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Image 4 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 75, no. 3, Fall 2004

Part of Kentucky alumnus

W r car an A I I Sho you d cl S VE. .4 UK Alumni Association Member DISCOLIIII Program UKI‘NI‘II>II*IIW' SI1 **I*NIUCI*‘ U Aluniiii Assoc iauon g . I I I: ounnnonnu , , , Mr. or Xlrs. .lultn (J. Xleniber Show Your UK Alumni Associauon Member Card IIII~II··» II M at These P31”L1C1p2t'[1Hg Locations Ann OIlige's Therapeutic Massage Cingu|arWire|ess Louisville Billiards Sports Plus Two Keys Tavern I l·§LI ‘II‘·/.IltI;IIII P~.IIII;;III.Ie irlust activate service through I39 Breckenridge Lane 4l0| Tates Creek Rd 333 South Limestone l.e.·IIngtI;In. KY 4057.8 Ed Richardson at 859-608-007l. Louisville. KY40207 Lexington. KY405 I7 Lexington, KY40508 859-.t5.l-5389 Save I0 percent on standard rates 502-897-I 374 85*}-272-4220 859-254-5000 I’·I··iI:II.Ir· II .0 percent discount on or pay $ I 5 per month for I00 Receive S I 00 oft the purchase of Save 20 percent on all apparel. Get SS I .00 oil any lunch or dinner ;,eIvIIi·‘:. minutes. Free activation and 20 a pool table. order (excluding appetizers). percent discount on phones and Subway Backyard Fun Pools accessories. Powerhouse Gym 325 South Limestone UK Basketball Museum Store ll i I cI;;.I Irigteri F’oItIil 3460 Richmond Road Lexington, KY 40508 4I0\/\/estVine Street { I IIriII·.! i.IIIlII;. Kr 40356 Damon's Lexington. KY40509 859-233-78I I Lexington, KY40507 I 859 8€Il I`]- 88 l920 Pleasant Ridge Drive 859-263-5444 Receive a free cookie with the 859-225-5670 I ‘.III·,II; I0 ;II.;I I.eIIIt I..rI ;iI.IIIclsIIIaIc:s Lexington, KY 40509 Receive discounted membership of purchase of any six inch sandvvich. Receive I0 percent off merchan- II.·>·I;|I.I·.lI:·I Iiit, t;n.·I.IrIil and In 859-264-8023 $I9.95 per month for one year dise and E5 l .00 oft admission price. I Ign II InI.l III.II.Il Il. Save I0 percent. Summer BronzTan &Trave| I Price—Coom_er Relocation |7l West Lowry Lane #l40 UK Bookstore Baskin Robbins Don lacobs Service Department 2245 Old Frankfort Road Lexington, KY40505 IO6 Student CenterAnnex I'.Il Ito .I- 'Ilinet 2689 Nicholasville Road Lexington, KY 405 I 0 859-277-2826 Lexington. KY 40506 I I:#IIII§II‘>II. Kt ·l05II?I Lexington, KY 40503 859-233- I 538 or Receive I0 percent off six month 859-257-6304 I Ish'} JIM IIIIII 859-276- I 860 |—800-955-5760 and one year memberships Receive I0 percent ol? UK apparel, y ‘III.II· III l1"lI`r' nt I’e~I;l·.II.les pIIr.:oIiIflI— Save I0 percent on any complete Save 60 percent on interstate Receive I0 percent oft entire gifts and souvenirs (in-store pur- Eli' ·II II r- rn~.IIIII. scheduled maintenance (discount moves. selection of bottled tanning lotions. chases only excludes textboolo). I not to exceed $|C0). l Batmark Engraving BI Gifts Salomon & Co. Team Spirit of Lexington UK Spotlightlau and Next Stage I I .*6 lilll I III nd Hands On Originals UK Outlet Locations in Lexington, Louisville 3323 Partner Place Suite 6 Series III·IIIIIIII.II, I" I’ IIIIZIII Store and Cincinnati Lexington, KY40503 859-257-8247 tIII'.*—A/I’- V8 »l I5 South Broadway 859-266-OO I 2 859-223-5297 Receive faculty/staff discount ticket 'IIIIII JII III-II.IInt I.III III lIII~.II·lI Lexington. KY40508 Receive one hour of free consul- Receive a I5 percent discount on prices. I III`III'I IIIII III III.-II -··nI IIII III..II IIIIIII 859-23l-7465 tation on one of the following all in-stock merchandise. I ~.III lll `IIl`»» Present member card Itncl receive topics: retirement planning, WildcatTextbooks I »I ;II;eciaI discount card, which gives estate planning, charitable giving, The GardeningAngels 536 South Limestone I Bliinpie .I1III F5 percent oii tirst item and business succession considera— 635 Tennessee Ave Lexington, KY 40508 I 'IIII I'I ·II IIIIIIIII III ;Ir;·scerIt aiiall Itclclitorrtl Items. tions, nnancial planning, Lexington, KY40505 859-225-777l I »I·III`,III III. I'I II IIIIIIIIIII investment plans, 859-254·22I8 Receive I0 percent OIT any III/I .‘ il `IIl`l I I-leavenly Ham Receive I0 percent oil services. purchase of soltgoods (includes `I III- Jl III III III II ~In IIIII IIIIIIII.I .· l·'II I.¤-.··IrI;II·IIrI Green Cirile Southern Rays Tanning supplies or UK products, excludes yl Il`I IIII I I~·II’IIgio·w, “ YI II0503 /~Il| Lexington locations The Stadium textbooks). · Ilifl XI /` -»"IJQI5 859-278-4944 4|2 Sporting Court CnudiI|`s C|iInnteMaster, Inc. ’I.I.rI III I7I·IIc~III cri IITI paI·I;lr>t;»; Get T0 visits lor only $25, or one Lexington, KY40503 I ‘II I ` ll I I I II II I.I» I rnonth urlirnited tanning for only 859-296-6549 Addirigrygl grgg gryd I III»II\IIIII In, I lip Il IH W J rw ]eiFs'CarWash U BHG; Receive $l7.50 vvorth ol points HOUOHGI CHSCOUMS Ore \ Il I I Ill , Il,I_I,,,,,`I,,II { “_', I llf I,X`;”jIQl,lQ;..If` . IDI Only %l3" cIvcIiIobIe.Plec1se visit I .I I. I IIIIII. I .II I. I·.I.-I IIII. II,I I: Special Events _ I I ·II III III IIIIII :IIII In III III III I III VII ifi? I'.II»’II", 4);% ljlliéll Qriie The University Press of Kentucky WWWl~ll

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