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Page 3 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 17 no. 3 Fall, 1941

Part of Mountain Life and Work

Pill, 1941 MOUNTAIN Ln'L AND `VORK Pagc 3 11 Slir-Off no candy jacks. Keep a watch on the kettle." "I choose pull-candy to sirup," Jimp said. I thought in my head, "I bet candy jacks would be good." U Z groancd, "Pap's boundcn to dry up the part,\,." Old Gid's face softened. He chuckled at me acid gimp gobbling pie. "You tadwhackers better save a big leetle spot for the molassy foam." "Pappv," jimp asked, "did you and the square shecp-fight once, a-butting heads?" Old Gid raised his brows and grinned. He stepped to the door and called Peep Eye to dinner. "I ann to see your ferret," I reminded imp. "I want to ride the fly-jinny." We crept into the smoke-house where the ferret was kept hidden. "A fellcr can't take a step witheuten Peep Eye's watching" jimp complained, latching the door. In that darksoine place I saw Pholo;,rapb h) Dat irl Donoho giant pumpkins squatting on hard earth, and fat squashes crooking yellow necks. I saw a bin of Ainburgey apples, a mort of victuals in kegs and jars; I set eyes on three barrels of molasses. I said, "Them many sirups will turn strong as bull beef ere they can be et." Jimp whistled a sketch. A furry head lifted above a sack of capping corn. I ,jumped in fright, and the varmint started, jerking its head down, burrowing into the sack. The ferret wouldn't come out then for all our begging and poking cobs. I didn't get to see the whole of him. "He's scared," I said. "My beastie's got nerve spite o' playing timid," Jlnlp defended. "He'll tackle critters double his size, just like fisty people. Cagey ones don't show their nerve till they come to a pinch." And jimp made a wry face, laughing suddenly. He popped his hands together. "I'd give my ferret to see Pap and the square lock horns." "I'd ruther to see your father shake hands with

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