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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., December 17, 1915

Part of The Big Sandy news.

HOLDtnfMT PRIJI nn ALCOHOL 1NES llU AMOsMATtOsI A IHT lHT.PAttH WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY. FOR CORDIALS IN Weak Lungs CoU . Chest Bronchitis or Throat Trouble SANDY St ott't EiBuliioi rich food-to- Scoti'o Emulsion t ReruoO! Chomp akubetitutoe. Volume XXXI. OP KENTUCKY PRKa is rerr reliable. Ant inveniam vtavJlaut faciam. Number $40,000 LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, DECEMBER 17, 16. BONDS TO BE ISSUED LAWRENCE FISCAL COURT CIDES TO CLEAN UP ALL OLD DEBTS. OF CARL MOORE, A FINE YOUNG MAN. AGITATION STEEL PLANT AT ASHLAND TO COST OVER 850,OOOjOO DE- DEATH Construction of an 1850,000 open hearth ateel plant will begin at Ashland In the spring, by a company back of which la the Ashland Coal & Iron Railway company and a number of capitalist of that city. The plant will be located at the lower end of Ashland, on the river, below the present furnaces of the A. ('. & I. company and will require many acre for Its extensive buildings. Fifteen hundred men will be given employment In the extension of the A. C. & I. plants, according to the announcement. Among those at the head of the concern are John Jtusscll, banker and capitalist, and W. B. Seaton, an official of the coal and Iron company. Other Ashland business men and a few outside capitalists are interested In the project. The plant, according to the announcement, will be one of the birgest of the open hearth variety In the Ohio valley. An open hearth furnace produces a soft, tough variety of steel extensively used In making bolts, rode and hundreds of other teel good. The organisation of Uu company, Iron people which the Ashland Coal I progress sevbacking, has been meetings of the eral months, several Board of Trade and business men hav ing been held to arrange .for the ae curing of options en land and other de tall that would bring about a success ful termination of the gigantic! pro Ject. to start All the money necessary construction of the plant la understood to have been subscribed. The company already has tentative plan of the enormous plant while the architects are now working on the finished aiwcinratlons and blue prints that the actual construction may begin with the opening of weath er In the sirlng. After a brave fight for bis life, In which the best skill and attention did all that could possibly be done, Carl Moore, of Cordell, this county, died at Klverview hospital last Friday morning. Several weeks ago Mr. Moore was attacked by perltonltlB and appendicitis, and soon afterwards he was brought to the hospital and was operated upon. He was apparently doing well for a short time, but his condition soon became serious, then critical and finally hopeless. The day after death occurred the body was taken to Cordell, where on Sunday It was burled with the ceremony belonging to a Masonic Interment. The attendance was very large, It being estimated that fully 400 people were present. Mr. Moore 1b survived by his widow, hla mother and one child, one year old. He was a son of Felix Moore, deceased, and a grandson of Kli Moore. He was a nephew of Lock Mi. ore, of this city. Carl Moore was an excellent young man, a prominent teacher and good citizen. He waa preparing to take a course In medicine and was expecting to go to Louisville next month to attend lectures at a University. His untimely death la deeply mourned by acorea of relatives and friends. 