes. apj theI ttdeenert.!:y, , mi tireeu, r. vr r ill r., wiii iMtwtr.n , evrfc, whirh am aod exr.)ir.e to ItntvMii Mk STYLES. VE JaloIlT fail to aecure ne the l;it RUMMER exrressly for our city trade the to aeii at prices that cuuM manufactured to traith&i ar".iclei:the car Lei.. Xy clock tsbracef WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHEAP TER31S AT THIS mi tt tasty and becoming Hat fur spring and summer tliefo'towinf reee; wear to be had in the Union. i Fklrtitr: t addie Leather?; ap POLLAKD, PKATHSa & bAUTH. NEW" YORK DYE HOUSE. Moroorof V'.ci; yr.ti.t FaU.ut do; U arr.a Lea Lert 2 Stirrnpt; lo kk -;.ua; No. 61 Tniii sUee', next door to Democrat Office, TSJO. 101 FOURTH ST., BETWEEN 3IOO REWARD. ; 6CtL.r tif.f 1X3 Market and Jefferson. Bilk and Merino Presses 1 acklei; oat 1d; RAN AWAY FROM THE SUB- louistillz, nr. dyed black for tl; all other colors on ladies' presses t- iu Threant; i net : BrrtKrv. Knnl f WA nrppV. airo. a KaffrA P.n. namA M- or dyed HAS A onlytl b0. Crape 6hawis,Capes, ate , cleanedfaded or B.:4.n KLIpf ; AN LEHSON, about J years of age, weighs IcO or of a superior style. Also, for in Batty do; Coan Lacer; Id) pounds, from 5 to b' feet tlgh; has a scar over hit my store. No. 1C1 Wvr.D do TRIWKS, Ladies' damaged Dry Goods, please call at f."h l.Kinrs; eyelids; he is very black. I will give the above reward Eli puc Frrltpfi; al'rrMet and 1 raveling Trunks. Iionnet 1 ourth street. if taken out of the Slate, or 0 in it. Silk and Fancy Dyer. noliSdiim Moualir-rf- J li.-.rtkriji a:id Er.r.Ur; Boxes, asec, (J a.-which he is prelttg. 0016 dtf HAnCLB ULD11AM pared to sell at the lowest ie,ing fr cash. Xra&t caret: Mai. Iron, &c Country merchants will t nd it to io tv.e:r interest THE GREAT CLOTHING HOUSE OF purchases Alao.keepteMrtanf.y o har,4 p tenerel aiiortisea to give tais house a call before making their apiU SPROULE A-- JIANDEV1LLE, dly elaevhere. f Sd(lle, bridli-a- . ilarrjeB, and Trerki. No. 437, CORNER MAIN AND FOURTH ST3. N .B ec to at thef horteft AlnrOMTiprompuy u aptl d Satire. T ARGE AND ELEGANT STOCK Great Western Trunk Manufactory, iLi of Clothing and gentlemen's Furnishing GooOj. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CORNER FIFTH AND MAIN. VTIO LIANLTrACTOHY. Merc'.arti, LouivH'e, Ky. ,the a rcdrrsiKe'i. tiR"e liii .rvy f'rn:ea i.riCopannertip for the purpose ft ffct't:ip a nf an4 Oei!--fm C',trTr.:si:,'-.r- . Je . Spring. rHE f i)U.niMf, iiiiotiier, PETERS, CRAGG & CO. Tiu. C aZDVARD Gowdy. LIKE 445, Terrj' & Co., Cor. Xlam attrt Fifth ts., t Trunk Manufactory, HAVE BY M. HUNT, ' HUNT fee. fc? AVJCL Fourth aod Market streets. cp?ced this morn infi a handsome assortment ef the above goods, to wuicn we invito ire spe 11 attention ot ladies. apiS MILLEKfe TABU, Fourth and Market sts. NUMJBER 241 DAILY DEMOCRAT. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1356. REVIEW OF THE MARKET. FRL IT 9 Selected green tptles are in demand, e nimnd verr fuil priors, sieo)a.,y favunie soitable for retailers. The trarsaclions for shipment hav teen only rooder-te- , at price, from J to Si jo, as to Maaotji. To stock of ruimil oranges and km- - ns is f4ir, wi'h a good demand, nd saUs tor oraugr. aud a bcs,4-- t tor ka-oat 41 itiim fruit. K;u.ios are quiet hut firm at our quotations, witn a lignt stock. Dried apples and peaches Ti in mo4ierat4 r(Ust, aud ytuM aaay b ewiiaidered Somewhat FBATliKRa. GINSENG, AND BXKSWA.T-Sale- .of Feniberv at 4oc. Gmseug we qaote at isaoo. Beet-W- and Orrici or Loosvillk riworAT, Apnl As, l5od. ( is&Sic. REMARKS Money The money market remains FUEL ales Pittsburg coal at 14c Wood we quote Fourth nd Market streets, received this morn unchanged, though considerable activity has prevailed at 41 to 44 bo t cord. No. 1, large, 4233425; No. ing a good assortment of white Stella Scarts, very rich during the week. The supply is abundant for all legiti Flill 50,m bois. Herring ;v,7ac 2. U41"; No. 3,e 4 411 and xaaics are respecuuiiy invred to call 9 box. Codilsha.c-Whitfisn 412 bbl. and examine them before mtking their purchases else- mate purposes, and good raper is easily cashed. GLAStt Slesof .X10 city bramls at $333 , and MTLLLK & TABB. In exchange, the market Is quite active, but presents where. 10X12 at 43 SO.; 10X14 at aplS bo. Ket, sa'esat an Corner Fourth and Market streets. no ua usual features. The demand and supply are advanr-e-. Saesof BeUe Vernon do 1')1J .t a&; about equal, and rates remain as before. Domestic Dry Goods. CliX17, 44 bo; 12Xlb, So OU; 24XA5, 4! au; 3b X'. Ill . Sale, of Kberhart at Joe t ( .liscouut. round. CVINO. SKLUNO. ILLER & TABB, CORNER OF On Mew York GL'NNY B AGS Nonnu-- I at 1alic. . parib-pm. prem. al OKGCsCRlES Sugar Tne same Fourth and Market streets, have in store a larze Boston ... PIT . s prem. which have this scarlet Tor several weas Philadelphia... stock of heavy Cotton trillings, Plai I Cottons, ... yi rrm. prem. , au Baltimore Co'tonade. Brown Cottons, and Linei Drillings, ... par prem. are still exh althoughi noll rs ara firm at iormer prices. ateady, is not age. W e noti. e Pittsiiurg for servants, 10 which we invite the attention of those ... pjr prem. The demand, including one In search or such good. Cincinnati r d s. S oar. sales of bbn hhiis New Ur.tiaj, to prime, which Kt of Pi fii;,'4C, for f ur St. Louis apis