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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, August 7, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Mountaineer KEN TUCKY x NUMBER 30. VOLUME 2. i.- - For the niuhti of the Mo&laln People of Kentucky ..SALYER3VILLE, MAGOFFIN Ci'UNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY, Voters Calm VjAILEBv. W. J. Patrick, Smith Adams, Dave Rudd and POLL A K0WNAT1HG Scott Howard, OURGETT FOR JUDGE Re- John A. MahalTey, C33. ' 'REPRESENTATIVE. Wallis Bailey. fi55. J. Sandford Fletcher, 545. COUNTY JUDGE. Doc G. Howard. 3S0 W. A. May. 39. W. J. Patrick, CG9. COUNTY COURT CLERK. Frank" Blah, 1.259. ' COUNTY ATTORNEY. , 883. Y R. Prate-- a aaai SHERIFF. ' 16. , JAILER. 4." Noah Patrick, 69. . Harris Gullett, 6.' Hiram George, 23. Morton Patrick, 1. Prock Pace, 4. Clark May, 4. LabeT. Minix, 3. ,Milton Craco, 5. Dennis Arnett, 14. David Rudd, 692. A. L. Cooper, 572. J. S. May, 31. ASSESSOR. Bea Patrick, 155. J. H. Wilson, 256. J. H. Adams, 108. John Howard, 534. C. P. Lemaster, 164. W. C. Howard, 100. Harris Patrick. 49. MAGISTRATE. C. Prater, Die. 1, 140. ed Phipps, Dis. 2. 142. Mmifee Phipps, Dis. 5, 134. I. F. Lemaater, Dis. 3, 144. Fatten, Dis. 4, 153. Ja Democratic Party. STATE SENATOR. Charles D. Arnett. 461. E. E. Hog)?. 386. REPRESENTATIVE. - James D. Allen, 307. T.' Jack Arnett, 324. John E. C. Johnson, 32. Irvine Back, 150. COUNTY JUDGE. Jobn Burgett, 437. D. D. Sublett, 373. Shepherd Cole, 104. COUNTY COURT CLERK. Ramey Wireman, 586. COUNTY ATTORNEY. W. W. Ferguson, 498. SHERIFF. Morton Salyer, 498. -- Mornn Allen. 416. J. M. Gullet, 20. r unn . m I f IVI Mm 1UU Killing If a WIU fn,. wiuiis ui inu uiiivursu, cuiiu cum, ana aiso to parade my ow anility. We must have it copy righted, and wouldn't that brea' n hearts of scores of mac The master tiiniirt II mi n I ntriwxt nf n irtftn A Clitic "What" We Appreciate. isloturo proUdes also a plan for tho' arc to he received from the district. ,n!UC 01 or0 antl J'CSlenlny, OIU shaue nympn who is scarcluni The following is an excerpt l.nlldii.K of small liospltuls throughoiit cither free or for a weekly charge, no - man Shakespeare, lest I forget, Newfoundland river banks amonj proper th Mate for of cordlns to financial fiom a letter written to the Haz-a:- d tubeiculosla. the plan latreatment an and the cost theirinnlnlenaiicH condition. hnvilli; Enid that "brevity is the uruiiKt: uiusbuui lui tier xuui . The cf brief Is not met Ul,r l)r'- - Hummel, who. be it understooc Herald by our friend, Prof. ioIIors: The Fiscal CourttrOf any by these chart-e-s must bo paid by the w"01u cl,(;ese 01 caunty may declare that county a dis- - district niary pleased and encouraged Dr. by my venire of readers, has giv W. J. Lampton, of New York: trlct for the purpose of building a hos- This Is not so cxpcnslvo a plan as It COinmomnlaCQ Ru- - en her the, old hackneyed slit "Hazard has tho esthetic side Jl,ai. JI. UJ rvilltUll, lilt: 1IIVB11U1! JUUIVF. IIIUI I II fUUIIH UC 1UI1 Ul II I f U Johnson (neo of her also affeited, for hasreom-plte- d may bo cubnilttcd to a rote of the peo-- sonably substantial building for thu ic) and I believe it had the samcs Innd ininiil llin nliplx nf Mpyicn affection upon the' But the finis of the light furce- a new bath house 'and no pie at any regular election, and, If purpose of administration, the cooking bathless community ever, yet at- carried, It Is then the duty ot tfe Fls- - and serving of meals, and the lioualng Aiiointtti fltCFHian, ine supreme; train gy is the