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Page 0 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.5 n.1

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Volume 5 October-November 1934 No. 1 1934 Annual Proceedings I Am Education I BEAR THE TORCH that enlightens the world, fires the imagination of man, feeds the flame of genius. I give wings to dreams and might-to hand and brain. From out the deep shadows of the past I come, wearing the scars of struggle and the stripes of toil, but bearing in triumph the wisdom of all ages. Man, because of me, holds dominion over earth, air and sea; it is for him I leash tlhe lightning, plumb the deep and shackle the ether. I am the parent of progress, creator of culture, molder of destiny. Philosophy, Art and Science are tools in mmy hand. I banish ignorance, discourage vice, disarm anarchy. The school is my workship; here I stir ambitions, stim- ulate ideals, forge the keys that open the door to opportunity; I am the source of inspiration; the aid of aspiration . I Am Irresistible PowerI "An Equal Educational Opportunity for Everp Kentuckp Child" 5 5 1 S I a

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