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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 13, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

SHOP EARLY! SHOP WITH LOCAL MERCHANTS Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, Volume No. 49 Recount of Ballots Makes Little Change The outcome of the county school board race between Wallace Kincer and Alvin Holbrook apparently hinges on whether 52 absentee ballots will be counted- If the ballots are counted, Kincer will be the winner. If they are not, Holbrook will win. Arguments were to be heard today by Special Circuit Judge Ray O. Sheehan on whether the ballots should be counted. Sheehan, an attorney from Harlan, came to Whitesburg as special judge to hear the case after the regular judge, Courtney C. Wells, disqualified himself from sitting. Holbrook filed suit to block counting of the absentee ballots. Through attorneys Harry Caudill, Whitesburg, and Bert T. Combs, Prestonsburg he claimed the integrity of the absentee ballots had not been maintained. Holbrook is a supporter of the present county school superintendent, William B. Hall. Kincer has pledged to support Charles L. re-pl?- ce Hall. Kincer was the apparent winner of the school board race. The official count showed 800 for Kincer, for HolbrookKincer then filed a petition for recount, claiming he actually had won by more than his apparent 8 vote margin. The recount was held Monday in the circuit court room, with Sheehan acting as judge. The recount cut five votes from Kincer's total, leaving him 795 votes to Holbrook's 792 a margin for Kincer of only three votes. Kincer's total included 34 absentee votes. Holbrook received 18 absentee ballots. Should those votes be subtracted from the totals, the result would be 774 votes for Holbrook, 761 for Kincer, making Holbrook the official winner by 13 votes. Kincer and Holbrook, both residents of Mayking, made the race to succeed Ray Collins, who was not a candidate for 792 - Most of us have around our homes a toy that has been discarded as the children have grown up or that has been laid aside because it has been broken or fails to work just right. These toys could make some child in a needy family in our area mighty happy at this Christmas season. The Whitesburg Ministerial Association is sponsoring a "GIVE A TOY" campaign this year to help children of needy families to have a bright and cheery Christmas season. Toys that are useable or can be repaired with a little effort may be left at the church offices of the First Baptist on Railroad Church Street, Whitesburg Methodist Church of Main Street, or the Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church on Broadway. These toys should be left as soon as possible so that whatever work needs to be done may be finished before Christmas. We are sure that if you look good enough and far enough that you will find a toy; So "GIVE A TOY" today. POLITICAL INFORMATION Arthur Dixon May Be Candidate For Judge Arthur Dixon was in the Eagle office this week and stated that he would be a candidate for the office of County Judge and that his formal announcement would be made at a later date. County School Board May Hire Auditor For Byrd Hogg- May Run County School System For County Atty. - The County Board of Education has voted 3 to 2 to hire George Barnes, a certified public accountant with offices at Pikeville, to audit records of the county school system for the past two years. Board Chairman Dr. B. F. Wright said the chief purpose of the audit will be to determine whether school funds could be spent more efficiently. Dr. Wright said the auditor will look into the question of whether the school board could save money by letting" contracts for school construction. In recent years the county schools have done some construction work without taking bids from contractors- County School Superintendent William B. Hall said his office had no objection to the audit "beyond the cost involved." He said records in his office are audited once each year by the state edu cation department. Kentucky State Attorney General Jo M. Ferguson recently advised the county school board that it could hire an auditor without the county superintendent's approval. The "motion to hire the auditor provides that results of the audit are to b- published in The Moun tain Eagle. Kentucky has the third highest rate, following Arizona and New Mexico. Buy and use Christmas Seals to help rid Kentucky of tuberculosis. state TB case To Whitesburg Mining Inst., Elects Rotary Club Hew' President