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Image 8 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 27, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

tain Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Will and children. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Miller, Mrs. Andrew Sparks. Mr. and A iril 24. Mr. Lew Winchester re- Mrs. Ed. Zeitz, all of Louisville, and turned home Sunday, after a trip to Mrs. Herberly. of Ohio. Amarillo. Texas. The Convention held at the St. Mrs. W. W. Cruse was the tfuest Thomas Episcopal Church Sunday Thursday of Mrs. Sailor. afternoon was largely attended and interesting speeches were Miss Nettie Rothenburirer was an many made. over-niguest of the Misses Hahn. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Miller spent ol Lyndon. Sunday with relatives in Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Frances, of A surprise party was given in honHopewell, were guests ot Mrs. N. T. or of Mrs. Mary Fravert last Monday. Fontaine Sunday. Henry Those present were Mr. Mr. Walter Saunders, of Indiana, is Stuedle and family. Mrs. Henry visiting his brother, T. H. Saunders, Lent, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe tliis week. Hettinger and family. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Km inn Stuedle, of Louisville, Henry Westermann and family. Mrs. visited her sister, Miss Mary Stuedle, Louise Reii lispfan and children. Mrs. Sunday. John Weiss, Mrs. John Ginger, of . Miss Viola Lewellen. spent Thurs Jeffersonville, End., Mrs. Jacob Roed-ererof Louisville. Mrs. Fred Boeder day afternoon with MissJosie Jones. er and children, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Mrs. Berth i Mrs. Kama Con-hertfilderbrand, Mrs. Summers, Mrs. Gnnn, Mrs. Sailor and Mrs. N. T. Margaret Winkler, Mrs. Maggie Fontaine spent Tuesday with Mrs. T. Rostetter and children. Misses Mary Y. Frances, of Hopewell. Stuedle. Katie Worley and Lizzie The Lyndon Social Club met Mon Ililderbrand: Messrs. John and Louis day evening at the home of Miss Stuedle and Herman Fraver. The following Mr.mie IfacAnliffe. and Mrs. J. A. officers were elected: Mr. Ed. Horee, daughter, Kmma. spent Monday af .iiMif'.Miag llamie Hahn. vice- - ternoon with the .Misses kenned president: Miss Carrie Bath, Secre-ta- i near Jeffersontown. v: and Mr. Charlie Hounds, TreasWORTHINGTON. urer. Mrs. Kate Winkler and daughter. Katie, of Hikes' Point, spent Sunday April i4. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Garwith Mrs. Fred Hahn, Jr. wood were guests Sunday of Mr. and Miss Margaret Duke entertained Mrs. Bethel Garwood in Jefferson- Sunday for Miss Josie Jones, Messrs. town. Miss Vestina Grunwald spent the Jesse Kyser and George Miller. week-en- d at her home near Anchor- Mrs. Frank Fontaine, of Pewee spent Thurs- aye. Valley, and Mrs. Tindal daughter, Mrs. L. F. Parr and day afternoon with Mrs. N. T. FonElizabeth, of Kosmosdale. are guests taine. . Die-me- LYNDON ht Rolh-nbtirg- er day for the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Orr and son. Mr. and Mrs. j. B. Kyser. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hahn and daughter. Mr. ano wi tv ft Stiitwnbertrer, Jr.. Mrs. Ma tilda Carlton and Uev. K. C. Wau-forof Louisville. Mr. Kmily H. F. Johnson and Mins I rr. Kmma Mrs. N. T. Fontaine was the guest Friday of Mrs. Sailor. The Lyndon Social Club will give two plays Friday night, April 28, at the home of Miss Mamie McAaulitle. entitled "'Miss Civilization" and d. Stutz-eaberce- r, Mr. ami Mrs. John Zeitz enter 'The Liver Pills act Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Baiscb spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Miller. confidence responsible people have in these pills. Mr. A. L. Wilson CLARK. and Liver Pills and also your Anti-Pai- n PlUe, on myself, with good results. The Liver Pills act so