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Image 2 of The Hartford republican, May 1, 1908

Part of The Hartford republican

I i 4 1 v OF DISBURSEMENTS OHIO COUNTY FUNDS Court Order of County During Yers On 1907 150 Arch SJataworth Oscnr Fleenor Harry Baldwin Henry John King W H Collins Dudley Llndsey Black and Dlrkhead II C Roach C H Campbell Rowan Holbrook John Morton Taylor Jesse Casebier W H Martin E M Woodward R B Martin Dan King claim Black and Blrkhead John Morton R B Martin John Sutton Leo Brown 1050 1050 Pleads 600 250 750 380 9018 250- 600 4417 1000 C425 600 H1 Same Ed Barrass John Morton J L Jlnkina 600 1750 200 G85 1000 1000 600 600 400 3625 ° 1000- 650 Oscar Medklff Perry Keown Dud P Daniel John Morton J H Williams J J Brackln J K Curtis Morris Burnett ST J J Brackln John Morton Black and Blrkhead Oscar Mldklff Frank Black First National Dank Cumberland Telephone Co R L Tweddoll Same John Morton A Curtis C P Keown Tom Simmons Eck Rooker Tom Simmons R L Tweddell Jas DeWeese J J Brackln G75 975 200 1000- 461 20000- Barnett 350 200 222 10000 1000 450 12830 15778 1000 601000 4000 1000 300 20000 27360 400 77976 2000 laird 11 M C Murry daunt of Hartford CB Owty Mill Co We11e John Morton E Coomen W 5075 450 100 Sullenger claim Unrtford 2575- musk and Bhkhoad Jan Wf Ultra Tom Simmons P Keown W O Ashley Frank 4000 4960 645 1000 450 3315 1155 46S00 be able to continue to abstain from all nourishment for at least seventyfive days if necessary says the Seattle Times Mrs Osborno admits she Is not fast ¬ ing because she enjoys it or to break any records in the noncating line but she says she believes such a course is going to cure her of an allmcnTthnt for years has baffled prysldana through out the country Recent stories of a man in St Paul dying after a fast of thlrtyono days and of a man in Los Angeles eating after ho had not tasted food for forty three days because he became fright ¬ ened have no terrors for Mrs Osborne and after reading the accounts of the latter she laughed Im in this fast to kill or cure sh said and Im not going to quit till my doctor says so I could do Justice to You whose conservative training and whose business methods prompt a big uicy steak Vith French fried you to look askance at any enterprise banking mercantile industrial or potatoes right now but I can stick it out a little longer as tho pangs of what not that promises to pay an investor or stockholder more than 6 7 hunger are not bothering me to any 18 or 10 per cent we have a word 4o say to you great extent We know that you know that there are hundreds of enterprises In the Mrs Osborne weighed 173 pounds United States and throughout the world that pay enormous dividends uprs when she began her fast and now she on tho par value of the stock You know that there are monopolies which weighs 148 apatlent of Dr Lin ¬ by reason of controlling a particular product make enormous profits You Mrs Oborno is da Burfleld Hazzardknow that there are very few natural ponopolles in the world You know I have been under Dr Hazzards care for three months said Mrs Os ¬ For three weeks I was placed borne on a special diet and gradually my food allowance was cut down Sixty one days ago I quit eating entirely and water all I want to drink is the only substance that hes passed my lips The statement made In the report of the United States Geological sinceIt was quite an effort to go without Survey that there ore but two quarries of Hhtograpnlc stone In the world Tune same United States Ky food at first I missed coffee at break- ono in Bavaria the other In Brandenburg fast I have always been a hearty Government report stating as well that for quality and dependability of meat rater and for a few days I did supply the Bavarian quarries are not at this time dependable not think I could stand It but I con ¬ Again you know if you rend the advertisement by the end of the referred to that the quered myself and first four weeks I felt better than I greatest expert In the State of Kentucky after examining our quarrystat had since I was a girlAs a fur ¬ ed over his signature that it was practically Inexhaustible I am beginning to feel the effects of Insaid advertisement there was printed ov ¬ the long fast now however in that I ther proof of the puddle who have get tired more easily than I did at er tho signature of the expert engravers and transferors first but I continue to perform my owi spent their lives in working upon lithographic stone positive statements household duties and after preparing to the effect that the stone from our quarry had produced work equal to my husbands breakfast this morning I any stone that was ever Imported from Bavaria swept the floor You know that with the 9 foot ledge of llhographlc stone sell ¬ Dr Hazzard tells me that I am about normal weight now and as soon ing in the markets of the world at from 11 cents to 50 cents a pound as he gets me a few pounds below he is easily worth nut the 1000000 representing tho amount of our capital will begin a dieting course to build stock but into the hundreds of millions of dollars me up with good sound fleshYou will know If you will do us the kindness to read a copy of a I dont know Just how long I shall Company Importers of lithographic stonethat keep Mrs Osborne on the present treat- letter tram Robert Mayer I will such testimony can not and Is