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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), August 14, 1815

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

v -- A .iJLJ-L- J New Series 33. Vol. I. JVo. F. BHADFORD, Jr. At Two Dollars per annum, paid in advance, Three Dollars at the end of the Year. o 'James Garrison, Watches & Silver Ware. From Philadelphia 1 - Jlan 14. 1S15. ToZ. SCHEME Fifty "Dolliirs Reward. All persons are hereby forwamed, front fishing fowling, hunting, or otherwise trespassing on my premises also from coming in an indecent mannei on the Sabbath, and sti ipping themselves and w ih-n- g in mypontl ; as I am determined to put the Uw sii ictly m foice against ah such pei sods It is hoped tliat pareMs. will use their endeavors to prevent their children from trespassing in the above manner 20 JOHN HIGBEE Bt EYEllTMOIHlAtMOnillHO, Jl L'EXIKGTOK, K. MONDAY, AUGUST Notice. THE KENTUCKY GAZETTE 13 POBtlSKED j J M i tLrfm.V'nfi' "f Etone or a"y other injuiy to ,l)atever. , ,., . ., Sec 3 Aj,,r ,. ,, ir.i '1 agents sUll ,av(. full pvtl. r).in .e,,. respective col mej, when and s oliu as thtv may think proper, by legtlproc ss, to iemov' aw ay from the subscriber, on the 8th instint, EOH THE OE FHAL BtSTKHlUTIO Or Negro Man mined PETER, low stature( thick MERINO body, jellow complexion, about 30 years of age, 5 feet 5orC inches high j took with him one husey 60 Prizes, No 1 to 60 inclusive, be-in- g lound.ibout, tQ linen sbrts and pantaloons, two 60 Full Blooded Merino Ewes white neck handkerchiefs, on which is wrote Peter ' 100 dollars, S6,000 Willis, with dUi ahlt ink. but has v arious other do. Nos 61 to 80 inclusive, beinf 20 ing. He is a cuivung, irttul tellon , and perhaps lias 20 Full Blooded Bucks at 100 doU a pass wrote by some malicious person. I am rathlars'jj 2000 er induced tobebeve.he will aim fprthr state of 1 do A superb Epergne. 0 Ohio, as he lest me without the least prOv otration, fcc -I do. do Mantle Clcck must have premeditated his cscane. It is ni 200 ( he w ill steal a horse 1 do. Set of silk Curtains for 2 wind- before he goes f U- and endea . dovvs vor 10 pass lor airee man, to iacilitate Ins escspp 300 I will ewe TWENTY DOLLRS ieu-ard- . 1 do. do. Pier Glass. to anv 150 person securing hnn in any jiilin the state, or FlF- 1 do. do. do. do.'-- 1 150 i i UUL.L.A1W it caught out ot Wit state, bv giving . do do do. do. ; 150 me such information that I can get him aspiin 1 114 common Sheep at S2 50 cents. - 2,250 SHEEP. .. 29. "nypeisonnr i,,n. .u., 1. . .!. or the aforesaid reserved sections, ") wiien sucli person or persons have not taken a leasu. . .i. .i...if . . anil ,.lelnspT- '. ; ana it hi iart.c saail, moreover, be the duty of the said agents any waste or ties. i'""""" nn pass commutedenquire into ..., lions aloiesaid, by cutting and earning off' timber or Stone, or any other damage that may be done to the same, whether by persons .. n,rii,. j THE SUBSCRIBER has constantly for sab an extensive assortment of first rate Patent LeAlain street, opposite to the Branch Sank, ver, and Plain Gold and bilver Watches, with ington, a great variety of Gold Chains, Seals and keys. . .i ,i residinc theuvm '.; Tlespectfully informs the public, that he has Also, manufactures and has on hand a supply are hereby authorized, when waste or trespass served a regular term at the above business, ot Silver Ware, or the newest and best pa- JOHNIHGBEE. shall be committed, to pioceed against the itnd flatters himself that by a strict attention terns, consisting ot Coflee and Tea Pots, Su rayette County, Julv 24. 