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Image 2 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), December 23, 1898

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

- T I with opinions of tlfklr owtii nik ntmlltioii of u feumiece tsary Paduoah has nt vor boforo had ollli e as many law suits on bor hand as at Hit pruHtit time men THE PADUCAH DAlfcY SDN the Christmas Programme CVERY AFTERNOON EXCEPT SUNDAY Br I Tk Sue PaMiskteft CwHpaflj taeortofittil orricaa i M Plihrr rr J K WilllamKon I i Vict Ir John J Doilun hoc V F fa 1 ton Tint a Merry Christmas t- And Happy New Year A Ittrallcltiinc question nliiWt Idonllonl rail disputed with the road obligation of laducfll has been decided by the supreme court of In diana in favor of tho validity of tho niar cnm Flther V P Ittton H W Clcmtnti F A lmnd M ousr-tne-rlv- J It WIULmion John J Dorian Is the Advance Wishes of FKANK V GRItGORY lMltor mil Mtnijer TERMS IkiihIs Kntrrcd nt the pottoffice at radnctb Kyi rcond cli umtttr Thce are the IkumIs of JeKerson- Tltii store will be open Rally bv mall one vor US Vlllo Jml Arranged to assist our patrons In their shopping ilortKs tho river front J ill mouth every night till V o clock Santa Claus in the wimlo v every afternoon at Dtljr by mall one months Dally by nail 40 Louisville ami represent an Indebted Daily bv tattler one week 10 t oclock Our counters are filled with all that to newest aad most appro Weekly by mall one year 100 ness of 87WO Incurred In August priato for Xtnas presents Addreii Tltlt SUN raducah Ky 1871 on account of securing the re- One OFIICK i4 nroatray moval of Ihe court house from A Gnuino oXmas Harciin NO IS half dozen pure linen hemstitched THMiMOXK embroidered initial liandkcrcuieis put up in a pretty box a handsome present for SI 50 Christmas Neckties m FltlDAY DEC 23 1898 So far It does not appear that Mr Todds Mr Hambrlck is mixing up any with tho harmony fest nt Louis When Mayor Langcant think of anything else he opens a new Invoice of figures with totals made while you Nothing more acceptable to a good will make any woman glad oa Xm is wait An entirely new lot just housekeeper than one of our hand morning some damask tablo elotht with nap received for tho occasion Proof is positive now that Dr Handsome changcablo and fancy kins to match Alvey Is not a democrat for the rea Elegant friDgcd and hemstitched son that ho has resigned from the tatrcta skirts for S4U0 and 590 sets put up iu boxes only 100 grasp of an olllce 315 and 7 10 Large sie hemstitched unmask Capt Joe Fowler will doubtless be luro linen ones at 10c towels for 25s gratified to learn that the mayor has - Embroidered hemstitched and volunteered to do the financial walk Swiss handkerchiefs at lfic Elaborato linen and sheer cambric i ing nnd worrying for a spell handkerchiefs for 25c Governor Bradleys come on whoop The best gloves made our patent Hundreds of fine cambric hand clasp kids for inau or woman oolj appears at a tlino when a little fresh kcrclnsfs exquisitely embroidered 1 a pair from 50c to 150 excitement in politics adonis a re- lief from Christmas trudgery Linens for Gifts Mil inery and Fancy Goods i - SHOES SHOESH - - 1 1 RDDY ELLIS I PHILLIPS 219 WE KEEP COMPETITORS 4 THE PURE X CITIZENS SAVINGS BAM fr CAPITAL in Til SURPLUS 120000 lTJJIaLe4tl BLEICH a -- f If aro will bo much moro and hia hoofa comfortably shod at our liorso shcclng parlors to shoo tho horses and boys to shoo tho lar care with IVlULtb l MA and the ordinance was n pctilcd A great many people doubt less remember the Incident and Uncoil mil officer on th tnasta and hmikeiitack were all as plain to our sight a ia Uie Northern laclflc waro lioute ncrosa the railroad track from where wa nw it Hut Ik low ihe bulwark Une nolhlnp could lie arm of the teaael She might fie rinisth- luid the briiue the deckbmiM - The mayor will not up mlnt tin rough riders or 1 in-- police offl He will cers who are to ride horMss leave It toMaHwl Collins wiw under imrjfe of the polke tlie charter forre after the ninyor appoints It The reorKiinlntlon of the ouleer will probably not take plait- - until the lat ter part of the month 1 have Wen ionic Puget sound Thtnp Dulchmaa for alt we knr or por i1 