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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

8 - Economics, and the William T. Young Library. And most important of all, there is over $3 million in gifts that will strengthen the education the students receive. If anyone wants to know what Kentucky's flagship university is and needs to be, she asks them to look at the list of gifts that the Board is accepting today. The second thing about the gifts is the list of donors. It shows the broad list of friends the University has. The Board is accepting gifts from faculty, alumni, corporate friends, business executives, foundations and memorials, and people who did not even attend UK but have a strong connection with it and its work. It is in times when budgets are tight that we need all of UK's family to continue their support so that we can be the kind of university that the people of Kentucky deserve. We understand the difficult budget situations in Frankfort. But we also strongly believe that we cannot allow tight budgets to keep us from reaching for the dreams that we have for Kentucky's university. The gifts the Board accepts today are essential to our progress. She said that she was pleased to tell the Board that after these gifts are accepted, the university will ask the Council on Postsecondary Education to match nearly $5 million using the "Bucks for Brains" program. That brings the total donations in that program to over $160 million. Because the state matches these donations dollar-for-dollar, donors like the ones in the gifts and pledges today have helped the University of Kentucky add over $320 million to its endowment since 1998. On behalf of the Finance Committee and the entire Board of Trustees, she thanked the members of UK's family for the nearly $12 million that they have given today. Those names include Janet Koller, Dr. Thomas F. Van Meter, Philip Morris, Max Steckler estate, Dr. and Mrs. George Privett, Jr., Verizon Wireless, Liz Claiborne Foundation, Kenneth and Carol Robertson, Ann Scott Maher Mason, the family of Gregory M. Jasko, the estate of Madeline F. James, family and friends of Mark Lee Gross, M.D., the Mary Byron Foundation, Dr. Thomas Lester and family, Kentucky American Water, the Markey Cancer Foundation, and Paul Chellgren, who is a former member of the Board and former chair of the Finance Committee. Because of these people, we continue to build a university worthy for the people of Kentucky. I. Approval of Lease of Coldstream Research Campus Lots (FCR 18) Before commenting on FCR 18, Ms. Wickliffe said she wanted to thank John Parks, Associate Vice President for the Coldstream Campus, for coming to the Finance Committee meeting and explaining FCR 18, 19, and 20. They involve three leases that the Board may or may not grant. Mr. Parks helped the committee members understand the leases. Ms. Wickliffe reported that FCR 18 is a lease between the University of Kentucky and Kentucky Technology Inc. (KTI) for Lot 21, which is 5.58 acres and Lot 22, 9.69 acres. KTI currently holds a lease on lots 17 and 18, and they will construct buildings on these lots. Two of their current tenants are companies that originated in ASTeCC.

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