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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 17, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

AM t baif N- y I 4 J S > ik >i I a vOLUMCOLUMBIA H k r Will Jlofo i jjf The special > > I Are Making Good begintin preachingand Green < a Revival meetings to be held at will lead the singing Dr Holmes is consideredone of the strong est revival preachers of the South Mr Clarkwho is favorably known in Co lumbia has just completed his Sum mers studies in the Moody Institute Chicago and is at present at Winona Lake Ind a great Confer enceoiEvangelistic singers He will inevery way be ably prepared to sue cessfully lead the singing Three ser vices per day with dinner on the ground will be held For those who may so desire every inducement will be offered for camping on the beautiful grounds surrounding the church The entire community is making prepara tion for therevival The best sewing The Free machines machine uncannylilt J ¬ Tungsten Bulb will give you double and cost you no more Sold by Russell Co 402t A 402t the light you are getting J manufacturers fall styles Now 11 1910 th br M CrSaufley Adair County morningought ceased friends and admir- ¬ ers in Columbia where he was partly educated and where he taught in the M F High School in his early man ¬ whor great many people in town were r Russell I native of Russell county and had re ¬ sided at the Springs about fifteen or eighteen years and was known and communityHer r homes throughout Russell county and an immense throng of people attended second money agekhusband our knowledge ¬ Judge 412t d He was one of to make the following low prices for the next 30 days an Ladies and mens slippers eloquent as a speaker No man of his 400 value at 298 day could use cleaner and purer En- ¬ 350 value at 224 glish when he spoke than Judge Sauf ¬ 325 value at 219 ley He was one of Kentuckys very 225 value v at 148 finest lawyers and graced the bench in 200 value at 139 the Statefor along time He disliked 150 value at 100 any thing which savored of dishonesty 135 value < 98 at He was the soul of honor I had known Dress Goods All summer dress goods him for more than 40 years and had u wa admired him for his abilities an ¬ p ular price grave m Clothing 1500 suits at 998 125 v at 848 1000 at 648 Notice 800 i at 529 600 at 31 g Sarah JV Webb et al Plflf 300 f Other goods at right prices Deft Special for Saturday August 20th To satisfy execution No 1844 which glassware and notions an endless va issued from the office of the clerk of ety Le Chelf Knifley K Y 500at Circuof cl hid Valln Russellf r h tJ > + H t i u- tt 1 iqn laand w i Pattesonbe res istan tl18tMatri i u- >p < v 4 t- fYj s J J t t 0 C 1fk s oy < > i + ° > u Mt L 3 1 V y B4 rt X2 ct WiCJ R w y 1- r Reduced prices on fruit jars at Rus sells Co 402t The theatrical troupe that will enter tainhereall next week will be quarter ed at the Hancock Hotel The Jeffries Hardware building has received fresh coat of paint much to its appearance Young handled the brush Mr adding JA i ¬ seven average per Five of the Wanted Columbia Hotel ens and eggs Highest cash price paid chick market Be sure and visit the Southern Amusement Company which will enter tain four days at Fair Grounds next week R Gabbert closed a meeting at in Russell county Friday night Aug 5th resulting in 14 addi ¬ tions He will begin a meeting at M Freedom out having the Real Estate Man to look up the title and get up deeds in legal form Buy from the Agent and ° know what you are getting 402t Strayedfrom f premises one my- t 2tr jhundredJ I y has about 2inch stubs Finder will be rewarded J R Bennett Columbia Kyi 393t i ju i 3Ii R W Patterson 4 Silas A Douglasa andR T King all Casey county dis tillers were before Commissioner F R Winfrey recently charged with J it making false reports to the govern ment They were held over and bondv i ed for their appe rance before the Federal ° Court r Every Little Helps Thatiislwhy a man gets excited and goesupyon his property when yott ask himjtoprice it He will liatitchoap er1F thlapq agentwn there is no im Mediate PrarPgctofa ale Moral Bay tbe eltate man Hedoa ti < r r J a Season tickets for sale at Russell Ba lards andat Paull Drug Company SaturT buyingand peopleaid r Goff 1 f werel I Mr Hugh Richardson has sold ones half of his livery outfit to Mr Walter mulesie at ts mae bi li Au ¬ a daughter anYe lae 3ct bwo wifee orby 23rdo th8Baptistchurch 12 1910 tainedflhefollowing I If Born to the wife of Hugh Noe gust worthr Waty boughtes whin Fairis YIf to attend ¬ < i- jMt School of Music Persons desiring a full course in Vocal and Instrumental or Public School music will enjoy unexcelled opportuni ties in the Western Normal Writefor special information