Wy a craft that had come In eollUion and a aeeklug u beaching imlnt be fore linking It wa weird and for M Teral mo Tbe morning had tacnts deceiving thlek lhatthe fog had driven opened down an eloae to the surface of the PUGET SOUND FOGS ebannel a lo form a blanket for but the lower part tf a veal We came Tlie urrr Mclti Which Art- Situ enough to ball and were Informed WIiimi AlnnMiliiTle Cim ill I Ion that tha steamer was dotug finely All Are Iimirnblr well on board and beyond It Wing a trllie damp on tbe lower VUt trough SittfHt lng iiirtt ha o nft n AaHtMliril erj thing wa tbe fog falling to rise fog Iwitk at kn the lofeJy ntutlni with Tacoma Ledger limits of wliU h wrre to clearly tfis4 liut tie fotwmil mri uf ibtJtCJiewel ThMr llilllrrn iMiulil Ik- - In liriglii fiiiiilght Ahh tint AjmI there was a certain man wbo In ill nae fog iftcr Kiitluu being a merchant with trade to look That the plit tKitnrnoH la nol ml ttntril any of tlie many piople pnaainic after Wai a memWr of the i hurcb li fnct an rider therein Une day he in Ilie brink of Ibo decline Icmlltiff dnwn Pacific axeniie from the t lly liiill nt vitcd hia paator home tn dinner ami len oclock S ttanlay inorninp could while they atin tbe parlor waiti jtoi readily utti nt lyllrbt hod come In tb oall to table be began to tell of niih a ilene tug 1hln kail cleared brother elders wlieoiuliM t ami griev I only tell you thu Iwcium to thai tlio ttbip at tbe vlevatora wer j ous shi you are the pa ttor mid I think you plnlnly ilble SiiIotily tbert- cutur from tbetraU ought to know It I nev er mention it t Awl he rccaU d thb anyone i Ue a bank of ug uhlch lntt ol ct vtt oWing and ilrlfthjt oer the lurface i pveral timed during hia recital A It ot the bay came t olhlly onf Thlt waa about completed In rame his little orinntlon waa Kept up until the fng daughter Catching the subject of th trtick the rtw im IoHfle aenne lead conversation nlte broke ir with thisex My goodnet im Youre harf Tl en it liroke the olamatlon liHf from tlie mi rely not telling that rihlMtorvagalnl atlst drifting tip In trntiug clontla The gpectaele of the on inarching -- N y World nli of fons clearly perwudlcular at Tn Mnkr llirlln n Scn nrt Tiivrn he iJde of u l iilldinir with the tninft It announced that the dcrinan gov rnraent r cl to lie Mile to introduei rajs striking agninst It waa indeed Several f hippinir men noticed fjratul bill In tbe ucM icmIou uf the Iriu it and fog nan made the subject of aan dirt for he ponitrtiction of a cuna conversation in a number of o dices on Miiitrble fur targe teirihlp Wtweei the water front bringing forth the nartlrrlln nnd Rtettln pracilenlly mtklr ration of bimlhtr itiklnnc ci rterln a eaport town rhlengnChi c i One of tliean cams from Capt Me Jcle Cabe who said tn atfrnellve livvn mnvvei lia jus The dtrangent conibtnaton for fog come Into nm- it ta n vrlovliicde ti to take on that has come under my oh Mhlch nttu hed a sharp knife imu senation oeoiirreil here on the aoHnil lhis cut tbe grata as tbe M ated uper tome nionlhh ago I warn trnu llngby iitor motes along steanier frnin Port Tnnnnml lo hritt Au iit i n eper for wearing on tin tic As we rounded Admiralty Head t hiuk In Slippery attectt lia been in thero loomed up before u what ap vented by a Missouri lady It haxiinall peared to be ft waterlogged cleatner Heel teelh to pierce theiie the vu ar Irom her bulwark rulla up everything j i r walk iml rati W applinl to the cole The lookout on I Iu ten ireondfc wn Icrfectly ltlblev S l 4 w- - bimi t wfitf - J 1 i I- - 3 l F th Plumbing Rejjaired UAI 1 ls s NIGHT We repair it so it will not freeze f again nr iti-kitU cxorclto partloa- - KMCREIFST 210 COURT LLKIN DSOFBLACKSMITHINa was held wo iiu I DONE AND GUARANTEED and flios T - - WE HAVE MEN j t if t YUUn UAILYuniVd proporly prodlctirei pleasant your colta ost Night Telephone 424 ay Telephone 362 Minsesheimer Plumbing Compy- - Palmer House Block 104 North Fifth Street -- OBERTS BEER i 1 rapidly IkmudiIoij tlie favorite with tho people of this city others for tho rcaaot that it is It leads all ABSOLUTELY PURE HAND IS lHrrTLKS ATD BT TIIK KKO BT K PADUCAH BOTTLING CO - I 1 J Burgioll Ieleplioiie 101 V -- Iroptici la Top Svluur Un t- - Tenth ami