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Image 6 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 27, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

children the survival of the fittest is the only thing: that they are gods and there is no god but protoplasm: they can cry out, "O, protoplasm hear 426 S. Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. Over Beaten & Langen. us and save us." The agnostic if he Schools Discussed doesn't know, can let his children Of Bible and TEETH New York Dentists RELATION Guaranteed Roofing! come to school and be in a position to learn something and the Jew already has the law given to Moses of which Christ says: "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophInteresting Letter Especially Appropriate ets: I am not come to destroy but to For verily I say unto you, fullill. at This Time Refining Influences till heaven and earth pass one jot or of inscrline artificial We make a sierialty of Bible. one tittle shall in no wise pass from teeth without the use of a plate. the law till all be fulfilled." All TEETH EXTRACTED POSWITHOUT PLATES ITIVELY WITHOUT PAIN. The largest aul oldest Dental t iftices in the South. $5. A GOOD SET OF TEETH Teeth extracted free when new ones are ordered. OFFICE OPEN TILL 9 O'CLOCK EVERY NIGHT Sundays from 8 a. m. till 12 m. Lady always in attendance. KEEPING MONEY AT HOME is always a dangerous practice and moreover is a constant source of worry. An account with the jmiRSOH COUNTY PANK will relieve you of this danger, and at the same time, you will tind that doing bus iness with the bank is much more convenient, and in every way more satisfactory than keeping your money at borne. WE SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS, By Horace Moremen. The Hi lle says: "My people perish for lack of knowledge and where shall wisdom be found? Behold the fear f the Lord, that is wisdom: and to depart from evil that Is understanding. Wherewithal shaii a young man cleanse his wayV By taking heed thereto according to thy word."' The Bible is the best religious instruction that we can have. It is the foundation of our civil and religious liberty. Our Savior says: "If the son therefore shall make ye free Many ob ye shall be free Indeed." ject to having the Bible read in the public schools, but "Righteousness exalteth a nation and sin is a reproach to any people," where is there better religious instruction than is found in the Bible? Our Court of Appeals has decided the Bible is not a sectarian book, and its use is allowed in the public, schools. To those who object to the Bible being read in the public schools, be they .lews, or those who have no adherence to any religious organization, there is an unearned increment of good, as there is an unearned Increment of wealth. To people who do nothing with the land or property they may own. but owing to the improvements made by their neighbors, roads, schools and churches, their wealth is added to and they become wealthy from what others around them have done and are doing. Saint I'aul says: "If any man have not the spirit of Christ he is none of his." The spirit of Christ is abOne of the solute unselllshuess. most wonderful examples of the teachings of Christ is the empire of Japan, in its adoption of the Red Cross Society for its army hospitals. This is an unearned increment from the teachings of the Bible. When are reaping the unearned increment of the translation made three hundred years ago. Men cry "Peace. peace." There is no peace saith my God, to the wicked." Mr. Carnegie who has done and is doing so much for the cause of peace wants his temple of peace built on a solid foundation and if the Christians of the world who daily pray, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done," rant the prince of peace to take possession of his kingdom: let them put the Bible into the hands of every one of every nation that can read it and teach the rest to read and heed it. When the Pharisee came to Christ saying, "Master, which is the great ommandment in the law?" Jesus said unto him: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment, and the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Throughout the world Christians sing of a risen and living Christ. The lord is risen indeed and he says, "And if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me." Since