Rotary Works For International Understanding Byrd Hogg, Whitesburg Attorney, stated this week that he plans to run for the Republican nomination for County Attorney. Hogg said he will make his formal announcement in the near future. Billie Day of Letcher May Be Republican ' Candidate for Jailer A telephone call on Wednesday morning informed The Eagle that Billie Day of Letcher is seriously considering the race for Jailer on the Republican Ticket. He plans to have his announcement in The Eagle within the next few weeks. HERMAN H. CAMPBELL CANDIDATE FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE Herman H. Campbell of Ulvah announces this week that he will be a candidate for the office of State Representative Subject to the Democratic Primary, May 28th., 1957. Mr. Campbell states that he will make a statement later to be published in the Mountain Eagle III R. P. Price was elected to serve as Executive Permanent Chairman of the Democratic Party of Letcher County for the next four years at a meeting ,held at the Court House Satur- ' tnr Tlppfim'hoi- - JHVi Drin TV1V a well known coal operator has Dennie Gooch Rotary Clubs in 99 countries throughout the free world are united in an endeavor to pro mote international understand ing, good will and peace. That was the message of Dr. Dennie Gooch of Somerset, Governor of District 235 of Rotary International, in addressing the Rotary Club of Whitesburg, last following a conTuesday, ference with local Rotary officers and committee chairmen. In addition to the activities of Rotary's 9225 Clubs within their own communities to promote this objective, Dr. Gooch explained, Rotary Internation al has spent more than $2,000,- 000 in recent years through its program of student- fellowships, which enable oueswiding college graduates to study one year in countries other than their own, as Rotary ambassadors of good will. Since 1947, when this program was established, 834 Rotary Fellowships have been awarded to students in 61 countries for study in 40 countries. Sam Hill Jr., of Burlington returned in June from his years study at Cambridge UniMr. Hill England. versity, his year's study and his observation of the life and thinking of the people in England. "With fellowship and service to others as its keynote, Rotary provides a common ground for 435,000 business and professional executives throughout the free world regardless of differing nationalities or politic cal or religious beliefs," the Rotary District Governor emphasized. "In addition to the promotion understandof international ing," Dr. Gooch continued, special emphasis is being placed by Rotary Clubs in this District, which includes 40 Rotary Clubs in the eastern half of Kentucky on community-betterme- pro- nt jects such as, parks, play grounds, swimming pools, other recreational projects, community centers, hospitals, boy scouts, crippled children and many civic improvements." Dr. Gooch urged the local Rotary Club to be well represented at the District Conference to be held in Cincinnati, March 1957, and announced that the 47th Annual Convention of Rotary International would be held in Lu cerne, Switzerland next May. 10-1- 1, SUPT. W. B. HALL ATTENDING SCHOOL CONFERENCE AT LOUISVILLE DEC. Supt. W. B. Hall will be attending a Conference of School been active in the Democratic party in the county and state a number of years and received a loud ovation upon arising to make his acceptance speech. He cited the growth of the Democratic party in the past few years and expressed a desire for party harmony. Ray Fannin was elected to serve as secretary. J. H. Graham Supt. Jewel Ridge Coal Corp. The Kentucky River Mining Institute held its regular meeting in the V.F.W. Club Friday night, Nov. 30th at Hazard. In addition to the regular program new officers were elected for the ensuing year as follows: James H. Graham, Supt, Jewel Ridge Coal Corp., President; Noah Mayhew, Supt., Leatherwood No. 1 Mine Blue Diamond Coal Co. first Vice President; Bill Cahoun, Supt. Carrs Fork Coal Co. second Vice President; Frank C. Med-ariManager HarAssistant vey Coal Co. third Vice President; Robert Dickson, Hazard, BARBARA BENTLEY ASSISTING IN TOY COLLECTION Miss Barbara Bentley of Louisville daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bentley of Deane, has been selected by the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation of Louisville where she is employed to assist in the Marine Corps Reserve's annual drive for the collection of secretary-TreasureChristmas toys for children in was Louisville