Mtulison slrcoU Otdors tiU t til 11 ptDa inn a TemHi Mil ts of l - I n- THAT CHRISTMAS PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHII Of com be you are goinj to buy one thiiiK both useful and ornamental WOMANLY speaking with enthusiasm said I dont see why you do not send out women to talk to women about the merits of Pabst Malt Extract The Tonic There Best many women that are so are run downwith nerves shattered with a lack of g n which is an outgrowth If you could only of over exertion get a woman who knows as well as I do how Best Tonic will build one up and who has enough earnestness to tell them about it you would certainly have largely increased sales There is who was as thin as she could Mrs be and her poor little baby puny and undeveloped I told her about Best In three weeks you ought to Tonic see the difference The improvement is something great mother and baby both feel it and show if h Why not buy some- For instance a i or any one of the many handsome articles suitable for Christmas presents Call nnd see me I may have just what you are looking for U2S g feeling a sort s of restless indecision g M All dnif - Jewelry Diamond vitality v PUSSBHT- Gold Watch or Chain Silverware A sweet woman the picture of health We have the finest kind J 223 llrondwny AT RANDOM Every boy would rather be Santa Every size cpfalily and kind to suit ivery faucy as to prices thej ars Claus than be president at this time Nice dolls at and various botly persued papas the very lowest 10i-- 20c 250 15c 75c 150 to 500 Night beforo last a man called at each price would rather be lxys Just now than Judge Sanders residence on Jefferson street imd said ho wanted a warrant either When asked against wliLm he wanted As long as Mayor Lang Is permit It he did not know but ho Insisted shopper is sullloiont to Jiieflt you hem k ted to figure in the I O Us in the on snowing tlio Judge how much of Xras books for children 10c municipal cash drawer his ofllclal his pantaloons had been bereft of by Neatly bound cloth novels and short stories 15c mathematics will niako things too a pack of ruthless firecrackers which Ilindsomc fur collarettes S2 2 25 and 2 US easy for Paducali he made connection with while walk Sterling silver glove buttoneis 25c ing down Itroadway attending to his The new pompadour combs whh Khinestonn sits 85t Anti expansion petitions presented own businovs lie was really In a Pretty silk garters with elaborate buckle 25u to Si to the senate contain 1471 signatures plight that would have made moot Sterling silver embroidcrC scissors for 1 Childrens fine soft woolen mittens 25c pair The rest of Mr Uryans six million any man mad but no assistance could Jewel belt buckles 25c 50c and 1 country men seem to have alo sur- bo afforded hint as he did not know tho name of the mischief makers who Elegant taffeta silks for waists 75c yard rendered to the peace treaty threw the explosives Pretty fasciuators for evening wear 25c to OSc Hradley For some time Governor Tlio quantity or tolwcco tliat is is has had the Louisville Courier-Journcoming to town Is amazing For sov In line and there are rumors that cral days all tlio warehouses have had ho has been llirting audaciously with on extra forces to unload it nnd there Hut ho cant or wont are so many loads on the market that tho Dispatch before daylight the wagons are lliusl sliine up any to the Post s u p for a block awaiting the turn of The Louisville Times Is admittedly their uwncr The farmers or most tho iolliest and bcst liumored news- of them ought to lmvc a igxxl Christpaper In Kentucky It whips up a mas it is estimated Hint as many great many welts on the political as 200 loads of tobacco have been sold here within the past week frauds In Kentucky but It has Its own fetching way of putting oii a The Louisville Times thus relatos balm when suffering has gone far why a newspaper man resigned his enough position A quick selling holiday price on every hat in the house The Henderson Ulcanor declares Luclcn Adklns who for many years Have you seen the new Persian sofa piliows Just received in tills de that it prefers to struggle along with was a newspaperman of Lolsvllleand partment New picture frames lunch cloths glove