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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 27, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

JEFFER ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, April 27, 1911. Vol. 4. No. 45 MIDDLETOWN. SPOTLESS f Is the City jeffersontown of Since the Great Clean-u- Turn Mm. Women and Children Give Town a Scrubbing of p indignant over the act. It is believed that it was not done in a spirit of vengeance, but that the offender merely desired to obtain a few fish lor a meal and resorted to wholesale killing of the fish. What the People Are Doing In A K. T. Durrett is a contractor and it Live Community. is thought that the dynamite Jused in slaying the lish was stolen from his nit on the farm. County Patrolman John Sullivan was notified and will Church Notices, Personal Items and Many make a rigid investigation. Things of Interest Concerning streams and stocked ponds in Kentucky is a penitentiary offence. Those We Know. Day. Out and -- Notes the Day. Dvna-uiitin- g Poland Chinas For Shelby County. Mr. Ceo. W. Waddy, Flockland Waddy. Shelby Co.. has Under the auspice of the Com- Farm, Dear recently purchased three valuable mercial Club and with the assistance sows of the large, of the public school teachers, the Poland China sontown growth' type from J. I'. Vissering. streets and alleys of JetTci .1. Lee Slater, of were gives a thorough cleaning last of Godfrey, and III. The purchase emFriday and Saturday. Magistrate West Point, 416,006 A. P.-C. Wheeler kindly furnished the braces Oueen Maud K.. who farrowed a litter of eight county road sweeper and grader and tine pigs March IS to Big Dick 172.- with a number of teams and wagons 065; Miss Wheeler 2nd 41006 A. P.-furnished by citizens of the comEC, farrowed a litter of 9 pigs. 4 munity, great and lasting work was boars and 5 sows, March 12th, lull. About live hundred wagon done. 171,647: and Superior loads of dirt and lilth were taken oil to Big Lad property Mollie 416,010, farrowed 7 pigs. th streets, the premises of 4 sows, oil 11th of March, holders and residents were cleaned, boars and Sows and work was done, a spot- to Big Dick 172,065. and when the was the result. Never be- litters are doing nicely and are less town subject of much favorable comfore have the citizens of this vicinity the by hog fanciers. These sows ment responded so readily in a matter of will be bred again to Mr. Waddy's public good. young stock boar. Honest Jim In the contest for the best cleaned by Jim Dandy 120.117, and out of day there were only premises of the Eta press Mastodon 355,882. three entries P. P. Litterer and the Baptist and Methodist churches. There was no contest from the fact COUNTY BOARD that the members of the churches failed to show up and compete, presumably because there was no need Of Education Holds Meeting and Decides to try to win over Mr. Litterer. who Reject Upon Important Questions has about the prettiest and cleanest Bills For Fire Insurance. premises in the county. That's why The judgthere were so few entries. es, however, visited the property of At a recent meeting of the County the churches and Mr. Litterer and Board of Education a committee, decided that the lattei's premises which was appointed to look into the were by far the cleanest place in trouble over the boundary of the C. .' 107,-72- town. .. Middletown and Rocky Hill school Notes of the Day. '4' 9, The Jeffersonian will never have to give a prize for the most popular young ladies in this community again. Misses Theresa McDermott, Louise Owings and Mary Folk won this honor by going out in the streets and helping the boys and girls clean-up- . The professional men of the town were too busy to work, but found time to boss the job every now and then. Men worked on this day that never worked before in their lives. Charlie Tyler and J. C. Bruce came in for a great deal of credit for securing the sweeper and grader for the occasion. Wagons and teams were furnished by men "too numerous to mention." EL R. Sprowl's desire was accomplished at last by having 'something doing'' in Jeffersontown. W. J. Semonin is the right man in the right place and at the right time. L. C. Owings couldn't be present, but he sent some mighty good substitutes. J. C. Alcock said that a might v good example was set and he hoped the good work would continue. W. T. Buchanan said that he had Jived in Jeffersontown for S3 years and this was the lirst time thestreets were ever cleaned. Miss McUermott found a tin can on the public square that had a date of 179 on it. Some of the merchants objected to having the streets cleaned in front of their premises, it is said. Frank Fauelli bought several hoes to work with from another merchant districts, reported in favor of the Rocky Hill people. The contention of Rocky Hill was sustained, by the Board. The patrons of this district were represented by Attorney L. R. Curtis, of Louisville. Another important matter that was discussed was the bills presented by 1'. K. Miller and J. C. Alcock for premiums due on fire