cuinjjnation ot a tained the higher civilization. cal Court to declare tho county )n dU- let tho nurses, tho building or build-t- i mill rnlinir irllHr Clf tlir ttlnri fl li.i.itii t,.nn,mmnnf nnrt n rrnAil let. Any group of counties touching tngs tor the uctinil housing of the Not only has she acquired a bath, can lie moro cheaply good bunch of us will not inherit, wish expounded with all romar- themselves consumptives but she also has produced poetry, one another mayfordeclarepurposo by u erected than those for any a single dlstilct this similar There is not a spark of doubt in tic timidity when tl)o heroine rehighest form of literary art. tiie at any general election tvlileli pltal purpose, hecuufco t'ae patients are my reliable judgment but this I kr.ow this because I read, not turns from an undisturbed dream mado to ll o and sleep In tho open air. earrles In each ot the counties long ago, in the Herald, Emin solved. Then, under certain retrlc-,o- r on erandes; very small, cheaply remarkable passover ia prophetic of childish innocence and locates poem to the City of Haz-ai- ttOBS In the law, the State Comndcslon constructed buildings aru sutrtclent for Elam's of a new epoch of things for our the galoot of her pipe drenms in , Hazard may not have pro- names a considerable group of the jurposo. Tho whole campaign county of Mngoflin, Iiia sequestered men and women, of the county against tuberculosis Is blued, not oa own majestic tne poet, bur she inspired duced The folk have chosen and. we've dale on the undulating shores of him and the ibem he write wa or counties Involved, from which syirpathy, but on economics. all cf tho sufferers an- betwcSn an excellent squad 01 nominees, ( noitl ypur breath!) our own tu her. I'msa has been turned, group tho judges of those counties out in the Herald l'or'Te.ome'ftimi', name a District Hoard of Tuberculosis the ages of 15 and SO, nearly all of W nil political parties'". Three or Licking Aver. ,It; is being 'rit- Uoarj. ami 'literary i Hospital Trustees. t This funds "tothen them liouscvilves or butpio.e L rio- mgn for Maofhn county ten in every .strain, of poetic muso children.! be perfection. Anybody "cati' writi uki of Inthethe regular levy of taxes. many ofithemthe parent"ofeommunllyl four cheers ou can servo your raised ml Muuntiiii finutil V nu Itlcians! nnil wlllVnilirncc. nvicrv- - nrnnnun some kind or other ui prose, but. From these funds a slto Is selected, and Insure yourseir no better way nnd ndjetive in the English and poetty is tie cilt ot a lo tie subject to the approval of the State than by advocating the bulldlrg of Hurnili! Iiocirayl Cadmus-lik- e spirit. . So Emin Elam wio'.h hi Commission, and then the Board pro- such an Institution.. Every cent It (Yes, Dr. and a whole lot of YiddUh ia'ngunges. noeir. So tar it ooks a th . ceeds to erect the hospital. The State costs Is more than returned by the dis- titer likes, 1 have dreamed liter- - j Johnson, that's mcviiflfnguisL) Is given a very general tress It relieves and the poverty It preHaz ird had about all there was Commission way ary visions a. i visioned literary It ntarsoir coming to her, or va3 in-fair oversight of tbe future activities of vents. dreams galore and some more almost vtmitiin with Cnmp- way to get it, but no. Beyond since getting bell'Sli'fflttAures of Hope." I literary and all art is criticism of The Dickens arid Purple Imagination! and forevnrmore opinalnJkve , tho poem wholly my unfathomable mind bent that art. Artists are, to an ex- Epitome of Kentucky News "Mum" in the