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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 13, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jefferson ian DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE IXTEEESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday June 13, 1912 Vol. 5. No. 51 aigned by a large number of residents Of the town, to the Louisville Railway Company. The petition asks for an earlier car, better service at the waiting room, and other things in connection with the service on TWENTY More Names Needed For the Jeffersontown internrban line. This was bv lar one of the most Electric Lights. interesting meetings ever held by Every Thursday the afternoon. Clark, of Indianapolis, is visiting his parents here. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Davis were in thr citv last week. Mr. and Mrs. ArchTennill and Miss Annie Reid attended church at Cedar Springs yesterday and took dinner in Louis- Mr. George ville June 25 27. - R.B.Smith, was in the chair and fine of the largest crowds ever seen Ota meeting of the Club was present. The first thing discussed was the question of electric lights for the community. Mr. Ff. J. Wigge, of the Louisville Lighting Company, was present and in a short talk complimented the Club members for their efficient and faithful work. Over one hundred applications have been made for electric lights, and Mr. Wigge said that he thought his company would extend its lines to .leffersontown it twenty more were secured. Members of the club assured him that these would be obtained within the next few days. So, the people of Jeffersontown and vicinity may feel assured ol getting electricity in this community. A number ol the members present inquired of Mr. Wigge as to the cost of light, and were told that the same rate would apply here as in the city eight cents a K. W. Or in other words, two sixteen-candl- e power lights would cost one cent per hour. Mr. Wigge said it would cost about to extend the service to ersontown. 511,000 Jeff- Will Buy Fire Engine. The next question discussed by the Club was that of fire protection for Jeffersontown and vicinity. W. J. Semonin, chairman of thecommittee working on the proposition, reported that $656 had been subscribed toward the purchase of an engine. A representative of the American La France Fire Engine Company was present, and told of the advantages of his make of engines. He said they were approved by the Kentucky Actuarial Bureau, the new tire insurance board that governs fire insurance rates in Kentucky, and that his machines were guaranteed to be perfect in workmanship and material. The price on the La France engine engine and was $350 for the engine, but $650 for the double-tanthese prices were withdrawn after the club refused to close the deal Friday night. A representative of the Ajax Fire Engine Company was also present and presented the claims of his comengine was pany. The offered at a price of $285. The reported that his engines were approved by fire underwriters of other states and he was confident the Kentucky board would do the same. A committee composed of W. J. Semonin, J. C. Bruce. Frank Fanelli and Chas. D. Tyler was named to investigate the proposition and purchase the engine, or engines, best suited for the needs of the town. k rep-resenati- Floral Parade. A committee was named by the Club to arrange for Jeffersontown to be represented in the floral parade of the Kentucky Educational Association, which meets in Louisville, 1912. J. C. Bruce and J. June C. Bowles were selected to arrange for a float and to secure safe horses for ladies to ride. The educational committee of the Louisville Commercial Club, of which John B. is chairman, and E. R.Sprowl has offered several nice prizes for the handsomest decorated turnout, and.leffersontown will try to win one of the prizes. 25-2- 7, Mc-Ferr- vice-chairma- n, m Street Fair Proposed. FINAL CALL For Oldest Minister Of Christian Church. Wig-ginto- Mrs. Walter Markwell, Mrs. Nannie Wheeler and daughter, Mrs. Morsey. Mrs. Arch Tennill. Mrs. M. G. Boston and daughter were there the club, and the members were very much encouraged. Another open meeting of the club will bt- held toCommittee Instructed to Buy Fire morrow (Friday) night at Bruce Hall Kentucky Association Expects 8 o'clock to complete the work in at Engine Lively Club Great Results Much Interhand. Everybody is invited to be present. Meeting. est Shown. The Jeffersontown Commercial Club held an enthusiastic open meeting last Friday night. The president, Year guests last Friday Mrs. D. F. EDUCATIONAL Convention In at $1.00 Per with Mrs. Eflie Miller, who also tertained the Rev. Jorgenson, en- Dr. and Mrs. Pound, Alex Miller and family, Roy Reid. wife and baby. Chapman, JEFFERSONTOWN BASE BALL TEAM-Fr- ank Fanelli, Captain is Mr. give an a traveling musician, to entertainment of songs Preparations are well under way Top Row and music at our schoolhouse toF. Fanelli: E. Davis, O.F.: Hiser. Sub: Monroe, P.: J.Finn,c.;Genung, L.F. annual session of for the forty-firs- t morrow night. the