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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 25, 1915

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Sergent THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE An Independent-Weekl- MS 0. Newspaper y BLACK IS OlfisOME 1 The splendid weather has inspired our farmers and a goodly Stands Dedicated to the Interests of Letcher County First number of them have started preparations for crops. Let the and to the Entire Mountains Afterwards. important work go on. The A REAL SHAVE S3 By the Old Reliable Barber P HUGH COMBS daughter of Arch little Issued Every Thursday by Hunsucker, a typhoid patient, is HANEY & BLAIR Owners and Publishers. doing nicely at this writing." E. P. BLAIR, Associate. Prof. Loyd Webb closed a J. P. HANEY, Editor two-mont- Subicription Price Entered as second-clas- s Kentucky, . . One Dollar per Yearjn Advance matter Aug. 28, 1907. at the postoffice at Whites-buri- r, under the Act of Congress of Aujr. 9. 1873. Is the very thing to make you Sanitary Comfortable and Presentable in Public. This you may be able to get in a number of places, but if you want the very best while in Whitesburg come where the razors are sharpest, towels are hottest, and the shop is most sanitary. Likewise if you want a Hair Cut or a Shampoo, just drop into the Basement of the Dave Hays Building, just back of the First Natl Bank hs term of subscription school at the Sergent school-hous- e. Much good was accomplished by a large number of our boys and girls future men and S3 women. As Are The People So Will Be The Town The people of a town, and not the local conditions, make it what it is. Favorable and avablPConditions, environments and opportunities! are necessary prerequisites to the building up and making of the town, but if the people do not grasp these opportunities and possibilities, utilize and apply them, then the town only exists psycologically. So it is a matter altogether in the hands of the people who would build and raise it up. There should be no To obtain effective results there must be discord or dissension. and continued efforts. They must form them united selves into one mighty compact, a veritable piece of machinery perfectly oiled and fitted, with one aim only in view, and that to build up and maintain. If there is any part of this machinery crooked, worn or rusty, cut ifroutHf-there- js a "Knocker" ready to oppose, paralyze him with vour influenceland show him that he must keep apace or be eliminated. And there will always be "knockers." They are those who live for themselves alone, those who subsist upon an insatiate desire for self aggrandizement, greed and graft. When the machinery starts he can be heard to grate against the bearings and the cogs. Jfist pass hin up and let the progressive procession pass speedily on. Whitesburg is a great city in embryo, not destined to be so large, but nevertheless great. Willlt die in the shell or will it burstforth full grown and flaunting? Well, one interested may inquire: How shall we begin the good work of building this great city? A good way to begin is to observe the Golden Rule. To live and let live. Instead of meeting the prospecting stranger who would come and be one of us with a frown and scowl, receive him with a cordial greeting, a Tcindly grasp of the. hand, a bona-fid- e smile and a hearty welcome Place a reasonable price upon all property for sale or rent. Don't disgust and mortify him with New York prices and thereby drive him from your midst. We need him for a citizen, customer, neighbor and friend. He will help us bear our burdens. He has money to invest, and while wegeit, lehimjiaveour blessings. s - "Xetus'play the glad humanity to man" and jm9-of."Mi'- Archie Craft, his wife and mother, left Sunday morning for a trip of inspection to the Blue Grass region. While awaylthey will visit Ciark. Montgomery, Bourbon and other counties, looking for a farm. Hugh Combs Tonsorialist Robert B. Franklin is planning a trip out in the state. He vvifl visit Lexington and other points. W. B. Webb was a visitor in Hazard a few days ago and reports business conditions very encouraging around the Perry county capital. Slowly but surely is coming apace. prosperity Carpenters are rushing the work on R B. Franklin's new residence here. It will add much to the beauty of the surroundings. The L. & E. pay train made its regular monthly round distributing much of the badly needed to its employes hereabouts. Ben P. Webb lost a good milkerkilled by the passenger train Tuesday evenings Mrs. Ida Webb is sick woman this week. Nancy Brown is also considerably indisposed. ItdscueiG. Y&U mailt ness ancT'social trip to McRoberts ' 'in.. '" .r.if "in wamm. County, has Issued the following James D. Black, of Barbourville, Knox statement announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor in the Primary Election, August 7, 1915. Democrats of Kentucky: Itecognizlns, in the fullest sense, your right to choose at the Primary Election to bo held in August, 1915, those whom you prefer to be the candidates of the party to be voted for at the general election in next November, I am a candidate, subject to your will tole said Primary Election, for the nomination for Lieutenant Governor on the Democratic ticket. I am induced, in a measure, to make this announcement by a desire of my own to serve the people of our splendid State in the capacity of Lieutenant Governor, and also, in a measure, by suggestions of a few individuals whose personal and political