insurance covering certain school houses in the county. The Board has decided to cancel all fire insurance and set aside several hundred dollars each year of the tax money to protect their own property instead of insuring in insurance companies. As the insurance was ordered, it is said, by trustees and division boards, instead of the County Board, it was the opinion of the members of the Board that they were not legally liable to pay the cancellation fees. However, a committee was named to confer with County Attorney Scott Bullitt upon the question of the legality cf the claim and to take action upon his .advice. It was reported that Mr. Bullitt was of the opinion that on account of the insurance not being contracted for by the County Board this hoard was not liable under the law. Therefore, the committee wili reject the payment of the bills, it is said. As the members of the Board ordered the insurance and as the policies were accepted uy them and the first installment premiums paid by the County Superintendent, it is believed that suits will be brought by the insurance companies to require the Board to pay the premiums due. PRESTONIA. in town. Yes, Dr. Wells did his part. April 24 Mrs. Belle Phillips is The town trustees were not in evi- seriously ill of cancer at her home dence, but they have promised to do on the Ash Bottom Road. Mrs. their part by seeing that the town is Phillips is a devout church member kept clean hereafter. and a most estimable and charitable Some money was needed to pay off worker. the colored men who worked, but Mr. George C. Bickel is erecting this was no trouble to get, as those one of the prettiest bungalows in who could not work themselves do- nated liberally. The trees given by Levy Bros, were appreciated by all who received them. day" in It is said that "clean-uJetfersontown will be an annual exhibition. Since Jeffersontown has had a clean-uday, Louisville will have one this week. p p Pond Dynamited. The large pond on the farm of Mrs. Sallie P. Durrett, two and a half miles beyond Louisville, on the Preston-street road, was dynamited last by Dersons whose identity has week not yet been ascertained, and more than a hundred fine fish were killed. The dead fish were floating on the surface of the water. The owner is Durrett Lane. Miss Annie Larkin. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Larkin, and Mr. Benjamin Hilbers were married on Wednesday. Miss Larkin is a very popular young lady. Mr. Hilbers is with Mr. Frank Kernan in the grocery business. They have a host of friends who congratulate them and wish them all the good the world holds in store. Miss Bertha Hujo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hujo, was painfully burned. by the explosion of a gasoline stove on Wednesday evening. Miss Hujo was assisting her mother in preparing supper when she discovered the stove was leaking. Miss Hujo quickly threw the stove into the yard when it exploded, and in doing so the flames burned her hands badly. Middletown, April 24. Mrs. K. Harris, of Louisville, is visiting her mot her. Mrs. Geo. West. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Guthrie visited relatives in Bloomlield last week. Miss snent Laura Hall, of Crest wood, last week with Mrs. Jas. Davis. day after services Rev. G. J. Daniel, Messrs. Arch and Tom Brinley and Newland and Roger Waters. Mrs. Henry Pearcy entertained at o'clock dinner last Friday evening honor of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Pearcy, of Eastwood. The decorations were white and green. in Sunday. Mrs. L. K. Brown and Mrs. Fields of Lonisville, were guests of Mrs. has recently sold the following colts, mostly by his celebrated stallion. Goldsheen: To J. B. Reeves, of Pennsylvania, two stallions: W. M. Less-maof Kansas, two fillies;H. Taylor, of Tennessee, one filly: C. E, Leonard, of Alabama, one mare: A. K. Brown, of Missouri, one colt and one filly; C. H. Miles, of Illinois, one (illy: C. M. Simpson, of Montana. seven stallion cons: anu ur. J no. a. Haas, of Louisiana, one stallion. He also sold to J. M. Bassett, of Texas. seventy-seveJersey heifers and a pair of carriage horses: and to C. B. Live Stock Co., of Texas, twenty-twregistered Shorthorn bulls and ten Poland China pigs. o and .Mrs. J. JN. Ulem Stereopticon Views and Bible Lectures to Be mill April 19th. Several of the Buechel people will attend the Musicale and Dialect Recital at King's Hall Friday evening. Miss Gertrude Burwinkle and Jerome Hendershoi were guests of friends in Jeffersonville Sunday. at Hikes' SchooIhoune'By Rev. Provide a Dust Bath. T. S. Tinsley. Boechel, April 24. T. G. Hedges, of Watcrl'ord. was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Currev Tuesday and Wednesday. G. K. Hikes has returned, alter an extended trip to Florida. Mrs. Ramsey and grandaughter, Lily Weden, spent Tuesday in Lou- isville. Miss Maggie Boeder on Monday evening in brother, George's, entertained honor of her twenty-fir- st birth- The setting hen should be provided with a dust bath, a place where she can dust herself each day when