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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), July 15, 1910

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

> wrY toc- a r i 11 j I I O = ry- tJ TUESDAY LTVESDAY and r u FRIDAY FRIDAY 1TwENTYoFlRST = f = Ntr FRIDAY JULY 15 1910 KY EARLINGTQN HOPKINS COUNTY YEAR 31111 morning for Mammoth Cave were Mrs O L Powers Everett Tucker Maud Misses SOCIAL EVENTS i Personal Mention Mattie Wilkie Pearl Lamer and and MINING They returned Mrs Elsie Chimer J home last night after a most de ¬ f4 i F 1 t d lu li t i j h ff4 lightful trip EIip JELidbfl wholays healinu Trainmaster E L Wise and Chas Trahern spent Sunday in Mosco Haley mother and lady Mrs Will and Miss Pansy Schooli for Mlnen friend of Midland Ky Rex Cun Rule entertained number of hands upon debilitated cars atj A most commendable move ArnoldNo 11 shops preyed Ohief Dispatcher W K Griffin Dawson Springs nln ham and ladyfrlend from Nebo friends at Lakeside park Mon ¬ were in Evansville on business Miss Alma Eenfrols visiting rela ¬ O T Perkins and lady friend from day in the anthracite region of upon realitves and friends afternoon and night in lion atISunday tives In Bowling Green Wheatcroft Ed Erovlce and lady heastern Pennsylvania is Mortons Gap last Sunday friend from Midland Ky are tak or of Miss Olivia Gollithan of Hoy Peyton left Monday for Goo Holtzclaw of Sebree was ing advantage of the excursion rates Lebanon the introduction of mine schools Tenn and Miss Tress the first of the week Foreman OtBlt1I non inforhiefl Evansville wliere he goes to ncII In former days the English us that he is laying the switch Walton Perry Is spending a few and are spending a few days at the Graham and Miss Ourlic of Stt cept a position in the office ofd Mammoth Cave this week speaking and Teutonic races this week in Dawson Louie A delightful lunch was r nod necessarytrack TO reach thEIthe Muster Machanic skilled in mining predominate Rambo of Madisonville was new opening at the FIx JJnn WHAT WE WANT Elagmau Olias Brewstor who in town one day this week in tins district but today work Miiiee is Mrs R N Clark made friends in done by a claps of European is has been on passaimer runs Mary until a late hour These Wylie Edwards of Mprtonw now in the freight service Virgil Madisonville a visit Monday whoso traditions and experience Suggestions for News Items in Writing present were Misses Irene and Grip was here yesterday on bus Almon releivnig him in the Pas Ohas Curtis of HopkiriBville spent have nothing to do with milieu for the TwiceaWeek Bee Bessie Coyle Miss Anita Deal Monday in the city on business Mr Edwards is Weigher senuar service Several of the mining corn pauiieE mess Bramwell Miss Mar ie Whit of Princeton Ky WW have established schools for the at SouthDiamoud mine N at Hopkinsville is visitingWatts 1he L Tie TWICE A WEEK BKK wants field Miss Tress Graham Miss his mother this week W R Brasher of the Civil has had the piece of ground benefit of thcne employes otie of f Miss Gollithan Miss a good corre Ourlic Roy Wyatt was tha Engineer force has returned that surrounds that depot made a visitor In theof Madisonville was to secure at once 1 the first of which city Wednesdaypondent from every town in Pansy Rule Mrs Newbold and I established by the Philadelphia from a visit to his parents near into a small park which odds to J Madison Oldham made a busi ¬ Hopkins county where we have Mrs Will Rule Elsworth Ev silo Rending Ooul and Iron Jlussellville Ky the appearance of Mie place noss trip to Mmlifionville Wednesday no regular correspondent We aus Miller and Ben Evans John if company Here in attendance Assistant Genera Manager A Flowers have bees panted nUll Mrs Jas R Rash spent Wednes- ¬¬ furnish stamps and all necessary Moore Mr Bates Dr McEuen r are found the apprentices JlnlJ Q Spillmnn made u business grass sodded and walks made day in Madisonville with her par- stationery also a copv of the Mr Gardiner H D Oowand journeymen employed in tin trip to tree Shamrock mines last and altogether is a very pleasant ents We wish Mr Newbold and Ed