wiLLtKai i a h 11, Fourth and Harketsts exh.hits dis. Srrem. hhds. at W, tne pr..c.p.l sales during the week; range of tne. Nashville a few 1 did. dlS njall lots of choice have be-- n tjld at hut,er ngnres. ew Orleans... yi Q prem. J, prem. RAPE SHAWLS. importi amount to 41b bhus and 3ob Charlestou 1 dis. par. 109 embroidered white Crapa Shawls; The lolUwing is the price list of U. l. Newcomb fc loo plain For stocks, the demand is good, but there are verv few Bro.,agenuof Belcher's St. Louis Sugar Keanina Comdo do; iu market. Holders not anxious to reahioeven at pany: Eec'ved this day and for sale by me advance noticed l ist week. We notica with Kie. . J AM KB LiiVv & CO., 418Main at. apifltew These are eash prices for lots of ten sure taat out ot tne 4:0,oouof ten year Id tr- cent. huwU wards: Double reiined loaf sugar ll'4c: packages and updoU tiW;douoi by tne masonic Iratermtv ot this eitv. si.mi rehned crusrie'i crushed sugar, B,lij,r; no, 4&HIRTIKO FRONTS. 100 DOZEN issued been sold at psr by Mesais. Hutuhings 4c Co., C, do, L, 11c; loublereSaed pww.ierml sugar, llic. Cr Linen Shirting Fronts n ceived this day and for have powdered sugar, B,Hic; do, C, llo; letiuea wtutw while the remaining J,ouj are contracted for but are not sa:e ry jAMtsbUH & co.,413 Jlain st ap'juuxw yet delivered. The beautiful building, for the erection sasar. O, 1j;,. sales have been CoHee The but moderate, and con5 PCS WHITE of which these bonds were intended, wnl now be rapidly fined t Welocal demaad. liol lers f ar, i owever, very ITiirARCELINES. qact Ui, 12K r f.iir M pr.iu Kio. urged forward to its completion, and will be alike an tirm. 1.1 A. Marcelines received this day and for sale by recetw-tamount ornament and an honor to the city. Real estate bat in round lots. Tuewere reported by to l.bal uaas. Suir-ite- .t ia .tiaio St. rfn.iihs auction sales k Telegraph New IfiJnsw very active during the week, and hat commanded Yora, oa Wednesday, amounting ta.uw oasatin115 been TtT ISLE-THREA- D HOSE. 50 DOZ good prices. Sales of real estats by auction will be had 12? ,C Molasses The receipts and sales have been comparaLisle Thread Ilose received this at the Merchants' Exchange on next c. and Thursday, May tively light, but Uvoraoie snivicrsirom tr.e and day and lor sale by though price 1st, at 4 o'clock, r. x., under the hammer of Mr. C. C. East have impai ted increased riruiu- -, JAMKS urn c t!().,41 Main St. aprtw We uotw have lurl for Spencer. At that time ti lots will be soil on High, round not advanced. and halves. as before, New York, parcels in bbis Dea e s in SILK CRAVATS. 50 DOZ B.idge, and Lytle street;, on Portland Avenue, and ia an advance, are holding stocks eut of tow Cravats received this day and for sale Eastern and Western Portland. It is expected market. that by spi9d&wj JAMES LOW 4c CO., 418 Main st. A small advtnce is always charged for the above arsuch tales will be continued every week. ticles in retail lots. GRAIN AN l F LOUR SILK AND LACE HASTLES, FOR SPRING onr orrisia. AJKID. last has been limited almostFlour The demand sinceiae,y p Bank of Kentucky e:ibreu the my trade, AND SUMJIEli. stock has no. keen sumcieni v admit of any Urga 11 j Norhem Bank ot Kentucky transactions cr snipmeut. 1 he price for roua-- i paoeie Bank ot Louisvuie loa & Co., bsbeeu uu.form a. a ad, i wuicn ra e tne mtrset Southern Bank of Kentucky 104 closet. Salot by the dray load from stores at 4 Commercial Bank Jn S6 FOURTH STUEET, 4a 7b. 1 Farmers Bant Grain The Uansactlont in ccra have been on!y Ko NOW ON HAND A SUPE- - Frankun Savings Institution moderate, and price are unchnged. The laat sales JSLUL rinrand complete assortment of plain and em- - Mechanics' Bank luJ . st.elloU and a,boo bushels iu ear, in weracf 7,0 broiJered Mant Ha, which, having been purchased at Gas Company Nashville Railroad. thr-- e lots, atiUc, taaen by a dealer, rales from store Loaisville aud 31 S3 low Enures, will be odered at prices corresp ndtngly Louisville and Frankfort Railroad. at Si&tbc for puiue ear au.l shelled. Gats are ia fait 4J low. The above are ot the most receat styles, having demand for c;ty consumption at ic to the trule. Ky. 05 i been bought from the ieadicg houses of New York, Jedcrsonville Railroad is acu ve at aoc, for round tots iu gjU order. W heaA ia thereby giving assurance that they are the prevailing New Albany and Salem K.ulroad. in good demand at 4 la tl rm Louisvuie ana run:.ian itailroad. accorujg to fashion. quality . Corn meal is active at So, aon. according Fort Wayne and Southern R. R.. 42.iac, PUJIFiSllCS AN 1 CiAlLSS. to quantity. For land warrants, the baying rates remain at Sheetings, brown Cottons, b'e ached Cottons, Pillow HILfc There are but few hides j all ark't, Caicgs, Irish Linens, Diaprrs, Crash, for 8J and 160 acres 1071108. For W) acrit we still the desirable lots that ariive are immediat-.