she comes off the nest If provided with a proper place and right material she will generally keep herself free from lice, but if she does not do so, she ought to be dusted at least once a week with insect powder. After all the chicks are out of the shells, the hen should be dusted again for fear of lice upon the chicks. The dust left on the hen's ft atbers will cause the lice on the chicks to die or move away. LIFE SENTENCE e were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Tatchell Of the Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary of last Sunday and Mrs. Alfred Genovely Will Mr. Henry Adams, of Louisville( Long Be Remembered. spent the week-enthe guest of Mr. Chester Shrader. Miss Minnie Shank, of Shepherds-ville- : Louisville, Ky., April 10. On Sunand Mrs. Robt. Martin were day morning a party of fifteen, with guests of Mrs. M. P. Crask Wednes- well tilled baskets with all the delday. icacies of the season, boarded the Mr. and Mrs. John Venowine spent cars for Jeffersontown; and on reachthe guests of Mrs. W. ing there took a bus to drive to the the week-en1). Johnson, of Shelbyville. home of Mr. aud Mrs. Alfred GenoveThe Mrs. John Tatchell entertained the ly. It was an ideal April day. C. W. B. M. Society of the Christian occasion was the celebration of the church last Tuesday evening. The sixtietji wedding anniversary of Mr. subject was '"Our work among' the and Mrs. Alfred Genovely. The celeSeveral papers bration of any marriage is an occacolored people." upon the subject. After sion for great rejoicing, but to see a were read the program an Easter offering of couple walk together through joys was taken, which amount- and sorrows and the many vicisituues ed to $. After the program Mrs. of life for sixty long years, is a beauTatchell served delicious fruits. tiful sight and an occasion to be long The tenth day of The evening was pleasantly spent. remembered. who attended were Mrs. Omer April, 1857, in the beautiful Shelby Those Jones, Mrs. John )rr, Mrs. W. S. county home of Jos. Martin, Alfred Blackwell, Mrs. Lawrence Cox, Mrs. Genovely wooed and won his fair John Waters, Mrs. B. T. Coleman, bride, Nancy E, Martin. Five chil Mrs. John Tatchell and Miss Mamie dren were born to them, all of whom Clore. are living and were present at the On reaching the old Mrs. Wm. Poulter entertained at anniversary. tea last Sunday evening. Her guests home the children, with husbands were Misses Sadie and Ida Hamilton, and wives, and grandchildren with a Pearl North, Biland Brinley, Lloyd few friends, were met by the family, Poulter and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cox. consisting of lather, mother and youngest son anil family. It was a Miss Mamie Clore entertained the of joyful greetings and conweek-en- d Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Misses time gratulations. In due time the venerMyrtle Johnson, Jeffersontown, Cleo groom were invited to Mills, of Fairfield, 111., Mr. Edward able bride and where a table dec the dining-rooPounds, Louisville, and S. Thomas orated with cut flowers and ferns and Johnson. good things that Mrs. Mason Gregg entertained a groaning under would satisfy the most fastidious apdinner party Monday. Covers were greeted them. Father, mothlaid for Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gregg, of petite, er and children were all seated toLouisville, Mrs. E. T. Mitchell, Miss color scheme was yelMaud Gregg, Louisville, Max, Jas. gether. The low and green, the centerpiece being and Ray Mitchell. a large cake with the lettering-- ''SixMrs. H. P. Pearcy entertained tieth Anniversary." After a blessing Monday evening at a musicale. Her pronounced by the venerable groom guests were Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Cole- all partook of the bountiful feast, man and Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Gaines. after which aH repaired to the parAfter a program of select classical lor where the company was enter pieces refreshments were served. tained by many reminiscences of the Miss Minnie Shank, of Shepherds-ville- , past by the aged bride and groom is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Ada and some beautiful music given by Martin. four of the grandchildren. About Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Pearcy were o'clock in the afternoon came the s entertained by Mrs. James Driskili, time for parting and soon were said and the company left with of Louisville, Tuesday evening. Mr. Jas. Hockersmith and Miss Em- deep impressions of the goodness of ma Yager spent the week-en- d with a loving Heavenly Father in sparing the lives of the dear ones, and with a Mrs. H. L. Johnson, of Louisville. prayer that many years of happiness Miss Virginia Poulter has returned may yet be given Mr. and Mrs home, after spending a month with Genovely. her aunt, Mrs. Kolb, of Louisville. Pretty Home Wedding Mrs. Mary Wakefield and brother, One of the prettiest home. wed- of Wakefield, were guests of Miss dings of the season was solemnized Sallie May last week. Wednesday evening, April 19th, at