the promise was made that he should bruise the serpent's head he has been and will be till time is no more drawing men to him. When Adam and Eye i hrew away the white flag ot purity, perfection and love, which God had given them to carry through the ages, Christ, the Jew's Messiah, the Christian's Christ, the promised seed of the woman was there and caught it ere it fell and will carry it till His followers are a host no man can number, though the coils of the serpent surround the world. All bribegivers are classed with Annanias and s Caiphas, all are classed with Judas Iscariot: all judges with Pilate, and every human being can say: "I crowned his head with thorns:! drove the nails through his hands and feet: I pierced his side.'Still, though a direful shaft was hurled, the serpent could only bruise his heel. He arose and has sent His spirit into the world to re prove it of sin, of righteousness and bribe-taker- time-servin- g Japan sent inquirers through the nations of the world to find and inTHE JEFFERSON struct her what was best in each COUNTY BANK, and all the nations of the world, among other things she adopted the JEFFER80NT0WN. KY. i Bed Cross Society and Y. M. C. A. for her hospital service. During her war with Russia she treated the Russian wounded and prisoners so well, that when the war was over they judgement to come. He will take would not return to Russia but stay- out our stony hearts. Wherefore Will make the season of 1911 at the ilac come out from among them and be known as the old Snyder farm, now ow ned ed in Japan. When Perry visited in ye separate, saith the Lord, and by Kd. Shanks, near Tucker's Station, on the Japan he found a proclamation, statJeflersontown and Tucker Station road ing that if any foreigner, even the touch not the unclean things and I jiisl hack of Herbert Goose's place, at great god ot the Spaniards, should will receive you and will be a father $12 to Insure a Mare in Foal. come to J apan he should be behead- unto you and ye shall be my sons and 1279 China sent ambassadors my daughters, saith the Lord Al WARD BKKCHKR was bred by M. Robert. ed. In mighty." son. is 7 years old. dark gray. 16 hands high to.Iapan and the ambassadors were As an anonymous poet says: ot gimd proportions and lartre bone; weight beheaded and the emperor of China 1, lux pounds. His sire was the Sam Haryey sent a fleet to destroy the Japanese. What hast then done for me. Jack. IS hands and weighed 1.200 pounds Under an Kastern sky, he by the Haryey Jack. IB hands, imported. Before they could land one of those Amid a rabble's cry, Ward Beecher's dam was a Kentucky jen typhoons swept their ships on an A man went forth lo die net. l.V hands, of imported Spanish blood. island and the Japanese killed all uy the John Brown jack. it., hands high, ol Kor me. Whaler blood, imported. Ward Beecher's of them but three, by whom they breeding is t rum large slock, kind breeders sent a message to Kublia Khan, his blessed head. that anil sure loal Kellers. Ward needier has his every tread; proved to be & line breeder and a sure foal thus would they and their gods serve , on he sped tetter. There is not a belter jack in JefferWhat made son his coltsare large and line. Don't all Chinese who come. For ine. i ail to see this jack before you breed. the change in the treatment of pris Pierced glow his hands and feet. oners by the Japanese? They have Three hours o'er him beat SOUID come in contact with Christ. They Fierce rays of noontide heat. NO. 2286 For me. have touched the hem of his gar ment, for nowhere but in the teach Will make Ihe season al same time and Thus wert thou made all mine; place, at Lord, make me wholly thine; ings of Christ is it said, "Love your Grant grace and strength divine $10 to Insure a Mare in Foal. enemies, and when tie asKeu tne To me. SOLID MARK is a beautiful mahogany bay iiuestion, "Who then is neighbor to In thought, and word and deed, saddle and harness horse, 7 years old, and him who fell among theives?'" and Thy will to do. O lead has proven himselt lo be a tine breeder. Solid .Mark was foaled May, 1904. He is sired by said, "Go thou and do likewise," he My soul e'en though it bleed. Mark Chester. Mo. ISM; grand sire, Denmark To thee. Chief. J. B., No. 6X2. Dam Meta S., No. 1575: organized the greatest fraternal bv Trust. I.e by Ten Broeck. Second dam. society