naturally and so easily .that I scarcely know that I 'have taken a ptll. Frequently being- - troubled with headache I Pill and get take an Antl-Pal- n immediate relief In every case." A. L. Wllaon, Sparta, 111. Mr. Wilson was for a number of years cashier of the Vtrat National Bank of Sparta. Dr. Mile' Many are different from others. kinds of river pills are "impossible" after one trial on account of their Dr. Miles' Nerve and harshness. Liver Pills do not act by sheer force but in an easy, natural way, without griping or undue irritation. They are not habit forming. If the first bottle falls to benefit, your druggist will return the prloe. Ask him. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind. i III. i wagons ' II ' IIIIMIIIMWI ' m ;i Graves spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. T. J. Walters. Mrs. H. Perkins and children are visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Kent, of Shelbyville. Mrs. W. S. Jones and daughter. Miss Nellie, spent last Monday in Louisville. Mrs. W. P. Johnson was in Shelbyville last Mondav. . - i Carriages Harness Aucnob! ie s SH0E?i $1.50 to $5.00 the Pair. Pants S. BLOOM 204-20- 69c & East Market St. 6 a pair. LOUISVILLE, ::::::: r75 --r- 1 cn-i-c - jm mm mm m :.'icg m& m& ma m& Another car load of Studebaker Buggies. Some of the latest and best styles, right from the great Studebaker factory. Come in and look over these Buggies while we have a full line from which make a selection. WHEELER CARRIAGE CO. Incorporated ONLY EXCLUSIVE VEHICLE CONCERN 224 West Main Street, Clean your beds with REX BEDBUG KILLER. Every bottle guaranteed. 2."e bottle, with brush. down-and-o- ... . . 2 Cans 15c 10c . Swine. d a Package Never Mind Who. Mr. Harry Cook, of Fisherville. swine at tended a sale of He pur-- a Columbus. Ind.. recently, fancy chased a fine gilt, paying price for it. These hogs ; re guar anteed not to have cholera. at- mule-foote- d $1.30 to $7.00. We wish to extend to our many friends our sincere thanks and appreciation for the interest manifested during the illness of our husband and father, John M. Guelda, for the expressions of sympathy and the floral offerings at the time of his death. Mrs. John M. Guelda and children. Card of Thanks. We desire to thank the Modern Woodmen and neighbors who so kindly aided ns in the erection of a barn and in various other ways, following the destruction of our barn and contents by lire caused by lightning. L. v. Stivers. Recently a citizen was wheeling-homa load of old oyster cans, bottles, etc., and curious to know what use he could put them to, he was asked his purpose. "Going to throw them over in my back yard," he replied. "We are going to have some relatives from the city to visit us. We may not have much to eat but if they see these cans, bottles and boxes lying around, they will think we've had oysters, champagne, figs and nuts till we've got tired of them, and are now living on bread and liver and beans for a healthy change." The Civic Leagne should devote their time and attention to this citizen.- - Kxchange. SPECIAL SALE OF DINNER SETS DO-PIE- CE .... $10 Regular Price $16.00, on Sale at this Dinnerware on sale we are presenting first quality Dinnerware in pink and green borders, decorated gold traced handles at prices so unusual as to allow all to In placing TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SALE. Extraordinary Specials in Open Stock Haviland China Dinnerware At Less Than 12 Former Price. Fruit bowls, compotes, oval bowls, ice cream tfays, nappies, CUT GLASS suyar and creams, ice jujrs, vases, water bottles and tumblers set of 6. and The cuts are such popular ones as Hobb star, buzz and pin wheel. The choice of the entire assortment well-know- n $2.50 EWER BASINS porcelain; regular for Of white American Electric Portables $1.00, glass beaded shade; 85c regular Sli.T.", for . Complete