and Jefferson county. Miss Bentley graduated from Also the elected members of Fleming High School in 1954. the executive board are as fol- s, r. lows: WHITESBURG P. T. A. MEETS Frank L. Smith, Gen. Supt. MONDAY, 7 P. M. Leatherwood Mines, Blue DiaThe Whitesburg P. T. A. will mond Coal Co.; Lewis A. Hopmeet Monday, December 17th at per, Green Ridge Coal Co.; L. 7 o'clock P. M. at the Grade School auditorium instead of the date previously announced. A program of- - Christmas music under the direction of music director, Jack Taylor will be presented. The public is cordially invited. V.F.W. CHRISTMAS TREAT AT COURTHOUSE ThP vfw Club. Post 5829 will tfcoir miai Christmas Treat for children at the V.F.W. Clubhouse this year. This event usually is held at the Court House, but has been voted to be held at the Post Clubhouse December 24th. from 4:00 till 6:00. Santa Claus will be there to give out the w L. Mathis, Assistant Manager, Old King Mining Co.; Guy Walton, Supt., Blue Diamond Coal Co. No. 1 Mine; Clyde Bowen, Supt. Leatherwood, No. 2 Mine Blue Diamond Coal Co.; and George Vaughn, (past president) Supt, Old King Mining Co. No. 2 Mine. Mr. Frank L. Smith is the newly elected president of the Kentucky Mining Institute whose office is in Lexington, Ky. ATTEND FUNERAL Dr. J. E. Crawford and R. R, Crawford attended funeral sertreat. vices for their brother, Emmett At 7:00 o'clock Santa will be on Crawford, held at Broadhead hand to treat the children of the last Saturday. Mr. Crawford V.F.W- members. passed away suddenly, his death was a great shock to many CHRISTMAS CONCERT relatives and friends. j On Monday evening, Dec. 17, at 7:00 p.m. the annual Christmas concert will be given for the Whitesburg P.T.A. in the Grade School Auditorium. The entire of WhitesMusic Department burg school will be represented on the program. Featured will be the High School Band, Girl's Chorus, Mixed Chorus, and Junior Chorus, all of which are under the direction of Mr. Jack Taylor. Mrs. Ruth Rice's Fourth Grade Rhythm Band will; also appear on the program. Music lovers will not want to miss this tine program ui , Christmas Music. No admission - will ue uidigcu aiiu. is cordially invitea. "v. r : dV Christmas Basket Program Begins Kentucky River County Chairman Democratic Party NEEDY CHILDREN SCHOOL jACE Kincer for superintendent to R. P. Price Elected GIVE A TOY FOR ABSENTEE VOTE MAY DECIDE 4 Dr. Gooch Speaks December 18,, Number 31 Samuel P. Collier, 86, Dies atKeon, Saturday Samuel P. Collier, 86 years of The Annual program of providing baskets of food at age, of Neon, died at his home Christmas for the needy fam- Saturday at 4:30 A. M. He had sufilies of Whitesburg and vicinity fered a stroke the week before. Mr. Collier was born October 27, has been set up by the Whitesburg Ministerial Association. 1870 in Letcher County. He was Assistance to those families pre the son of the late William and senting their needs or to families Becky Meade Collier. His first wife whose names and informtion is i Sarah Collier preceded him in supplied by an interested friend i death in 1945. will be provided by the program Funeral services were held at Each family assisted must pre- the Millstone Baptist Church, Millsent in writing before December stone, Ky., at 10:30 A. M., Monday, 18, 1956 information as to the by Rev. Willis Tolliver, Tommy number of people in the im- Collier and Carl Duty, officiating. mediate family, the circum- Burial followed in the Collier cemstances or conditions that are etery, Millstone, Ky- causing the need of assistance He is survived by his wife Nanand the approximate cash in- nie Hall Collier, two sons, John A. come of the family as a whole. Collier, Dayton, Ohio and Elizabeth This information in writing must Collier, Portsmouth, Ohio; two daube mailed to: ghters, Mrs. Rebecca Hall, Neon, Christmas Baskets Committee Ky., and Mrs. Martha Green, RusWhitesburg, Ky. sell, Ky. one brother, W. B. CoThe naming of persons to re- llier, Neon, 21 grandchildern and ceive the baskets of food will be several great grandchildren. Funerdone by a committee appointed al arrangements were under the by the Ministerial Association. direction of the Johnson Funeral They will determine the families Home, Whitesburg, Ky. to receive the baskets from the information submitted in writing as specified above. Methodists Hold Contributions to carry on this Week-end work are supplied largely by the organizations of Youth and clubs Conference Whitesburg. But contributions The young people of the for this project may