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Image 2 of Licking Valley courier., April 11, 1912

Part of Licking Valley courier.

I l LICKING VALUCY COURIER We are authorized to announce ' S. S. OLDF1ELD, of Index, as a candidate for the Entered as second class matter April 7, 1910, at the e at nomination for County Court West Liberty, Ky., under the Act Clerk, subject to the action ol the Democratic partv. of March 3, 1879. by every one not blinded by political prejudice tha Champ Clark, another product of Kentucky, is one of the ablest, most .fearless, and minde:i broadest We are authorized to announce Iisuetl TlitirsiiHy.s l'iy statesman that has ever figThe Moifjiiii Cnwiit.y I'iihllshi'iiK Co LEE BARKER, ured in national politics durIiiniriiiiiiiti'd. of Malone, as a candidate for for County Court ing the. life of our republic. Tkkhs-Oi- ii! Ihilli.rii year hi iiiUanco Clerk, subject to the action of He hos been called by some the Democratic party. the prototype of "Honest G. COTTLE, Editor. Abe" by o lifers the second tJH. ilreet where the buildin that conscience is a cultivated burned is very un- faculty.. Take the matter of insightly. A mighty good time terest. The Bible forbids usury. tac!eanup, before the town Literally, usmrv is money for the use of money interest. In othAuthorities take a-- had? er words' interest is usury. But The public is. clamoring for the general acceptance of the this,, and the clamor is not term is that usury means a rate liable to stop till the clean- - of of interest above the legal rate. Many men lend money renig up' is done. - were post-offic- ', All cotnniiinlciitionti ? should 'Tis not unmanly to shed "Jim Blaine," and in our an honest tear. honest opinion neither of those two men, than whom Read for improvement, there were none greater, not for pastime. were the superiors in ablity, Watch' "em comin" Clark's integrity and true statesway! We've been "tellin" manship to Champ . Clark. Kentucky now has an opporyou so. tunity to honor one of 'her s "greatest sons. Will she do He who - needlessly gives pain to either man or beast it? In so doing she will is more brute than human. honor herself and also the great commonwealth , of Isn't, it remarkable how which she is an integral persistently the man who ipart. has done you a wrong refuses Proud would be the day for to forgive you? Kentuckians when they could point to the .adminisTo do your duty at all tration of President Clark times may be unpleasant, and say: "It was second to but, that fact does not make none in the history of the it any the less a duty. Untied States," and that If we were called upon to Kentucky has furnished the name the . unpardonable sin material for two of the greatest of them we would not hesitate a Abe" and "Uncle Champ." moment: Ingratitude. be ud IGUMPTION ft". : ANNOUNCEMENTS. We are authorized to announce LYKINS of Grassy Creek; as a candidate for the Democratic nomination -- for the office of County Judge of Morgan county. G-- . Jf ALEX WHITAKER of Caney, as a candidate for the nomination for County Judge of Morgan county, ' subject to the action of the Democratic party. FRANK KENNAIRD of Logville, as a candidate for the nomination for County Attorney of Morgan county, subject to the action of the Democratic party. Wat-terso- requiredJ- - all-"H- onest of Wcst.Liberty, as a candidate for the nomination for County Court Clerk of Morgan county, Coercion subject to the action of the Dem- well with a ocratic party. people There is a certain elasticity about the conscience that causes men to condone acts in themselves thot they condemn in others. .Example: Last year a number of attorneys were together in a suit representing the same interests though different parties. Lwas first in the case and prepared the pleading for all. The matter was adjusted and a certain sum set apart for fees. I was not there at the "division." The attorney who' "divided" it (one with whom I had sat Sunday a'fter Sunday in the Men's Bible Class) took charge of the "division," allowed one attorney what he chose to and kept the remainder, telling me that my clients were able to pay me, As a matter of principle I refused to present a bill to my clients, as I considered the amount set all that they wert entitled to pay. Result: I get nothing. Agitator jumped on me with both brogans last week, and among other things, intimated that"' a man did not have to have ali my physical imperfections to be an editor. True, but viewing the careers of James Gordon Bennett, Hora?e Greeley, George D. Prentice, Henry Henry W. Grady, Arthur Brisbane and Spencer Cooper, it is apparent that brains are a necessary