boxes laundry bags out the city printing rathpr than who wi one of the numerous colony and hmbrequins be muzzled by it Here in Paducali that left this city for New York The largest stock in Western Kentucky from which to select these prfs- - the muzzling continues at the rate of where they now derive their daily cnts per yearly muzzle with The Sun bread In the employment of Mr Pulitzer Mr Hearst Mr ISeunott and the the only medium of talking out other Journalistic plutocrat- bus re cently resigned his position as are- put the porter for the New York World Ite Some lawyer evidently clause In the charter making the at- hlnd Mr Adkhis resignation is a torney supreme director of the citys story which indicates to what an The present chaotic condi alarming extent Insanity and paresis illairs IjO buys womans Pelt tion of affairs and the number of law prevail among New York editor Head us overbuild see how fnrjjmf J Jl and ran make your Christina- money go Tppcr Leather Hottoni for mothers suits on hand prove that the city Mr Adklns was one of the Worlds Ho spent long AVliv opend for trille when the same would be better off with no attorney war correspondents MENS DEiAIlTMENT uinoiint Invented In article of use for braving weeks inarching fever Christina- ulftn convey the same sen- 2 buys the shoe you usually nay through tangled underbrush under a Mr J L Freldman made the mo tlmeiit and more highly appreciated T2M for by recipient i you usually pay 360 for all tion to pay tho bond interest by pri- - tropic sky getting us near the fruit when danger threatened as any com styles IOIS MOTIIfUS FAT1IKIJS vato subscription This is what has batant and in fact risking health SISTEKS AND UKOTIIEKS caused so much favorablo comment In and life as often as a war correspon- CHILDRENS DEPA ItTMENT 7V buys woinanV Mifl lMigola fiOc buys Hoys Jlox Calf shoe solid eastern papers It Is to bo regretted dent Is expected to do Slippers M buys womans Felt J Fur top it 08 buvs Hoys IJox Calf shoe solid that Paducali hasnt more Joe Freld- - All this Mr Adklns did without mo llppep Hut when he returned he mans especially in tlio city council complaint bujs womans White Satin Slip- 8 to 11buys Hoys Kid shoe solid fljo 8 iOc was given an assignment lie could not pers i to 7V- buys Hoys Kid shoe solid Tho free and favorable advertis stand Tflii buys womans Felt Juliet II ing iauucnii got in tlie numerous He had Just resumed his regular Leather Tipped Fur Lined Jlii and tliO buys elegant slipper 12 buys Hoys Kid shoe solid 11 to eastern papers commending tho ac- duties when he was summoned to ap for men 1SOYS HOYS It takes good tion of tho Commercial club ought pear beore the freak editor The I buys mans Velvet or Leather leather for a lxv Slipper to be a lesson for the council The freak editor on a Now York paper we iliO See 2 See our womans French Heel doJlfor 12 andthese priceswhat boyscan rcvere certainly would take place If is the genls who is hiicd to cater to you at for Patent Leather Slipper abnormal of the the policy of repudiation continues tho peculiar make New tastes Sunday Idiots who York papers possible He Is supposed to While he is about it let the mayor have a nightmare every five minutes turn Ills calcium light on the multi- which ho Immediately commnlcatoa to plication tablo of tho pollco court somo bright young reporter who puts The citizens ought to it into shape for the unday edition fee mills know how many dollars are required He Is supopsed to train on absinthe 221 BROADWAY from the blood money of the bedrag Porto Itlcun rum and mince pie The BROADWAY freak editor was in good condition gled women of this city to sustain when ho summoned Mr Adklns before the aflluencc of the city treasury him He handed the reporter an en OUR Is going begging In yelopg sealed and Instructed him to While money go to the heart of the shopping Sew York some enterprising citizens district should get together and build u hand When you are there open the en some olllce building In a central lo- velopeand find Instructions cation It would be a credit to its Mrr Adklns did as was he was told bulderls a money maker and an orna He reached the shopping district RUN ON Paducali needs opened the