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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

6 - Dale Baldwin is a former UK cheerleader who had an accident while cheering for the "Cats" his senior year in 1986. He went on to graduate from UK with a business administration degree. He is presently the co-owner of a business, the MPM Group LLC which is a financial services company. Its primary office is in Lexington. He and his wife live in Simpsonville, Kentucky, and Dale is originally from Leitchfield, Kentucky. President Todd recognized Mr. Baldwin and his wife, Angela, in the audience, and they received a round of applause. President Todd said that the next dormitory is on the south campus and will be called Smith Hall. He gave some brief comments about Dr. John T. Smith. Dr. Smith was the first African-American to receive a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. He was also the first African-American to become president of the UK Community College System and the first African-American to serve as a member of a UK president's administrative staff. He is a graduate of the old Dunbar High School in Lexington. He passed away in 1994. President Todd said that he had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Smith when he was on the faculty. Dr. Smith also touched students' lives at Ashland Community College. President Todd told a story about a friend who was a student of Dr. Smith's at Ashland Community College and the influence that Dr. Smith had on his friend's life. His friend gives a great deal of credit to Dr. Smith for his success in college. President Todd recognized several members of Dr. Smith's family in the audience: sister Kathryn Smith Stevens; older brother William H. Smith; brother G. M. Smith; brother Horace Smith, and niece Nelda Jackson. He asked the Board members to show their appreciation to the Smith family and let them know the university is proud to have the name Dr. John T. Smith go on one of its dormitories. The Smith family received round of applause. President Todd said that the third building on the south campus will be known as Ingels Hall. Members of the Ingels family could not be in attendance at the meeting; however, a nephew, Ben Ingels, who lives in New Mexico, was thrilled to hear that the name Margaret Ingels was going to be honored. He could not attend the meeting because of health reasons. President Todd gave some brief remarks about Margaret Ingels. Margaret Ingels was a remarkable woman. She was the first woman to receive an engineering degree from the University of Kentucky, and she was the first woman in the nation to receive a graduate degree in mechanical engineering. She is a native of Paris, Kentucky. She went on to spend most of her career with Carrier Air Conditioners. The original founders of Carrier Air Conditioning graduated from UK's College of Engineering. She chose Lexington as a permanent home after she retired and authored a book upon her retirement entitled Willis Havelin Carrier, The Father ofAir Conditioning because she was a colleague of Mr. Carrier. She is a member of the UK College of Engineering Hall of Fame. President Todd said that he is very pleased to recognize Ms. Ingels as one of the distinguished alumni and have her name on one of UK's dormitories. The Board applauded the recommendation.

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