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Image 8 of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), January 12, 1909

Part of Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

ir i F t i I t ° JJ k + A QENUINEGIRL MINER DANGER FROM EVERY POINT the Is Pluckily Navigation of the Air Puts the Finish Ing Touches on Perils of Humanity r I AIr Helping Her Brother r Work a Claim j rodrt i P ta t the air Dragging rope from a low balloon has possibilities of danger both for the balloon and for the people and property that may be underneath it The time is coming when we shall have to look out for occasional explo ¬ t AT A FIRE Ir ¬ t 1 WRAPPED I Her Name Is Laura White neral Range near the eastern edge of the famous Death Valley One of the claims proved to be a rich one and she and her brother are working it aloneThe brother works at the bottom oi the shaft and Miss White hoists the ore to the top At first she wort skirts but finding that they impedec her work she donned the miners reg ulation boots trousers shirt and Mexican sombrero SHELF TURNDOWN It Makes the Small Space Available for the Amateur Photographer I The average amateur photographer the photographs In many instance there will not be space enough fog any extra tables and so a temporary place is prepared from boxes or f chair on which to place the trays and chemicals Should there be space enough on one of the walls a shell can be made to hang down out of the way when not in use suggests Popu lar Mechanics Ashelf constructet on this order may be of any length to suit the space or of such a lengtl for the purpose intended A heavy piece of wood about 11h inch thick and 4 to 6 inches wide is first fastened to the wall at the proper height obtains ample information f Mediurnin mother in management of household affairs practical economy government of children and other duties that makes her toil a labor of love Childrens minds and hearts are freed from thoughts of questionable amusements and fri¬ volities of life and encouraged to emulate all that is helpful in pkn ing for a useful future in life As The Grand Idea being that are our Homes so will be the Com¬ munity State and Nation A most desirable help is a non sectarian sermon each week as preached by that Biblical Student Pastor Chas T Russell a forcible reminder of the spiritual and tem- ¬ poral rewards gained by righteous living as preferable to a Godless life that brings nought but misery to the home Other departments and features are above the ordinary the unani ¬ mous verdict of its reader being The cleanest and best family Weekly known to them Sample copies may be had by writing to the ENQUIRER CoJ AJT1 Cincinnati O Clark County J Now is the time for the uptodate business man to take advantage of a golden opportunity The Merchants of Winches ter never had the chance before to reach the buyers of Winchester and Clark county Every week day in the year ov er 1400 homes in this county receive the News And they read it too The management of the News before the paper was started estimated that a 1000 circulation by Christmas would be satisfactory At the rate the paper is growing 2 000 will be nearer the mar The Fall and Winter trade is at hand If a Merchant does not dobusiness now he can nevx er hope to do it The Country is waking up since the election Good times are ahead for us all Why not seize time by the forelock and get into the columns of the News The people who have money in this city read the News every evening The people who have money on the rural routes of Clark get the News ev ery morning ¬ saIneI CC ¬ SKATING This is the season of the year in which skating 1L be enjoyed by all kI J THIS IS THE BEST RINK IN THEBLUEGRASS P A JOB a I f I President A B Storms of the State college Ames Ia in his new lecture Are We Sane or Insane tells the following incident in his discussion of the mad rush of Ameri ¬ can youth to get positions to get at something that will bring them I with nails or much better large screwsThe shelf is cut and planed smooth from a board 12 inches wide and about one inch thick This board is fastened to the piece on the wall with two hinges as shown in Fig 1 A small cleat is nailed to the outer and under edge of the board and in the money My sister who served as a this ¬ middle as shown This is used to place a support under theouter edge of the sionary once asked a raw Norwegian shelf The support A Fig 2 should girl if she didnt want to serve the be long enough to extend diagonally to the floor or top ofthe baseboard from Lord f Nope said the girl Aye got a the inner edge of the cleat when the shelf is up in its proper placeyo1 Unidentified f R a We teach you free Nii you do not know how1 either in the morning bi etween regu1ar sessions c = WHY HE FAILED RESTORING HIS SENSE t I i policeman EVENING SESSIONS Admission lOc Skates 15c AS A LEADER The Many Reasons for Failure 1n Lifes Struggle ¬ dea and dumb