30 1200 PRIZES at 10 dollars each is - 12,000 Person Or timnnirnmmitrino tha , snd constant supply of the best Medicines, to gar Dishes, Slop Bowls, Credm Pots, Castors, , Tl'e editors of the Cfcillieotjie Tredo-iianh As nearly cne half of the tickets are already sling to tire laws m such v"ft mi elm, attor. case made and pro- merit a portion of public patronage. Table and Tea Spoons. Soup Ladles, Surrar Liinerty iiaiE,ui'icinnit,i, ujuo aic requestsrt to" in . . VlHf.fl , irirt nrt disposed of, the drawing will positively take - .,u hums .in .1 case aioresaiu. snail iue Among nis leaning articles arc. Tongs, &c. &c. seittne above advertisement six times m their PHILIP GARRET l", be sustained bv the agents, and the damages i Camomile Flowers and forward their accounts to this place on thedlst of August, ths whole to be Gum Opium pineis, No. 144, Market street, Philadelphia. received shall be one bill tr, th m. r ..t-- i. J Emery urawn in one uay. office Camphor 50 6t 2S-- S July 5. Priies delivered at Sander, Cinnamon miles agents, and the other half to be applied to the Arabac dj" Orders lest with Tiirbrd, Scott and Trot N. W. of Lexington, immediaUly aster the same purpose as thepioceeds of rents from the Juniper Berries Assaftctida, : ter, Lexington, Kentucky, ill he forwarded drawirg is finished. The full blooded Sheep land on vvhirh the damage was sustained. Tartar Emetic Pptnish Flies and punctual!) attended to. JUNE TERM, 1815. Sec. 4. Ana be it fuuther enacted, T hat for are in a separate lot distinctly numbered T. Jalap "1 Walter Carr, against The common Sheep must be taken away in 20 each lease executed by the agents, they shall $ Aloes Calamcl Pp. Div Crenshaw, John T Haw-- 1 W. ibr-- ,,m ? Gentian Root days aster the drawing. The holder of a prize be entitled to ppcf-ni ,.... ,iu ltheubarb Root . kms, Jnhii Hawkins, Walker ) In Chancery. for common Sheep has the choice of taking a to be paid by the lessees respectively. INFORMS his friends and the public in Orange Peel Pow dcr Sec. 5. And be it farther enacted, That eral, that he has commenced TRUNK 2vIA- - Hawkins, Ilai Metcalf.Ljddal Sheep or its value in spun Cotton. Persons Glue Magnesia KEU and BRIDLE CUTTER, in the town of Boles, J taking 10 tickets ormoreshall be entitled to ever)-- lease which may be granted in virtue of r 5 Red Precipitate Liquorice Ball ON motion of the'plaintirf by his attorney, a credit of six Lexington, on opponte to Messrs months, approved security J White ditto Kenned "'" "ci, iimu ie limited to tlie period of the Owens & Coylt's Merchant Tailoi's Shop, leave is given him ti amend his bill which termination of the territorial form of governLEWIS SANDERS. Gliub Salts ' Boot ment, in the said territory and shall cease to wliere he will keep a constant supply of Tra- am?ndment was immediately made and filed : i Rochell do It would certainly contribute to the general Manna 5 velling apd Packing Trunks, Ladies work And on lus motion it is ordered that Ljddal good, that Merino Sheep should be upon every have anv force or effpr.t oftor. n, a .t Castor Oil Sulphur and he farm in the state; and it is equally cei tain thai January next succeding the establishmen of a Boxes, band Boxes, wooden Trunks coveied Boles be made a defendant theteto 5 Sweet Oil, &c. Itoll Brimstone and lined with paper which will suit for stan- having sailed to cfltSr his appearance herein. it would be the interest of thb farmer to aD- S Sugar Lead nuverninent tnerein ; Froiidtd, that Creim Tartar ,i A ding ill the house equal to hair or leather ; an agreeably to law and the luleS of this court, portion a part of hi farm and time to this val- - outstanding rents mav hr 5 l'owder Barks and it appearing to the satisfaction of this uableanimal. Although there ges tor waste or trespass may be recovered in assortment of plated Bridles and Martingales, is for the moMedicines, warranted genuine. Patent court that he is no inhabitant of