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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, December 4, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

ilV iJL U JL y JCL JL AND GENERAL1 ADVERTISES se. v !v ."gKygg t iwi pt jy sg yayywtT"y' 'a?; TCTy Kg'.yj tv " TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. OR sale, the place whereon I how live, IT containing 45 acres well impruicil, ant1 generally given up to be as hanrifbmG a place weekly, at as .my in Fayette county the dwell ng house This piper is publiflied two DolLutS per amium, ymii tf ad- is of brick, two (lories high, 46 feet long by 22 wids, finished, off in a neat plain manner, an( vance. neceflary out houles; lslikewifc . Tliofe who write to the Editor, must other finegrift mill with two thereof Hones, very pair nnt of their letters. pay the poiUge of which are burr the said mill, dam, and all were built anew about twelve months ago the dam and all under works arelocufl timber, which will (land atleaft fifty years Without b. ing impaired there is about 133 acres ol clear ed land,springs andftockwater thatwasnevt from Philadelphia, and 1nniin ft4iil - full) 1111 slip whnla mntlia. Have imported . rt , "... r ...,..-- . ....w ..uut. lM...l. Al are optnmj lor laie, on wc lowt1', 01 the mill with 50or 100 acres with it, ami n the home lately occupied oy 'give a considerable credit half, the other MeflVs. John Jordan jun. & co. next halfbeing paid doivn. Forfurthar particulars by appl)ing to the fubferiber, any person ma) dooi to 1M1. Seitz's, be informed and fh'cwn. Britilh and Spanilh fu Saddlery and hamefs John Rogers. Furniture, perfine and common Tayette county, Davy's Fork of Shoe makers' and carb road cloths, Elkhftrn, April 16th, 1804. penters' tools, Conllitutionand fancy 1WU S ILLS bALi. All kinds of hard ware cords, ONE holds l"t gallons, the other 60 aflbrted. duroys, Jt Si Cotton cards, No. 8,1 gallons. I will sell them low for ah Velve u Calli. 9 Si 10. For sale, also, Veberets, Jaconet, tambored & China, glass & queejis Tbe Noted Thorough Bred Horse, WJt, bookmuilins, Imperial, Humhums, LAMPLIGHTER, winch is equal in nylon, Baftas. blood and beauty to any horse 111 the India ftiawb, silk and Young hyfon, state, and his colts the same is not fupe-rio- r. boliea cotton, I will tike one thousand dollars India, silk and cotton Coffee, i Sugars, for him he is eight years old. J. K. handkerchiefs, Chintzes and calicoes Wines, of the newest pat-- , Brandy, ' Nutmegs, terns, Iriih linens, whole and Alfpice Pepper, half bleached, Ginger, Durants, ivlace, Calimancoes, Cinnamon, Wildbores, &c. &e. Ien's and women's Milliard, &c. cotton hose blocks, Coperas, madder, in. digo and all urn. Nankeens, VALUABLE PROPERTY An aflonment of imTin key yarn, ported (hot of the Tickings &c. FOR SALE. different numbers. A complete alTortment of T J 1..:n .n TT.i:. Tnn They keep a confunt supply of barjBrufh crcel N . ,. -- , n, fteJ, cuftimcs and fheetiron of the! . Cr afforted, and Dry Mann best hU tHft about three hundred Banks & Owings, ir -- y 2 1 jrA U gmmM ,rfSgasx. i,.,u T qliucs, w J ' s- - lfck Ik Mill is can be Inpplied with boultjng cloths of the different numbers. tf he n - n Att-- 7th. 1804. acres of rich bottom, the remainder is well tim "ered ; has on it a good mill seat, and is an excellent fland for a pub lie house. y"M i aoinas Love, n, e, ""ENTERTAINMENT, . Chin-nevort- h. J s, IN CHANCERY. fWyatt -C- Peter Banta, Lear Banta, Abraham l mot Sc rt'iinah his'A'tfe, Abralnin Tn-1'k Peggy his wilt?, are not inhabitants of this state; it is therefore orderndants do aped that the said abfvit pear here on the first dy of their Maich term of this Court, to uV'v c in" is anv th-- y can, why ihe c m,jla:n..n'''-bil(lull not b; taken as