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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 17 no. 3 Fall, 1941

Part of Mountain Life and Work

MOUNTAIN LIFE AND WORK ORGAN OF THE CONFERENCE OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN WORKERS IS PUBLISHED QUARTERLY AT BEREA, KENTUCKY, IN THE INTEREST OF FELLOWSHIP AND MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS AND THE REST OF THE NATION. Editor ___________-______ Helen H. Dingman Associate Editor _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Orrin L. Keener Associate Editor ________________ Omega Gentry Contributing Editors Olive D. Campbell John P. McConnell Marshall E. Vaughn John Tigert Arthur T. McCormack James Still SIGNED ARTICLES ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE EXPRESSION OF EDITORIAL OPINION NOR DO THEY CARRY THE ENDORSEMENT OF THE CONFERENCE. IN THIS ISSUE THE STIR-OFF, A Story WHITHER YOUTH ARMED WITH BROOMSTICKS, An Editorial NOTES ON THE TOUR OF AMERICAN COOPERATIVES HEALTH FOR THE HIGHLANDS HOMESTEAD, A Linoleum Cut A TRIBUTE TO WILLIAM A. WORTHINGTON WHAT THEY ARE DOING -James Still 1 --Glyn A. Morris 8 10 ---C. C. Haun 11 --Anesta A. Glovier 17 -John A. Spelman 111 21 --R. H. Cowley 22 Montgomery County Recreation Conference --Ruth H. Allen 23 The Big Meadows Craft Shop --George R. Bent 24 The Associate Arts Studio-Camp -Gladys V. Jameson 24 SCF Keeps Mountain Children in School -Alva W. Taylor 25 Cooperative Education in the Southeast -Edward Yeomans, Jr. 26 The Social Task and the Southern Churches -Walter W. Sikes 28 WHAT TO READ SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $1.00 PEA YEAR, ;O CENTS PER COPY. ISSUED SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER Entered at the Post Office at Berea, Kentucky, as second class mail matter ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO MOUNTAIN LIFE AND WORK, BEREA, KENTUCKY

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