beggar on the corner His mind was not trained to grasp The squire will give you a hearing great subjects to generalize to make combinations tomorrow He was not selfreliant did not de¬ willl11in my business shout pend upon his oWn judgment leaned to give me a upon others and was always seeking dumb man hearing Whats the use of a blind other peoples opinion and advice He lacked courage energy bold Baltimore mans seeing His finish ness American He was not resourceful or inventive He could not multiply himself in 160000 Undivided Profits IRISHMEN others He did not carry the air of a con Among applicants at DO 1 gal for queror He did not radiate the power old age pensions are three peasants of a leader who return their ages at 111 108 There was no power back of his eye and 106 years One of them does to make men obey him He could not handle men not understand a word of English He antagonized people 0and still affects the kneebreeches He did not believe in himself swallowtail coat and caubeen of He tried to substitute gall for WINCHESTER KY two generations ago London Mail abilityHe not know men He could not use other peoples SIGHTSEEING SIMPLIFIED brains N HftWITHERSPOON He could not project himself into What a splendid device the cam ¬ PRESIDENT he wanted to do era is for the convenience of tour his lieutenants everything himself ists He did not inspire confidence in W R SPHAR Yes answered Mr Cumrox others because his faith In himself was not strong enough ¬ the next time I go abroad Im goCASHIER He communicated his doubts and ing to anchor in Paris or Vienna his fears to others and send a hired man around the He could not cover up his weak SOLICITS YOUR continent to take snap shots points He did not know that to reveal his ACCOUNTS NOT A BROMIDE own weakness was fatal to the confl dence of others Success Magazine f She is crazy to get married Exposition Organized Yes I think so The proposed American exposition fresh Fruts and Fresli Groceries The strange thing about this is next year bras to be held in that the person to whom this remark been thoroughlyLondon organized and special Cigars Tobaccos Oysters and was Addressed didnt come back with efforts are being made isecureex1- Candies Home Phone 712 Well most eviri hlbltsffopr the western part of tHis the bromide country body Detroit Free Press L v 36 NT MainS lIt tr I AFTERNOON SESSIONS Admission 5c Skates lOc r 1 AuditoriumCapital ¬ THE I Advertise in 6 I 1 t 4a isr 3 t 1 I I o I ¬ Winchester Bank I r r I ¬ I I The BestAdvertising 1 does not have very much space in which to do his work The kitchen if the room used ordinarily for finishing IN MUSIC SHE HAD WINCHESTER thingsi NEWS I that guides in the where when and how to regulate and increase the The income from his efforts There was some boasting ofex traordinary presence of mindshown at fires when an excitable man in answer to a tale which had just been told said Why thats nothing When I was in New York I heard of a big fire I strolled out to see itI found an old gentleman half out of a fourth story window gesticulat ¬ ing and calling aloud for help Everyone seemed paralyzed No lad ¬ der or escape would reach him The crowdsaid he must burn to death I rushed wildly forwardand said He shall not V I called for a rope I threw him the end he caught it I told him to tie it around his waist He didand I pulled him down Gentlemen I saved that man from being burned to death- s THE 1 M supremeFather head RESCUED jnraiii paper that exactly fits needs of a family and a material aid to father mother and children in reaching that higher level in social life where content and comfort reigns sions beneath beneath us that send manhole covers flying in the air for vehicles of all kinds on the surface and for the airship dangers over 1 THE VERY BEST1 Have any of our readers seen ft re ¬ Nevada has a girl minernot a mere prospector but a regular work cent copy of the Cincinnati Weekly The aeronauts have gvenl dwell ¬ ing minerand she toils eight hours Enquirer If not it will pay to ers on the earth anew peril In Ger ¬ a day for every working day in the send for a copy if for no other pur name many an airship crew landed on the week Her years is Laura White he pose than to note its present great age is 22 and she hails fron roof of a house and went through San Francisco Some time ago say Dragging the anchors have occa ¬ Popular Mechanics she located sev on sionally ripped up fences andwould eral mining claims in the dreary Fu not rip up humans if the latter were earthThe editor by asking its readers agile Objects dropped from a bal ¬ to criticise and suggest improve ¬ loon can hurt when even a little job = ments and following advice thus ject has dropped from a mile or so in obtained is enabled to produce a ¬ era r 4t j < NEWSI and pfliefimes THE > t 1 f f chel HESTER NEWS col INCORPORATED < oil Mifte Joseph i 4 u 0

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