1915. NEWSPAPER STARTED FOR A FREE BRIDGE LAWRENCE FISCAL COURT URG ED BY ADVOCATES TO BUY OR BUILD. M. F. CON LEY, Publisher MAN WEDS ON CHRI8TMA3 COAL DAY. The engagement of Clyde A. Well-maof Cleveland, formerly of Huntington and Miss Mary Virginia Werth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. McRae Werth, of Ceredfl, was announced last night 'by Miss Worth's parents. The wedding will take place at the Werth home the afternoon of Christmas day at 1:80 o'clock, the newly married couple to make their home lr. Cleveland. Mr. Wellman Is a member of the news staff of the Cleveland News, having been In the northern city several montha. He had worked on both Huntington newspapers and is a newspaper man of ability and ambition. Mr. Wellman was a graduate of Marshall College and a student In the West Virginia University law school. Miss Werth Is a beautiful young woman and an accomplished musician, who has a wide circle of friends in Huntington aa well as In Wayne county. The groom to be has numerous relatives In Wayne county, where he was born. " n, MAGNATES VISIT PROPERTY IN MOUNTAIN8. Whitesburg, Ky., Dec. 1 1. A train over the Chesapeake and Ohio bearing a number of prominent Eastern coal men. Including John M. Helller and Charles E. Helller, of Boston, and others owners of the Allegheny Coal Co., with operations on Marrowbone creek In the Klkhorn coal field, has Just comn, pleted a tour of Inspection of that visiting a large number of the mines of the extensive coal fields surrounding. It Is said that the Allegheny Coal Co., will begin the work of constructing about 150 more coke ovens in their plant January 1, and Immediately thereafter will make a number of Increases In their plants. This is one of the few companies coking their product in the Big Sandy headwaters. see-tlo- There haa been a considerable amount of local agitation lately about the counThe Lawrence Fiscal Court met this ty building a free bridge at Louisa week and accepted the delinquent list acrus the Levlsa fork of Big Sandy f the Sheriff. river near the bridge already spanning A proposition to Unite refunding the river, or buying this bridge from bmida tu taks up all of Uwirnre ooun-ty'- s the Louisa & Fort Gay company and Indeblednesa except the IV IC and making It free. 1914 warrant waa considered and act- -' At the October term of the fiscal AGED MAN DIED FROM upon favorably. W. E. Willtams, f ed court a committee was appointed conLexington, Ky., waa here and a conJ sisting of the County Judge, County BURNS AND SHOCK. tract waa made with him to take these Attorney and County Engineer, to conborida at par, drawlnit 5V4 Pr oent InChas. Van Buren, aged seventy-on- e I fer with the officials of Wayne county years and eight months, an old soldier, tnrest, due In twenty year. The amount about the purchase of the bridge. They who was badly burned recently wben of the bonds la 140,000, which la the went to Wayne a few days ago and aura, of Indebtedness to be taken care his home on Garner was destroyed by presented the subject to the court. of, This consists of Judgment, post fire, died Sunday at the County Home, Nothing was done except that Wayne Where he was removed following agreed to send a committee here for a due warrants for yeara previous to THE "EDITH BOLING PINK." and the balance of a previous conference with the bridge company as Washington, Dec 11. The carnation per cent. The Hla remains were buried this even'bond Issue drawing to whether or not they would sell and expert at the Government greenhouse by what the price would be. No date has Is paying a delicate compliment to her ing In the County Home burial grounds, bonds are to be ready fur execution deal will be been fixed for this meeting. Jan let, at which time the who will soon be the first lady of the 11 is understood tout the bridge com. oloeed. An appropriation will be made land. He Is bringing Into being a flow CARTER CIRCUIT CLERK IS ovt of current funda to pay MINING CERTIFICATES ISSUED. pany has given no indication of Its po- er which will be worthy of her, the each UNABLE TO GIVE BOND. the Intereat and create a sinking fund Only one man failed to pass the mine sition or price, but it seems that out- "Edith Boling Pink." for the payment of the bonds. Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 10. J. G. foreman's examination given at State side people are estimating the property It Is expected that the new "made move on the Tbla la a business-lik- e University under the supervision of at 160,000. circuit clerk of Carter county, In America" carnation will' be a blend part of the court. It not only save It is reported that land owners on of white and deepest pink, and that brought here last Monday charged the State Department of Minus last something In Intereat, but It clean up people moBt active It will have a delightful odor. week. Of the other twenty applicants, the Point are the with making out fraudulent claims for the Indebtedness that hurta the credit eight were In the movement and that they have Inten were given It Is scarcely to be hoped that the witness fees, went to Jail last night in of the county. given second-clas- s two were given dicated that they would contribute new blossom will be perfected In time default of $6,000 bail. and McGlone has third-clacertificates. The certificates somewhere between $2000 and 1(4000 to for the wedding of the President and been here all week In the custody of a VERY ILL. either proposition, as it would enable Mrs. Norman Gait, next Saturday. But deputy sheriff while his friends made will be mailed out The first-clacertificate enables the them to sell a considerable part of doubtless It will bloom forth in all Its futile efforts to secure the bond and Th ocoreo of friend of Mr.' George holder thereof to act as foreman of their property as town lots. (Itinnell, Sr., who la one of the Gate glory In February as a valentine for save him from going to Jail. Six warThe advocates of a new bridge claim the President's bride, and will make rants were taken out before Judge any mine; the second-clas- s be certificate Olty'a fumutiat buslnejMi men, will .the holder to act as fore that State aid can be secured to the Its debut In official society at the Su Hieatt, of this county, against him by la unimproved grieved to learn that he authorizes man of any mine und the extent of half the cost by having it preme Court dinner on Tuesday, Feb Inspector and Examiner Goodpaster. Mr. Uunnell bus been 111 for aome time s certificate authorizes, the designated a part of a road from the ruary 8. There It will form an artls of a ftirin of heart trouble and hn keen unable to look after niialnpsa. He REV McELDOWNEY NEXT 8UNDAY holder to set us foreman for any nun county seat of Lawrence to the coun tic background for the rich gold can NEW COAL MINE ON la staying with Mr. Gunnell at the The NKW'rt is glad to have It from gaseous mine In which not more than ty seat of Martin. Also, they estimate delubra used at all state dinners. GLENHAYES LANDS. that a sufficient sum can be raised by twenty-fiv- e persons are employed. home of their aon, Mr. George Gunnel, the preacher himself Unit he will to leave only Mr. Gunnell la one home In time to fill hi pulpit next The results of the examination were private subscription Born, Dec. 12, to Mr. and Mrs. Lafe A report has reached this office Jr. on Onklaitd-av- . that of the coat for the Compton, of Portsmouth, O., alO pound a new Hmnlny morning nnd evening. Mr. Mc announced by I'rofesaor C. J. Norwood about of our moat highly esteemed citizen coal mine will soon be opened boy. Mrs. Compton la a sister of Mrs. on the Glenhayes lands, and a leading figure In the business life i:iilowney has been holding a re viva chief mine Inspector and head of the county to pay. Lincoln disWe ure informed that the Louisa & Wm. Justice, of this place. therefore. mnn meeting in ItiiHsi'll for three weeks, Detainment of Mines, yesterday. of the city, and.-iltrict. The mine will be opened near Among those to whom certillcntes Fort tiny bridge company will prob bbIsmhI In that realm, aa wi'll u by hi Willi signal success. Ills congregation the residence of L. K. Vinson. It is reearnestly will be pleased to see and bear him were Issued are the following from this nbly make a proposition to give free Nrurea of friend, who are ported that other mines will be opertransportation to the Point If Lawrence part of the Slate: hoping that: he may onn resume hi again.