of the world. It includes Tt is certain wonderful advances Nj. 7W7. by Banta's George, he Fearl Cray. by Suuipler Denmark. Third dam by John wry man, woman and child of every have been made by those people who Waxy. No. MS. he by Van Meter's Waxy.F.s, olor and nation and his judgement have been blessed with an open The Hist time he was shown Solid Mark won second premium last year in the light as ye nave uone it to Bible the past .100 years aud it was harness ring at the Kentucky State Fair; is, "lnasmucn also won several lirsl premiums at the Jeff- the least of these my brethren ye a litting celebration of the three erson county fair. It inaresare sold or traded to other parties have done it unto me." Christ and hundredth anniversary ot the King A lien rethe service fee becomes due. his teachings are found in the Bible James translation of the Bible into tained on all colls until season fees are paid. Care taken lo prevent accidents, bul BSC re- alone and in the lives of his followers. the English language, for the Chrissponsible should any occur. So much for those who do not be tian people of the world to put the Don't fail lo see Ibis horse before vou breed. lieve ill Christ to show how much Bible into the hands of all the people they are in debt to him and the Bible. of every nation in the world. It BEN YATES, Cumb. phone Jeffersontown. Ky. To every Christian, Christ is the Kentucky wants to develop in every bread of life, the water of life and direction and in all that is good, let the light of the world. Without her put the Bible in the hands of all bread, water and lignt we cannot the pupils of her schools. "Unitlive. To the Christian the Bible is ed we stand, divided we fall," is our indispensable. We are commanded motto and if our country is founded to go into all the world to preach on the righteous laws aud the people this gospel to every creature. The know justice and mercy and practice gospel of love to God and love to them, we shall not need the preparPUBLIC man, teach all nations, "Teaching ations for war, but can use what war OFFICE OVER SQUARE THE JEFFERKONIA them to observe all things whatso preparation is now made in building KY. JEFFERSONTOWN. ever I have commanded you, and lo, I good roads from the northern to the am with you always, even to the end southern and from the eastern to the of the world." He also says, "Suffer western limits of our country. Let the little children to come unto me us unite on all that is best and tGod and forbid them not." Put the Bible savs: "f ear tnou not, i am witn tnee. in the hands of every child in the Be not dismayed, for I am thy state, and suffer them to come. This God. I will strengthen thee; yea There's a reason you should let me sell vou wall paper. I handle tne best; have third centenary of the Bible being will help thee; yea I will up a large line to select from and the prices are right. put into the language of the common hold thee with the right hand of my all work. Paper hanging people is a fit time to put it into the righteousness." given prompt attention. hands of the children of the common Horace W. Moremen. Cumb. phone Putting the Bibles in the people. 6. A. HOKE, Jeffersontown schools abridges no one's liberty. I The Louisville Times 10c a week. The Darwinian can still teach his Prompt delivery. Welford Alcock. - WARD BEECHER Thorn-crowneBlood-staine- Cross-laden- MARK 40-- 6 t, Dr. E. L. Floore, DENTIST LET'S FIGURE 1 42-- tv d d and One ply 5 years and it is the only roofing made backed so liberally. While you are about it, put on a good roof, one that you won't have to be painting aud fussing with every little while to keep it in proper condition. Get the guaranteed, trouble-prooroofing It's easy to lay, costs little and gives long and faithful service. f Reliance Rubber Roofing WW "The Roof Durable" Sr for samples and interesting booklet They're yours promptly for the mere request. Ask "Guaranteed Roofing ' " and it won't make much difference what the weather so far as vour roof is concerned. WM. STOCKHOFF Reliance is fully guaranteed without painting or coatiug, Three ply, 10 years; Two ply, 8 years 426 East Market St., Louisville, Ky. The Buff Rock Hen. Never was there a bird introduced to the poultry world that has won such signal victories as the Buff Plymoth Rock. Like the conquering Anglo-Saxowhence they sprang