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Image 1 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 3, April 1943

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

__ Vol. 2 APRIL, 1943 No. 3 il I KENTUCKY FRUIT NOTES A W. D, Anivrsrnowc, Horticulturist, Editor WIARTIME FRUIT E E PRODUCTION Z. ·f _ E Fruit production under present E ,; wartime conditions presents some of > i :; :2 In .) II'l€ IIIOSI serious problems OUT gI`O\V- Ben Davis V V V S M ij. ers have ever experienced. With B1ackT“rig '`"` V V V S M . shortages existing or expected in la- Dchciouss “``` V M_V R S M bor, spray materials, machinery, fer- G DEliCiOoS;`I`M_V V R_S S M · tilizers and containers it will be more Ghmes " S V S_R M_V V ; important than ever to know exactly Jonathahéi `''`'`' R V R V M_R · what needs to be done and to do it King David ```'` M V R M M _ in the best manner possible. Fruit Mclmosh " V V V S M growing is generally classified as one Maiden S_M V V V M of the most complicated business en- Polly Eadeé S V R V M terprises. in or out of agriculture. Paducah "M M R S M I g?(g1·g·g§)c$f;`O\\'Cl`S rarely have identi- Rome V M_V M M R >· st m in ...... v M R s R It is therefore of real importance Tlxieya ,_______,___ V M R M M for the fruit grower to know his own Wealthy ________ 5 R-$ R V M problems. lf he has apple varieties wgoosab ____,_,_ v R R 5 M . that are very subject to bitter rot. he Y_ Transparent S R R V V should know which ones they are so YOyk* __________,_ M R R S M Sgt; heIlIg211iS}§;g;?dih;?;0S§J{$1C$$g ¢ 1;....ll 4T_p..l-lg generally have same sus- . L'<‘l\ll \l 1l}` {IF DHTCIII. \`il!`lC Y. ?8\°J{ bitter rot is and the best control meas- .... d 05 uresl for it. Growers with a serious Spraying _It has been proved Over I"` $.2°ZL‘§§%.·€`°§$`¤t?2?bLiE“aSi}£2Sld ffdii and we *‘ga‘“ “‘-at SP§”“g htm has needless to spray for diseases or in- :;Sk§u\V€11.€}?g_;V1;$;y vsp; tpexf xg aaa:2;::..¤r.:$;..¤1:ssi2·..%;.2*; $h¤¤*·¤`¤*S *0 gm S¤*¤y*¤g· Wim eek Serious i¤$é<=* er di$g¤S¤I¤i*>bl¤m and- ESE; TEE?%Ji1“t§’i§Z?trJiYi§2'1aJi`f¤Zl? I mglcc :§)§a§uI;%;'mg lt` fel tO take Comm] in most cases. Repair parts, ordered 1 IC ' well in advance may be obtained; ° cnt good care will be needed to keep the g $02; Apples spray in operation. H b bl S · m t— 'als v' pro a ymeet Cl`°l’· I S¤$¢€PUbilltY 01‘ l‘€SiSt¤¤0€ to dis- 194Zi)11ilg]eds? use ihem wisely and Cm5· €“S?·—T0 hclp Si`0W€i`5 1`€€0g¤lZ0 waste nothing. Secure and study the ¤t1`0l thm? P1`0bl€m$· WO publish b€‘]0W H spray programs needed; then do a , the list of apple varieties and their sus- good job of spraying. 3¤ld~ C?ptlbim>’ OV YOSISTZWCC to RDDIG $€8b- In all spraving, the right mixture. d. bitter rot, blotch. hre blight and San pl-opolqy tiyhcd and wgll applied JOSC scale. Ot` course, it is generally usually gots good 1·oSo]tS_ The pl-im- ` IUIOYVTI IITHI SOIUC V&ll`iGII(‘S 2`tl`C fTlOl`C cd Spray pyggygypg and the Spray I` Sublcct IO blu"` mt Whcn th'? trees service letters will help in all three of l not are thick and are in zi low, moist lo- thcsg pomtg mph canon In spraying trees, first spray the in- >’ HQI In the following table, S—slight1y side from near the trunk. This COVGYS APU] $USC€l>tible. M-Moderately, V-—very, the inside cheek of the fruit that is gg and R—1`€SiStant. often left untouched when trees are its to on. BULLETIN OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Ee II.,

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