-ated in the same vicinity. Wayne INDICTED a Callettstmrg ! James Cobiirn, lYincess county will bind Itself to pay the com- THIRTY-SI- X lace anion- them News. Coal Co., Ashland; Wm. Thomas Grif pany annually as much as six per cent Dartfnent. Ashland Independent.. on the cost of a new bridge. fith, Consolidation Coal Co., Dunham The newa of Mr. Uunnell Sertoli THE LIVE STOCK FOR ALLEGED FRAUDS DEATH OF NAT BATES The argument we hear advanced Gilbert ( Juliet t. Hlg Run Coal Co.. lYln lllnesa will be received with regret by SON OF ALLEN BATES. many cess; Wm. Mather, Consolidation Cw against any action by the county in hia frlunda In l,ouiBii. where for MARKET OVERDONE Coal Co., Mclloberts; Thomas A. Scott, this matter Is that the county is too year ho waa a prominent and popular Jas. N. Bates, a grandson of David Consolidation Coal Co., Burdlne; T. deeply in debt Just now to consider a oitiMn. Bates, well known in this countv. died Madison Scott, Consolidation, Dur proposition that Is not an absolute ne- EASTERN KENTUCKIANS CHARG Thursday in Ironton. On Sunday af ham; James Will Stephens, I'ond Creek cessity, and has too many calls for ImED BY FEDERAL GRAND JURY BIO OIL DEAL. ternoon the body was brought to thin provements that seem to be more urBECAUSE OF THE HIGH PRICE Coal Co., Stone. oil well drilled In on The place and was taken to the home of WITH VIOLATIONS. Kecond-claa- s Robert R. Atkins, Ken gent. Also, that the fiscal court has a OF FEEDING MATERthe farm of Jeeae McKlnney two week the widow Caperton, In Italy.'"- - On tucky Block Cannel Cool Co., Canne proposition before It to buy the rail ago caued a connlderable boom In the Monday the remains were carried to IALS, ETC. City; James D, Compton, Allegheny road bridge spanning the river three price of territory In that vicinity aa the See graveyard and interred. The miles Bouth of Louisa for $500, thus Coke Co., Helller. London, Ky., Dec. 10. Thirty-si- x in hown by a deal oonaumated here early Third-clas- s Roble Lewis, Allegheny providing free service for a majority dictments, returned here at the Novem- burial service was conducted by the Maple Oil Monday mornlnic, when the Chicago. December This bridge Is ber term of the Federal Court, follow- Rev. W. M. See. Coke Co., Helller; J. W. Stair, Klkhorn of the Point people. Cn. (old 110 acre adjoining the Mc of cattle and hog from the wide soft said lo haw cost more than $50,000. ed weeks' investigation by FedKlnney land to Rail ore & William for corn area continues. Approximately and Shelby Creek Coal Co., Penny. DIED NEAR COLUMBUS. We have endeavored to give briefly eralseveral authorities of charges that the 110.000. 68,000 cattle have been marketed here Mrs. IS SET BY NEW JURIST. the facts on both sides of the contromails had been misused by residents of years, Frank Preston, aged about 20 C. W, Hundley laat week purchased this week, one of the largest supplies RECORD versy. died near Columbus, Ohio, on counties, Magoffin, three Kentucky Ky., Dec. 10. Judges 4 Frankfort, acres from Kllaa Chaney for (40. for any one week In recent trade his Floyd and Johnson, for more than a Thursday last. The body was brought for which he haa lnce been offered tory and about 6.000 more than the Thomas and Clarke, the new Appellate A BIRTHDAY DINNER. to Charley, her former home, on Fri year. 11.600. This land alan adjoins the Mc week previous, when the largest sup Court Jurists, handed down their first On Saturday last, Dec. 11th, Mr. and Some time ago the attention of pos day for Interment. Puerpural septi Kinney land. Licking Valley Courier. ply of the current year prior to this opinions yesterday. Judge Thomas Mrs. C. E. Hensley gave an elegant tal authorities was called by certain cemia was the cause of her death. She yurded. This week s hog re wrote the opinion for the court In the week. ws was a daughter of Ellja Hays and is MRS. MART DIXON DIED AT KISE celpts will total around 256,000, within case of Frank Vosa agulnst the Home dinner to a purty of friends, the oc- mall order and wholesale firms to consurvived by her husband and two chil- Loan and Building Association, ulllrm-In- g casion being the 77th anniversary of ditions In those counties. The scheme dren. On Monday. Dec. 13, Mr. Mart Dlx- - 17,000 of the preceding week s neur-r- e the Campbell circuit court. In 28 the birth of their mother, Mrs. Mary had been so successful, It was charged, oa died at Klae, thla county and waa cord run. repast comprised all the that thousands of dollars' worth of Current heavy receipts are due to words Judge Currnll wrote