envelope and on the slip ment to the city more business houses A handsome of paper within ho reatl with our Burprleos Wo have ruaiy o Jet at the foundation of the shopblock would be a lasting monument mem Make our acquaintance ntcict lifting mania nt once Is there a to the man with enterprise enough to shoftllftlng microbe If so get a get it up picture or It ot LARD Fills was too much for tho war cor- There are signs In the Illue Grass Ilavo yon a supply on hand No reason why you should not He dropped Into a mes Hon Augustus E Wlllsou respondent that the senger olllce A few minutes later a of Louisville has been chosen by messenger Ixty entered tho otllee of Governor Hradley and his friends ns the freak editor and laid an entho republican peace commissioner velope beforo him It contained Mr for Kentucky which office may carry Adklns resignation TELEPHONE 118 rKTH AND TRIM3LF with It the gubernatorial nomination Mr Wlllsou Is all right but we can Years ago tliero used to be a city W P Paxtov Oash It Rudy Asst Caih not wholly forgive him Tor not taking council Just as tliori Is now In It Jas A Rudy Pres his seat In congress tho time that ho were seven blacksmiths at one time defeated Ashcr O Caruth in tho Lou- - some of whom are still nllvo and nro Isvillo district some years ago among luducuhi most prominent In time the council was citizens INCOBrORATED It Is a matter of history that dur d ubbed Tho eon nel I of blacksm I ths I ing tho tlmo A W Greif was chair there were newspapers hero then 226 BROADWAY man of tho council ordinance com ns well a now and the newspapers mittee and tho committeemen drew had Just as much to say of the council AND do now their own ordinances there wcro as they story Is DIRECTORS told of an ordinance One mistakes mado and tho city J A JUdy J R fmlth P Kamlalter 0 0 Wallace fewer Gm O Ilart that was passed It displeased one of Ftrtoy R Budy P M FUlwr W P PaxUw vdlRmi ItHrodJt nuoMie it t Dont forgei to gtre prettier or cheaper than this year JOHN OBSERVATIONS Christmas I was never larger him a call A Hint to the Wise fc Out Glass Novelties Etc Hundreds of Dolls lv Watches China Christmas Gloves Otitis V Diamonds Fine Jewelry ovcr-thc-rlv- er Holiday Handkerchiefs r f four-in-han- JOHN J BLEIGH tn nil Tlit lnlnr lila twentieth nnnlvorsarv In tho iowolrv business In Pa ducah ho has detcimincd to glvo his cuatomcia tho advantage of cxtrcmo low prices during tho balance of tho holidays Ills stock of Charlestown to that city must be settled The bonds were allotted on the ground that the money had not been spent legitimately In passing on the validity of the bonds the Indiana supreme court holds that These bonds had existed unchalleng ed for a period of nearly twenty years aftor their execution ami nfter the city had derived the Itcnellt of their proceeds nnd not until the institu tion of the Myers suit so far as we aru apprised was validity assailed In our Judgment the validity of the IkuhIs and the right of the city to re fund them must be sustained litis finding foreshadows the result of any legal contention over the bonds Tho same argu ment and reason that ruled In Indiana and that have prevailed in the federal courts will stand In Kentucky The Paducali bonds represent an honest debt that cannot be rcpu- luted - ville A beautiful assortment to select a It would be Just like Mr Watter mans gift from and son to whlstlo up Hill Ooebel and d Windsor teek hold an opposition peace conference puir ties for 25o and 503 A Silk Petticoat jgfr s g s g n g s JOS PETTER Third Street The Williams Typewriter NEW NO 2 FOR 189 Visible Writing Direct Inking Best Work Keyboard LoSt Oarhtrm0 cvfwSaaaaaaLi HfaHT sVarJBaaaaaaV DnbiU7J Ball bearing Phenomenal Hpeod Perfect Alignment Superior Manifolding OLD MACHINE- - TAKEN u H IN radJlnnoctuP5d tecondhand D gent M uvi mi Diu FLOURNOY 101 North Second St Partucab Ky Mention tbln papor pART payment catalogue on application te-tor- Acecta We nave machines of other moo Buppties tUWIN 09 N lRDIN COt Sole Dealers Walnut St Cincinnati O - Jr HENRY MAMMKN BOOKBIM1DBR aiiog A thorottghly wpaimd Book yotte4ndothlnr t i oat H - plant- w y - b ifT - V J 3Zii

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