Address H H Cherry Bowling Green Ky 412fc d2yod M C Saufley dan Set3 Cherry President Bowling Green Ky ¬ I Vaughan ¬ 6191iV8H CountySchool presenth B O i Y The people from Columbia and out I have an extra good buggy horse for the county who attended the Russell of July 1910 in favor of the Master sale Also a nice lot of household and it Springs Fair report a good showing kitchen furniture Fred Myers stock the attendance large the two last Court and against Romulus B Foley Madge Rosenfield Edna Lewis Jenn Columbia tf days and that the Association made for the sum of 3Q542 Three hundred McFarland Ina Hulse Katie Murrell five and 42 dollars with 6 per cent an Maja Eudalia Messrs Fred Hill Ro m The KaDell Kritchfield attractions some money The Monticello Band p Judd Ray Flowers Edwin Hulse Tom that comes to Columbia August 22nd made the music rendering many ve paid sixty cents Judd and Robert Todd fine selections od of notifying the public that from for one week is without doubt the most the cost of this action this date she will not be in her office interesting show now for the Public Ladies silk hose SOt mens silk socks The longest and most expensive but two days in the week Mondays They have the finest canvas play house stretch of concreting is now being put- I will on Monday the 5th day of September 1910 the same being the first 50c at Russell Co 402t and Saturday She will be busy visit ¬ in America this one feature alone is down by Mr J N Coffey At a low day of a regular term of the Adair ing the schools and this declaration worth more than the admission charged m County Court at 1 oclock p m or Thieves entered Frank Burtons store will hold good the remainder of this These people are highly recommended en s thereabout offer for sale to the high at McGaha last Sunday night and stole by the press over all Kentucky year Columbia people will have a chance It will probably add a great deal more est bidder on a credit of three months a lot of postage stamps and some other Last Friday afternoon a jolly crowd to see right here at home a firstclass than that amount to the value of his the following described property or a articles Mr Burton notifiad the Shersufficiency thereof to satisfy said debt iff early Monday morning saying that composed of Masdames B M Currie Company at popular prices A guaran- property i interest and cost he had sentfor bloodhounds White Leo Baldauf Misses Ma ¬ teed attraction Prices 15 and 25c LostA small black dog white One undivided ninth of two tracts of mie Baker Maja Eudailia Ina Hulse eY land in Adair County Kentucky on ti Eva Oats Myrtle Myers Jennye Mc Next week while the Fair is i pay hickory onwaters of green river as the Proper Farland Edna Lewis Madge Rosen progress this office will be kept open country 00 that will lead to his recovery field Ora Moss Mary Hulse Pearl each day until eleven oclock in the of Romulus B Foley The first tra e et H 0 Grider Russell Springs Ky contains 68f acres and the second tract timber and Hindman Cary Rosenfield Carrie Wal- ¬ forenoon and from three to six oclock ker and Blanche Willis picniced at the in the afternoon Persons who may contains 40 acres and lies adjoining the together or will sell the timber The air services conduct ¬ eat t want to old mill on Pettis Fork At six oclock transact business with the o county r delightful lunch was spread and a flee will please call a C home on Sunday afterncon was large good time reported attended The next service will Ky Have received hew stock mid sum- ¬ on Greensburg streets at the home now rec in Wantedat Columbia Hotel chick it Mr Allen Walker stock for the Fair from other County Clerks Office in deed book 2 ens and eggs Highest cashmarket mer styles in shirts ties hosiery soft 1counties will commence arriving the price paidcollars suspenders belts c The Taylor County Baptist Bible I will Co Russell open ng 402t statute will be heldat Friendsh next Themeeting at Tabor Methodist is Church Bengal Taylor county Tues- ¬ at 8 oclock church was continued into this week made for more particular description day August 30 1910 An interesting The Fair will open next There had been up till Sunday night 4 TuesdayII program has been arranged and the deMasons Quart Jars 50c conversions and about 10 others came morning and it is hoped that a own will be dinner on the ground Those S 70c forward pr prayer by Sarah J Webb as widow oi G AC GalJ If who are to speak have doubtless re ¬ J Foley Co Russell Purchaser will be required to There will be preaching at the Meth- andcreate a disturbance the County ceived a program and know the subject execute bond with good security and odist church next Sunday as usual and Judge will be present to issue warrants each one has been assigned Mr W L Walker