the opinion Garland. The delicacies burled on the following day. She had NOTICE OF CONSOLIDATION substantial and cf the seas- goods had been In poor health for aeveral month, two cause. The principal agency In for the court In the case of George L. on. Besides the host and hostess and mail order been obtained from several OF CORPORATIONS. and wholesale houses Friday, the necessity of unloading live stock Matteler against Arthur G. I'opham, and suddenly grew worm hiat the guest of honor the following were the alleged conditions were disInking rapidly until aha cloeed her where corn wn either wholly or par attlrmlng the Jefferson circuit court. present: The Rev. and Mrs. Olus covered. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: eyea In death. She left a child about tlnlly a failure and additional llqulda This la the briefest opinion ever writ Hamilton, Rev. E. A. Petroff, William Following Is a list of those against Notice is hereby giv.en that it is the four montha old. Her husband alao tlon prompted by a rising corn mark ten by the court. Geo. Intention of the Directors of the Louwhom true bills were returned: vs. Adams, Knott; affirmed Garland and daughter, Alice. Collins aurrlvea hla young wife. She waa 23 ct. A secondary cause waa the release Allen, Roll Adams, Buck Bailey, J. B. isa Baking Company, and Coca-ColDumron, etc, vs. Dumron's Guard- large aectlon of yeara old. She waa'a daughter of Mra. late last week of a Bailey, S. S. Bradley, Lorenzo D. Blan-to- Bottling Company, of Louisa, Ky., Ian, I'lke; motion to docket and sub Hlla Bradley, and aeveral year ngo she Central Western Illinois from quaranOllie Blunton, McDonald Blanton, Kentucky Miss Nola Katherine McClure, a corporations, with chief attended two session of th Kentucky tine restriction, resulting In the mark mit sustained. y place of business at Louisa, Ky., to Chesapeake A Ohio Railway Com charming young woman of Plkeville, Amos Colburn, Philmore Gambill, eting of an accumulation which hna Iforroal College. Harry Gambill, Kendall consolidate into one corporation, namGambill, and Mr. Isom S. Langpeal, a promi been represented by a heavy run over pany va. Ramsey, I'lke; reversed. Salyer, etc., vs. Klkhorn Land & Im nent citizen of Harlan, were married Gambill, John Gambill, U. G. Gambill, ed The Lobaco Company, which will the Burlington Railway. More of this CHILD'S ARM AMPUTATED. provement Company, Bike; affirmed. Thursday by Rev. P. E. Thornburg, LUburn Hall, Preston Hall, Lizzie Hall, be a Kentucky corporation and have accumulation la still back and pressing Soma time ago Laurlna, the James Hall, B. Hall, Joseph Isaacs, it's chief place of business In Louisa, Bolen, etc., vs. Jenkins, Knott; af at the residence of Mrs. Chas. Richdaughter of Mr. and Mra. Lafe on the market. ardson. The bride's slBter, Mrs. Na- Dolph Isaacs, Richard Lyon, David Ky., said consolidation to be effected How much of this Cookaey, of Fallaburg, auatalned a represents premature week's cattle run firmed. than Day, was present at the wedding. Lovely, Bradley Lemaster, Llllle on the 1st day of January 1916. liquidation Is broken left arm, the cause being a fall open to conjecture, hut the percentage Ollie Montgomery, Greenville, Ashland Independent. Witness the signatures of the PresCHURCH DEBT LIFTED. The fracture wa from a "iw-nwpretty bride formerly lived in Montgomery, Walter Montgomery.Lon- - idents and Secretaries of the Louisa The of steers that la heavy. Rev. treated by a local phyaiclan and noth- would have Thousands the visible sup passed H. M. Smith, of Montgomery, Louisa, where she was well known and nle Montgomery, Mancefleld Montgom Baking Company, and the Coca-Cfigured In through Huntington yesterday ing unuiual waa noticed until aomc ply ery, Kendall Montgomery, Chester Bottling Company of Louisa, Ky., on admired. for 60 to 90 days longer have been time later gangarene aet In, affecting unloaded because corn gave nut, and enroute home from Centervllle, Wayne Montgomery, Susie Maxley, James No this 11 day of December 1915. the entire hand. The child, a bright, more are due from that source. A county, where on Sunday he dedicated