this common ment a depression in the price of wool, common Bridles, Saddlebags, Portinarteaus, .inner, m ii me leases liau contini it can5 Essence Peppermint Tiritish Oil plated Bridle Bits, and Stirrup Inns, Martin wealth Thercfote, on the motion of this com not long continue. This state does not pro- uedin full force. J Turlington's Balsam Opodeldoc Steer's January 9, men s and women s plainant, it is ordeied, tint unl-s- s he shall ap. duce half the wool which it consumes ; which gale hooU3 and buckle9, J Eve "Water Bateman's Drops Shoes, leather for Saddjers and Shoemakeis pear heie on or beore jirst day of nextSeptem. state of things cannot long exist. When her JAMES MADISON. i Lee's Billious Pills Harleam Oil cut to suit the purchaser, Wagon whip and ber Term, and ar swer the complainant's bill, lesources are properly applied in manufacturI Anderson' Pills Oil Worm the same will be taken for confessed against ing, Kentucky will no longer t the consumer Biidles Also a constant supplj of Soap and AN ACT Hooper's Pills Worm Tea a.wi it n mriuer oraereci, mat a copj of British and Candles, Segars, Potters waie &.c. winch will nun wool. For the relies of John C. Hurlbtrt, of Chat, Stoughton'sBilters J of this order be inserted in come authorised be sold low foi cssh only. tllam, in theotate of Connecticut. Dye Slufs TAKEN UP b) John Lancaster in Jessamine Be it enacted by the Semite and Ihose of 7?. I. W nderson having been regularly bred paper of this commonwealth, for eight weeks county, on the vvatei s of Clear Creek, one pale roan i Aranetta in succession. A Copy. Teste, fustic to the above business in the city of PhiladelMarc, vi itb a star in the foi ehead, eight ornmeycus presentalives of the United States of America vl 5 Turmric Logwood 28 THOMAS BODLEY, C F. . C. phia, and removed from there to the city of ussemoieu, i nat tne Secretary of t!,e o'd, about fourteen hands three uiches high, branded Cppperas Madder Detroit, where he had the misfortune to dison the near buttock and shoulder, L appraistd to Treasury be, and he is hereby authorised si d 1 Allum Vitriol C.tlEEN J. Oil please Jjlinnv Bull, and taken bv the tender 31p RICHARD LATON icquiredto dischaige fiom his imprisonment 835 before me. Aqua Tortis-- kc. ISlue Vitriol John C Hurlbert, ofChatham, in the state of hearted Proctor, robbed of all he possessed, TAKES leave to inform the Ladies and Ked Wood of Lexington and its vicinity, that Connecticut, now confined in a prison at Hart-forsent into Canada, and there kept thirteen Colours. in said state on an execution obtained mouths, nine of which he was confined in a he has returned fur the purpose of teaching 5 Pat Green Sec. He flatloathsome prison, part of the time handcuffed the Piano Forte, Violin, Sirj ng? against him at the suit of the United States : Lamp Black e 5 do Yellow without sire or clothing, where he suffeied ters himself that from twenty-fivProvided however, That nothmg contained in jtars expeIvory Black more than death. this act shall exoncrare any property which But it has pleased kind rience in diflerent Seminaries, both in Europe I'utsgian Blue, No 1. 5 Verdigrise the said John C. Huilbert now has, or hereafRose Pink "Providence tp return him to the bosom of his andAmenca.he will be futind competent 10 No ?, do do ter may acquire from the judgment and J Gum Copal, &c. country any friends ; where his steady atten- lay surfi a ground wi.rk in the Scienct, that Icing's Yellow tion to business, ai.d the quality of his work, his pupils, with a proper assiduity, shall be obtained, against lum by the United Ver nillion is ftictuty. every states- In addition to the above, he has just received, he hopes, to merit the paWonage of a generous enabled to overcome He vill also teach the art ot Accompanipublic. January 2, 1815 Approved, 300 lb. Oil Vitriol, A Journeyman Saddler wanted by the above ment, Thorough Boss, and Composition- JAMES MADISON. 