not to be discredited ment said Dr Hazzard break her fast Just the minute I think You know and we most respectfully submit this proposition that no the process of domination of Impnritle corporation could afford to make these statements that have been made has been accomplished It may be and it may be a week or by us In tho advertisement referred to and In our printed literature un ¬ tomorrow less they were true because we are making them to our fellow citizens of two longer A great deal depends on the patien this Commonwealth our next door neighbors and not about a property a the temperament and will power It Is thousand miles away and out of reach but a property within a few hours no easy matter to go so long without nearly every citizen In Kentucky and the proofs we are offer food although I maintain and point ride of to scores of patients to prove my words that there Is no danger In fast Ing A FAIRdIV PROPOSITION To Bankers > Brokers and Business Men that any corporation anywhere fortunate enough to possess a physical property containing a product used all over the world and sold for a price representing forty or fifty times the cos of production should You know if you read the big advertisement enrich its stockholders In last weeks edition that in it a claim was made by this Company that it possessed a 9 foot ledge of lithographic stone underlying a 260 acre hill You know if you read said advertisement that no corporation possessing any kind of property never offered to a public greater indis- ¬ putable proof as to its existence its character and its value than was fur¬ nished in said advertisement I Briefly Proofs Towit I Ing we could not afford to publish if they were not true for the simple reason that the sources of said proofs are equally within easy reach of one who care to make an investigation To you as an individual and to your patrons and friends we say that you know that it would be perfect folly for us to make the following prop ¬ osition unless we are In position to back It up in every way Here Is the propositionIf claims and our statements be true we are offering a stock to the general public that will pay larger dividends than any security ev ¬ er sold in the State of Kentucky or any otherState that we know anything about Therefore we will agree to pay all expenses and 1000 per day or any other for time consumed of any citizen of this Commonwealth State who will visit Louisville examine our proofs of facts see the stone in the various lithographic houses of this city examine the work produced from It consult the engravers and transferers and experts who are re ¬ sponsible for the work examine the quarry at Brandenburg and after such Investigation say over his signature that there is no foundation not simply for the general claim made but for specifically any claim that w Is madeWe need the necessary capital to equip our wonderful property with the large plant necessary to produce an output for the worlds demand Every Individual who furnishes any proportion of this capital will earn a larger dividend on his Investment than any dividend paying security ever marketed In the State of KentuckyAs a proof There are 692 lithographic houses alono iii the United States We can furnish a certain fourteen ot this 692 and pay 20 per cent net on the entire capitalization What could we do by furnishing the 692 and other nations as well 4 To the Public Generally 800 Real Estate 550 400 Acres on I C R R between 4000 500 Horton and Rosine 200 acres in wood ¬ If any of you failed to read the big advertisement appearing in Ton Simmons 1000 land consisting of a large quantity of last weeks Issue of this paper hunt up your old paper or get one from theI W T Woodward 350 merchantable timber 200 acres in cul Furry Keown tlvatlongoed dwollinggood barnwell Will Dui 190 watered fine orchard will grow fine k and Blrkhead J 75 corn wheat tobacco hay etc Price meE Coomes 1000 right trems reasonable Will sell at AW 1350 whole or divide to suit purchaser Albert Chlnn 1500 Dan King 3G75 Cost of a Kings Carriage W T Woodward We earnestly ask you to give yourself the benefit of the doubt obtain 1000 John Morton King Edward rode in a carriage a copy of the big advertisement and read it or if you read it you 1250 worth Co John P Morton 30000 when he went to 1071 tho opening of Parliament on the last evidently did not rood it carefully or If you read It carefully you evident Jas II Williams ly failed to credit the apparently astounding statements made In It Let 3180 Val Baltz Paint Co 500 occasionThe A costly us have a hearttoheart talk with you This proposition is open to you is one of the most 750 and splendid in the world It was built also G J Bean We accept subscriptions for as small an amount of stock as 10 2145 in 1761 At a cost of 3600 on the oc ¬ F L Felix to give you the opportunity Wo say to you that if you can 150 casion of tile marriage of George III shares Just Dan King 3673 and has ever since carried the English make It for 500 shares which until April 15th you can obtain for 250 you Bean Bros 4096 Kings and Queens on all high state will have secured a sufficient number of shares the Income from which Same 252 occasions Sir William Chambers de ¬ will keep your family in comfort the rest of your lives and tho lives of Beavor Dam Plaining Mill 250 signed the vehicle which weighs four