word, but Kmin Klntn yiTTirt'. !.... tent, natural productions, tho not the field of letters and the comineieu y me .! wine mi a. ur. leaves next week for Mexico hi lieinn low down common nature, and Kelley, aged thirty, Fri- - the publication of thu "Iluertn Insur- - world of art. Just imagine! Ma Johnson gtls tli3 potatoes wholly Joe their work is like unto them. goffin county is coming to the dug. Anon. But critics are the last word in day stepped from a passenger recto." I.uck tu you, Signor. Tho above cyclone of informa-- 1 loftiest pinnacle of perfection in I will Magoffin cr)tintM-iI)-ut art, the culmination of the most train at Jenkins in front of refined refinement and the most freight and was instantly killed. tion is stolen from tho Campion all mortal and human endeavor! nave to wrjn olL iiSl have thot cultured .culture, and, behold, whosc cdito1'' lt(iV- - Em - All! what a lake of merriment of anotlcr Yours, &c, Representative EUvood Hamil-l('ol''Hazard has the critic and his 'tis to have j We are and Dr. RuiK.JoilNSON. nominated. mett Swimme, criticism of her poetry, and I am ton, of Frankfort, .. sinpprnlv thankful fnr llin nnws 11.: nnc'n t luits swellillir like Southern i' ir t the critic. "I have gone along way around he will announce his candidacy as we wt'rc not awal"c of the fact' ire and Oriental vainglory in the Danger Ahead for Parcel Post Law, to get as what I wanted to say, The following letter from Rep that we were to go to the war regions other great men have in Speaker of tho House. but one cannot be too hasty about for to tho zone, Magoffin county is good habited imaginatively. resentative David such matters, and I wished to exThe nomination of Samuel F. enough for us. If your fertile; I have dropped a line to a clerk Ixmisvillc Post is plain a little before I said that King was confirmed Friday by unaginato .pre duces a good joke, 0f tj,e Edgar Allan I'ocClub ask to Mountaineer readers: while Emin's poem was a noble to tucceed John G. lTmm..ll , rti-trt .1. iuiiii;ii oii int. it, Kill I'lcuni; uu ' ing said fellow what' a poetic h work of art. he had no right to the Senate nub .Un'i.n "I presume yoil have seen tho rhyme "bona fide" with "pride" White, Republican, resigned, as not be sickening. cense would trend me. I don't newspaper reports of what seems T 1T A Vfn r o on lia At 1a" its postmaster at Winchester. very like tho effort whether I would l)c infringing of the expressfirst' Ferious to deRemarkable Epitaph to Aliens. companies and its two words contain four The trial of Mauda Tipton, statutes of Kentucky stroy the parcel. )jot. It is time upon the be prosyllables, which Over the graves of Claude Al- , of Irvine, who to deal in poetry without a license for the farmers to ght, if they de, while 'pride' aged twenty-twonounced 'en and his father, executed in is just one syllable, and doesn't is charged with the murder of do not wish to loan all we have How i3 that Virginia penitentiary for the or not. ! rhyme any more than coal tipple Reuben Todd, will probably be the business, anyhow? I thot we Kajncd. Wwulil thedministrativo rnymes wun moonsnine uppte. called at the the present term of murder of officials in Carroll Cir- had a liberty of speech and press k ', I am willing to wager a parcel post powers' cuit court, there ha3 been erected Estill Circuit court. country, and, moreover, nw be clause of the tho vital against a pewter dollar that the Rn.icken out( at Fancy (Jap, nearllillsville, Va., in thuhas the Constitution of the majoricy of people, including forco 0f