friendship is real and in whose judgment I have and ought to have confidence. My past fealty to the Democratic party may be accented by you, I confidently trust, as a sufficient guaranty that I shall, whether nominated or not, give to the ticket you may name- - and the principles for which our party stands, very faithful support, for that course has been my habit at all time3 since reaching legal age. If nominated and elected Lieutenant Governor, I promise you and the people of Kentucky to bring to the discharge of the duties of the office the very-be- st service of which I may be capable. Whether or not I am equipped to properly flischarge of those duties,- it is not for me to say. I submit that to your judgment and' decision. I believe in a just and wise economy in public as well as in private business, and cordially agree that no ons should be entwisted with responsible office who is not able and willing to perform his whole duty to the public whose interests he asks to be commissioned to serve. I believe those on whom the Constitution places the duty and responsibility of legislation for the people of the State ought to industriously employ the time the General Assembly may be in session, to needed lesislation, complete that as quickly as a proper regard for the best interests of the State will permit, anfl then adjourn, diligently avoiding every unnecessary expense tox ths people- -' I have no doubt that those who have to do in an official way with the rnifiey of tho community, or charged with the administration of public affairsAiughUto act In relation to such, according to that high standard which the mat prudent, careful, just and Intelligent exercise in the conduct of their ivate business. If elected Lieutenant Governor, that standard shall he my giJCe in the labor, tna law assis;ns to mo. in. suoimtung my canuiuicy, l V Ccme shake hands with me, one who wishes you the best of success in life. ..ii.iTi ii L.nm WHY OWN OR BUY d poor land when you can buy good level land in Central Kentucky from $10 to 530 per acre, land that will raise $100 tobacco per acre High-price- joy REMEMBER WE CAM suit you in any sized or priced farm you. want. For catalog or particulars, Write . Roby - L. Johnson, farm broker Science Hill, ky. si blessed him,1 even so let uoionfejevery man who would come and be one of us. Let us not kill the town we would' have, Let not the bird die in the shell. t Let everybody join in andJet us have the newest, cleanest, rarest, raciest and best town in mountains. all-th- e Saturday, returning Sunday. There is said to be quite an attraction. menu iiud ouugui. 1 Barbourville, Ky., December To Our Subscribers 28, 1914. JAMES D. BLACK. (rNU: .wioaug vwi. J The Mountain Eagle is now low figure, some mattresses, owned and operated by new men beds, springs and rocking chairs. JOHN A. WEBB. altogether. The buying of the I "Romeo." Viper plant with all its equipment, payStray Hog Notice! ing rents, etc . has cost a lot of A white spotted bar liog Measles is raging in this vicin money, and it is always an expen weighing about eighty pounds, ity. sive business. In taking it over took up at my place about three we agreed to run all unpaid subThe few pretty, warm sunny months ago. Owner can have THAT Circumstances and conditions are such that the city scriptions until the term expires. can not have its Graded School session extended into the Summer days are making the farmers ; same by paying for keeping and We also purchased all the old un$1.00 for this notice. is to be very seriously lamented. There can be no other institu- get busy preparing for Jheir paid subscription debts, and they tion, the church not excepted, so advantageous and upbuilding to l crops. John II . Webb, are now due and owing to us. We a town or county as a first class, high toned and well managed and Mayking, Ky. Eld. Thomas Kelly preached to hope that all subscribers who properly kept school. We are advised that the faculty here is simply superb in both a large and appreciative audience owe unpaid subscription debts Oil, SAY? You can buy good efficiency and proficiency, but we are told, in fact, we observe here last Saturday and Sunday. will arrange at once to settle their groceries AT COST and below that the facilities for the very best work are not ample and adequate. at the "Cheap Store" in the There is some prospect of work accounts. The schools and churches are the beacon lights which draw the Owing to a new law touching Jenkins Building. first attention and concern to a town or community. Before we opening up here in the near fuMany other 'the postal regulations, we are valuable article, in had fully decided to make this town our future home we made it a ture. fact a small special point to call upon Mr, Jenkins, the not permitted to send through amount of nearly everything erudiate. Elizabeth and Wade Woods the mails any pamper for which and astute Superintendent of Schools, to learn of what we usually found in a country store hid now and what to expect for the future in the way of School. were visitor's in Hazard Satur- any one is in arrears for a cer way down low. Come and let's I am very much interested, for if I can give my children an day. tain length of time. After this talk it over. education I have bequeathed to them a fortune. Every parent feels thus about his child. Hence, the universal interest in the Philip Hall (Elj's son) who issue we will be compelled, there-- ! school. The information gathered from the Superintendent as to has been very low with