-- and takea. Pricea continue lira,, tlw, princ.piU aas of Lhw wees, Damask Tab;e Linens, Fur.iuura Chintz, Penitentiary quote ltwcaioo, and for 40 acres 1102. ILL The demand have been city cured dry sail at lac, and greea at 6c, plaid Cottons, heavy twilled Cottons Pjc men's wear. with the usual commissions. Prints. CMnU. Manchester Giughamsr Cottonades. continues fair. am LeiUurs are paying to butters 8c 9 for green hide. lriaper, Cassi meres tor boys, super Bird-ey- e Subjoined is the statement of the money market, Saita from sure at the same, with Joe 4 h de for lickings, unecks, sc City cured ury salt at IJc. Country flint vu., commissions. CORRECTED WEEKLY BY nursiou.x, aiAi.ii.n sHer 9t Fourth st., bet.Maritet and J e son. ap3? f?,tl,l!t1''cS,ccL,r',inJ t0 auality. Oren caif sains at & CO., 12c p B. Southern dint, City curU ttutt Selected Biot, Clothing! Clothing! Bankers, Exchange, 12ank Note, Bullion atl4 3s.lac. The receipts oflbc. week amount to about HtMP the The marsri i Ual. at eur las. quotations, anu mock ueaiers. Labile. which we resume. RECEIVED BY EXPRESS, e Locisvnx. Kr., April 28, 135. iaaj,tU0 forquote 41Ja 'or ordinary, llbo for prime and strictly psuue. ass rtraent cf Boys' and Youths' Cloth Ths eu Louis market is dull, and a decoiie of 4J has Maryland. Ktntnckf. ing ever brought to this city, rarents and guardians u. ins. cas. caiumore City ..par jar been would do wen to cu and examine t r tnemseives. Bk of Kentucky . 1 ds 1 d Interior. HY e notice a fair shippiag demar d, with a good GEO. BLAC11A ttu, Sign ot Golden IUuJ, par par stock in market, and bought to arrive. The sa,es irons Louisvuie Ttnnttse. ap28 Corner second and Main sts. par par Branches a.srrs. cu. levee until Monday weru at 4ll U2 fr good to prims) baled timotny, and $12.a4Uao from store, uo Jloo-daBa of Loaisville, PlantersBankof CARPETS AXD CURTAIN GOODS. par par Nashville however, a oecine waa eatamished. With tales at Louisvuie Ids l,ds UO from levee. par ds Branches & CO., Branches Ids ds 4d Nor'n Bk of Ky, BLOCK TIN Sales at jLnion likofNa.. Ids l,ris 9. FOURTH STREET. 10T 10T 1 ds Lexington... .par dt Branches i ds his HAVE NOW IN STORE THE Branches of Ky,par Jds;ita:eCkof Nash.. Ids l.Js BRAZE COPPfcit loc . iBranches Sou'n Bk ids most surerb assortment of all trades of Car Kusseiivuie...par Kds Bk of TaseweU...lids JEANS AND i ds Ba of Clainouru..l,Vs pets ever tefoie exbibited in Louisville, as well as every Branches :s inseys ati-Jiibar Go ds and ristures; rich embroi- Com'l Bk of Ky, bk of Cnal'oog..ldj 13ds LEAD AND SHOT-- We variety of Curtain wholesale, par H ds !B of asQvih....l(ls dered Lace and Musiin Curtains, in Set to suit pur A7e;bar do 7c; Misaoaxi show by the pig lea-- l raducan aeg, 42 par y, ds Bi of East Ten...lSds l,ds Oovj,t;J 10; back do 421a. chasers, very cheap gad bordered Window bhdes; Branches ids Bk of Knoxvble llios yds designs bull and white Hollands, fur shades. Ba of ixy, LUMBER The retail prices for pine 'umber at the various Far't We arn also agents for an entirely new art e e of Frankfort ....oar H ds tit of MeinpQi. city y ards are as follows: ciear 44b 9 lAS feet, second-rat- e oa par ald bk of Mid fenn..l,aj ids Window eliaies, never before introduced into this Branches 4 aj, third-rat4A, common lb, third-rwt- e door. a Indianti. jCitizens Bk of 9M, poplar lba,Sl7. Smr.gies Pinef lM 44yi,4 au, market, which will be found only at our house, as we ngents in this city fur these goods. They State Bk oiled ;ds Jiald' Naah 4t Mem...3ds 2,dt poplar 4a-t- . Laths 42 a 42 90. he ri an sole Snade of transparent green, givicg a soft, Branches 3 ds Oil alu Commercial Bk 1,--, as i ds are LIK AND CEWKNT We quote time at ftc41 SO, lUandridge ids an,ii.ceme,'U S TV Wlta lae pleasant shade to the room, and can be washed, when MercScMchBk, ul diseoaot to iu the depar N Albany ds fcxehauxe Bs; ..1, ds ads soiled, without injury to tne curtain. LEATllaR Ve have no change to oouce the irsde. ds ids Frmrs'Bk,resam'd.buyina We have a'.so Ket'y's Patent MeUlic Fixtures for BkofPaou mand tor tne var ous nualiues ol ibis arvce. wbi .6 at l.aiiu 4 ds Ids Window Sbades, of ail kinds. This Fixture is far su- BaofSaiem exceeds the supply, especially of sole ant leather iar iu North u Buk lsds Ky Stock Bank, perior t any other in use. e uouce a statement iu en o the city pathe rwuab. ds 1 ds Merchant's Bus. Id Commbus We have also every variety of new Press Goods, 'ust pers, to the eilect mt the producers of the nnese &ij 2di V ailey cannot tin I a insrat t ,B this eitv f.- - ih rf received by express, wnich ladies will 6na very aursct-ive- . ifvansville Bits. Ids Ids ocoee Bank ir UUiiKKFi, 11S.AT11 st Co., Indianapolis Bk. ds 1 ds Tins is a grss oiisapo.-eheiisiD-. ueonnn. For the pas; lie Solvent Banks.da 4 dt Louisviile fluisaer nave fouad great di.hcuit. yearproap23 d&W 107 Fourth St., bet. Market and JeSerson. fata. ia St BkandBrchs Xdt Id curing rough 1 ather. There are also seerl lioivent Banaa.ida Ida O. W. SMALL. wuo wul taae all odeiings at fud pnees t supp y the W. C. II1TK. 1. V. MAKSHALL. Btoci Ba inew .X dt plate) JiitHAllH. de i. and wbich pres-e- s Id tae u frm ciher uarketdv CARPETING AND FURNISHING GOODS. Ftnna'jieanut. state Bank 4 da Oak o e is also ia actice reiiuest, a d the receipt of a PhiladeipiiCity p- -r par Gaoawia lug good to prime quality have been entirely inadequate to &, I ds 1 dt Interior meet thi wants ot dealers. jtiaaacknMtU. aUte Bans, and Quotations are: uti ig 3oo 9 B,; fair bridle 443 No. 499 Main street, between Third and Fourth, Boston City ....par par Branches par ds 9 dozen; black orirtle 4 kAifc. f dozen; harnee 1 ds 1 ds Sorrel CAao...l ds ids doc 4; oaa sole leather c, upper leather iJ4.a..tjd 9 Interior AVE JUST RECEIVED