parcel post will bo killed: The Regular Baptist Advccate, a headstone which bears tho fol- what school teachers in Perry county, United States got to do with Ma-- 1 it cannot be expanded, and we of which Elder IS. II. Field is ed lowing remarkable inscription: pronounce e to rhyme with goflin county's production of lit- - will have lost the work of forty "Sacred to memrry of Claude pride, but a pet ought to know itor, has made its appearace at . like tyranny yt'a,I3., ,. , ,, better and I am quite sure, when Whitesburg. It is a monthly Allen and his father, who were eraturo? It looks nnd deals with the ludiciously muulcrd in the pom- - and King Louis monarchy when.,,. frfim vp,.v. rBPini,P wi,n rcad3 has a real I'oet Laureate, ' nuhlir-ntinHazard whether it is Elam or me, or any Regular Baptist doctrine. It isitentiary March 13, l'JKl, by prder a poet of love and light has ijublicalion to the Senators other poet, there will be no rhyme e f v..w Vnt of the .State of Virginia over the ,,.,v u license fee u likoEaloonkcep - of hia own State. tohisCongress- h, nf Hi I ft Ml e t zens nf the of that sort in the lines he writes isaufu iiuiu who furnish the inspiration man and to the Postmaster Gen- r, .1 . 1!. . l... V. Stateof Virginia. Placed here Ly lers to the glory of his Queen and her Kentucky New3. I -11.. - ...1 ...Iir.. II.. L'lU . UL'IIIUIIUIIIU LI1UL L1IU 1I1W UU friend andjitizenof Virginia.'' people. So there you are." et alone, and Uia service of par- William Bellamy, engaged as exieuuuu.,, uiiiiui yuu critic, we, a "a raw bnsR" fnreman of an, Ah, m. intention. hook'or an owned to a merchant. rcac(, these workete? Moments like you or any other singer, have extra gang of workmen on the "Toung man," said Major, ntaefc. poll count; and the cawieker and hard-L- . a north to manufacture a rime every once & E. extension at "a now. th. the S aW SA nd a eanln? tax. and to ex- We understood the was instantly killed last week by in a while. yoJtm about ,y daughter's and eas likely will it bo that we shafi sucl fiKht if we incongruous jingle. Then, allow a stray bullet from a crowd of WBi.t. May i inquire, your intentions, JMiVT.ntorDriao I am tj)is tlme. p3rcel save "Why. sure, major," replied the us the pain of being critic just a gins, Thev were shooting at It )nen(J 1q put tantIy anxioU3 lo ,)Urcrias a red- rvbm minute. You are dead wrong. target alm03t 10U yards away. ,R (h evcry. cnaDC0 Ect." liar-- lQri ,inl,t'w. licenso andnav a road Temoeraturi of Lava. If we remember, our Latin verbs I have a hillside opinion j tax. Tee Lata. and adverbs rightly, and we are .... n,. k';..k. nr.i n. Plat. tlmt tiftfr n. httl nractice. I can "Ah." ilfbed the unhappy bigamist, - ". . '. " i a'nla with "I""""" f""1 "V a Ferry U.r Means. more than positive, the word is "that I bad obeyed that biblical Injuncier.10 write rime in lllavor-ir- om "bo-n- a glowing red "i think a womau ought to make So there you are. j tion, 'No man can serve two master! " " waa.atlll per cent alcohol. Where tbe lavarasglng from 795 to her clothoa match her means." "Dear to ninety-nin- e temperatures me! Are your weana as narrow as ylV( wnen j j,et to blasting my HO degrees. Cent, wcro observed. Knowing Pupil. thatT ' Unfortunately True. Teacher "What Is the meaning ot ' mind of intellectuality for golden Tbe Industrious man baa his points, the word "leisure!" Pupil "It It the ' nuggets of drossless oro of thots . . Electric Clockjuln Hettl. place where married but he seldom la as good company ar( Dime of tbe the litt ( cj nzinc monopolists! s - ,hcn-rul- e In-- 1 y i - - Fiscal-Cour- razzle-Utizzl- i ctl a 1 i- 11 c- er h! ' r.