100 lb. Aqua Tortis, with a general 31 TERMS 1'ivent) five Dollars per quarter July 24, 1815. Laws of Assortment of Dye Stuffs, &c. &c. paid in advance. Country Physicians and Mei chants can be AN ACT The Partnership of I &E. Woodiufitis this Ju'y 13 1815 30 Regulating and defining the dnties of the supplied with the above Medicines, on the day dissolved by mutual consent, aJPfei'soini (BY JWTlIOMTr. States' Judges for the Territory of Illimost reasonable, terms. having' unsettled accounts with the lalt firnl, Sale. nois. Sj1 Also for sale, 19 barrels TANNER'S are requested to call and settle th m 22 Tlfblie Ralu. nn the 1HU d qual ity. May 22. AN V.CT Will be exposul to Be it enacted ly theSeAate and House of Re OIL, of a superior without delay, as the Sjbscribers sre anv.oas NOTICE. iO have their accounts all settled up tu this August npt, i' not sold privaUl) licTore (',if,nif To authorize the purchese of the library ot presentalives oftht United Slatei is Ameuca in Sev entv Six Aci rs of wellTintixiftJl A."!),.l)in, Thomas Jefietson, late piesident of the congress assembled, That the Illinois ternto-r- y made b) the subscribe! to date. Application nill be I &. E WOODRUFF. in Jessamine county, about sour rriiies south oF United States. shall be divided into three circuits in the the county their ugust Urm, Lexington, July 9. 28 tf in the "Walnut Bottom I' has soi le to lay off a town on our lands in N oliolis Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re- manner and for the purposes hereinafter forletre fadhgex-ofcllesmall improvements, and sjvrll of never the United States of slmertca in county, anil on ths waters of Somci sett, uinoJ comi! easy, presentatives of wxter The nayraenu viill be Look ty , airi e sMy to in act of assembly in ttsch cases Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Sec 2. And be it. further enacted. That lbs and good secuntv required. The subscribers have a quantit) of Beaver ltac. made and provided. Treasury be, and he is heieby Authorised and counties of Madison and St Clair shall e JACOB MYERS. BERRY, ROBERT coon U Mtiskral Skins, for sale. directed to cause to be paid to the joint the first circuit, the counties of Randolph tp Jessamine Cnuntv July 31. JOHN LOCHBUIDGE, 26 P. &. W. BAN. libraiy committee of congress, or their older, and Johnson shall compose the second circuit, WILL'M 1.0CHBR1UGE thousand nine hun- and the counties of Gallatin and Edwards shall the sum of twenty-threIMiliwi'ights A Giand Annual Communication dred and fifty dollars in treasury note3 of the compose the third circuit. of b? TUT. Wanted to hire two or three Journey-meSee. 3 And be it further enacted That tha issue ordered by the law of the fourth of Maich FAYETTE CIRCUIT, Set. GRAND LODGE of KENTUCKY Millwrights, to whom liberal wages will be one thousand eight hundred and fouiteenj to Judges heretofore nppointed, or which may T complt. given apply to Matthew K. Withers, be by them applied to the purchase of the ncieauer oe appointed ior Illinois territory, In cha LUKE USHER. against library ol Thomas Jefferson, la'e president of under the authority of the government of the Will be held 28 Lexington, July 9 1815 Withers and John Edwards, defts. J his attorthe United States, for the use of congress. United Stales, shall previous to the time preat Mason's the coropluimt by THIS DAY canic January 23, 1815. Apptoved, Hall, in the scribed by tins act for holding the first court and it appearing tb the satisfaction o' the conn ney, JAMES MADISON. town tf texau habiin the saul territory, proceed to allot amongst tint the defendant John EdwirdJ is