SEV- Nouxh Caro...j!, ds 3ds dosen; eall seating 444.1; hog seaUag 4l3ntii; wax erul new acd beaoti'ul lets of ds Ids .ilisissirei Old Banks ds the rough, 1 to 0 dis LOL'l.M&AA Free Banks NAV AL STuKEs--We.,upr ds iT4X calt ssics 4l!ttiu. ote Le.nner. iu far (i k i j at so; Pitch lvoal elv-- Carpetiog; cro.tsley ti ron'ssupsrurTaptstry Carpeting; York. acd par par AstaaicA-- Golos, prem sii- - r: Kosia 4i oC4i au; Oaaum s.a.loc; luroen-tine-atfJ- c. New York City. do; 2iLVaavoul coinil prem .i gl.kil BiUSdeis 1 via 1 dt all qua'ities; Interior ibviatuew do) par IL Sales of lard, No. I at No. 1 at 80. all widths; lia.i and S.utr carpe.s. ludia Tobacco The receipts continue light for the season, Li ate.i 4 l rm saiil, and 41 iteSfc Si 10 (xom store. Cas.i- - l Trimmings; Cmtaiii MuriH:s tor o.i 41 'io 4 J. bat it is expected that favorable weather of tha past L. ce sna Muhhn Ca.'tuus. PAINTS ?a;e from mill of pare white t t Lt snades and Irismings; few days will cause larger appii.s to be placed on the 54" so as to quantity ; Zinc white at 3 eo-- 4 L'.neus of every oescr p ion; t market, with more liberal "breaks'' for the coming 4J M lbs, putty a ou. Slties 0f wniU leil4 ( r,JB, Jlore Ik, eilits and Lituc& Spreads; Jt3?Sj i- r te imooat decking s and Tarpul n Ducks. week. The demand continues very active and pricet PROV ISIONS Tne advices fntn Europe, received we are odenng to our cuttnm- - are firm'y supported; indeed, ithe low grades may be on the l.t.T, had a most favorable effect, ew citing inThe have creased hrmuesa and frs are greattrtnan want otever been ouerei in this mar- quoted at a Very slight improvement goods in our line will find it in prices. More br nch ot this market. creating au advance ia evsrT ket ; am those in to their inteie.t to c:i.l and examine our stock. Mess Por Atour last issue the m irkt than the usual number of selections have been at 413. w wm street, mil.a st east of A utioual Hotel. sold since our la:t, viz: 4 Lhds at 10, 1 at 410 , 1 tt On Fnd7 s M.all sales were etlUed at 4la closedGu SataO. doors tp23 urday and od!y this advanee wa 9uined. wttli 11, 1 at $11 65, 1 at 1S 23, and 1 at 416. The hhd at 415 sales of about l.kti bbis th-market c.os ng ALF-HOS- E the SILK, M E R I N O , 23 was toll by J. E. Haynes to S. S. Preston; the LhJ ward tendency lots. sm? price having be nwitl an uprefused for large Uu 1 ie.Wy JL and Cotton white, fancy. striDed. at $16 by H. Bridget to s. P. Dick Hi Co., both city man- several advance, with, however, hol ler waaiueU a further le tt oaiy -. limi.'el feet, for tale by mixed, and brown tize c). to VVedow-daufacturers. the news bv tt.d. Un Artgo . tnwl s ttie oozeu or single pair at MAXStlJCltU D. aplS The receipts of Kentucky in New York Lave teen tendency to depress he marvel and li.nit trama'-tionsOa Thursday tn- market vu dull, w.U p0iy toiAil quite liberal during the pas; seven days. The f tock in trinsacbons at 4.b, tne maxaet Closing at a nominal fpRINTS. New Orleans is light, with a poor assortment to operate rate. M. 30 cajes new style American Prints; Un Thursday the market wt da!l only sm-!upon. uo; English do do transactions at $lb, tin; market closing at aumisal 1 case IIayle'i4 4 neat do; The sales of the week amount to 381 hhds, and the Mte- - On S dtirday Coo & 1enc wa kv fa on-b- ie U cases black dot advices from tne E tat, md lh marktt rluse.1 dialfollowing quotations exhibit the range of prices ober, fn Monday this tijtnces incr.-aie.- t Jnet reoeived and for tale cheap by by th tained: of telegraphic new on 'Change, stating that the ruriu i.aii.sLKu.isuAin. e Monday Sales of ?2 hhds tobacco at warehouses. t!i: rork roarHet was excited, and sties had beea , si, U made at 1A. Ta: intelligence w . received at a late Rich Dress Goc-d-. by Express. V.t, s7 at to Wl 5 t $6 4b, 9 at So c'tfc mtrk-- t closed Monday evening w th do hour, and (WijSi at - oUils j, at4 E HAVE RECEIVED, IN THE at ti oOoiSi ia 1 11 at $ an I 2 atfa, ao,st- ill uo. 4a, a importatt tr.e tn provision tO $10 report'd, tut at few days, in addition to our former stock i3 nh. Is tobacco at warenoases. viz: holders icarife?tj.1 great firmness, and price Ufci a delast Tuesday Saleaot of Lress GooJs, e egaut t.;tin, Plaid, and Figured 2 at j .10 & $ 60, 6 at $ j wj, U at o ooaiD.15. 10 cide! up.ard toJe:icy.of The toilowing curel and bulk meats have t o S Flounced Barege K.'bes, superior Pla n and Printed at $a cicjto at i 4 3 i , at o$iat S7 oO 5J5, JSo. $S at -$ 1,0 00 been made public:sales Friday 2j.uoo pieces and id casts On Bitrege Robes; rich Organdie louaced Uobes, superior i 4o, 'i ai 4 i t at 7'.a, il) ti i at fvT.canvased bauis S,c, plain Uo loose; Fteoch, Itngash, and Aiencan t ast Color Lawns and and 4j hh.l. wet do, irom the steamr David Wn.te, soid rbbed sides c loose; shoulders 7r, packed, cnh. Later: Musiius; Biue, Green, aud Pick Modes of the huest Iti- - at in average of tol Tt p.r hh'l. rageii; Pearl, B ue, lrab,and Black MIS crates. huish vteduesday fcleS 01 41 nnds at warehouses, v s: loo casks car viisie.t h una at privat- - lerois, 10 cas.s ribbed tides at S!c: lib c "k e'eardo atic; JO caaks . J at So 50(a.6 an assortment em; rciug ail tne coior; f lain i blliis scrap at $4 Mi t issues, t So 011.4 FreuchOraandie lius.ius, warranted fa-.