requisite to an editor. Simultaneous with the receipt of the Agitator containing that editorial ( ?) I received two letters from prominent citizens of its town, showing 'the esteem(?) they have for that paper, and feel that they are all the reply '" . We are authorized to announce II. M. DAVIS L...T." HnVHiltMAf.B. B TfIlE - We are authorized to announce -- i I ,0h! What's the Use? . We are authorized to announce t Common Secse without Frills. " fusing to accept more than the legal rate, as a matter of con-- , science, while others see no harm in accepting as high a rate as can be contracted for, and the banks often realize 120 per cent on small, short time loans. Each acts according to his conscience. If you have a visitor of h, - - The first simnlv admonished me to remember the old adage: "If you wrestle with a dog you will get fleas," but I think that that comparison is rather hard Instances might be multiplied on. the dog, as some dogs have to show that we shape our consome character. From the other letter I take this excerpt: "I sciences to approve what is to had written this and sealed it up own interect. Hence, conscience when I picked up the Agitator is not a safe guide for human (which I do riot take) and read conduct We must follow His '" its'jeffort to answer and ridicule Law. ' works mightly whom you are not ashamed certain class of call us up and tell us about but it won't go where it. If you or a member bf We are authorized to announce the coercee has veins full of; your family are" going somered blood. - REN F. NICK ELL, where 'and you are not of West Liberty, as a candidate ' Whenever a. man or a ashamed for the people to for Clerk of the Morgan County Court, subject to the action of woman begins to consider know it, call us up, tell us in your short say, on the Parcel Post TNA'N open letter to Presi-- f the Democratic party. themselves indispensable the person or send us word by a matter, and that justifies me in dent Taf t,; in the issue of sa ing that any man that can the world can do as well friend if you are to modest not get up April 6, Fred D. Warren, mana better reply to' We are authorized to announce to tell us yourselves. If you 'screed,' as he calta it, and your aging editor of the Appeal to without them; t who JAMES W "DAVIS, know of anything of interest cari't get any more readable Reason, announces that the Apof Ezel, as a candidate for the ' 'What is lhat creaking, to the public let us have it news in a newspaper than he peal of April 27 will contain abnomination for Superintendent ' crackling sound?" We will esteem is a favor does ought to- -." But what's solute proof that Richard E. of Schools of Morgan county, ' is the rattling of the and - thank you for.-it- . the, use? Is that not sufficient? Sloan, whom the President has "It subject to the action of the DemIf 'dry bones of .the Agitator you won't do tlu and we (So for good and all I pass it up. nominated as District Federal ocratic riarty. r;.. v , v Judge for Arizona, is a criminal. editor's skull when .an idea fail to get an ' item concernThe Appeal charges, and says it 0 We are authorized to announce attempts to get into it." ing you or youiv friends will prove, that a negro porter , IT IS a mooted question as to C. E. CLARK' ; aoivu cuss us out tor our. whether conscience is inate n a Pulmanson the Santa Fe of Maytown, as a candidate for We are asked to lift up failure. It was not our in man or the result of training. railroad attempted an assault on the nomination for Superintenda lady passenger. That Sloan ent of Schools of Morgan county, over voice in behalf of the fault. An editor can't work I am inclined to the idea that it "infant industry," beet sug- in his'office' 14 'hours each is largely the creature of cultiva- was judge and the negro was subject to the action of the Demar manufactories and to op- day and pesonally know, of tion and heredity. While' it is tried, convicted and sent to the ocratic party. penitentiary for 14 years. That pose the reduction of tariff all the happenings of the truQ that there are. many acts upon suit for $25,000.00 damages that since the beginning of time We are authorized to announce on sugar, tiut we can't see town and county unless some have been regarded as wrong by against the Pulman and railroad " " ; L. A. LYKINS our way clear, to "lift." one tells him. all even while each had no companies by the woman, Sloan of Index,, as a candidate for the The sugar trust, the steel knowledge of tha otiiers, many released the negro, sent him out nomination for Sheriff of Morgan It will soon be time for acts tlnit are ponrlomnod lw snmp oi tne lorntory by a