not ordered i eon on Wed themselves 'he circuit in which they shall tant of this commonwealth, it is tl n erore Just received, and for sale bv the subscribers, e on or beAI ACT nesday, August r';ectively preside, which allotment shall sour thousind dollars oi th" of JEWELRY, on that unless said defendant do appear Iili and e Aug-the relies of Joseph Perkins. For eim, 30th, net. The consignment, consisting of an elegant assortment cf continue in fuice foi and during the term oi fore the first da of our next lie it enacted by the Senate and Ifousr of Re- one ) ear thereafter, and such allotment snail representatives WAlUtl CHAINS, S!.AL,soiul Ivt,l&; also, an appearance herein, an. arswr-- tbe complainthe same Mill be taken for confessed of the different LADILS' BREAST ant's hill, PINS,, EARRINGS, presentatives of tne United States ej Amenta in be annually renewed, and which allotment, in And it is furthei 6rdcrert that a copy lodges under BRACELETS and NECKLACES, warranted to Congress assembled, That the proper accoun- wntintr, sitrned by the said Judirer. or a ma of this order be insei ted m some authorised paper ot thehistqualiiv, and not inferic r to any ever ting officers ot the navy department be, and jority of them, shall be entered of record in thejurisdiction be of this state for eight weeks successively. of the Grand sold ia this nlace. The above aiticleswill be sold the) are hereby autho-ize- d lo audit and set the said courts, respectively, by the clerk A copy, Attest, Lodge of Ken wholesale or retail at the most reduced price for tle tha claim of Joseph Perkins, on account of thereof, at thevcommencement of the term BODLEY, C F. C. C. THOS. cash. Anypeison wishing to purchase the above the destiuction ot the ship Liverpool Trader, next aster such allotment shall have been tucky, are requireu to du punctual in iiieir ator by " tendance J. G. TROTTER, G Sec. ai tide, either by the qunntit) tqcall llie "ingle piece, by ascertaining or causing to be ascertained made. BOOTS & SHOKS. and view the their adv antflge the value thereof, at the time of buch destrucLexington, July 22d, A. D. 1815 A. L. 5815 will find it to at their store, on Main street Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That it at tides 1. & G. YOUNG Judges respection, in such manner, and upon such terms, shall be the duty of the t. hZ. WOODRUFF. JOkN COLEMAN jinccre thanks to their may embrace the merits of tbe claim. as their tively, to hold two terms annually in each 28. RETURN and the public in genpral for the BTAVING disposed of his stock of BOT-'- li Lexington, Jul) 5th, ISiS. be it further enacted, That the county in their respective circuits in conformi Sec. 2. And TLED LIQUOR to Mr. Walter Connell, amout of such valuation wben ascer ainsd ty with the preceding sections ot ihts act, liberal support received since they commencCOTTON. established stand, on Main street, who jntends engaging extensively in the Botaforesaid, shall be paid to the said Joseph which shall commence at tne times here naf- ed at their COTTON, for as Sixty Bales Piunc Lexington where they continue to manufac tling business, requests those indebted to him sile 30-- 3t L. SANDERS . Perkins, out of any money in the treasury not ter mentioned, that is to say, in the county pf July 24 to discharge their accounts to enable him to otherwise appropriated. ture, and have now on hand Madisonon the last Mondays in May and SepFebruary 17, 1815. Approved, A lame and elegant astortment of gentlemen s meel his engagements. tember, in the county of St Cla'u.on the seJuly, 1815. 