art $4.69 . Inverted Gas Lights Complete with Brass Candlesticks 6 inches tall; h avy bottom burner, mantle and tflobe, 29c each for 9c Brass Jardin Jardinieres Salt and Pepper Shakers Colonial handle; drop glass salt and pepper shakers ieres; ring's; regular (6.00, for. Price, each 3c d lion-hea- d $3.98 Do You Intend to Travel This Summer? We are presenting the newest and most complete line of traveling necessities ever offered in this city for your summer trip. Included are: WARDROBE TRUNKS basswood, covered with best sail duck, painted in dark green; enhardwood (Do rru j ViA Made of seasoned , bound with rawhide, special bronze mountings, tirely water-proof- , appearance. Price from slats oa outside, add strength and improve the STEAMER TRUNKS Constructed along the same lines as the Tourist Trunks, Price $5.00 to $22.00 PZO.UU 10 rus; walrus seal; pigskin, leathers; etc.; in all sizes; 14 to 26 inches. Prices from long-grai- n IN LOUISVILLE." Louisville, Ky. ladies' and $10 to $50 TRAVELING BAGS Made in the same leathers as the suit cases; all Now Is the Time For Oxfords; full cut Oxsizes, in SUIT CASES Matting and Fiber Furniture weltless style, Grass and Cane Suit Cases; leather ford; high-cut- ; corners; bass trimmed; fancy cloth Old etc. Price lined; all sizes. Price A most useful ac- cessory to any lady's wardrobe trunk. It is constructed and finished along the same lines as the wardrobe trunk. Hat forms may be easily removed, and trunk used for short trips. Price 75c to $6.00 genuine rawhide; brassed steel trimmings, linenlined, double trays; center band and double straps. Price hand-rivete- . $5.00 to $35.00 Railroad Fares Rebated To Customers Walnut. Summer Hickory Arm Rocker Regularly $4.75, $2.75 TOURIST TRUNKS Veneer body, On Sale duck covered, hard wood slats, vulOld Hickory Arm Rocker or Arm canized fiber, bound in imitation and JUO.OO to $25.00 Out-of-To- 5.UU SUIT CASES Heavy selected rusFITTED SUIT CASES AND OXset brown or black cowhide; genuine FORD BAGS From the substantial horn alligator; black walrus gr;iin, and very tine imitation to the real genuine ebony fittings; all sizes and black walrus embossed; natural wal- $2.50 to $25.00 Wagons Carriages Just Received "THE Mule-Foote- Card of Thanks. Club Is Incorporated. orn or ronton is taken away. 10c a Bottle. LOUISVILLE'S BEST DKUU STORE Boys' Suits KY. t 1. I and Market Sts. THEO. RECTANUS CO., Preston Incorporated nishings at reasonable prices. Next door to Button's Grocery the Blood WALL PAPER CLEANER Men s and Boj s' Hats and Fur- SON oi your STRAW HAT CLEANER pair free. $1 1.1. brace you up. The Iest Spring Tonic and Blood arifier. feelFor that all-iing. Price 50c bottle. n, STYLE, COMFORT and DURABILITY always predominate in the Hamilton Brown Shoe. They are solid leather. The Hamilton Hrown guarantee with every pair. They MUST wear or another Men's and Youths fort and quicker relief than any remeu ...... ,!f X'.... Hill IIC 1IU M.Ml ,..11. .. II II will DO YOU KNOW HAT TRUNKS mm REX for saving of $.".0) on ever' suit. Let us show them to you today. THE: HAMILTON BROWN WOI7LD YOlT I'AY in CKVTS TO Rl m i lie lii lu r iii iii m; ii,iii ill ini That tired feeling is nothing hut spring fever. $9.90, $12.40, $14.90 and $17.40 A n. TROUR SULPHUR and ( IRE AM of TARTAR LOZENGES 10c box. They purify the blood and clear the complexion. blues, grays, tans, shadow stripes, chalk lines $4.00 to $35.00 rm) bring back to you the bounding health and buoyancy of youth? It contains celery for the nerves, iron for the blood, cascara for the liver, buchu for the kidneys. It is a wonIt is just the medicine to derful make you strong. Price 60c bottle. Sold only by us. hand-riveted- Ethel Stone, of Simpsonville, has returned, after a week's visit to her cousin, Miss Frances 'fribble. Mrs. W. T. Lynch spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. (.'has