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Transcripts of the Civil War diary of William J. Stubblefield, father of Nathan B. Stubblefield. William Jefferson Stubblefield was an officer in Company G of the 7th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. The diary covers the time period from April 12, 1862 to September 19, 1862. In the diarys introduction he writes of camp life, the battle at Shiloh and contracting yellow fever. He criticizes conscription, the lack of supplies and endless marching. He mentions his regiment being shelled at Vicksburg, participating in a battle at Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the regiments retreat to Port Hudson, Louisiana. The diary ends with his return to Calloway County, Kentucky after suffering weeks from an illness

Part of Nathan B. Stubblefield Collection,

-7- back to oec'p weer, I was attaoeed by a flux ee ice lasted ee till about tee: 26th o: April .ane teer I began; to 1-eve fever every day and soon saw Vat I had severe case of yeleow jaundice. I was pretty sick with it end I certe-oed so till the 4th of Stay when we hed orders to :*_arch' to oer eetrenoterents around Corinth we ice were tolerable ext. sive. I wee of able to iSsrob and therefore rode in a wagon but we had ro fit bet a rain and I sot back to camp near midright worn out wit' fetigee eed salvated b3 physic I had taken. I reeaieed at camp till the 7th weee I cam* out to the house of a er. eridees where I now ae t eta., and diet till I can mend soee. I found eapt. /ray Campbell of our regieeet sick. 1 el so found a conseeptive ,T.,an of Caepbells Company te.e nFV,:c of eeean here. Ye is a ear, of sineulsr oonformation. Ye has the sear* peouller to the breast to Vets* liable to ooesueption and all his liebs seseed eineed to him on a plan differert to the ordinary ones. I tried sleeping wite him that first eiget but his syreptoms were so dieterbing that 1 could not sleep and I sot up and slept before the firs till tear day. (end of paee) He is said to be a ean of ordinary etre; mind ve en in his best state of health and he is not demented now nor so feeble in eind as so eany sick, es Pe car. walk and ride abo het yet his mind is like that of a child wishes to etiees to leer on oteers and soeetiees to lead others and particilarly itself. He has a watch that he dotes on greatly ere stows it :rover:Ey to persons who 0070 to te is place and yet it le only a eood silver watch and r.o has eorey, lard aee *levee and he is thirty years old. But t: watoh motes to be tee toy of his eled. The hemae i.5 .d has to be braced aee cerefur.y watched if it doer not at some tiers, or uedee S011O oircuestaeoes exhibit west: 1. weak even for the imperfect t- lee it eirports to be. Mahan is eere now irtendine to visit tee Gibson Walls and thence eo home to see relatives. I do not wise e.le any harm but hope he will se -need to his liking as his disease natera3 eaee a well man feel gloomy to see it and I oar: ieprove faster when no one le sick b-;t myself. This le.)rninie Is to 8th, of gay and I. read SOTO it; the t,ew Testareeet and had e oenversation with apt. eeepbell about the various petrified shells of oysters, etc. teat are found upon early bald or sterile knobs of this vicinity and under the serface of te eart' in digging wa:!7s are eta on the rallroede but we rot: se, exactly bew they Ca:' were they are but of ceurse we eao'r has some otiors about it. I treat many soldiers cove here deriree tee dee to buy food teet te-eyIIk better teet- their

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