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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 3 - President Wethington thanked Professor Havice for her presentation. He reiterated that the Honors Program students do go on and achieve success and recognized Trustee Chellgren as having been a student in the Honors Program. President Wethington reviewed the following items in PR 1: 1. A buyer's guide to colleges lists the University of Kentucky among the top 250 colleges in the country. 2. Grants and contracts are up 17 percent for the six months ending December 31, 1992. 3. The Community College System has initiated a Strategic Planning Project designed to position the colleges for a major resource development effort. 4. The University of Kentucky Hospital has performed its 1,000th kidney transplant. He asked the members of the Board to review the other items in the report at their leisure. President Wethington continued his report to the Board by giving a slide presentation on the review of the structure and staffing in the University of Kentucky. He said that the University Strategic Plan indicates that the University's organization, values and management processes should support the realization of University goals in an efficient and effective manner and that the University structure, policies and procedures should be assessed periodically to ensure their responsiveness to changing goals and directions. Also, the recent University Self-Study and the Reaffirmation Cormnittee Report urged that the University undertake a careful and thorough study of the administrative structure with this review focused on the clearer definition of central and sector functions, more effective management responsibility for institutional effectiveness functions, and possible achievement of some economies and efficiencies. He said that recent budget reductions have necessitated a critical look at structure and staffing at the University. He reminded the Board that state government budgets were reduced by $85 million in October 1991, with the recurring reduction for the system of higher education established at $31.7 million. The program reduction to the University of Kentucky's University System was established at $11.9 million and at $3.3 million for the Community College System. In addition to that $15.2 million program reduction, the 1992-93 state appropriation for the University System included an additional reduction of $11.5 million, for a total program reduction of $26.7 million, nearly 10% of the state appropriation in the University System and 5% in the Community College System. President Wethington said that in dealing with those budget reductions, the fundamental objective was to implement them in the least damaging manner to the University with the highest priority placed on protecting academic programs (instruction, research and service), and

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