be sent to Methodist Youth Fellowship of Whitesburg Minsterial Associathe Whitesburg Methodist Whitesburg, Ky. tion, Box 158, Church Church and the adult Families assisted by the program will be largely confined to workers with youth in the Whitesburg and vicinity. How- church met Sunday afternoon and Monday evening under the ever any need may be reported Association in the address direction of Miss Louise Rhudy to the Conference Director of Youth given for it above. Work in the church and the place of the youth in the church. JENKINS P. T. A. She also led them in a discussion The regular meeting of the Jen- of the purposes of the work of kins P.T.A. will be held Monday, the youth and in the making of the 27th of December at 7:00 . good programs. The group dis(EST) at the Jenkins High School. cussed at length the Program This meeting is for and in honor Areas of youth vvt)rk endeavorof the teachers. Everyone is wel- ing to understand what each come. area meant and what could be done under each area. An exFATHER OF planation of the various summer MRS. BLAINE POLLY activities for youth carried on SUCCUMBS IN LEXINGTON by the Conference was made and Mr. G. B. Moores, 92 year old quite a number of the youth exfather of Mrs. Blaine Polly pass- pressed a desire to participate ed away at St. Joseph Hospital, in some of these activities. The Lexington on Tuesday morning. sessions were brought to a close Mr. Moores, a life long resident with the youth and adults listing of Richmond has visited in and discussing what they could Whitesburg many times and has do to make their youth group Miss friends here who regret his pass- 'a going organization. ing. Funeral services will be held Rhudy brought the Conference in Richmond today with inter to a close with a fine devotional. On Monday evening the ment following in the family plot in Richmond. Mr. and Mrs. Woman's Society of Christian Polly and son, James Douglas, Service prepared and served a student at L. M. U. are in Rich- fine meal to about thirty youth mond for the funeral services. and adult workers in the church basement. A fine fellowship developed around the table and ATTENDING JUDGES' ASS'N singing was led by Miss Rhudy. IN LOUISVILLE, KY. Letcher County Judge James M. Miss Louise Rhudy came to Caudill, County Attorney, Gordon hold this conference at the inR. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis are at- vitation of the Official Board tending the Kentucky County of the church. Judge's Association in Louisville this week. Sixth Fleet (FHTNC) Bennett Stallard, seaman, USN, of Ermine, Ky., aboard the escort destroyer USS Holder, arrived at Piraeus-AthenGreece, Nov. 23 as part of "Hunter-Kille- r Group 2." The Group departed from Norfolk, Va., Oct. 1 for a good will and training cruise in North European waters, but was order ed to join the 6th Fleet in early November following the out break o hosilities in the Middle East. s, - a new extensible belt conveyor that represents a major advance in continuous mining techniques by providing for an almost unCHRISTMAS BASKETS interrupted flow of coal from the working face in an underFOR NEEDY ground, coal mine, and by featuring few, easy to handle units If you know of a needy fam- that offer savings in time and labor has been, introduced by Superintendents in Louisville on ily who could use a Christmas Goodman Manufacturing Company, Chicago. C. December 13, 14, and 15. Head- basket, write out the Mowing This new conveyor that can be extended while operating from quarters for the Conference, information as name, number in a length of 75 feet to a length as great as 1000 feet is linked to which all superintendents in Ky. family, circumstances of need, the discharge end of a continuous mining machine. As the minWe are authorized to state that are expected to attend will be at and send it by mail to Christmas ing machine digs its way into' the coal seam in a steady advance, Jesse C. Day ic a candidate for the Seelbach Hotel. The general Baskets Committee, Whitesburg, spewing out a stream of coal behind it at a rate as high as 10' Justice of the Peace, Dist- - No. 1, subject of this year's confer Kentucky. Do this now as the tons per minute, the conveyor, extends its carrying. length to deadline is DECEMBER 15TH. keep pace while taking the coal that has been cut and loaded on the Republican Ticket. ence will be "School Laws". i 13-1- 5. Day Is Candidate For J. P. Jesse and moving it back to the transportation system. S(mK3 jn BUFF

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