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Page 534 of Channings / by Mrs. Henry Wood.

534 The Channings As he was entering Close Street, the bishop en- countered Arthur. The latter raised his hat and was passing onwards, but the bishop arrested him. "Channing, I have just heard some news from your father. You are at length cleared from that charge. You have been innocent all this while." Arthur's lips parted with a smile. " Your lordship may be sure that I am thankful to be cleared at last. Though I am sorry that it should be at the expense of my friend Yorke." "Knowing yourself innocent, .you might have pro- claimed it more decisively. X\hat could have been your motive for not doing so" The ingenuous flush flew into Arthur's cheek. " The truth is, my lord, I suspected some one else. Not Roland Yorke," he pointedly added. " But-it was one against whom I should have been sorry to bring a charge. And so-and so-I went on bearing the blame. " " Well, Channing, I must say, and I shall say to others, that you have behaved admirably, showing a true Christian spirit. Mr. Channing may well be happy in his children. What will you give me, " added the bishop, releasing Arthur's hand, which he had taken, and relapsing into his free, pleasant manner, " for some news that I can impart to you" Arthur wondered much. What news could the bishop have to impart which concerned him "The little lost wanderer has come home." " Not Charles ! " uttered Arthur, startled to emotion. "Charles ! and not dead" " Not dead, certainly," smiled the bishop, " consider- ing that he can talk and walk. He will want some nursing, though. Good-bye, Channing. This, take it for all in all, must be a day of congratulation for you and yours. " To leap into Mr. Galloway's with the tidings, to make but a few bounds thence home, did not take many minutes for Arthur. He found Charles in danger of being kissed to death-Mrs. Channing, Lady Augusta, Constance, and Judith, each taking her turn. I fear Arthur only made another. "Why, Charley, you have grown out of yotr

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