- t colors; supe $64o, 5 at to 5U446 s5. i at $i Ub'5.47 to, 3 at 47 5&4i 7a shoul ers at 7c, packed. The marketclOMd on Monday lo, i at i Uj3,A M, 2 at 410 0J,lo 5; t firm, with an upward temiency. .,nc .ha time ny rior hiie, l)ct;ed, aud ii.ured Swiss Muslins; White 4 at 11 Brilliants, wtute Jjconets and Swiss Musnus; l'laid hhds wet Imui earner David t h.te at an average of large saie have been report-d- . tae tracsactious bavins; been condned within a small compas.. 7s p hhd, an J 1 Mil sold by H. Bridges and bought Jaconets and itnsook Muslins, &tc. Country Meat Th. receipt ov wioa tive beers We have just opened a large stock of by S. a. fcLNURits Co. at 41b 00. to SJo.iMO ft,s. Parasols, of the newest styles and best make, which we The market ihcrsday aiesOI ao anus at warnnouse,, asfo lows more hberil, anouatiE p ices; Ladirs'and taissev Hosiery; (lot M scrti-s)1 at th jj; S at Si close! at th fodowirw rriees. P an nams oiler at the lowest ai, 7 ct4) at 47 at So omoi clear sid-jd 46, 9 at 6 iu u6 Vb, 7 nt $7 WS.I1 4b, b Mens and coy. urate colored aud fancy nvi-lKsc- ; shoulder. ried We 7V i"c. aa in .., riCni5047ib, Linen bri. linns, Cottonades, Cassimen s, and Tweeds. 3 at $i (.'its JO. 3 at 45 fcx4t; so, and la bh'ls wet trom 6c, bbl lar !"Uc. eg 9c den.lrs ci on rders, wita si maiid tor in great varitty, for sale at the lowest prices. casss. ateamer Divid Wnite, at an av ra of SiJ n. Closing sa.'e at trie following- prices, wh cT arn s.ibjt Fr'day tales ot il hhds at warehouses, as follows: 1 at $6 3d, 9 ai 5 canvased S, "tne. do i a5, M at 4- - uw.s ri 45, n Ht i.i 30 advance; Plin ; i.-.1 '?v.i-j,.sugar-cure- d a' s to brtnds and i j;i;ity, tabyb, Sat 40j.4$7iO, at 47 bo 47 yd, 8at$ltv Geuts' and Hoys' vVar. clear sides fwift H. . ri'ihed jni S 2 at 410 Oao 49 4), 4 at $50fciy5. 3at t'al.Wrs 7 7.Sc. keg no lui I0'4,-- . priue ti"rre Yud " & DOWNS ARE THIS $lu 30 and a at tlu 00 o,!0 Ho. POTATO FSANUONIO.N S Potatoe-The'- rdSaturtlay ales ot 41 hhds at warehouse, viz.: opening a large assortment of goods 8 nt S4 boa I &. ll at 5 so.o.5 7b. 8 at e Uon 4b, o t 6 iodi purchal to a fair extent since our iat i 4 1 7XS.42 4 suitable tor gentlemen and bo s' wear, such as 7 W, 9 at a 4oS io, tf at s uOi J 4a, 6 9b, 3 at 7 40 waons. with rnmi,mn,i. rtl and 2 ing for prime nsshanoct Linen ur inugs, Linen iiucx; shipments and a in .derate home demand, daiee ; at S4l0 bo. Irish Linens, a lare from re ia at and fancy Caesimtres; Ki.k Cloths; ienno Cass:meret; Manufactured Coctinues in active request, and the tales si extra round lots 4J ti SJ lb, ocoaional of ojUbO. ineuding bbis. selected at Black sales hive bein Iberal of both Kentucky and Virginia. .'ui.'iis tioso uu.i .i . i jo ior rouoa wis. . batteens; V eatings, be. RAU We auote at as to nnji-itAlso, a large assortni; nt of The cheap grades of Kentucky arc especially wante l. SALT QuoCationsforlarsebx i.e; jobMng Jtichrdson's Linens (genuine); This demand will be more fully supplied in the future, as sals at fS;, according 1'illow-Cai- e Linens; 41 Vbag! naots Messrs. R. R. Jones Si Co. have commenced the manu- at p Jffbig: Turk's Island 41 0041 Linen bheetiegs; Uamask Napkins; a m r: !"ies or siaren at i1 aiV'e. i hin:uk Lloilies: Lii.en Damaxka: facture of a variety called R. R. Jones' He. 1 Six ? H a ETIN'l. Sales of Cannelton r. r.,t. All of which will be soid low an I at one price only. apl9 Twist." Messrs. J. it Co. sold t0 kegs of this brand on MillK. Penn M ils. nd Anchor d all at So. ? IK AKIN E A e quote ai r. Tuesday at 12c, to a Cincinnati house. The reported THE GREATEST ASSORTMENT SOD 4 Ali Sales aiiji.3e. sales for the week amount to 550 boxes at from 17 to 23c SEED The seaio i. n.l j to a ,1.. for the good and extra grades of Ky., and 23 to 35c for expect only 4 moderate demand for th tm ihe sales, however, have been to a fir remainAT THE Virginia. The decline in orchard crass, montiond in our ktst, is mnir.taineil, and the principal sules have been at Sales cf green at 42 no341 00 9 bbl. APPLES and Market. Northeast corner Seventh We quote Ale and Por the inside h.ure, 41 6. Clover is a trie flraier, and a ALE. PORTKK, ANUBEKK 50; V from store have to retailers ter. JOHN BAKROW HAS JUST 7ic; to bbl. 4 00. half bbl 4b ty bbl, dozen, hf bbl 4J bO greater pa t of thssa esTh other varieties bren at our 4b oo; outside quotnioo, famUiet.41 00. Beer, most beautiful remain from the Est with the with moderate sales. m La. umrtnunt of Foreign and Domestic Dry Goodt to be kegsL T r k 11 Dealers ray rorround parcels. ioodrx-ke.B TALLOW The market is very dull, with no sates found in this city, consisting in part of 15s-l9lump, ia cloths, at IS to J c; choic. fancy wortiy of mention. 1'nces are nominal. Rough 4c, Bleached and brown iouons. lump ixo.-'- c- ; Retail sales at, for good packed, 20&22c; rendered 9c Heavy Cotton Drillings; WUISKA The demand for shipment ha. h- choice lump 3t. in rfoth aoi-cCottonades; pi id Cottons, see. BtANS White Beans we quote at 41 7312 00 9 since our last. A number of Eastern wrder are ia tn beautiful assortment Of Also, the most market for prime new copper an t busbei Bourbon. The Plaid and striped Silks; Sleeves, B ATT I N u sales of reetifie., raw, eoppr. and old Bourbon, sales at nxs. i jc. Sc.; Beautiful Freoch Collars, BROOMS Common 4J; Ky. Shaker, Bryant's make. amount to .LWO bbl.. We quv.e nw copper from the Thread Lace of every variety, Ate , &c. eC 13 Ou; Eistern Shaaer 424b-a4dos for lots. Retail country in demtn t at 4i; . lies from sr. r- - at 4 itfc; Call and see, at the northeast corner of Seventh and good and prin.e ii Kourbo 41 2b, 41 at 41 tales 2a cents higher. ; apUCJm Market streets. wgisi ou. snorts sill) OCfftili .xtraold"B '442ib. The last sale of raw "i. and BltANS. ate Kran were at 414 Uios415 00, tothetrvle. 