special en county, subject to the action of trust, the wool trust, and all of the little infants are rath- that lowest of all sneaks, the are practiced by otiiers without kine anJ caboose, mutilated the the Democratic party. record .f the first held an- er lusty youngsters to have fish dynamiter, to get'in his thought of wrong. Even among a jury and ac- church denominations, some acts oiuer inai lonnout ' We are authorized to announce the protecting arm of gov cowardly work. In fact it is that are sanctioned by part are quitted the negro. The Appeal ' SAM R. LYKINS, ernment thrown about them. reported to be going an al- severely condemned by others, charges that Tsift had the proof of Caney, as "a candidate for the The prices on all things we ready in some counties. emphasizing the fact that we be- of these acts before he nominatDemocratic nomination for Shered Sloan. use have taken to riding in Look out tor them Mr. Game lieve as we are taught. iff of Morgan county. ' C. areoplanes, 'nary a voice will Warden. Run the vandals Some of the They There is possibly a greater va We are authorized to 'announce we lift to keep the price of down at all hazards. .' are denouncing any criticism of W. W. McCLURE,-;--sugar up. Fact is our sassa are dangerous men to have riety of consciences among the the judiciary as anarchistic and of West Liberty, as 'a candidate fras tea would taste much in the country. The peniten- lawyers ( One of whom I am dangerous to the stability of our for the nomination for' Jailer of better if we had sugar tiary ought to be their home. which," as ArtemusWard put it) government. How? Judges are to than any other profession or avMorgan county, subject to the only human, and their acts as If every good citizen who has ocation. In that profession sweetenMt. we action of the. Democratic party. knowledge or information find the'greatest range of intel open to criticism as those of any But oh, the nerve of these other officials. Federal judges robbers to thaf someone has been dy-- lect to be found anywhere, from are appointed for life, by the We are authorized to announce bloated, tariff-fe- d E. J. WEBB, ask that the poor devil of a namiting, would go immed- the masterful mind of Choate to President. Owing to deaths and the cranial hiatus of the petti fosr- of Blair's Mill, as 'a 'candidate consumer should oppose iacy and report the fact to ing licensed jackas3 retirements Taft has practically of the peace. for the nomination for Jailer on something that will make the the Warden the devilish praccreatd a new Supreme Court. But conscientious scruples are Morgan county, subject to' the necessaries cheaper, just be- tice woald soon be at an end. not gauged by the rank in the If, as charged by the Appeal, he . action of the Democratic-partyis so completely dominated by the cause it means more West Liberty is the best profession. Usually the .magistrat- "interests" that he insists on e-court practitioner is a nui gain in their coffers, We are authorized to announce town in the mountains in the appointment of Sloan at the ' -' sance on account of of his abso '. J. II. ROE, .We say let the "infant" in- which to live, ed lute lack of acquaintance with instance of the Santa Fe road, is rear and of Grassy Creek, as a candidate dustries look out for them ucate a family, provided, vou the elementary principles of law not the charge against him that for the nomination for Jailer of selves and meet world-wid- e he has created" a Supreme Court stand in with the two, dom- rather than from turpHtude, Morgan county, subject to the favorable to the trusts plausible? competition. Give the con- inant church action of the Democratic party. organizations. while many prominent corpora- After all, is the existence of the sumer a square deal and an Hut you draws it don't do this they tion lawyer his', his salary on conditions that prompted Roose account of skill in coaching opportunity to live. We are authorized to announce will make it damned iinnloa?.