ble, James W. Noble, Abe Prater Jno. ZELDA. B. E. ADAMS, a new Methodist church, south. There pretty little girl, waa brought to Secretary Louisa Baking Co. merely aggravate was a large attendance and, moved by Church here Sunday was largely at Pendley, A. R. Pennington, G.C.Kussell, hoapltal where, after due prep- spell of winter will corn la ao Ellen Smith, Dennis Smith, Clint H. O. WELLMAN, aa frosted full or Mr. Smith's persuasive eloquence, the tended. aration, the arm waa amputated a abort matters, ' President Louisa Baking Co. Smith, Admiral D. Slone, Buck M. It will freexe aolld. Mrs. Susan Dean is no better. dlatance above the elbow by Dr. L. II. moisture that hog runs have been well congregation subscribed a sum suffiSlone, Henry K. Slone, Robt. L. Slone, B. E. ADAMS, Mr. Mrs. E. B. Tor. The patient la now doing well The liberalprices on Thursday of this cient to clear the building of all debt. callers and Lon Bennett's Curnutte were Dale Slone, Nora L. Slone, Willard V. Secretary Coca-Col- a Bottling ComSunday. with at Tack-et- t. aad no further trouble la anticipated. taken, ranging from Bo higher on the Darius Tackett, pany, of Louisa, Ky. week Jake Compton wat pleasantly enter Tackett, Tackett and J. N. Bruce Wlreman. Ell H. G. WELLMAN, . top to aa much as S5c to 40c higher on C. C. Steele, 40, to Anna Patrick, 23, tained by Hattie Coukaoy Sunday ev MASHED HIS TOE. Postmaater Accuied. President Coca-CoBottling Comaome light hogs than the some day last Cordell, Ky. ening. Of these George Allen, postmaster pany, of Louisa, Ky. Jak Soarberry, a C. A O. aectlon week, with the general price average Nola Vanhorn was here Sunday. Charlie Adams, 24, to Lama, Carter, Is Indicted nan, sustained a badly maahed toe or! Thursday figuring at Wlreman, Magoffln-co- ., 6 60, or 13c IT, Overda, Ky. Zach Bellomy and J. D. Yates at while unloading rails near IMkevtllo. above a week ago. The burial of Oliver Hardwick, who William P. Skaggs, 23, to Zelda tended the revival meetings at PrlcU-ar- d on a charge ofofembezzlement, and Joe Wlreman, Is Indicted died last Thursday, occurred on FriNewton, also One of the heavy plecea of ateel slip-aSheep and lambs have been conserva Wheeler. 21. Sunday night. on a charge of using false names. It day, Interment being made in the handa, falling on hi foot. tively marketed and closed Thursdny from hia al Mrs. Surah Bradley were shopping J. R. Burton, 36, to Ida Miller 31, Cad Is alleged he represented himself to be Th accident occurred laat Monday. 15c to 25c higher than a week ago, with mus, Ky. Wilson graveyard, on Lick creek. n Louisa Friday. Morgan Howard and at other times The Rev. S. F. Reynolds officiated. The Soarberry will be disabled for some top lambs at $9 35, scoring a new high Clarence Amick of Ashland was the J. W. Ratcllff, 80, to Cellle B. Webb, Noah Howard. NEWS Is informed that later the fuweek. He Area In the Gallup-Chaguest of friends hero Sunday. December record. Yearling sheep show 4, Partlow, Ky. country. All kinds of goods were bought.rang- - neral of the deceased will be preached even more advance, fancy fed Western was Pearl Jenkins of Portsmouth Ing from brooms, bitters and bollogna by the Rev. L. M. Copley. The sad yearlings selling upward to 18 10 to here on business Thursday. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS. MASONIC MEETINGS. packers for a new December record. There will be a Christmas tree here sausage to organs and pianos, Includ- rites of Friday were attended by many The annual meeting of ing tools, Bhoes, flour, fish, meat and relatives and friends. Steer cattle trade this week has been of the Louisa National Bank will be probably on Christmas Eve. Every Louisa Chapter No. 95 R. A. M.. will lard, it is alleged. The goods were con meet In regular convocation Krlday, one of many angle. Deluged with a held at Its banking house on Tuesdny, body Invited. FIRE. BUG. signed mostly to Salyersville, Louisa has taken on a decided holi crop of nearly 35,000 head on Monday Jan. 11, 1916, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the Dee. 17th. and Palntsvllle, It is charg- day aspect. The stores are full of