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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 11, 1910

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Volume 3 Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, August 11 1910. Number 50 THE SOMERSET HERALD MIS; is a lie out of the whole cloth, and I will pay $100 reward and quit the race if ? you can substantiate it. We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward REPRESENTS THE FACTS for any case of Catarrh that cannot-bX. C. Edwards. cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure. O F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0. Bethurum and Tartar at " D.C.Edwards paid his own expenses We, the undersigned, have known F. and made speeches for many weeks in Liberty. J. Cheney for the last 15 years and bethe Willson campaign in order that Ca lieve him perfectly honorable in all "Judge R.C. Tarier and Judge leb Powers might have his liberty. Ca business transactions and financially leb Powers charged the Republicans of B.J. Bethurum spoke at Liberty Johnson county able to carry out any obligations made Ned Ison, in His Clear Style Comes $500 for one political by his firm. Monday in the interest of the speech. Which is the better Republi Back and Says Some Things. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, candidacy of the Congressman can? Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O, O Edwards. In the forenoon Judg' Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken interTo Caleb Powers nally and acts directly on the blood and Tarter and Mr.Finley, representThe statement you arc circulating mucous surfaces of the system. Send ing Caleb Powers, held a joint signed 'A Leslie county Republican' to for testimonials free. debate, and in the afternoon.a the effect Sold by all druggists, 75 cents. ha Dear Editor. ter cases and it often occurs that Take Hall's Family Pills for consti- division of time was had between all through that visited my meetings Harlan, Letcher, Perry, I see my young friend. Miss the woman is the cause of the pation. Judge Bethurum and Mr.Finley. Leslie, Clay, Owsley and Jackson, is a manufactured story for the purpose of man coming home drunk. Some To Our Customers: Cora Fields, has seized the tomJudge Tarter and Judge Bethu- deceiving the npnnlp and T w?ll mw Sin ahawk and declared war on me act of hers, a failure to put her Notes due prior to September rum both made clean, conserva- for the0 full name, postoffice address and photograph of the liar who wrote best foot forward, may have been 1, 1910, should be paid, nn account of my position ae renewed tive and temperate speeches, it. There is room for it in the rogues' stated in a former issue of your the cause of it all. I want to or the interest paid on same be- which carried 'conviction to the gallery. D. C. Edwards. How's This? Answers Miss Gora Tieids i paper and in a pleasant way I desire a few words in reply. Yes, I admit that man, sensi- tive man, can always find some thing for the woman to do and the proper thing to do, too. Why ? Because the law recognizes him as the head of the family. At the altar, if I am not mistaken, the word "obedience" figured to a certain extent and the woman as well as the man subscribed to that oath. She promised that she would"be unto him a loving, a faithful and and obedient wife." I admit that the two after assuming the marriage vows are sworn partners in the battle of life and neither can dodge their responsibilitiesWhat would the home be without the man's management, labor and toil? It would be like a camel's lair in the Sahara. Nothing to go upon, nothing to increase the luxury of living, nothing to make home happy. While he is out on the hillside, bearing down upon the plow handles, or in the office trying to untangle the complexities that arise in business, she must be at home exercising that best foot movement or the home will become a poor place of rest and refuge when he returns to it. All of us are apt to conclude that our individual burdens are the heaviest. Selfishness prompts it, g -- but it seems to me that woman (I bless the very ground she walks on) is more likely to think her burdens are the heaviest and thus break up. by her complaints, much of the felicity would otheswise come into the life of the husband. Man may do all in his power to make home happv. but unless the woman knows her duty and does it home will be as the desert. However, there are exceptions to most all rules and the man, by his conduct, may likewise break up the happiness of the home. Circumstances al SWatch This Notice And Heed Its Purpose. The third year of the