- velt s demand for the recall of witnesses to make the tale favorNo we Cr'm't preach oppo- antfor you.. However Geo. W. Stacy, judicial decisions an iridescent it's able to 'his client), buVing a ' of Grassy Creek, as a candidate sition to a reduction on sutoo good an eld town to leave, jury or influencing a judge- But dream? for the nomination for Jailer of gar, but we might be pereven if the chwehes do get aside from these gross practices, Morgan County, subject to the The Appeal's charge is a se suaded to ask for an increase on you with their multi action of the Democrat party. feet. there are many in the profession rious one. If the President is of tariff on diamonds, silks, who have trained their con knowingly seeking to put a crimworks of art, and many othCounty Superintendent. T. science to approve of devious We are authorized to announce inal on the Federal bench, what methods to win, justifying undor can be expected from a judiciary John Patrick, (Assessor John) er items that are so exten- N. Barker, informs us that the belief that duty to client his creation? Warren and of Grassy Creek, as a candidate sively used by the poor la- he will have 10 bushels of that he succeed regard- of. his associates are already being select seed corn for distribu less of the merit of his for the nomination for Assersor boring man. cause. of Morgan county, subject to the tion among the members of Let me say, however, that there persecuted for exposing the manIt is conceded by the peop- the boys corn club. That is scarcely a day in the lives of agement of the. Leavenworth action of the Democratic party. prison, notwithstanding the fact le of all political beliefs that, sounds good, and take our the busy lawyer that he does not that all they printed is admitted in Abraham Lincoln, KenWe are authorized to announce word for it there is coino- to have to refuse to do some act to be true, and it hardly likely is tucky gave to the United be "something his conscience does not REV. W. H. LINDON doing" among that they would make a charge of when requested by some of Insko, as a candidate for the States one of the greatest, if the Morgan County boys this . this nature unless they were I:.. .... t :.:. JlbUIlWllUill CltlUll, x nomination for Assessor of Mor- not the greatest presidents summer. able to prove it. J 0 gan county, subject to the act- that this nation has ever Bui I am digressing. Let us ion of the Democratic party. hacL It is further conceded The old rubbish on main take. a few examples that show POLEY KIDNEY PILLS roniiHcwMMisM KiDNtvaANoavAootn I . . w 1 1 H Hal m Ar.d Plenty of Thei Ik OlO at Bf Ire and IkPrIccs-:heaf- ' . Line Complete Nothing Lacking 'sters a Speci Prompt and efficient service Come once and you'll come again Cole Hotel Sample Room . i ?83 & j tn pwffl) ?: 3 -- w. ? mo m 2 . . ,'' , i ; J : , I ' lmm !l few - " w & , : 0mM r r) t j3iw--- VM 2 cd 11 j -- J -- . 3w. . -- . Gave Up Hope .ojiiu... , u : " 7 y; "I suffered five years, v;th awul lMHlibo-4o-Jfl,. ly troubles," writes Mrs. M. D. McPlierson, from ChadO bourn, N. C "They grew worse, till I would often faint H i tuuiu not waiK ai an, ana i naa an awtui hurting in my side ; also a headache and a backache. I gave up and thought I would die, but my husband urged me to try Cardui, so, I began, and the first bottle helped me. Dy the time the third bottle was used, I could do all my work. All the people around here said I would die, but Cardui relieved me." ! -- ft. 0 VftftKUUIWoma rfsTonic . j -- es . ;., . TAKE For more than 50 years, Cardui has been relieving woman's sufferings, and making weak women strong and well. During this time, thousands of women have written, E like Mrs. McPherson, to tell of the really surprising results A thev obtained bv the hsr nf tlk nurpltr v.ofohin Wm M remedy for women. Lardui strengthens, builds, restores, and relieves or unnecessary pain and suffering from womanly troubles. It you are a woman, begin taking Cardui, today. Wrt4m I.J!. n. :'A 'or Sfitclallntlrucliotu, A ft.. . - II M. M..U. Look, "liumc Trcaiuicul lor- Women, " kcolVec .1..:. mi J n ii 14 For Artistic Job- Printing - j. Anything made with Type on Paper en Yiu uutijjt. : - ds . - ap-pro- 3 iw lmm$ I)R ... itti MAW WHITE S CO. ui course RAW FUHS ANi) hIDEa r ji! mniMn fun ih r ' VJ?3 ' . att--- v mS.WL Clarksburg, Ky., W. J. Baltamy, gives particulars of his son's recovery. He says: My bov had bronchial trouble over sinw he was a baby and it gradually gic-wuiaw until wu lt'iiieu con- -' T .iini.t!nn. mt ft iMtU nf Foley's Honey and soon there Chfts. Gonucrlv. 207 Maxwell .1 . . r ?l- - exinKton. been cured ol kklnov ind binder trouble. He says: "I heard of , r, ' '.v s Ividncy Tills and the good - im,.,.,.,( 1 171 11 VI haslat.; . . , J ' - 1 An Item of Home Interest."'" they wored.iiifr and after takinar tneiw a lew days the pant lett ,n0cKmn,in,i , , (4 IIUU UV.U , , , lVtVO l tCelinff I m.t .1 snmn.l lwrftlo nnrl m' WlcK nt tlie llr passed awuv and I am clad to re-- y l .. ...:n Til.- i una win, i iiuiiK uuiku a penna", . r, Uy Bit nont rnro. TliA first hrttU onraA K"OllU U1UIU. r or alers. his stubborn cough and I think tbte wonderful medicine saved my boys life. For f alo at all KlBNEYPIUSi 1 1 i.. fOIEY T i

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