has recently had bearing interest from date until paid the pastor re1uestwall member to be of arrest his dwelling handsomely repainted givLost a pair of gold spectacles ing new life toits appearance Mr S AG 413t tween Becks Store and Columbia The Secure an Education Gilbert did the work finder will be rewarded Send or leave Wantedat Columbia Hotel chick TheState Normal School at Bowling them at this office J P Hutchi son Every night during the Fair a first ens and eggs Highest cash market The gates at the Fairgrounds will be Green Ky offers an excellent oppor ¬ class theatrical troupe will entertain on thrown open next Tuesday morning pricepaid tunity to young people desiring an edu ¬ Rev WJ Levi idin > a big meeting the Miller lot on Water street The lie ready to drive in cation The Fall Session opens Sep ¬ at Greasy Creek Church Green count Mr John Spears who lived in the tember 6J 1910 Write for information Up to the 10th oft month there h The Farmers Institue for this county Carmel neighborhood died last 412t will be held in1 Columbia on September gthejr ° ht Doritbe one but buy and 23 and 24SAeaken will be here t own All persona 70 years old and over a tj t x L i5 address theamstitute ears old fji c He fras about 70 aellcy oer property through the RealEa > i ttfrfiiu Emitted freeto the Columbia Fair N I bfc ickets have been d e T jjri sj ll z tate man Heal a lawyer who can Arftw ft wIaatst to pr Mone day e1liiIriDXt We Jfibjw ntitled tpiwe 1riR > cIl I amine titles and get up deeds its iifal tkweek o account of the Fair 2tfern Twit kw suits fca tie Secretar or atthegat r ¬ Mr IThe I Hindmanof SF r fort the broken hearted NormalIdroY regd Course in Agriculture ¬ KyI F7 homein MethodistChurch severtyfour year old and had been a 1000 stallion mare or Stanford Lincoln county where he gelding Mrs W E Bradshaw 5000 successfully practiced law until he went upon the bench He was serving his Luther Conover was there with sev¬ third term as Circuit Judge when the era fine head of cattle He got first end came Jn 1888 he was appointed money in every ring in which he showed Several of our horse men also got JUSItice > and Mrs A R Humble Somerset and Mrs John Payne Denmark Ky 1200 The interment was at Jamestown Sun ¬ day afternoon The News desires to 1500 extend its deepest sympathy to the surviving husband and children with 104 0the admonition that God alone can com gof publice mt Co Demonstra tion and actual work done on scho farm Teachers will have an opportunity to prepare for teaching the sub- ¬ ject Great opportunities offered young men who expect to make farming a ¬ 7struction 4i hourMrs The following Adair county people were awarded premiunsat the Russell Springs Fair Best combined stallion mare or gelding 3 and under 4 Brad shaw Cravens 2000 Best harness mare or gelding any age Coffey McBeath 1000 Best combined stallion mare or gelding 4 and over Jo Coffey Jr 1500 Best combined stallion any age Jo Coffey Jr 1500 Best 3year old harness stallion Bradshaw Cravens 1500 Best 4year old harness gelding Bradshaw Cravens 500 Best phaeton pony Mrs Sallie ant and served faithfully until hostili ¬ Best harness mare Bradshaw Cravens ties ceased He was born andreared in Monticello Wayne county but when Best harness gelding T A Fir quin he returned to Kentucky he located at Best 5 gaited el Death of a Good Woman Fair hood The end came suddenly at his home in Stanford Friday morning He had gone from his residence to the barn to feed his chickens and was found dead in the lot a few minutes thereaf ¬ ter He was a lawyer of recognized ability a finished scholar a polished and eloquent gentleman When the war of the rebellion broke out Judge Saufley espoused the cause of therSouth and joined the Confeder- ¬ ate army going to war if we lave been Kelly 1st correctly informed from this place Best string of horses4 in num ¬ For bravery and efficiency he was soon ber Bradshaw Cravens promoted to the rank of first Lieuten- ¬ Ii L1t at Russell Springs FROM A FRIEND in fine shape The grandstand has been jreqpvered th pumps are in excellentvwarking order an abundance of cool water and the grass in the grove mowed Come and have an enjoyable week seeing fine stock and listening to inspiring music rendered by Wherleys famous Louis ¬ ville Band ¬ ¬ < NUMBER The intelligence of the sudden death C Saufley of Judge received in receiving tThe Fair Grounds are ¬ ¬ AUGUST of Judge IDeath C Popplewell from ¬ considerably alarmed last Friday morn ing about two oclock when the fire alarm was sounded and the word pass ed Edwin Hurts residence is on fire Men women and children left their beds and were proceeding to the scene when the word came it is Del Cravens hen house burning and so it was Hens nests had been burned the