Mrs. M. P, Crask and Miss Annie the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Poulter were guests of Mrs. Robert Schoffel. Miss Emma Schoffel was Martin Tuesday. the bride and Mr. Edward Haeber- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weatherbee lin was the groom. Rev. J. E. and daughters, Linnie and Viola, Kirk, of Louisville, performed were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Urthe ceremony. Miss Lydia Schoffel ton Wednesday. was bridesmaid. Mr. Walter Hae- " Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Singer are re- berlin was best man. Miss Julia ceiving congratulations over the Heick, of Cherokee Drive, played arrival of a little son. the wedding march. Owing to the Miss Mamie Clore will attend the death of the bride's uncle, it was a Sunday-schoo- l and C. W. B. M. con- quiet affair. The immediate famiof the first district, which lies and a few friends were present. ventions The wedding gifts were many and will be held at Lebanon next week. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. A. Mrs. Leonard Jones entertained handsome. last Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Claude Haeberlin are at home to their Tatchell and Miss Isabell Hardy, of friends at Glenview, Ky. d d self-deni- Sunday-Schoo- l. Given $1.00 Per Year day anniversary. Tin- birthday cake was decorated in twenty-onlighted candles and the ices wen- also, decorated in "21 's.?' Misses Elizabeth and Katberine For Rufus Hays, Colored. For Alleged Mr. Graff were the guests of Mrs. George der of Dudley Moore, Also Colored. CELEBRATION John Reece Friday. Mr. 'Home Coming" Day For Hiker . Sales of Stock From The Highlands Farm. Mr. L. L. Dorsey, of Anchorage, at '"Home Coming'' Sunday, May 7th, at 9 a. m. Everyone is cordially invited to attend. J. V. Summers opened up his saw BUECHEL. l n Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Urton were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weatherbee Every Thursday al m Mur- Hettinger on Thursday. Wm. Stutenburger, Mrs. of Ox-moo- r, entertained the following on Rufus Hays, colored, charged with Thursday: Misses Ida Belie Kaiser, the murder of Dudley Moore, also a Alma Delling, Helen Schnieter, negro, March 1. was found guilty by Freda Drescher and Mrs. Wm. Leath-- e a jury in the criminal court Monday nn an and sentenced to serve a life sentence Miss Alta Smith spent Sunday with in the penitentiary. A hung jury re- Misses Gertrude and Ethel Hikes. resulted in a former trial of the case. Bro. II. H. Watkins was the guest this being the second hearing. Hays is accused of having killed of Mr. and Mrs. S. Edward Vogt SunMoore by striking him on the head day. with a hugh stick of wood. The Among those who will attend the killing is said to have taken place on iMinday-schoconv itiou at Lebanthe Monohan farm, near St. Maton May the second and third are It was first believed that thews. Misses Mayme Kaiser, Elizabeth and Moore died of pneumonia, but later Dorothy Sidles and Gertrude Hikes. County Patrolmen Long and WilBro. T. S. Tinsley will give a series liams worked up the case and their of stereopticon views and Bible lec- investigation resulted in the body of tures at Hikes' schoolhouse beginning Moore being taken up aud an examiMay 8th, and continuing throughout nation of it made. the week. Coroner Duncan said that Moore Dr. Groves, the well known retired had died as a result of a blow on the physician, died at his home on Bax- head. Evidence was introduced at ter avenue Monday at 7 a. in. i)r. the trial to show that Hays had struck Moore over the head with a Groves was the father of Dr c Groves and was well kuowii through- heavy stick of wood. Hays says he out Bnechel, where he leaves manv was not near the scene of the killing ...... until o'clock the morning following friends to mourn his death. t he evening the alleged assault was Mrs. Wm, Bischoff and children says there was no ill feelwere guests of Mrs. T. S. Skiles made. He ing between Moore and himself. Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sear amTson. Birth. Russel, left Monday for Oklahoma to Born. Tuesday. April 2.7, 191 , to make their future home. the wife of Mr. Fred Prell, of JefferHikes' Sunday-schoo- l will have a sontown, a tine boy John Edward. . ol , ") 1 STYLE SERVICE SATISFACTION , good-bye- Lyndon. Mrs. Eliza Yeager had as her guests Monday Mrs. W. E. Reel, Misses Blanche, Mary and Martha Reel. Mrs. George Levon entertained Tuesday Mrs. Phillip Buchanon and Misses Kate and Maud Durr. Mrs. John Waters entertained Sun Gnelda Will Probated. The will of J. M. Guelda, who died Jeffersontown two weeks ago, was admitted to probate in the County Court Tuesday leaving all his property to his wife, Anna M. Guelda, who is named as executrix. The will Good b t crcrr $40 Best buggy, $ 1 00 1 Our 1911 Styles Are Ready for Inspection. McCorrnick Mowers, Binders, Hay Rakes and Twine. SEED COMPANY in is dated January 13, 1909. Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky.

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