00, ship-stu- n r ery lew small sales FAEI&nTS The following are the rates of freight, quiet boi n ior caggiug ana rope. have been euecled at our last quitmirns, which we a u reed 00 by the New Orleans capLuas in port for the RECEI V ED BY EXPRESS continue. The stock of bavgiog is 4,0 pieces, iaclud-in- g following week: 40b halves, and 4,:54 coi.s of bale rope. and Edmmer Cravats, Scarfs, Stocxt, Thron.h. BOOTS AND KUJKS-- We Ties, and continue to notice a good Bbis, pork orbeef. foieign buyers in the market, which, to4.4 BHck and fancy Cravats, new ttylet; number of thf-sLard in uo, do pcaris, from our own State, and ciry Jobbers, Lard in tierces Dj gether with do De Joinvilles, Moire Antique; Do 2i 15 aod retailers impart a good degree of activity to this I. ml in segs 1 10 do Albert Ties, new style; Do 1 3i) market, rnces remain arm and tuny upportu. Whiskv. lard oil, and eggs. do; do Beaufort do, ! The Boston Sniiping List says: "Vt estern bnrera Flour t bbl Do Stocks; completed llieir siring purchases, and thi Potatoes, apples, and onions 9 bbL do Do have about 0 do; do Hook bowed Do business witn tnai section is now mostly on orders to Beaos 9 bbf Hay 9 ton do Moire Antique Loopt; oomp tte assortment. The New England trade is, how Do . 10 0 10 do; do Check Silk ever, quite active, anu nave Deen purchasing Ireeir Plows, each Do .40tK sVx7 during the week. Pri es of U kiiuls ot desirable goods Bellows, each . 1 26 1 SO Tobacco 9 ion 4. Together with a gieat variety not mentioned, for tale are fiim, witi very reduced stocks." su 40 TheauanutT c. eared at tne Custom House shows an Baron in eaks 9 100 fis low at fe Main street. ""a. v. uivsinvin 40 aplS increase of d,bu2 cases since J an. 1st, as compared with Bulk meat t 1 M lbs rope lat yew. thus far in Philadelphia has been unusually Bagging and goods do dry CAS3IMERES, AND The trade prices are looking up iri consequence Assortedsai-do heavy, and of C jen 9 Testings. and high prices of leather. fiats t bushel the 1 bale black Trench Cloths, R AGGING AND 1SALJ. Itut' fc W have no ohanue W'hett and rye 9 bushel Doeskin Cajsuncret; 1 case do do M Mt e wagons. to notice in the prices for these articles. The following 1 do fancy Cassimeres; v 10 00 12 eo sales have been ma le public: aia piece bwj.nn main.y Four horse 1 rin checked Marseilles Vetting; I j 00 It o at 17.o17iC, including one lot of .0 pieces common at Ox wagons cheap by ,T . Received and for tale 20 00 20 00 sale oi lo;c, and a smallDOO coils extra machine at lse. Als'. Timber wagons. Id 00 10 on eura machine coiU. viz: leal" Carriages 8 (i 8 IS brand at Mc; obi coiU band do at $3 50, 4i an 1 Top buggies 00 4 iV) Open & tfO cons macrone at r- a -- ?c. 2b CUE KsE We quote Kr.glish dairy at 13(51 tc. Crny-er- e Empty mohtsaes bbis. 3 Slack bbis in nejts Swiss at 'c, lloiUnd 9 rase 411, pine apple st 2 (Successor! to Newland, Uughee 4c Co.), estern Reserve DEALERS IN 2Je, transactions in at 11 Kes. rve have hen more Slack half obis ST OCX. W estern The 4 OA heaJ WW mnA Stanln T)rw Goods and Varieties, liberal since our last, but the quauty has not been su.t-alil- e Males 9do 7 00 market is Horses No. 433 Main street.southiMe, between Fifth and .Sixth. frSales of sad ihipmeLt. The stock in Netriy the Rlooded yearlings OW boxes, ruling price 11c. u..;n. r,ir.h.ii the entire interest of J. V New- - light. -- do i ts) firm, we will continue the business at entire amount has been taken by tne local trade and for Scrub lard in the late TOO 8i s net Beef cattle the old stand and respecuuiiy toncii a nu irom iwir home c nuraption. 7 isi Do 7uoleuet COTTON Y A UN S, Sic. We quote at T, 8, Xf 10c, with friends, 7 Ow 5 percent, off to th'trmle for No. Suction, and 7o0; Mys-vill- e Cow. and calves M lAaAjc: eanrtlewick 13vJ0c; bwUing, Heef cattle between 400 ard bUO 3s net carpet chain 7e Sheep Louisviile and No. 1 and 2. CaHn passengers, with stock, to pay half passage-ie- c CANDLES AND SOAP CaodlesWe quote star at passengers, with stock, fel, 44. 22c, yellow wax 15i albc, srwrm 3bc,hardtearine UrOBTIS AMD DliLIU lit Do do do not fed. free. imDroved pressed tallow at U.S,c. ; t Goods Bo a p We quote c utile 14oSi. ibe har, common 9 box Swiss Embroideries 26; do extra 42 aoAJ 7a. , 70, do prime 43.42 SPRING SUPPLY Or declined Thur day to U-- for full No. 464 AXaiu Street, with the usual discountto the trade. Sales for the week Watche, Jewrlry, Silver and Plated The demand for tallow caudles aud bar sOO boxes. NORTH 8IDI, BKTWEIN FOURTH AND FIFTH, of Ware, at ,oap has been m.odera e at our qu tatioos. duller LltCGS Bus.ness tliis week has been mUTOULD RESPECTFULLY IN Wil. KODHICSL'S, 71 Thhu Stuiit. stock fceiag is very to nsu I. Turpentinefirst hands.scarce, the ae, however, V W yite the attention of Pry Goods merchant! Supph s extremely small in MY STOCK IS NOW his entire new and well assorted stock of Spring and .Uilv kegsS. Sales have been made of 1 verv compl-Summer Goods, consisting in part or genuine S wiss em. 