pneumo- fore, to drop almost all who are prospects for extended school terms were indeed flattering. in arrears. We regret very much If I nia, is improving very slowly. understood him correctly it was to the effect that there is now a to do this, and hope that every School at this place closed Fri- one contract by which the Graded District is to have a magnificent sodronped will renew at James P. and Miss Mattie J, structure from the ground up for $11,000.00. day, Feb. 19th. We regret very once. Don't try to do without Hartt, who have been at Watson-towThis sum of money, or thereabout, should be an ample sum for much to have Prof. Robert Blair Pa., for some time have the Eagle. Jhe construction of a building in every way sufficient. In this conleave our midst, his efficient work recentlj arrived here. nection we recall the Mathew T. Scott Collegiate Institute of West in the school here has made him Liberty, was constructed for $10,000.00,. and it is a great building. W. C. Dixon of Whitebsurg, nieni: But the legitimate and reasonable cost should not, in fact, is not a many friends. The students have We are directed to announce was here the past week, reprequestion. What the town wants, what it needs most of all is a progressed womderfully during WashKincer, of Mayking. as a senting the Singer Sewing Ma Great School. Here in this picturesque mountain scenery, in all of the short term of school; each itslnatural and sublime beauty, is the most favorable site for a and every one of them made candidate for Justice of the Peace chine Company. in the Upper Whitesburg pregreat and reputable school that could be found any where in this manifest their great appreciation Willie and Jamos M. Franklin great state. cinct, subject to the Republicans Let everybody who loves their children, the children of their for the instruction given them at the next State returned from a trip to Neon, primary elecneighbors, the town, county and country at large, get hold of the by Prof. Blair, and also the great tion in which nominations are to where they have been visiting rope and make one long, inergetic, persevering, mighty and desire to acquire an education. relatives. be made. pull, all together, and before they know it they will have The boys and eirls of the moun the best school and school facilities in all the state. Mr, and Mrs. Edd Polly of tains of Kentucky are the bright Our line of furniture is the Optomi8m and courage the slogan. most complete in Eastern Ken- Campbranch, attended church est and most studeous found any where in the United States, and tucky. Come and see me in the here Sunday. DID you see in the daily papers the other day the expression every year brings renewed inter Felix Fields building at the end Rev. A.C Hutson of Whites of the county bridge. I have alof sentiment given by Tart on the situation of the est and advrncement. If Perry so a large line of coffins and cas- burg, way here the past week. United States with reference to the war spirit now prevailing all present pace kets on hand at all times. over the world? He urged that it was every citizen's imperative Coun ty keeps up her Little Grati?, three year old she will soon rank with the first R. N. Swisher duty to be loyal to his country, and especially, to stand by Presi-- son"of W. R, Adams, whom we dent Wilson in his unfaltering effort to guide the old ship of state of all the state. Job. mentioned in last weeks issue of .'in safety. This will do much good in keeping the minds of the "What's that guy Philip Hall, Sr. is suffering camera? He'n bean- doing with that the Eagle in still very low. We ".American citizens properly poised. Great men like Taft and standing on that be depended upon for sound and judicious judgments in with rheumatism. T. G. Woods corner all day." '''He's taking a mo- hope it will soon toco er. tion pictijrre of that messenger boy." times of world-wid- e war and unrest. is also very much indisposed. F.-C., A Great School Buildiug aud a Great School for .Letcher County aud Whitesburg is the Crying Demand of Necessity. cpgtfrhN. at a very " E00L and his money are soon parted." Very true. Fathers and mothers, you want your children to become HANLY MEN and WOMANLY WOMEN, not SQUANDERERS cf time and health and money. Young joy riders on life's journey never come to any good. Urge your children to be FRUGAL. Start them with a SMALL SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNT. See that they keep it going. Set them a good example YOURSELF in YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. i a NATIONAL BANK Whitesburg, Kentucky. -- d, Colly rmYiYiYiYiYiYiV I GROCERY COMPANY y . J. H. FRAZIER, Manager. n, jl Has in the last few days stocked from to Bottom Announce Full Line of Feed of all Kinds at Lowest Market Prices 3; !-- 't Fresh Supply of FLOUR. SUGAR, BACON, LARD ' COFFEE and CANNED GOODS of all Kinds. fj SOLITE COAL OIL-B- est in the World-Pu- rely Smokeless. te Gan Save You Money lj I Do Your Buying at Home and Save $ $ $ $ $ $ : Come and see. Phone or Write. f Whitesburg Wholesale Grocery Go. P nt Whitesburg, Kentucky. - Wil--apn'c- an these-tr-yin- "ZVM ; JUST ARRIVED . des-.pera- i.itjij ' He'l! Keep on Trying. shoemaker in America has been divorced six time3. Evidently ho couldn't stick to his last. London Standard. ; " rf-- m Why Jude Johnson Is Jobless It has been discovered why Juda A I Johnson has never been able to land a Job in Atchison. Ko is a shipbuild. or by trade. Atchison Globe! " ? i

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