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Transcripts of the Civil War diary of William J. Stubblefield, father of Nathan B. Stubblefield. William Jefferson Stubblefield was an officer in Company G of the 7th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. The diary covers the time period from April 12, 1862 to September 19, 1862. In the diarys introduction he writes of camp life, the battle at Shiloh and contracting yellow fever. He criticizes conscription, the lack of supplies and endless marching. He mentions his regiment being shelled at Vicksburg, participating in a battle at Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the regiments retreat to Port Hudson, Louisiana. The diary ends with his return to Calloway County, Kentucky after suffering weeks from an illness

Part of Nathan B. Stubblefield Collection,

-19- fare; onioos and e chicken and a bottle of honey. Nothina of interest occurte d to at I. oar spare room for but sone *atter a littl a-ateirio did 000ur. After retirnirg, era late in the overlap Col. i.e.! ,:rossiard awed me to act as Adjoteat till his intended appointee seould arrive from the :_entocky 1st in Virginia. JUM,., 4: Rose earl y had to mount the eJterd by the Confederate regulations teed to maze noreloo reports, 3.11 new to me, and gave rce sooe trouble and had to ditotarge the duty of said office at dress parade and lade a aistake, but it was all new to ae and I had not Lad time to read tte low or these thiaos nor tl a tectics safficiectly. The said work sad cold together rave ae a violer t heaclno'e to which I aa liable lately (end ot page) wner I take exercise. Ja.,E 5: ::or treated or cold, had headache again, worked tard ad utett t, had Tan:, petty interruptions, sde t o material intakes at dress parade. heed sundry orders a. .d sa.ortr others otsto be reedy to -parch at daylight, the BiCK haviaa beer tresot forward oostorday. C: ;'seat out of doors rear my horse a' d wateed tie because there WaS da'-fir,tr that he would be stolen, to ride on to -aroh. I took the dews of veaver an t;o:-.e cold wit then. Soaeore came rear e and was doing or about to do eomettino when I awaked and he started of; 1 mediately but I ohei:.-ier.oed him to knoe whAt his object was aid he could not account satisfactorily but I did not interrupt him further. Pie remaired OI, the ground nearly all day. In the eve-initig I rode out to Baldwin/6 on the M. and 0 railroad iatendina to catch up with our wagon trains but they did not take that way and after asking araur.d soae, ts.king various roads, till I found each, one to be the wrong one and seeira s000s buraira cotton set on fire bj ti t C.S.A., 1 returned and slept as the night of t. e Eth just as ebove stated. JU1 7: Rose ears and our troops started south at orce . I rode with, them several miles till I had eottez, a sick to a wson and the re aftlader see ed able to -rotrai..1 end Vale I went on to Tupelo were our wagone were and ellept out at night Ewalt, sleeping with two artin' a and two otaers and aothirg oocored worthy of note. Tupelo is abort 2 or 2e tiles from ...:arrolls- vine and 1- It/Iva-1)a loonty, (end of .ago 8: Engaged it cooking, reading, ar d ersztrT and feeding my horse till the regiment ass* in. Read the resta ert 8011- (being the Sabbath) and read a story of Indian ohareoter. In the afternoot, I rode out to see wte re I cold get toTe washing dove for myself and Col. Crosalad and saw some flea faros e.nd fire crops of case and found Mrs. Diceenson leg to do the west ins and very nice and pleasant. It is quit. a treat to one who has been con fined in ca7cs with stray? diets of ta usual kind to

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