Eagle ends scon and none of our friends will want to be owing us on subscriptions when the year If this article has a blue ends. pencil mark across it you owe us, or we think you do, and though it be ever so little please come in or send in and let's get square. Our support depends upon what we get through this paper and no man could be our friend who would want to take this from us. Kindly heed the warning. fialcribe for The Eagle, 1 a year say that some women, before they would surrender to a man's rights and let him rule, would ruin the home and allow the watch-doto wag his tail to the husband until he dies. Now. Miss Fields, let's be fair. In my first article I did not mean to be unjust to women. I never thought of trying to justify the mean conduct of some men. My whole object was to offer a word of counsel to all concerned. I never meant to reflect on anyone and I could not see why you wanted to take up the cudgel. Again, let's reason some more. Have you read the account of Adam and Eve? They were in the garden (their home) surrounded by every luxury." Did Adam go off and come home swaggering, thus breaking up the peace and happiness of our mother and ruining the home? Was it because of some act of Adam that Paradise was lost? No, dear child, Eve took a nibble at the fruit; she gave also to her husband and he did eat. No ona will dispute that Eve started the trouble, and I am afraid that it has ever been thus with woman. May God bless her and enable her at all times to put her best foot forward. And may man do the same. Ned Ison. J Osca'.oosa, Ky. Who Is King? By W. C. Baker. King of kings is. He, Christ, the one that set us free. Oh, glory to His blessed name! The one, for us, that suffered shame. And how he hung on Calvary's Tree, You and I from sin to free: And in one morning He did rise To his home beyond the skies. Now in His Father's house to be Throughout all eternity; Christ, the one who set us free, King forever He shall be. Struck a Rich Mine S.W. Bends, of Coal City. Ala., says he struck a perfect mine of health in Dr. King's New Life Pills for they cured him of liver and kidney trouble after 12 years of suffering. Thev are the best pills on earth for constipation, malaria, headache, dyspepsia, debility. 25c at all druggists Everybody should attend the big Laurel County Fair, at London, August 23, 24, 25, 26, and see Broncho John and his troupe of Rough Riders in grand free exhibitions of life in the West before the advent of fore August 15. Notes one year old must be paid or renewed unless secured by mortgage. Your writer contemplates being absent during the latter half of August, therefore, parties concerned about notes should call within the first half. Union Bank, By J.P.Lewi3, Pres. Life on Panama Canal has had one frightful drawback, malaria trouble, that has brought suffering and death to thousands. The germs cause chills, fever and ague, biliousness, jaundice, lassitude, weakness and general debility. But Electric Bitters never fail to destroy them and cure malaria troubles. "Three bottles completely cured me of a very severe attack of malaria, " writcs--j Wm.A.FretwelI, of Lucama.N.C. "and I've had good health ever since". Cure stomach, liver and kidney troubles, and prevent typhoid. 50c. Guaranteed by all druggists. The Waterman ! Yes, we use a Waterman. It cost $2.50. We would not do without it one day for that There is nothing that amount. quiets the nerves of a busv man like a good pen and the Waterman is that pen! "For months Caleb Powers has been making ithe statement all over the district that D. C Edwards in his five years stay in Congress, and for which he has been paid $35,000, has not passed a single law that has redounded to the general good of the masses of the people of the district. He has been challenging Edwards and the papers supporting him to point out such a law. So far they have not done so. They cannot, and yet they ask us to return Mr. Edwards to Congress and endorse this record, as well as his record in only making a fifteen minute speech the first three years he was there. The district won't be hoodooed any longer. Caleb Powers will be the next representative in Congress from this district." The Best Hour of Life is when you do some great deed or discover some wonderful fact. This hour came to J. R. Pitt, of Rocky Mt., N. C, when he was suffering intensely, as he says, "from the worst cold I ever had. I then proved to my great satisfaction, what a wonderful cold and cough cure Dr. King's New Discovery is. For, after taking one bottle, I was entirely cured. You can't say anything too good of a medicine like that." Its the surest and best remedy for diseased lungs, hemorrhages, la grippe, asthma, hay fever, any throat or lung trouble. 