Hryant. Mrs. T. J. Walters spent Sunday with relatives near Hethlehem. Miss - REX CELERY AND IRON health-giving-combinatio- shown this spring and fancies Mrs. S. W. Carson and Mrs. Tom Nerve and Liver Pills IIBI'IM m TTn April 24. Miss Nora Thompson spent several days of last week with her sister. Mrs. Loyan Watson, of Shelbyville. Mrs. L. M. Camp, ot ValleyStation, has returned home after a visit to Mrs. G. Burnett. Miss Hallie Taylor will return this week, after a visit of three weeks to her cousin, Miss Cora Morris, of Lawrencebury. Miss Florence Carrithers. of Louisville, returned Saturday, after visiting Miss Isabell Downes. Are you willing to let BLOOM CLOTH KS ARE GOOD CLOTHES we're content with merely claiming- that. You may happen to know something about this particular make of clothing, and if so, you'll know tnat we cannot be too enthusiastic about them. They are manufactured by an organization of men who know how. They are made ol pure wool worsteds (no manipulated cloth), by men who are incapable of producing an undesirable garment. They come in the various models AMERICAN PORCELAIN statement, coming from the cashier of a bank, shows what - - even there. d So Naturally and Easily. n after trying them wrote: "l have used Dr. M!ln' Nerve One of the set principles of our store, when making mention of anything" we have for sale, is to speak of it in a modest way. In other words, not allow our own enthusiasm to lead us beyond what the general acceptance might be. To underrate rather than overstate if you please. It's right refreshing, too, in these days of "Mine's the best," to assume such an attitude, at least we think it is, and while one may try to excuse one's self, because its human nature to do so, yet we apply the soft pedal The club of St. Helen's filed and articles of incorporation in the Coundaughter. Lucy, of South Louisville, is no capital guests of Mrs. Lucy ty Clerk's office. There were week-enand there can be no indebtedstock, Chamberlain. $." and the Mrs. Carrie Carfield spent the ness. The initaition fee is yearly dues are fixed at $3 a year. Week-en- d with the Misses Broyles. The aim of the club is to promote near Harrod's ( 'reek. Mr. and Mrs. ). T. Herr, of War- the welfare and business interests of wick, spent Sunday with J. W. the community. Netherton and family. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gans and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gans. of Louis- 6 ville, were guests Sunday of their sister. Mrs. Philip Thomas. Mrs. Harry Mitchell delightfully entertained a number of friends Friday afternoon. Mrs. OUie Brown, of Crescent Hill, spent several days with her mother. Mrs. H. Mitchell, Sr. There will be service Sunday. April 30, at 3 p. m. at Springdale Presbyterian church by H. K. Laird, pastor. Everyone cordially invited' Misses Mable and Leola Maddux. Annie and Newton Miller and Annie Bright attended the Sunday-schoo- l convention at Lyndon last Sunday. Such m Rich, Bed Blood Tingling Through Your System Nerves like iron and an appetite like a farm hand. Does that appeal to yon? Are you tired of being- "always tired" nervous, irritable tired of having- your friends tell you that it you don't knock off and rest you'll go to pieces? 01OOM ST0R of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Littrell. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Simcoe Mr. and Mrs. W. EL Stut.enbur-gerof Springdale. entertained Sun- "The ,uack Doctor.' r, at Our Store, Write for Card. 4th and Chair. Is most comfortable, durable and specially adapted for yard or porch service. These chairs have been popular for a century, but are more extensively used now than ever before Pf 0 STEWART DRY GOODS CO. NEW YORK STORE IN CONNECTION incorporated WITH JAS. McCREERY NEW YORK STORE & CO., NEW YORK.

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