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Y oman e SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA SINCE 1880 SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA SINCE 1880 T HE A DVANCE HE D VA N C E Spring Sports page A4 & A5 WEDNESDAY H MARCH 7, 2012 Ballard County Schools to cut teaching positions by Kelly Paul Editor, Advance Yeoman will not have jobs next year are five teacher’s aides, one special education teacher and a full-time substitute. Included in the 15 positions to be cut are those of two retiring staff members and another teacher who will be changing districts. These 3 positions will not be filled next year. Superintendent Casey Allen told Lauren Adams of WPSD Local 6 that he hated to make the cuts. He said, “We need to do this for our budget.” Allen also said that the district has spent more money on staffing then they receive in funding. Last year, the district was blindsided when, without warning, they lost $146,000. This new state cut will BARLOW - Due to cuts made to Governor Steve Beshear’s budget, there is less money for the Commonwealth to spend on schools and students. This equates to big losses for Ballard County Schools. Next year will find the staff at Ballard County Schools cut by 15 positions. Of the non-tenured staff members informed Friday that they will not have jobs with Ballard next year, five were teachers; three were from the elementary school, one was from the middle school, and one was from the vocational school. Others that come in the form of about a $200,000 loss each year. The budget cuts and loss of staff members will mean bigger class sizes at the elementary level next year. This will be due not only to the loss of the teachers, but also the shifting of other elementary teachers into the middle school. Superintendant Allen said “Our focus right now is helping those affected by the cuts find work, continuing to give our students the best possible education that we can, and planning for how we will adapt to the changes for next year. Our goal, as always, is to do what is best for the students of Ballard County Schools.” Damaging storms tear through Ballard County The latest round of high winds that came through the area on Friday tore the roof off of the Well’s building on 4th Street in Barlow. The roof had already been severely damaged during a previous storm. The owner of the building had been approached by the city last month to fix the metal roof. Friday’s winds whooshed through Barlow shortly after 12:00 p.m. lifting the roof up and over to the other side of the building. The roof of the neighboring Beauty Shop was damaged, but no one was injured. The damage has been repaired. Photo by Kelly Paul A tornado that affected both west Kentucky and southern Illinois as it moved back and forth across the Ohio River last Wednesday morning was an EF 2 tornado with peak winds of 120 miles per hour. The cell was part of a line of storms that left devastation in southern Missouri before traveling into southern Illinois and then western Kentucky. The twister first touched down in Pulaski County, IL then crossed the Ohio River moving across Northern Ballard and McCracken Counties hitting Oscar, Bandana and Ragland Make more money. VOL. H H H H 7 VOL. 124124 H H #10 In God we trust before going back across the river an lifting about two miles northwest of Metropolis and had an average path of destruction 125 yards wide and left 26 and a half miles of damage in its wake. continued on page 4 with more storm photos US 60/62 Mississippi River Bridge Now Open CAIRO- The Mississippi River Bridge, which carries US 60 and US 62 from Missouri reopened yesterday after having been closed for over a year for much needed repair. The Illinois Department of Transportation had expected the bridge project to be completed in December 2011, but additional repair issues involving floor beams and other sections of the bridge led to the delay in re-opening of the bridge. The US 60/62 Mississippi River Bridge is open to vehicles with a gross maximum weight of 40 tons and a maximum axle weight of 10 tons. Community welcomes ‘Neighbors Unifying Ballard County’ by Kelly Paul Editor, Advance Yeoman LA CENTER- Neighbors Unifying Ballard County, NUBC, (formerly Lets Beautify La Center, LBLA) held its monthly meeting on Monday, March 5th. The focus of the meeting was on the new direction of the association. The NUBC will have as its emphasis the unification of the community, or as Association President Elaine Jarvis put it, “Unity in the Community”. NUBC member Jodie Bivens got at the heart of what the association is about when she said that Ballard County residents need to come together to make one community out of Ballard. She said, “That is who we are and what we’re about.” She continued with this sentiment by saying, “If you call yourself a neighbor, than you care about your neighbors.” There was much excitement as the members voted on the new name of the organization. There were several suggestions, but they all focused on the same thing, unity within the communities of Ballard County. The association is looking forward to doing things that will involve all of Ballard County, not just one community in the County. Within the next few weeks, residents traveling down Broadway in La Center will see 10 patriotic banners adorning telephone poles. These banners were purchased by the City of La Center to commemorate 6 branches of the military. These include: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and the National Guard. The banners are a way for Ballard County to show respect for those who have dedicated their lives to preserving our rights. The banners on Broadway in La Center are just the beginning. It is the desire of NUBC to have banners adorning telephone poles all throughout Ballard County. President Elaine Jarvis was given permission by a Kentucky Utility representative to put up banners on KU poles. The only poles in Ballard County to which the association will not be able to hang banners are those in Gage and Lovelaceville that belong to Jackson Purchase. NUBC also discussed other matters at Monday’s meeting, which included accepting new by-laws for the association after careful thought and deliberation. Again, the main focus was on that of being unified. President Elaine Jarvis reiterated that “the key was unity”. The NUBC members had a discussion that had carried over from previous meetings regarding the deterioration of the Mural in Celebration Plaza. Although the association no longer owns the property (the City of La Center now own the property), NUBC still makes suggestions to the City of La Center regarding the Plaza. NUBC member Rick Jervais presented the city with concerns regarding fixing parts of the mural that have deteriorated. Jervais said City Supervisor Jody Brown agreed to help him restore the damaged wood. Mayor Jamie Hack told Jervais that he had an inmate who knew masonry. Hack said he would elicit the help of the inmate to repair the brick portion of the mural. Artist Tommy Fletcher said he would then repaint the damaged portion of the mural for free. All of these individuals coming together to work on a project for the community shows exactly what NUBC stands for- a unified community coming together to help each other for the sake of one shared community. New members are welcome at Neighbors Unifying Ballard County. They meet the first Monday of every month at the Extension Office on Broadway at 7:00 p.m. GOT PAIN? AVOID Introducing our new DRUGS, inch reducing machine! INJECTIONS & SURGERY. SEE IF YOU QUALIFY Why workout you can Why workout whenwhen TORQ out Introducing ourTORQ out you can new inch reducing machine! Located just a hop, skip & jump from Ballard County! Located just a ho p skip & ju , m from Ba p llard County! Earl Davis, FICF Area Manager 270-554-5950 270-575-1000 • Shane Hoying, DC 270-575-1000• Shane Hoying, DC 50 CENTS • THE ADVANCE YEOMAN • PUBLISHED WEEKLY •  50 CENTS

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