50c, $1. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all druggists. intelligent voters. Mr. Finley made no attempt to discuss the issues but made speeches noted for their vulgarity and abuse. Casey county is safe in the column of Edwards.'" The above clipped from the Somerset Herald is misleading in every detail and hides the facts, The Edwards speakers were hissed down and did not finish their speeches. Finley 's argument was so sledge hammer like, that many an undecided voter walked into the Powers ranks to remain until he is nominated. Powers spoke in this county last week and crowds from two to six hundred met him at every point and women and children metliim on the ruadshk'and wished him success. He made an educational address to the Casey County Institute Wednesday and was warmly greeted. He spoke at night to a crowded house filled with anxious listen ers. It is safe to predict that Powers will carry Casey from one thousand to fifteen hundred majority. The votes stand today at ten to one. W.C.Cundiff, Clerk Casey Co. Court, F. A. Land, Circuit Court Cleik. 'J.P.Richardson, jailer. O Caleb Powers admits that he had money which had been donated to him out on interest in 1905. The books of the Defense Fund Committee at Louisville show that they paid the expenses of the only trial he ever had after 1903. Will Caleb tell what he has done with the people's money? O To Caleb Powers In your advertisements you are charging that the Democrats are for me and insinuting that I have been supporting Democrats or Democratic measures. It you can show where I have ever voted and acted for and with the Democratic party in or out of Congress I will quit this race. If you cannot then you will have to quit after September 15. D. C. Edwards. o Caleb Powers grows frantic in his advertisements and speecher because he says the Democrats are supporting Edwards, yet he boasts that 50,000 of them signed his petition for pardon.- - Do you not know, Mr.Powers, that no Republican was ever elected to a state office in Kentucky without Democratic votes? Did not the Democrats help elect Bradley and his ticket in '95? Did they not help elect Taylor and his ticket in '99? Did they not help elect Willson and his ticket in to the United States Senate without Democratic votes? Do you charge that these men are corrupt or not good Re. publicans because they received some Democratic support? o To Caleb Powers Thanks the-Eag- le at Chehalis I found everything Your advertisement to the effect that call you a thief is a wilful and malici ous falsehood, and the man who wrote it knew it at the time, D. C. Edwards. I O Caleb Powers instructed his solicitors to deceive the public by showing them padded or false lists, and he is trying to deceive the voters by having his henchmen send in false reports of Edwards' meetings. O To Caleb Powers Your advertisement to the effect that I was for J.C. W.Beckham against W. O.Bradley for the United States Senate Correspondents from Everywhere Gather Up the Good Items, Dewey Praise Virginia Pike County W. J. Welch and wife visited Louis Conley moved to Pool Point Camp. at Pound. Yellow Poplar Lumber Co. is Arthur Bowman and wife vis- building a splash dam near mouth of Prater. Miss Mary Gibson has fever. J. H. Hay ton returned to Buch-ano- n Miss Laura Dotson is visiting county. at Glamorgan. A new schoolhouse is being "G.W.Sergent is at Norton. erected on Beaver. Mr. and Mr3. Avil Kiser went Bruce Compton leaves soon for to Wise. Big Stone Gap. Oscar and Leonard Miller were Mis3 Maggie Potter Boiling is here buying cattle, visiting at Flatgap. D.M.Philips and wife visited A force of hands is grading for on Roaring Fork. a tram road up Prater. G. W. and Mrs. Countiss went Pellum Colley, from Clintwood, to Pound. was here. Burleigh Welch visited at W. Mrs. C. C. Vanover made a trip R. Boiling's. to the Breaks. Mrs.Cassie Boiling is ill. Harve Potter returned from W. J. Welch and R. S. Boiling Clintwood. returned home. Vanburen, son of J.P.Mullins", Mrs. Ida Boiling was called to died in the hospital here. Clintwood to see her mother who PafrTolr Mnlllno Vioi rfiimofVis ill. Alexander. ited Henry Maggard. Big Stone Gap Virginia - A. R. Potter's family moved to Middle branch, Wiley Owens broke his leg while timbering on Pond. Ambrose Amburgey made, a Quilling Willis, aged 22, was trip to the Breaks. accidentally killed in West Vir The storm damaged the corn ginia and the remains brought crops. here for burial. Stephen Taakitt returned to Miss Orr underwent a success Floyd county. ful operation