your children J G Keowu and your childrens children 1000 John Morton tonsDespite We know that It Is a serious thing to ask a wageearner to Invest his 4000 Dan King its 147 years service its H A Baird 2275 great wheels and body are said to be savings in a corporation but we state without hesitation that ho may 314071 as sound as when built and it looks do so with perfect safety There is no risk in this proposition unless we Beaver Dam Deposit Bank 300 as If it would go on forever Steel foil to get the necessary money to buy the plant and if we fall to do S J Hawkins 300 springs were unknown when the coach J M Miller Company Louisville Ky will refund the amount 5000 was built and its ponderous yet this the Louisville Trust Hartford Publishing Co of your subscription with 3 per cent interest added If we succeed in do 400 dalntyl uxurles body is suspended on Frank Black 1400 leather brances not unlike those of the Ing it you will share fairly and equally with banker broker capitalist C M Taylor 2176 old Concord stage coaches of America Harftord Publishing Co 4900 Its balance is so perfect that a touch Same Based upon the minimum estimate of dividends 1000 of the finger is enough to set the body John Morton 4737 swinging on the big creaking straps Frank Black 1000 will buy 20 shares which will upon minimum estimated earn ¬ Black and Blrkhead 240 which brace the carved and gilded ings pay 1600 annuajly and the stock ono year after plant is in oper ¬ 1000 tritons supporting the drivers seat and ation should be worth 16000 Bank of Hartford 800 hammer cloth Hartford Mill Co The length of the 2500 will buy 50 shares and should earn 4000 annually stock should 750 vehicle is twentyfour feet and it is S T Barnett 40000 40 twenty feet high be worth one year after plant Is in operation Cumberland Telephone Co R L Tweddell 275 The elaborate carvings cost more 5000 will buy 100 shares and should earn 8000 annually stock should 100 than the carriage proper the coach John King 80000 be worth one year niter plant Is in operation A Baird H 350 builders bill alnhvg been less than t 1000 9000 while that of the carver was John Morton 10000 will buy 200 shares and should 16000 annually earn stock 1000 more than 10000 Something of the should bo worth one year after plant Is in operation John Morton July 1907 claim 160000 500 character of the ornamentation may John King June 80000 annually stock 50000 will buy 1000 shares and should tarn 150 be guessed from the fact that the art ¬ E M Woodward Jan 21 1908 Jas H Williams School flecks 414 ist Cipriani received 1500 for paint ¬ should he worth in one year after reduction begins 800000 17 ing the panels and that the late mak ¬ Jas H Williams School Books 100000 will buy 2000 shares and should earn 160000 annually stock 40 ers charge was about Black and Blrkbead Express 4000 the should bo worth one year after reduction begins 1600000 Telephone Message to Hopkinsville crimson satin interior of the carriage 60 being most elbaorately upholstered 692 Lithographic There are besides the Government printing office DeWeese for repairing Jas M The preparation of the royal equip ¬ printing houses in tho United States We can supply a certain ten of the office 2800 age for state occasions is a real sight 692 only and pay 15 per cent dividends on a million capital 698289 Six pairs of milk white horses from Total the royal stud aro always used and Sixtytwo Days Without Food all wear false tails The coachman in Fora period of sixtytwo days powder and curls mounts his seat Mrs Charles Osborne of 1512 with the aid of a ladder but does not Boylston avenue has not tasted really drive postllilns on the horses She declares food in any form that she feels but little effects of her 1 zlong fast and is confident that she will I Ineighbor To the WageEarner flick w J c150Bl- Mills Mills besideI 1 and ourselves in the tremendous earnings of this companyIf you are still wondering If such good fortune be possible and there is yet doubt in your mind you must have an acquaintance or friend in Louisville this city If so write to them and ask them to show you the courtesy to come to this office and find out for you if the claims that we have made are true or If you can come yourself the proposition made to bankers and brokers is to you also Bear in mind we are offering the first 100000 shares at 50 cents Im ¬ mediately upon the sale of the first 100000 shares we wUl give the order for the plant Immediately thereafter for the additional required the positively t In conclusion there Is no problem to solve We have proven the ex- ¬ Istence of a tremendously large quarry of lithographic stone stono that is worth more than the finest marble or onyx simply because it can be pro ¬ cured from but two quarries in the world one in Solnhofen Bavaria the other our quarry at Brandenburg Ky Write now making use of the coupon below Write today using coupon below W R Waters Pres German Lithographic Stone Co Kenyon Building Dear SlrPlease Louisville Ky send me the prospectus of your Company and full particulars together with a subsection blank and samples of Lithograph ¬ ingy Name 1 Street I s and A + No > 2State German Lithographic Stone 4T5 men yon Bni ¬ s >< City r Co7- urcgrOULS v aalsrX r r i l I I f h n < yfo t r w 11 d u- IOI H tt1- f J > J r i

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