con! IT H, be in!. rtfd r. i copy of this orjrr th-lfirly G i7ette for t.vo monthi A Copy. Tefle furcf iPve'v. .4, I3lUr,"CT TAX. WHERKAS by an act ot Confrr U. BROWN DViN'G. iugtfubferiber informs h's friends palled sill the 3d ot Mrch lal, encukd, "An Rcl.fiirtirertoan end an adt, tnti- !inifi&Hh.e rV1" N IWILL color cotton and u 4ct to lay and tieci. colleftp di.eft l"YA !,E vitht. hot dye, which I will war, an;fe8 large two btatesJtlie colNMENl, in 10 (land, or return the money, and on lectors Ot jaiOMX aie dlrrr-r- l tr, trM aoove me is reasonable terms as anv dver in u',ry DricK nnule Ju" mifto the .Snperyrmr,' tranlcriptsjl Lexington. I will dye wool a deep!new Puling intended for the P,s.of;all lands or lots hirh il.ey tUf k' Insurance Company, on Mam ha7c;iold for is. M. per pound. the '. of idd ' "ru. ''" n.iiu.11 is turther provided, that hUbll (JKAVVi-UHUJ1N0- any person making payment 10 the of the Golden Boot& 6' ,84- ; of tfie taxlcoltsnd intercft 'Shoe, in the old , . IA any trad of land or lot IWbld, mould Vcorner of Main & MAT.K FDP P'llV", 'rft H cot-res- M . , r court-houfe.l- Crofs-ltrcet- 0 t f Ken-.lucat- uoq-jiayms- w.att "" i- -a up-o- n s, l.exineton. 556 Acres of Land, September 13th, 1803. N. b 'Is you want to have your ON the Cumberland iiver near coloured free from spots, tye EddyvHle, in the name of Francis .otton H. C. your cuts loose. Brooke. (Fipoo Acres one moiety of 2000 NOTICE. Acres on Highland Creek. those indebted to the late X33 Acres, one moiety of of Seitz & Lauman, 41666 3 Acres in the name of John A. Sei'z, Senz & Johnston George Lewis, including Weedon's JohriK. Seitz & Co. John Jordan Lick. Jun.fohn Jordan Juri. & Co. and 910 Acres Ohio state, main john & William Jordan, are'requeft- - Paint Creek, within 1 miles of d to come forward immediately, and pay off their lei'pective accounts These Lands will be sold low, & to Andrew F. Price, who is here- on long credit for the greater part of by duly authorized to receive the the purchale money. same. I hole who do not avail ' Apply to C'UTH. BANKS. themselves of this notice, may rest Lexihton Ofl. 8th, 1804. afiti'-ethat suits will be inflituted TO KEN 1' & HIRE. againlt them without discrimination. ALL 3 2-- Chi-licoth- e. 1 be permitted to redeem the lame, provided such payhrfntwor tender ot made whmnthe'lArtod prescribed by law- -- vrcaRUKffitte will expire generally 111 January and February nextIn purfuince of the piovifions of tne aoove recited act, public notice is hereby givec, that I am in DoiTeir, ns all the colleftors, of lands and lots, which have been sold for ot the said tax, within this state, (Uve two which are expected daily) and that any person wishing to redeem lands on lots which Inve oeen sold, may do Co by applying to the fubferibe in Lexington. - JAMES MORRISON, Supervisor. Lexington, July 16th, 1804, nt THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE just received, in addition to their former alTortment, VALUABLE FARM on Blue grourfd callico and chintzes, s, John Jordan Jun. Lexington, Sept- - 4, 1804. tf GloyerHickman creek, where John Cambrick, jaconet, and tambored muslins, now lives, containing 160 MADISON CIRCUIT ffl. acres of cleared land, an excallent Furniture dimities September Court, 1804 tWo story itone dwelling house, and Black gauze for veils, Green Clay Complainant, Other convenient out houles, and an Extra long silk gloves, ifforted and coloured, Patterfnn3.Als.Zfinff.iexiellt;nbarn !.a large apple orchard, Joimhan IIfuppofe fuffici'ent to make 100 bar- - Silk and cotton hosiery, ft As IN fHANfFRY of cyder, a large peach orchard, Fancy and constitution corcls,Jr THIS dav came the, comnlainant suppose 700 trees, a cherry orch- - India Nankeens, 1 forefaid by his Omnfel and on his moti-j- l