-- I l- dad-gaste- d ',. saw-buc- CORONER. ' JoeEcHay, 13. SURVEYOR. B. C Thompson, 5. . lirmirt inatif nf inr IJIUiJf Ul 111 111 ll, f tin t and showing up homo talent, ant nencc, I filial. Tavor you with th -- IH it clll-no!- J. J; Sace, A Mart-Marsha- f accp-nenrtc- . tUn nnlnt-- not an impossibility that it's pu and undefiled insanity. I am now writing a great poe t t.!i. i. t W III lill'll 1 iiiiiik iimyuu 1 ...iiiiIIUIM TniJ Mountaineer with. I wou dispose of it at a great price pi line, but I am a mighty sdvocal d. William Salycr (ciT), 5. W. S. Adams, 556. J?H. Patrick, 470. S. B. Allen, 420. Wjallia Bailey. 9. "L. H . Grimm. 15. S. S. ETam. 700. J. S. Adams; 686. Dtmnln g ' John W. Coffee (off), 20. . was born a poet, andngain I s tie down jo the seclusion that il H'. Many of the above gentlemen who received such small votes had withdrawn and their friends voted for them as a compliment. re- essessssi JuniNSUIN. 1 rJ. F. Atk'nson, 19. L. G. Bailey, 405. ' J. W. Moore. official-- STATE SENATOR. 3G2. Lee Gullett, 1. Dulley Whitley. 4. J. T. Howard. 1. SURVEYOR. Republican Party. summary seas MAGISTRATE. J. M. Montgomery, Dis. 2, G8. South Arnett, Dh. 3, 114. Peter Williams, Dis. 4, 111. Brucu Stephens, Dis. 5," 10. CORONER. AIR VOTE, Thiffollowing is a list of publican candidates and an of votes they ceived in the county: , Essay. e nuit Magnificent ami Humble Constituents: Ever 'since tho dawn of the remotest Christian cm, all nges of literature, the creation of .n Stygian banks and from Augusiii tus down thru hot'nnd cold seag sons of years to I I 11 am. Tin: Kentucky, iMountainkeu BSS1I ft men and ladies have been endowed as cither fools, snges, wiseacres or what-nots- .; And now, Li appreciated perusers of my bum a my essay 01 ana p n jLanv.iHP aMaav .wt inRntrpfl fnmmvrnr w ! J,UM .fmn nn ui h "I' I HW my lingers spread 'oil over my typewriter keyboard to promul integrity and FULTON COUNTY TUBERCULOSIS HOSPITAL, GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. gate the Lord-givtThli It a remodeled frmheue. The entire coit, the email farm Included, mountain famed righteousness of was about $9,500. It provides accommodation for 13 Incipient catea In Magoffin county politics. This is waid and 4 advanced casci In cepsrate rooms. nil my enviable density of talent no Uw tho Kentucky Tu 'itip llonnl, ami llm construction anj lean ray, my friend and school- - 1 ASSESSOR. MMrifin County Camp 3 pi Mot and 'fierce, but Passed off Qubtly, Only fins Man in the County Being Hurt Evorybody Satisfied. Horse-Sens- 111 1 S. S. Eiam Nominated WHOLE NUMBER 82i PR0VDIED FOR KENTUCKY!! Magoffin County i 1 4 P. E. Gullett, 124. John IL Conley, 140. Charles Arnett, 327. GioverC. Franklin, 1G. Irwin Bailey, 254. AUGUST 7, 1013. rniTIJTV UnCDITAIC CM All r Political Storm MMCRATS Not Their W rang. :...i icr. nn.-u.ui.- .. V . kind-hearte- , i 1" -- a'irf . , er ' io - JSStfS! -- fid-e.- couplea repent." Llpptncott's. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT. The time for Circuit court is Joseph g! AraeU, 130. drawing nigh, . Marts B. Arnett Smith, 371. tbe loafer. Xak.e your home paper! ji ywui cuu:ui.uuu . , expire come in anui renew nf need the coin to.purchase bread and but'er for the baby, j, ,i. nniv hMt me , wo nae c,,,; , sofl.ox ntr- - bugt.hea(, (o , opilie j d leetrIo clocki, Two hundred by a mailer timepiece, help furnish aa many rooma in a new

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