following the course of the sun they have won unfading laurels around the world. They lay in winter and in summer: they lay early and often. If you don't know how to make a hen lay, just get a Buff Rock lien, she knows and will perform the f work to your entire satisfaction. you have any scrubs in your llnck place them gently on the block and with a sharp ax strike hard, "If nt first you don't succeed, try, try again.'" Talk about your incubators, the Buff Rock hen is a sure hatch. Last, but not least, the Buff Rock is not an accident like some other breeds among us, but scientifically bred by the greatest poultry men the world has ever known. W. V. HALL. JOHN MANNING. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. n EMBALMING DONE ON NOTICE. All Work In SHORT FirstClass Style. Prices Reasonable. JEFFERSONTOWN, Cumb. Phone KY. 71-- 2 I PAINTS:- - : OF ALL KINDS Mrs. S. D. Thompson. Midnight in the Ozarks Floor Paints Floor Stains Floor Varnishes and yet sleepless Hiran Scranton, of Clay City, III., coughed and cougned. He was in the mountains on the advice of five doctors, who said he had consumption, but found no help in the climate, and started home. Hearing of Dr. King's New Dis covery, he began to use it. beneve it saved my life," he writes, "for it made a new man of me. so that I can now do good work again." For all lung diseases, coughs, colds, a grippe, asthma, croup, whooping cough, hay fever, hemorrages, hoarseness or quinsey, it s the best known remedy. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all druggists. Shingle Stains, Wood Stains, Calcimo Wall Finish, Johnson's Wood Dyes and Floor Waxes, Index Prepared Paint, Roof Paints, Glass for all purposes. I OUR QUALITY GUARANTEED. : BRIDGES, SMITH & CO. Incorporated. 227229 West Market Street. LOUISVILLE, KY. Population Statistics. The census of Kentucky's population gives the population of every incorporated place in the state for 1910. as compared with 1900 and 189ft Jefferson county has 22,920 people, as against 232.519 in 1900 and 188,596 in 1890. The population of Jefferson county by minor civil subdivisions is as follows: District 1, including Anchorage, tow n 9.4T1 Anchorage town District S, including Jeffersontown, K44X town 345 Jeffersontown. town District 3, insluding Highland Park 10.111 andOakdale. towns l.'.iTT Highland Park, town 2,073 Oakdaletown lO.eCi District 4 with Districts 5, 6, "and K. Louisville city tOStt 223.H2S Louisville, city 38-- 3H Green Trading i Thf T.paHiirf Merrkants nf Tpfforcnntnwn -- H ss. Lucas County. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is senior partner of the firm of F. S Co., doing business in & DEALERS IN Groceries, Dry Goods, Feed and Hardware State of Ohio, City of Toledo, J.Cheney Given on Stamps cash sales all at RILEY BROS. CONNECTION. First-Clas- s Bread in Every Respect at K 6 Loaves for 25c. Tickets given. FIRST-GLA- SS 2 BAKERY IN delivery on Free all oods. the city of Toledo, County and State firm will 7L Honesty is Our Motto. Cumb. Phone . V aforesaid and that said pay the sum of ONK HUNDUIOD DOLLARS for each aud every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured b the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure. N. R. BLANKENBAKEB, Fisherville, Ky Frank J. Cheney & Co. Fred M yers, Je ffersonto n. Ky. Cuinl). Phone Comb. Phone 702. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 0th day of December, A. D. 1886. ...iiann!ii im- - iMumwm ii in ' rrr inMMm 20-3- 4!- (Seal.) A. W. . Oleason, i -4. iiii Notai PnblSc. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials free. y F..T. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by all Druggists, "oc. Take Halls Family Fills for consti pation. Clubbing Offers The Jeffersonian and Weekly Courier-JournaDaily ' Courier-Journ- l Both l year $1.50 0.40 MYERS & BLANKENBAKER 3.25 Herald ' 3.50 Post Funeral 4.50 Times Complete. 1.50 Stock Always Weekly Ky. State Journal (Ex-GoBeckham, Editor) 1.25 Weeklv Cincinnati Enquirer 1.50 Bryan'sCommoner 1.75 Farmers Home Journal (new) 1.50 Souther n Agriculturist 1.25 Farm and Home 1.25 Reliable Poultry Journal 2.00 Delineator 1.50 Uncle Remus Magazine The Jejtfersonian Jeffersontown, Ky Sunday Directors and Embalmers Calls Answered Day and Night. Courier-Journ- al ...ON SALE AT FANELLI BROS.

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