on it appearing to the fat.sfadYion of the ard and pear trees, a line garden Complete cases nlottinrnriffrumpX nirt, that the defendants, Francis, (till house, &c. excellent spring and ouipenaers, Wm. Techanee, lien Chrido. Degraf- - Hock water, which I will rent at Irish linens, Snreid, MillerWoodfonEc Mary his wifejprivate, teeether or divided to suit Kid, morocco and fluff flioes, bauiuel Strong & Patfv Ins wise, Nicho- perlons wilhing to rent, on. or before English& German fcuhes, las Hobson Sc Sarah his wise, Benja the ift day of January next, and it Spanifli fegars by the box, ,. ,1 min rinney i.ucretia .ones ms wne, tn Anvils, vices, . Tenne Deerramnreicl & Nancy . Catharine J the hiohelt hirlfler., on the nremiies., White and'red lead, . Needham Degraffinrcid heirs of Ifcbana Spanifli brown, yellow oker, Degnffinrcid dec. are not inhabitants of for one or more years. And at the Vermillion same time and place will be hired and Pruffian blue, this (late, it is therefore oidered that Indigo and fig blue, the said afrnt defendants do appear" out for one year a number of NE- men, women, 51ns, and Coffee, loaf sugar, teas, here on the firfl diy of their next March term of this Couit to fhewcauCe is any bfc?tne property of John M. Young Wines, &c. &c. &c. Which will be foldunufually low for H. HARRISON, theycan,why the complainant's bill fhll Jun. by His uuardian. Cafli in hand. not be taken as confeffed ; and that a tf copy of this order be inserted in the Nov. i ft, 1804. MACCOUN&TILFORD. Lexington July 16, 1804. Kentucky Gazette tor two months luc- Sc7. Jessamine County, ' ccmvelv. ucioDeriircuiccourr, 10J4. Teftr A Copy. ,THE PITTSBURGH Jarofs Owens, complainant, d A f ..-- -, C, Redd, & Li'xington,:; t, , ,j .. -- , -- ' William C. M. C. I'-o'n- State of Kentucky, Fayette Circuit Court September term, 1804, John Fowler Complainant, Asainlt J JohJWatfon, Mathew Watson, and illiam Watson, heirs of & William Thos. Gouch, defi's. IN CHANCERY. Hop-kin- TT HE defendants John, Math w, r Willi- I am Watson havinE sailed to enter their appearance herein agrreeaWe to law and tlje rules ot this court, and it appearing to the (tt isfacMon of the court that thev aie not inliA hitants of this Commonwealth, o the motion of the Complainant by his Counsel, it is ordered, that the fyid defendants do appear here on the third da) of our next vlarch term, and answer the Complainant's bill; and that a copy ol this order b pulilifiied in the Kentucky Gazette according to law. 1 clip A Copy THO: BODILY, C. F. C. C. Five Do1 .J A'c vjard. AI away from thcfubfeiiber, on tha 10th Pi Ortntr last, Jn ajiprsntice to the tan . i nirf",biifinefs, '2 r against Williams's heirs, Thomas Caldwell. David Noon, Nathaniel Blerms and Daniel Strunck, defendants named Glass Works, m Tohn IN CHANCERY. THE defendant Daniel Stumck, ing sailed to enter his appearance herein, according to law and the rules of this court, & it appearing to their fatufacJtion that he is not on moti-oan inhabitant of thiscommomveafth of the comp!ainai.t,by his counsel, it is or dered that the said Daniel Strunck do acpear here on the third dav of our next April court, to anfwerthe complainant's bill, and that a eopvofthis order be inserted in some one of ,he Kentucky pnuts, according to law. A copy. Telle, 6s. HAVING been in fuccelstul.,perai-o- n for some time past ; the propnetois ' t.c muuLtu to nnorm their iormer and others, that thev hae now on hand a larjre alTortment of WIN. DOW GLASS and HOLLOW W RE of a superior quality to anv hi therto manufactured in this country ; and that they have determined to reduce the prices this season 1 follow ; WINDOW GLASS, 1 7 by 9 at, dollars a box, cul-tom- hav- u s, & -2 e i',.