day before and evidently fire was left in the which WEDNESDAY beingbrotherinlaw Columbial ¬ A ttuj onan Sfew Gthat I I J Ma tory of Wyoming remaining in the Buy a season ticket from Jo Russell John Halladay sold one mare mule West until it was admitted to State ¬ or Fred Hill and save some money time for 160and trouble hoodThe funeral services were held at Season tickets for sale at Russell tanford Sunday afternoon Mrs Myrtie Gadberry who was a Ballards and many at Paull Drug Company rominent people from different sec- ¬ niece of Mr H 0 Smith of Greens ¬ ing tions of the State being in attendance burg died at Fairplay last Monday Wanted 1000 bundles of oats for ov J R Hindman and Dr J H morning Mr Smith and his daughter the fair Will pay a good price a Mrs Horace Taylor passed through Elzie Young justifiable here Monday afternoon to attend the a Z T Williams closed a meeting at ed the services funeral We have the largest stock of shoes in Albany Ky August 7th resulting in South Central Kentuckybought direct ten additions to the Church Clearance Sale J JN JF 4- I The particulars as we gather them from parties who were at The Spring about as follows Mr Popplewell is a merchant a very quiet gentleman a partner of Mr J E Snow the two conducting a general Store Late in the afternoon Miller visited the store in an intoxicated con ¬ dition and raised a disturbance Mr Popplewell left the store room and went outside taking a seat upon a box or barrel Miller came out pistol in hand threatening to shoot Popplewell who did not have a revolver Several parties came up while Miller was mak ¬ ing his threats and to one of the by¬ standers he handed his pistol He then walked up to Popplewell striking him a severe blow in the face As soon as thelickwas struck Popplewell drew his knife and commenced cutting and when the trouble was over it was and the KaDell Kritchfield Co are demonstrating it on its first appearance through the South Without question thiscompany present the best enter- ¬ tainment ever given in our city for double their prices They are with usj made is all this weekTaylor County Inquire Co KENTUCKY A serious difficulty occurred at the itself and sings talks and plays musical Russell Springs late last Thursday af- ¬ instruments with the pictures with a ternoon resulting in the death of Ed Miller who was mortally wounded by we sell themj also cheaper Russell ADAIR COUNTY veryI There was some excitement at the Russell Springs Fair last Wednesday PREACUING NEXT SUNDAY and at first it was thought that the Sheriff was shooting at a man who was creating a disturbance but he only W S Dudgeon Pikes Ridge shot to scare The particulars as we W H C Sandidge Greensburg gather them are about as follows F J Barger Smiths Chapel There had been some betting on a Z T Williams Pleasant Hill horse race and the man this item re ¬ Walbert Big Creek fers to lost and refused to pay The J R Crawford Edmonton V winner undertook to make him pay and V J A Johnston Elroy a general row ensued The man who J H Rood Cane Valley Vc lost broke loose from the crowd and Turner Mt Pleasant started in a quick run for the thicket W J Levi Mt Gilead The Sheriff not knowing the cause o f Menzies Mosbys Ridge > the trouble took after the man and in B M Currie order to stop him fired his pistol into S P Stapp Mt Vernon the ground So the whole trouble was T = E Ennis Pleasant Valley a little excitement We make this item W B Cave Pleasant Ridge becausera report reached here to the A new line of Rugs 9 by 12 feet effect that several shots were fired at 14 the fleeing man 50 to 1959 Matting rugs 9x12 fee 300 at Russell Co 402t All Royal Arch Masons in good stand ing are requested and urged to be in Prof Jo Monday entertained an au Columbia next Thursday afternoon by 530 in the afternoon Late in the af dience at the Courthouse fiasE Sunday ternoon the most excellent Masters de- afternoon and also blondaNrevening gree will be conferred and after suppethe Royal Arch Past Grand Master heard him were exceedingly well O D Thomas of Lebanon will be leer e pleased toinspect the work of the Chapter Q P Smythe H P A Gig Novelty For Columbia 1 Ifr STABBED TO DEATH ¬ c Ltf One of the best tent shows to ex ¬ hibit here in many years is the KaDell Kritchfield Shows that are now lo ¬ Ja CPoppIewell Merchant at Rus cated on the Mantz Mill lot They open- ¬ self Springs Uses His Knife on ed Monday to a large audience The Ed Miller in Self Defense amusement lovers of our city are given a rare treat in the way of firstclass re- ¬ fined performances at a ridiculously DEATH FOLLOWS IN A FEW HOURS low price One of the principal attrac KyV f 2 S t fr 1d < < i rt i t > L 1J ac ou e1 Rl j J tt 4OJt i c I

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