'A.KlZrVi.l to liuseed i il from mill and store at ti which I am mk'ng Fleeves, Chemisettes, Window Cur Sxliitioot of the latest styles almost broideted Collars. ngureo w qd' tition; 6,000 ke Pure $1 41 W4t W! Blu" . ' nut m a cy.,ur-.- u ,.. at i',r; 2,00.1 Ids rround liquorice rtxt every week. Uins.ictted and D. lios, angina, aim very latest and best styles andr pat" JJ't l a-- : It bbis east' oil at 41 3 caso; l.a boxes 8x10 of most of which are ol the il ' i.:..- -. .... :. at tl au, cash. Vvlin4 Silver Watcher,styls the casiog, I proved makes and it Bees-of terns. ot most of these goods direct from jsales 23o ,jO0 ttj feathers at 43c. Ginseng at 30c. havereeenily ircived a small lot male and eased to s x at of wnich are wrenu to five saligp manufacturers in Switzerland, I am enabled to offer the EGGS The sal's for shipment have b'en liberal, special order, ail thm at tne very mwniit rnw. Utertlt to examine my amounting to, 2.2o0 doi-n- , principally at 8a.Sc, Includ- - (action, and are offered ea reasonable ttrma, Purchasers will find to their w 4fiS m ln 4 14 f txtra lou a. o. White Stella Scarfs. ILLER Ac TABB, CORNER OF 444 c le H; lij, tANCY Hobinson, Mai tin WAVE Boys' Boys' HTJTCHINGS Ulac. JUST DUKKEE, HEATH itnr. au Small, Klite i, 0c; te ke. IMrOBTSI OF . rire-Ar- ?- - WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1856. KENTUCKY, DRY GOODS. 'TTXIIE NOMINAL Maiu Street Loaisville, Ky., TKHMS. r-- j MISCELLANEOUS. I! F. STOME, on TMrd enact, between Market Carriage Dealer, and J eSerero, East Bide, 021c &l COPARTNERSHIPS . . CARRIAGES ! 1 JlO LOUISVILLE, DAILY DEMOCRAT, THE 4 vli lc, Hi' 1.9 a! H'a'. tiltiii, MARK To he Fouud in this City, RESTAURANTS, ifeC. St. Charles Restaurant, MR. 0-')- COATS. BY D .doorO'HARE, Market Fine Mark andblue Dress Coats; Fine black, blue, brown, and olive Frock Coatt. PANTS. Black Doeskin CassimerePants, superfine; Fancy Caisiuiere Pants, every style and quality. from Third, Louisville, Ky. ft ,ono Silver Cup awarded to D. (J Hare I y the Agricultural and Jlcihanicvl Association for the Lett ijjecimen of Trunk. 4S6 . South-toet'e- yrr CEAVATS, TIKS.&e. Crsvatt, Scarfs, and Ties, great variety; Socks, CON- Pocket Handkerchiefs, torsaleat stanny on Lac! a large assortment of "'yr-it:- l SPltOULK & M ANDK VILLE'S. de2D v l t Gentlemen's soh'd foie Lecher Trunks, 7iit Lad'es' Trunks, llonnet Boxer, Y al'ces, KO.M FOURTH FT., BET. MAIN A?ID MAEKET, f Carpet Haas, Packing Trunks, A;c., which are of the To the Ladies of Louisville. The Oldert Stand in LouiiviUe. ju aii ly. made by experienced workmen, and cn this city. lower than in any other TITRS. NICHOLAS INVITES THE )xoount merchants will knl it to be house ininterest to to their HIV CA1V1VOIV, enrtomer, and othen to lier Country XI - attention of before purchasing elsewhere. DEALER tewly itTeGtl VEXTILATINO hi 4.MOND WIGS. give this house a call mrZ7 dtf Lad'n-a- ' Half S ift, Wia. Also, arpleniii aawnnteniof SILK AND STRAW hONNETS, RIBBONS, and CurlH, aiaaj Jrailiatiorteiit notice. i on handf.and made to order FLOWERS, MILLINERY GOODS, TRIMaiH.-MunutAii, DICKINSON JL 8 N YD aitLe n t oortb treet,btwef n Main and alarket. MINGS, Ac, No. 7 9 Fourth etrect,between Mala and Market mrSS Ae-iiF.TIoiiia, No. 421 Market itreot, between Fourth and Fifth. TNI MATI0MAL HOTEL), LOUISVILLE, KT., THE UNDERSIGNED HAS 1:11 conftantly receiving, ps MANUFACTURERS AND DEAL- - 'aas'now in store, and is Mil L1NKK1 (iuOlSa very the superior stock of .EL era in all kinds of Mattresses. Beddinr. HATS FOR SPRING, 1S56, moat select and elegant ever introduced to the atlins. Flags, Windcw fchadis, Curtain oods, and tention of theladiesof Louisville, llis stock embraces and of the Ciet quality, for K. urr.ikLii.a Materials. Pansianfash-ions- ; t Vi c wan ant our work as represented, and offer it at Lress Uonnets.of the latest New York and foft or Kosinrt-- i HaU ai ail pricet. Straw Bonnets, of every Tariety and price: with t'.l.h Car in eery variety, to low prices. 1'atronage solicited, fmridljj i. 4t B. all the necessary Trimmings and Laces rich Ribbons, order. fcilk and fceaver Hat mat' Flowers, and Head Dresses. the bnest h JAS. H. VOt!l, 4.1 Harketcfreet, Bonnets will be trimmed and made to order by experiThree door above I ourli, soutli aide. GOING IT ALONE. icrl enced milliners. Also, Mourning Bonnets, ol BombaCrape- rsAHE PARTNERSHIP OF WEA zine, Mode, and complete assortment of Ladies' Riding He has als a . VEB. ft NOBWOODis now dissolved, and the Flats, Misses' Flats, and Childicn's Hats. Indeed, with Louit-vilisulmcriroflers his politebow to the citiiens of present ktocs. and such arrangements as have reen The very kind treatment and the liberal patron IIOL'SC CLCANINC. prompt receipt of the In test age lie received sine ne nas been a ot ttie made for the regular and Hitters himself that he can novelties, the undersigned UK, ci:y induces him to ask a continuance ofcitizen the favors he accommodate the motl ias;idioui wwe. THIS IS THE SEASON r at their doing so, cleariinr op liou, ard preparing for warm has hadthat tha bands; and in with their he pledges jona n. jAacv.i. plldtf who tavor him patronage wea her, the wulJ remind h.s easterners, himself reputalie is work and ttie pui.l c'y. that he is fully preared to ehallbesaiisced. money,determinedatogowd for of So. 1 China, lie haslot tion as well ai Jte-- . ex oie all orders for paper hanglnca, Tamiad-ng- , lbrick commencebuildina la superior ttyte, and at tnoiierate jifices. Tnankfal early, on t ana lor tnose wisbtng assortment of brick at AT GREAT BARGAINS I and shall keep on hand an snare cf baaineaa her.euf. ire received by for the any in me market, lie hopes, all times rioi unenor u turn, vhilat carry irg on uuuer the atyie cf by strict attention to business and a faithful regard to 11 is FELIX WOOD & SON, PATEa HANGERS, h nesty and integrity, to le l.berally patronisedilnvi !a acsln cemblete. consisting of Pining, the corner of Broadway and cneioy streets, V- - "V Breakfast, Tea, and Toilet Ware, of the newest Tie begs to aaxure the friends and patror, of that firm, yard is oucan a. an umes uc together with muni. r and moat elegant patterns,Goods, embracing a and eBoit ahull he made to where that mcreaard exetion jyita i.aoBwooD. general assortment or Furnishinghousekeepers. trisdtr deserve ttie puo'uo fav aa superior workinea in their For nearly etery article require,! by s any, Lneof but Let., aud t:ieir H i i at mcltif sale at our upual low pricea. Call and see, at the . and lower in reality, wlien looked iot. FKK-NcCHINA UoClsli,43l Market street, ( f luiiam ard wmmo. raprs It very - Our Ke.y Goods! New Goods! between Fourth and Fifth. Bp2 auperior, and a I new and fresh. 1 am in da,!y eicpect-i.'.of fur tier auiliotiS in toe papers and decorations e . JUST REme to ehin.i i.e and varied paUernt WALL PAPERS, BORDERS, which win er.abie & tooking-Glasse- s. for baU and paasaat-a- . . rpu''! c roo!t. fcc. rear Mam. CEIVED PER LATE AE RIVALS. W iuU. 1 hird rt., ,,4 75 JUST RECEIVED, A FULLOTJ AND THOSE IN nd stock if tnn: of the above, of every styleBowls pat-K- f Wi fcj want are respectfully solicited to call and ea-a- n TV and . .leant Vtu- - and Preserve Wall Korth tldt JeCerS'it.Ut. Third and Fourth ttt., justine ur assortment ofconsist Papers, Borlers, c., Dish.: Decanters; Beer Kings; Tumblers: Chatnpague of thft moat modern and W ine Glasses, cf sll styles, for bar and table use. received. Our stock LOUISVILLE, KY and approved tt; let of Pspert suitable for parlors, For sve t the lowest prices at tne chnmlri, halls, c., affordirg a varied assortment, FKFNCU CHINA HoCif B, 471 Market street, AND DYES Tie.naled for neatness and exui'ite CniKh. between Fourth and Fifth. apH The puliiic are assured they will at all timet find ttLT.w Bats: extensive and complete an assortment as can le foua Bonnets; Ladies' f traw Clear ard OSIN. 50 BRLS IN STORE AND elsewhere in the e'ty, and st greatly reduced prices. W akes I'ramtt and Crowrt for Bonnett; forialelowto close by XVAJtltt sa MCKTUN.641 Main street. and Fan Atd keeps a rhoice .Section of I adirs JJUMI2ML, JELL & CO. ji5 between teconi and Ilxird. pi pl jbonnett,lrenchiioirerti siibbont, Ac. V' 'JIAIlE HAS bt JO ll Ell, PRESS (III E. ll 0 if ). . day opened the above establishment, an4 pre sents it tor the accommodation of the public. His experience and well knownqualiflcationsforlhe business (and years attest it) induce him to oiler his services to the public. lie invites his friends to favor nira witn tneir patronage, aud assures theta that tteU orders shall receive his faithful attention. Cr This day be presents a Lunch such as may be expected herealter. mrl7alfj CHAri. O. KLaFKK. C1RYSTAL PALACE, NORTHEAST and Fifthstreets. Fortheverv iberal oatronaee hitherto extended to them, the Dronrl etors renew their acknowledgments to the public, and assure them that no pains or expense will be spared to procure all articles in tne line 01 tneir ousiness.of the caosisaperior quality, and such at willbeapprovedof by the best connoisseurs. a nne L,uucii win be daily anaregaiariyservea.rrom ViV o'clock a.m. tiUlvln. d We arejustin reoeiptof SOdosenofWolfe'sa-lebrateSchiedam Schnapps, and a lot of Havana Cigars of different brands, besidesoldBrandies, Wines, 2kc, of various superior brands. TheiiiiiiardKooms,undertnesupenniendeneeoroiu amiable and accommodating "Uncle George," are furnished w.thsuperior tables, andevery imaginableoon-TeniencThebestbrasdies, wines, ate, can De obtained at th Palace. "ready bottled, and areesoscially recommend td for medicicalpurposes. xiurjs ec tiAUB&XGuT. jys J03EPH R. MANN'S AND RETAIL AS Ironstone and French ryry our stock of y i Glassware in. Osborii, irANS C7 GENTS T7UILDERS the HAS THIS HE UNDERSIGNED WHOLESALE Baltimore Oyster Depot! OYSTEKS1 OYSTERS!! No. 08 T1II11D STREET, OPrOSlTE APOLLO ROOMS. T Ts T ll L i Tl 1 IT 1 w u T XT!i city. g.QUIXTgRO, Agent. L. T. SEDGWICK CORNER THIRD AND MARKET ST3. RECEIVING DAILY FINE a half days from Co.'s Ltghtnins 4jr K 1 press 1 am also prepared to furnish families with any axount of Can Oysters, of superior quality, wua venison, taaut, ana every variety Wild Gams in tenon. DOs L.T.8XPQWIOK,Proprietor. & JUST L''. Fancv Goods. .3D c LOTUS, Hughes "hn 87),, Hutchison, .ll,c. WHOLESALE or 10lo. J. U. Ocrtli, U; &hite "LIVE AND LET LIVE." Shell Oysters.two and f New York, by Adams rt. ,., ,..:r toclipxorBayintinwuwe. " ' ' (

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