-tio- TUESDAY, DECEMBER Private K.ntertainmerit BLUE, RED, GVKEN, YELLOW th-re- of day c live the coinpl t'.nant I) it hj-p- his Ciunfel, and on nis ari.iT to the Court that th- - defendan s ' SiMHWfciilWBUa V&toia 2-- THIS 'J -- 500 acres ditto ditto, lying on Clover Lick creek, a branch of the Eaftforkol the Little Miami, N. W. T. in a good an absence of neatly twelve neighboijiood, about three miles frorr AFTL-.Frank-foi- t, from his old stand in Dunhams-Towseven from WilliamsFerry and Ware-housnear the burg;, and eleven to twelve from the O-now informs his friends and the public 9 river. that he has refumrd his old place of 1000 acres ditto ditto, lying on Brufb creek, a sew miles from New Market, N. V,'. T. Where those that may please to call on 5000 acres, lying on Bank Lick creek, him, may rely on meeting with every .Kentucky, part of two trafts, contain- ' attention, both as to themselves and ing 6000 ' acres, surveyed- and patented horses, that this country will afford for William Jones, Private p trties nny have rooms undif-turbe- d 4000 acres, Clarke county, Kentucky, witit the bustle of a Tavern ; and part of a tradl of eight thousand acres, gentlemen disposed to have private surveyed and patented for Richard boarding, can be accommodated to their . wi(he3. 3332 3 acres, Mason county, Ken Feb 22, 1804. Frankfort, tucky, part of 5000 acres, surveyed and patented for George Underwood. TO BE SOLD OR LEASED, 1200 acres, Mason county, Kentucky, years, the FARM on TlO i a term of live, lym on the Ken- surveyed and patented for Moody and which 1 now M'lVniHn. .tucky 'iv?r, in the comity of Woodford, 1000 acres Military land, on the wa cftim.itei at 256 acres, 80 or one ters of Ruffell's creek, Gieen river. cleared, affoialing molt dred acres 325 a"cres, Jefferson county, KentucJ excellent pasturage, and convenient to ky, about sour miles from Louisville, 40 verv sine ranrje. On this farm there is acres of this tra,ft is cleared. a Dwelling House of Cawed logs, of two 116 acres, Fra nklin county, Ken on the tucky, on the North fork of Elkhorn, rooms and a paffa-rft. res, fird floor, and three rooms on the second, about iix millesfrom Frankfort ; on thi , with convenient out houO-s- an excellent tract are conliaerable improvements. jrarden, anduvauetj fprui", fprmi' house, A House and well improved Lot in of choice fruit, alf. appurtenances the town of Paris, on Maitv street, and thereunto. A ferry, war'houCevand two adjoining Mr. Hut;hrs's tavern. c pablr other heues and A'r Inn and Out Lot in said town. xf atroinmojatin fam.lies. For trrm Alio a House and well improved Lot apply to John Poftlethwait in n this place. or on the premises, to the Cubfcri- The above described property will be sold low for Cash, Hemp and TobacCHARLES SCOTT. co, or on giyimr bond with good fecuri- OctoW 15, 1804. .y, a considerable credit may be had For further particulars enquire of AnMADISON CIRCUIT Cft drew F. Price, attorney in i'acl for (or September Court, 1804 to the fubfciiber.) Green Clay Comlainart. JOHN JORDAN Jun. Agaiut .ex'ngton Kentucky, Ralph l.Iorga.n St AN, Defendants. January 13, 1803. $ - to '" LEXINGTON. ..AA(ifv.iH4UM 3Sl&l.&a&f'ttU&CXfeilXft.AW2Ub? Bjisurrsrs 1 t v, BY DANIEL'" BRADFORD Ne 951. VOL. XVIII. f". fftr 1 by 10 12 do 10 by 12 .13 do and larger tizes in pioportioni iami. H. Woodson, c. J. c. c HOLLOW WARE, ' STATE OF KENTUCKY fa. Clarke circuit, Oilober term, 1804. Gallon bottles 400 fcehts H .Is Gal. do 240 : d2en a do John, William, Elijah, James, Anddo Quart do 6Pi : rew, Robert, Atjga, and Anna do 120 . do M'Creery,heirs o?RobertM'Cree-rvjdeccafe- Porter Pmt & Claret do 133 do complainants, April 27th, J804. 3m Against -V William Gillafpie, and Benjamin Ef-tiHORSE THfEVES!!! &c- defendants QTOr.EN froniLex'rgfoiondtM.'