at Richmond, Ky. Many thousand staves and logs The Normal ended July 30 and we miss everyone of the 400 Mountainfriend. Bmiling boys and girls. Winnie Mullins is visiting her Staggers Skeptics brother at Saltville. Misses Martha and Burgie That a clean, nice, fragrant Boiling are visiting friends at compound like Bucklen's Arnica Appalachia. Salve will instantly relieve a bad Miss Beatrice Gobble is here burn, cut, scald, wound or piles, But great staggers skeptics. from Blackwood. cures prove it a wonderful healer Supt.Jno.Hilman and wife left of the worst sores, ulcers, boils, for their home at Coeburn. felons, eczema, skin eruptions, as Prof. Jno. Hicks and sister will also chapped hands, sprains and return to the South. corns. Try it. 25c at all drug-Mts. Malinda Mullins visited gists. her daughter, Mrs.Gilly. D.C.Edwards contributed of his own means and helped to raise more than $1,500 for the defense of Caleb Powers, ? canvassed many counties for Willson in 1907 that Powers might be pardoned, Saw the Governor two days after he was elected and asked him to pardon Pay Your EAGLE Subscription Lillie. Powers. The Governor siys jn a letter to Senator Catron on April 4, 1908, that they wanted Powers pardoned. Stray Hogs Edwards offered to circulate Powers' petition for pardon inCongress andL.R. As has been stated neretofore. Steely wrote to that effect, but Powers Four hogs marked smooth crap we want it distinctly and posiignored it. in right ear, overbit in left ear; tively understood that the Eagle o . Notice! To Caleb Powers prosperous. We are now located In your advertisements carried in in our new home which has just some of the newspapers of the district, you state that Ollie M. Jrmes, a Demobeen complete 1. cratic Congressman from this State, Alice F. Steelman. To Caleb Powers and Views 1907? Could Bradley have been elected Your advertisement to the effect that I have procured henchmen to write letters to my colleagues to get letters from them to publish, is a lie concocted Lincoln Wells, to cover up the unusually favorable and Co. Judge G.C. unanimously good reports of my record W.T.Brown.S.CC. which have been brought out by you find Judd Phillipps.P.M. and your friends in your attempt to will something to use against me. I pay $100 reward and quit the race if you will show one such case as you charge. Will you quit if your adver tisement is false? D.C.Edwards. Chwhalis, Wash., July 26. Dear Editor, Enclosed find $1 for year. Its such an important a factor in our home we can't do without it. Since my visit to r,he dear old Kentucky home last fall I have traveled over the soil of 17 states and territories, and saw many noted places and much beautiful scenery. On my arrival Late News is for neither Caleb Powers or Don C. Edwards in their race for the nomination for Congress in this district. We have no inter est whatever in either of the gentlemen. They are both in three black spotted and one red spotted, three sows and a bar; weigh about 75 lbs. each, Owner can have same by paying for keep and cost of advertising. assailed the good name of the mountain Hogs are at my home on Solomon people, especially the people of the Eleventh district, calling us Billie Williams. . the business of politics, both ad- branch. murderers, &c, &c, and that Congress, man D.C.Edwards sat there on the floor vertising for business, and what of the house, heard tne good name of either of them do through the the people of this district assaiied and never opened his mouth todefend them. Eagle is done the same as a I am also informed that you make this merchant or any other business statement in your speeches. Now, sir, would do it by paying the I want to inform you that thi3 state- man ment is a lie out of the whole cloth.and cash at certain space prices. We I will pay you $100 and quit the race if want all our readers of the poliIf there is a blue pencil mark you-wishow it in the Congressional tical faith of the candidates to drawn across this little article Record. If you cannot produce the record you certainly will apologize to make up their mind3 when it your subscription ends with this the good people of the district and to the they newspapers you have imposed upon and comes to voting and vote as issue and the paper will be stopplease. We are not in the least withdraw from the race, ped unless otherwise ordered. A D. C. Edwards. concerned as to which thi3 shall red-hand- NOTICE Eagle Subscribers! ll Pay Your EAGLE Subscription be. If this statement don't suf fice nothing will. postal card will always tell lis what to do. Watch the article! --

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