30 SHOES, JAMES MADISON. BOOTS & cond Mondays in June and October, in the Of the best quality and of all sizes, at two shillings the countySot Randolph on the third Hmda)s in made oFthe best Philadelphia leather in BOTTLING CELLAR. per dozen, for sale at thefactory of AN ACT ALSO, June and October, in the County of Johnson on newestfashion JOHN JONES. SJ ALTER CONNELL having purchased To provide for leasing certain lands reserved the fourth Mondays in June ami October, in LADIES SHOES, V Mr Coleman's stock of Bottles and Bot- Water Street, Lexington, July 3lst, 1S13 31 . for the support of schools, in the Missippi the county of Gallat n ou the fW Mondays in of the.neatest and latest f istiion. All of which tled lifjuoi-- , intends keeping extensive supterritory. July and November, and in the county oe Ed they offer at wholesale or retail. ply of ALE and PORTER in Bottles at his He it enacted Cy the Senate and House of Re- wards, on the second Mondavs in July and NoLexington, K. Nov. 8, 1813 Cellar, under Mr. Reiser's Currying shop, LEFT the subscriber on the night of the presentatives of the United States of Ameiicain vember in each year, and the said couits shall His corner of Main and Main Cross streets. County Ky. a Negro Coligrets assembled, That the county court in be styled circuit courts tor the c unties in steady attention and experience in the above 19th July, in Fayette Man, named ROB or ROBERSON, copper co- each county in the Mississippi territory, shall which such courts shall be helu respectiveleld'erly WOM Us of gocrf character, and business induces lutn to hope for public pat- loured, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, 24 jears of be, and is hereby authonsed to appoint a yAn ronage. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the who is capable of taking on herself the, age, Small tight feettrim mide, has a scar in number of agents, not exceeding five, who Lexington, 16th July 1815 30 e ot r house at a manufactory in the said courts shall be holden at the respective the edge of lus" sorehead, and another farther shall have paw er to let out or lease lor tne by ap or impioving the same, the sections of court house's of said counties, and the said back produced by a burn, an artful Kentucky Country, will hear of a good situation TIGHT BARRELS. raised fellow. The above reward will he given land reserved by congress for the support of Judges respectively shall in their respective plication to the Printer. 800 riGHV CASKS for sale, at the for apprehending said fellow, and all reasona- schools, lying within the county for which circuits nive junsuicuon over a;i causes, mat6 or ?8 Lexington, July 10 1815, npply to ble expences paid. Lexington White Lead ManuTactor) the agents respectively are appointed, or to' ters or thing6 at common law or in Chancery, Mr. Turner, the Manager, at the Factory, or let them out at an annual rent as they shall arising in each of said counties, except in cases M. LOUHNOY. of Samt and Ceorge Trot-teat the Ware House 31 judge proper ; and it shall be the duty of the where the debt or demand shall be under twenJuly 31 1815 friendb and the B. METCALF, Agt. 30 2m said agents, under the direction of the county ty dollars, in which cases they shall have no The subscriber informs his he- continues to carry courts respectively, to apply with impartiality jurisdiction. Public in general that business in all its Cornelius Mevshon, Founding the proceeds arising from the rents of each on the Brass Sec b. .!! be itjurther enacted, i nat tne To llwsc whom it may concern, ... nnrlip... it the old stand formerly O 11, puipcse of T ThatI shall, on Fuday, the lfith of Augustnext, at section as aforesaid, to thewhatsoever, educa- said Judges shall be conservators of the peace, 1 & E. Woodruff, on Mam Street vvuhin and the said circuit courts, in term time, or occupied by Informs his friends and the public in gene- tend certmi commissioners apointed b) tne county