?. the IN CHANCERY. , 3d mOart, a sbouf sep xo ,rs THE defendant William Gillaf old, fourteen hands ttive inches high ',r o r lie, not having entered hi3 appear 'ny colour, with a bl?7i in his sate, h s n.i; und ince herein agreeably td"lawa"d th. vl ick lei remark hle,h 'ins fpot'et'. w t, :' utt ." from hn hoof hovehiplle'r i s rules ofi'hii court, and it appearirp rhe apseu .nee of a mc'tdho'e, ci'r ;' ont to the fatisfaclion of the court tha' tail a little one side, hjs some fa. ' 'p his rf ,,v he is not an inhabitant of this com- fi back, ali'mpo.i the Inffp f e legs below th- - knre tided of the Vnvperfnnjust monwealth, on the motion fecurmg t,i horse and Hint, ft complainants by their counsel, it is 'nve twenty dollars reward, io the l.orle ordered .tnat the said defendant d mne ten dollars. T'stha I. Winter. ' appear here on the third day of our Lexington, NoV 12,1804 T next April term, and answer tb a copy of this complainants'bill, that TWENTY POLLAR3 ordor be inserted in the Kentucky Gazette for eight weeks fucceffively. ont cf Hie fiiK'jrrilwr' f1 Me on Teltc, A copy. STOLEN of thhfjjft. n)ir?cOut,. . c .Saw!. M. Taylor, n, 4 loured MARL, about lu'x 2 hai years old last fpimjV do not rtco'et'T iy brand or naturalmff, she was rt n w ha Taken up by Christopher Devore ma.' on her abni.r two rpi ts lrom tins o. ce , d, l, - HOR-B- JACOB IHVIN, il yeprs hrren 18 and appreStici1 of ae. , Vhovcr the fiibfciibcr, ofrHjckwin, JefTamine ccunty, (hill reivi the alibwe reward. All perlons aie hereb forewarned from iiarboiinft said approntics isthev will he profscuted with the ulmoft the law. mjTdeliver said 10 ,' h.-- t e t- 1, . 11 Jacob Tadhttvter. this method of infoi ming 1S04 3w that the have late SnvenVr l"H, who is tho; HrlY DOLLARS REWARD ly procured a SMI from the fubferiber, making acquainted wit ice Ipringsof the best quality ; alf. O about 6 miles from Mann's Lick TolJing lleps, Joints for phret m in thp 'ojd to Lexington, about two Ac. together with every brands ol ecH l;.ii , a dark bay, lull blooned ARE. v. rv likely, about 7 years iron woilc beloninu to the coach- (T.akino- Hulinefs. having- served hiadflU; abo it is hands high, with a Tpprentireihip in Philadelphia, and Hong f.kci( tail, heavy with foal, worked for the belt coach lliod nil round , no brand or natural An per living in Brat ken county, on the waters of the nn the mark, thu is rerolltv-ledTJVb Irvhr, C. M- - C m.ikers of that place and iod to t.CNingloi' e nlv rp ' e iroi j This will t enable us to affure those soil delivering 'm above cloftribid Tiijfh jprk, on the roid trom tne lower uiu A the igrfi. Vhreier v ilj nme Bqu. m 'ountN, i , triarc to tli fuhrctioer, in tMV t. v n, their cullorn, marc to the fubferiber in Leine;ton, icTJtoJUulllkin, a u bv irvnicl J. r.nv!i,Kl'0 ma-- savor us wi-fi'.tn r. ceiv tie thief ti.toi.v A on, Mare, 1 'vlp, five veirs In - tilt tlieir W.irk 1.1 2,1 Its various aru profetuting the thief to convic 'abaiitia handsBlack half luah, wi'li n small jahove ths on no an ri1.' u 'e ihj.res! and a (li iui 4V hn nri h , hi in 'fi on thenar S'atuhes, ihall be i'ei.nted witliltum. Hull receiv - above re'varu,.r in her sorehead, one hind (jot white, a or for dliverintheinareonl , 3 ,reroiiSX" -. doilai-?ratural tiotter; ayipraiFed to litty dollars. ward. dert'Y ; "nrulcH-- 35 duiltrs. . tie itne's and the llriiTtcll fidelity', .u or fur the 'nji- only, lei; A copv tI.e l'i ihhim JJV.M3. 7. Jr. Wnl. Garr - jr. C. B C. fliort notice, on reaiot.iMe terms tf t JYei failles, Nov. 72, 1814. oao lb?4. Ltvnjton, Ncv. z6th, 1004. tf jUn. 6. 1054. t An; il !'4 j.., -- TAKE ot t. 11 rovio-hl- d-- tt a- ne-"- HE-YvA- s. l - - - Kf afte-war- da New-Yor- , . 111 k. h 1 1 i- s 1 r.c-c.- .1 t1 . V Wood-ward- , . ... -- 11 ..

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