seaAN EPISCOPAL VISITATION. Apperson Lodge No. 185, F. & A. M. and a week's supply of 60,000 head the purpose of electing directors for the sonable goods for wear, for looking at will meot In Btated communication market has naturally experienced some ensuing year. Louisiana who know him will be glad ed. 4t. The evidence showed that one wom- and to eat. The windows are gay witn Monday night, Dec. 20th. Degrees wlli severe price bumps on the general run to learn that the Rt. Rev. L. W. BurM. F. CONLEY, Cashier. an ordered a $350 piano and sold It gifts, and Christmas is In the air. If of offering and feeders have been hit ton, Bishop of Lexington, will preach he conferred by the lodge. for $65; another woman bought an or- you want to know where the best barhard In the region of the poeketbook. In this city on Friday evening, Febru M. E. CHURCH. of George creek, Yet the trade, has presented some ary 4, 1916. From this place he will go gan and raffled It oft at 25 cents per gains are, consult the columns of the Mrs. J. D. Burton, Sunday school 11:00 a. m. to Jenkins on the following day. Bish chance. Good shoes- were sold for 75 NEWS. haa been quite 111 recently. At one bright lights In the sale of fancy show lYeaohing 10:80 a. m. Subject: op Burton Is known as one of the finest cents per pair. time It waa feared an operation would bullocks, fed for the abandoned Intersorrows of old age without relig- pulpit speakers of Kentucky, a man of It Is understood that all these cases Miss Agnes Abbott, who has been on national, and a ray of encouragement "The be necessary for her relief, but she profound scholarship, and a christian will be transferred to Catlettsburg for an extended visit to relatives in the aid to be considerably Improved. Hhe to the producers of regulation market ion." Preaching 6:80 p. m. Subject: final trial, that being the nearest point South Side returned yesterday to her gentleman. He Is always warmly wella th mother of Mr. A. L. Burton, of stock Is found In the fact that no claim to the defendants where a Federal home at Louisa. Miss Abbott, who is Is made that the beef market Is not In "Enoch, The Immortal." comed here. thla place. ITayor meeting Wednesday 6:30 p. Court is held. Courier Journal. a highly accomplished young lady, won good condition. Only to an excess In " many mends while here by her sweet Greasy, of Mr. Lee Perry, on Lowerabdominal supply over actual weekly needs may m. All are cordially Invited. N. II. M. L. Trent waa here Wednesday KIRK PARDONED. and winning ways. She is a very beaufor an be attributed the declines shown. Th YOUNG, Pastor. from near Ft Gay, W, Va. He waa In who waa operated E. Kirk, of Greenup, was pardonH. tiful girl. Ashland Independent trouble recently, will eoon b able to Industrial situation Is healthy, and the NEWS office and paid th sub FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. when normal supply conditions are rescription of his father. Ell Trent. The ed by Governor McCreary. Kirk waa leave th boapltaL convicted of manslaughter in connecBAZAAR P08TP0NED. strong undertone of Subjects for Sunday, Deo. It. Morn- latter has bean a subscriber stored th natural to the n the market will assert Itself. EveryThe bazaar to be held for the benefit ing: "The Saints chief work." NEWS almost ever since It started. He tion with the death of W. L. Thomas, R. 1 Copley, who waa operated of the Christian church has been post14 years of aga and Just now la not C. and O. telegraph operator a numat th hoapltal for appendicitis re- body Is working and eating meat, though Evening: "Th Spirits Farewell." Baptism at th oloa of th vnln very wU but w hop ha will aooa b ber of yoara ago at RualL Russell poned until next weak. cently, has recovered and gone to bis ehar pork la a keen competitor of best sad likely U be. aorvlsa. : Ttmee. boss at WlUlasaaoa, W. Va. x u. '. . -. llt. ' 111 yr Herald-Dispatc- h. the-Ar- ne. first-clas- s, ss y. ss third-clas- : one-four- th a - Klrst-clas- re a, McCLURE-LANGPEA- n, Ash-bur- ." ol 4. Herald-Dispatc- h. la Mor-dac- share-holde- rs Pres-tonsbu- 1 up-o- t

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