Rule i cities Marv Burke Is spending her A VEEK BEE 4 shops and the mine workers week scene to the eye of The weary tJonwrth friends In Nashville to urge our correspondents tp which include Jas Blanks of the Victnrin The course BAPTIST HILL NEWS send us the news twice each Tai n n mathematics and drawing hus rumps wns in the city on bnsi Tiss Pansy Myers is spending this week if it is but one or two Baron Mumm says that the special reference to the particu ness the first of this week herr weeTc Below weprint a list of Johnnie Lee Waldon visited his items flutung Mukden Railway of 170 sister in Central City lar class of work in which the which will be of much father Will Woldou this week miles which ie being conveated Thos P Wand of The flee force employes are engaged Allen Mr kENTUCKY CLUB from a narrow military road to spent Sunday in Dawson with assistance in writing the news visited Morean Mrs Hopof Graham Cavauuugh Mr and Keep it handy he finish ¬ friends the normal gauge will Both fans at Victoria have v Sunday Fires Miss Eula Oldham spent Sunday been lately remodeled and uinhlt Organizicd py Kentuckian now Living inIed in the autumn of 1012 The Mrs Jack Franklin of Hecla was t Oorean Government is paving with Mrs Todd In the country near ex capable of working either the guest of Mrs Kinney Carroll RelicsBirths Wichita Falls Texas Sunday 6000000 forthe construction of RichlandMr haust or dowucaV there by of the firm of Barnes Ramon Graham who has been in Deaths u bridge across the Yalu near making that mine one of till There has recently heir I1II ¬ Antuug The line has 183 bridg- ¬ Cowand Co left for Greenville Drakesboro for some time has re ventilated in the State ized at Wichita best MurdersMarriages lexusII yesterdayMrs turned home A similar chance will be math Kentucky Otub the members of es rued 21 tunnels Gorey of Montgomery Mrs Vinson who has been criti ¬ Robberies Ala is visiting the Misses Whalen in the near future at Arnold which are natives of the Blur cally ill for some time is thought to this weeki Accidents MILITARY OFFICERS A seven foot disc fan will soot grass state Notwithstanding improvingMiss Mies Garnett Lindle of clay will Cavanaugh visited bo rigged up for emergency the fast that the entire member CuriositiesSchool her friend Miss Ruth Wyatt Miss Lula Underwood Sunday and work The fun is electric dri ship now numbering over 05 of wm Attend Camp of Instructions at Fort visit week next Sunday night Church News ver Tho housing will be built in the most promuieut business men Benjamin Harrison Mrs Tno X Taylor of Madison Mrs Hattie Purdy spent Sunday Lodge Meetings sections upon knock down prln in this eecion of Northwest Texville visited friends in thetlty visiting her mother Mrs Hill on Public Meetings cipals to insure easy trausporta as is frmilar with Kentuckys railroad Street Officers of the Kentucky Na ¬ WednesdayW Live Stock Sales 1 and D D Woodruff lion and rapid erection Like Mrs Connie Walton and Misa chief products the emblem of tional Guard are preparing to of St Charles are in the city today Society Meetings fire engine it will be kept in in the organization is a sheathed attend thecamp of instructions Emma Burnes called on Mrs Luther Hamby Family Reunions businessMrs stant readiness for any demand corkscrew and its motto As the for militia officersat Ft Beuji Toombs of Madison ¬ Sales Herbert Floyd entertained a few Real Estate however unexpected wr sword rusting in its scabbard is man Harrison near Indianap ¬ his friends with an ice cream sup ¬ Conditions of crops The work of getting ready for an evidence of so the olis which begins Tiny 17 and per Monday evening her Mrs A is new bins rind slack washers sheathed corkscrew isrypictlof closes July 23 ouutoue hun ¬ motherJ Mrs BroomeRenf visitingMain Conditions of RoadsConditions Miss Nichols of St Charles who Unusual Weather ro on Rpea ou a pace being pushed by an ntJvnnc1U civilization At a dred officers of the ICeotucky St this week J N of General Interest as rapidly ai reoeulmeeting of the club an guur

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