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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 5 - President Wethington then reviewed the actions proposed in the Plan of Action which are to be completed by July 1, 1993, unless an alternative completion date is indicated. The Plan of Action consisted of changes in the University administrative and academic structure and changes in administrative and academic processes. He reported that the extensive review, discussions and recommendations throughout the University identified a number of organizational alternatives for the top level administrative structure of the University; therefore, a consultant(s) will be employed to review and recommend on the most appropriate University administrative structure. The consultant(s) will review the various recommendations that came from the University internal review as well as options for administrative organization that may not have been suggested by the internal review. He said that he was committed to undertake such a review since the Self-Study and the Visiting Committee Report favored employing an outside consultant(s). It is his intention to employ a consultant in the near future and have the review completed and any action taken prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester 1993. President Wethington continued his presentation with a report on the staffing review. He said that in July of 1992 he asked each chancellor and vice president to review staffing patterns in his/her respective area as a part of the restructuring review to determine if the levels of staff support were appropriate to accomplish the unit's goals and those of the University. He explained that because of the good data available on staffing from 1975, this year was used as a base for the review. He reported that there had been an increase of 658 faculty (144%) and 526 staff employees (148%) since 1975 in the Community College System. These increases relate to increased service levels resulting from a 165% increase in enrollment during the same period. As a result of the October 1991 budget reductions, there have been 16 staff positions and 18 faculty positions eliminated in the Community College System. He said that the available data showed that there has been an increase in the University System of 171 faculty (12%) and 886 staff (21%) from 1975 to 1991. As a result of the October 1991 budget reductions, there have been 441 staff positions and 100 faculty positions eliminated in the University System. Based on this staffing review, it is concluded that current overall faculty and staff levels in the University System are supported by enrollment growth (7%), planned program growth, research program growth, and special state appropriations for specified new programs or program enhancements. He reminded the Board that the decrease in positions occurred as a result of vacancies in order to preserve people in their jobs and not have employees laid off. He said that 575 positions funded on state funds had been taken out of the budget and emphasized that they had not been taken from external contracts and grants. He noted that the entire staffing review and the elimination of positions occurred concurrently. President Wethington referred back to the increases in staff since 1975. He mentioned the enrollment growth and said that there had also been some program growth. He noted that the University now has a Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and a Vice President for Information

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