tion, and to no other use , n nn hand an ii .1..,. the particular township of six miles 6quare, the Judges thereof in vacation, 'hall have powhas removed his shop to the upper court ot Jeffeison, with witnesses to establish the and Tongs, Dcor Knockers, ral that he of my entry for 10.000 acres of land, in Jtf-- or fractional township wherein such section is er to award injunctions, writs of ne exeat, haAnd Irons, Sliavel As the new brick house on Limestone Candlesticks, &c. finished in the neatest man- nirt neailv oonosits the jail, lately occupi- - feison county, made the 19th day of December, situated, in such manner, that all the citizens beas coipu', and all other writs and process .freer, Bells. and vyurKtor .;it i. branch of t lo) d toiiim 1782, beginning on CedaCreek, aTrace, w here thes residing therein may partake of the bene- that may be necessary to the execution of the ed by Overton and uocnian, wuere lie ..,: Frontan's ! tl Marliinerv on the shortest notice he has also i.:. - Folk, 300 poles below c.ect, and running thence a fit thereof, according to the true intent of the power: with which they are or may be vesm mi :. u , u...: w .".j- ., Sim crosses Ctdar W.k5 JXfnr castmsr lion, all orders in that U W reservation made by congress. ted. or two smart iir.D. i"- - nnnctuallv attended to. Grateful Branches. iiWanted on the ibove business. 30 ciurs" to strike Fein creek, "trJ poles nelow 1 iOenacted, That for 2. And be it Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the Jlll vi' to lo prove al- theSec. man s Trace at the toi dot the creefe ne hopes to nwrtf a conim- boys as purpose of forming the aforesaid sections said circuit courts respectively shall hava for pa savors so vi heif tlie sni J tl ise crosses Fern creek ; and to faims, the said agents shall power to hear and determine all treasons, felanccot thesam The into convenient lif'xinton ) ."'u iv Cold Dtths. 00 snc'i oil ertfrtngsas the law directs. Note E7.R V WOODRUIT . power to lay off the same into lots ot not misdemeano that tt'.Clrrk, having le.ssd the Ba'n Houses, s m beip mrm b wlieie the public ro.Kl leading havethan one hundred and six acies, nor more onies, tnd other crimes andthe respective coun28 t 1815. may be committed Within J.'xingtm, Ju'y 9'lt, & t,entlemi.nvf Lexington, tiom Lews' tavom (formti Iv so called) to .Mann s less informs the Ladies hundred and twenty acres, except ties aforesaid, tnd thatjnaj-b- e brought before than three T.Tp.k. p,vipr Cedar Ureek i u.Mliu. & its vicinity, that they are now 3t in case ot fractional section ; and in every case, them respectively, by any rules orre'gulations of company. His Li'Mnton,JJv 2", ISf 'J order for the reception whether of leases for the improvement of the prescribed by law. tr.iiTha ate kent peat and clean, and he has lots, or for an annua) rent, the lessee shall be Sec 8. And be it further enacted, That all EST CINCINNATI ground MUSTARD, seper.-t-e and Female attendants, .xppartments . h bound in a suitable penalty, not to commit suits shall be triad in the counties tn whisk for the acCom'modatioii of LkIics. exclusively i'r.M.1. n AIX'F.S h Co. For sale at this Office, J waste on the premises b) destroying of limbm " 30 3' WHOLESALE DRUGGIST) Lex- ort, r. . .fj .. v 2 Fayette Circuit, Set m lJA I. ANDEBSON. gen-M- Main-stree- t, fi-- i.c ....,. 1815.-Appro- ved, d o'i-rca- a , n .,' the Tinted States. Public Hujters, men-tione- d. rt Hero com-pos- Sl-3- e Kentucky, State n New Jewelry, &c. i New-Orlea- Cotton Filling, Twenty Dollars Reward. 45--- tf Wanted, mn-ageme- par-pos- "Brass Foundery r. f NOTJCK, AIL i-- l,lipe . I cr . I ipr-eut- -- a fu-th- 1 For Sale, t idly, 1815. 31-- Blank Deeds. ,,,,! -- "J Jula&thMS. er

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