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Page 275 of Autobiography of a pioneer : or, The Nativity, experience, travels, and ministerial labors of Rev. Jacob Young ; with incidents, observations, and reflections.

ARCHIBALD M'ELROY. ance, in Belmont county. The manufacturing, vend- ing, and drinking of whisky was carried on, in those days, to perfection-if there be any perfection in the horrifying practice, and scarcely one man was found in the whole country to say a word against it. M'EI- roy entered the field single-handed, and delivered, I suppose, several hundred of the most powerful tem- perance lectures that ever were heard in Ohio. He had no temperance organizations, andl no periodicals devoted to the cause of temperance, to back him. Some of the preachers encouraged, others opposed him-not because they were friends to intemperance, but they said they did not like his manner. Whisky- makers, and keepers of grog-shops, often swore ven- geance against him, but they never laid hands on him. His well-built frame, manly countenance, and strong arm were a sufficient guarantee against all danger. It was not an uncommon thing, in those days, to see drunken men lying in the streets and alleys of St. Ciairsville. As far as I know, they frequently laid there all night. As he was going, on one occasion, to the court-house, to deliver one of his philippics, he saw several drunken men lying about the court-house, and other places; he also saw large gangs of hogs running in the streets, which was contrary to the laws of the corporation. As the court-house was pretty well filled with hearers, he thought it a good opportunity to give them some advice. He advised them, by all means, to preserve order in their town, and to enforce the laws of the corporation against 2T5

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