Kentucky Educational Associa- Bottom Row 3d B.: W. Harris, 2,1 B.;J. Baker,S. S.:B. Roemrr.ele. M'g'r, 1st B. Stivers, Misses Elizabeth and Lucille Neat tion, to be held in Louisville June B.; Clones, R. F and Katie Leah Boston attended As25, 26 and 27. The officers of the church at Cedar Springs Sunday sociation are: Mrs. Cora Wilson morning and dined with Mr. and Mrs. Stewart. Morehead, president: T. W. Kentucky's school system. NumerKenner Mills, who also had as guests Vinson, Frankfort, secretary, and G. ous speakers of the national promiMrs. Sarah Jean and daughter, Leah, It nence are on t he program. One of M. Money, Shelby ville, treasurer. Mr. Chesley Seaton, Mr. Wallace most im- the pleasing features will be an exis planned to make it the Wheeler and son, Wallace, Esquire meeting ever hibit from rural and city schools. portant educational Charlie Wheeler and little son. held in the South. For the first time This will cover everything from exMr. and Mrs. Billie Carrithers in the history of the Association, the amples of the handiwork of the manspent Snnday with Mr. and Mrs. Erprogram is fairly filled with speak- ual training students to exhibits nest Davis. ers of the national reputation. from the boys' corn clubs. All sesMr. Charley Lav is, wife a nd daughP. Claxton, U. sions will be held in the magnificent Among these are: P. of Education; Rev. new Christian Church, a spacious ter spent Sunday with Mr. Lee HarS. Commissioner ris and wife. Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis, pastor of room of the edifice ha. ing been set Plymouth church, Brooklyn, Dr. aside exclusively for the school exMrs. Eva Bridwell and daughter. Death of Mr. Eugene Heady-Man- y Charles F. Towing, president of Wes- hibits. Bessie, are spending several days tern Reserve University, Cleveland: with Mrs. Annie McKinlev, who is Social Gatherings DurDr. David Starr Jordan, president of suffering with rheumatism. A feature of the Kentucky EducaLeland Stanford, Jr., University of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Boston enter ing Past Week. tional Association will be that of exCalifornia, and Miss Jessie Field, tained Mr. Walter Knapp, wife and of Page county hibits from the various schools in the superintendent two bright little daughters Sunday. State, and, especially those engaged Iowa. schools, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wells spent Dry Ridge, June 10. We have just Sundav with their uncle, Mr. Jim More than a score of the foremost in manual training work, entirely or educators of Kentucky are also on in part. A number of schools are heard that Mr. Eugene Heady, of LaMaster. the program and it will require three making preparations to display a Spencer county, was found dead yes Mr. and Mrs. Adam Shake spent terday morning by the side of the Saturday night and Sundav with Mr. sessions each day to carry through fine exhibit during the session. railroad track near Shelbyville. He and Mrs. Crit Drake. the important work before the conbelonged to one of the best families Lonisville is making elabvention. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Knapp attended At the meeting of the Jefferson- of his county, and was very industriorate preparations for the entertainchurch at Elk Creek Sunday, ment of the visitors and officers of town Commercial Club last Friday ous and intelligent. He was about Mr. Jim Markwell and mother years old, and unmarried: spent Sunday with Mr. D. F. tne Association hope that every evening a committee was named to forty-fivteacher in the State will attend this have this community represented in but. leaves a number of near relatives and family. year's meeting. A pressing invita- the large parade of the Kentucky who have many friends here, that Mr. Wig Shake and wife visited wish to extend their sympathy tor tion is also given to every school Educational Association June their brother, Ben Shake, and wife trustee in the State to attend, as the Horses will be secured for the ladies the shock and grief occasioned by in Louisville yesterday. approaching convention is regarded and a handsome float will be entered bis death. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jenkins and Mrs. Ollie Paris, of the Cane Run baby spent yesterday afternoon with as an important step for the educa- from this place. neighborhood, is seriously ill with Mr. and Mrs. George Grasch. tional uplift of Kentucky. An exblood poison in her arm. She has a ceptionally low railroad rate from Win. Fanelli Brothers Mrs. Wallace Wells is expecting a baby daughter about a week old. We cousin from North Dakota to visit every point hasbeen.made on account Fanelli Brothers, of .leffersontown, are eagerly hoping to hear of her of the convention. her soon. defeated the Werner Stars, of Louis- getting better. ville, last Sunday by the score of 9 to Mr. K.S. Mills, of Seatonville, is Enjoyable Day. A meeting of the school trustees 4. T. W. was on the mound for Faof the State during the Kentucky nelli and held the visitors saft at all having an addition of several rooms) Mr. W. A. Wheeler took quite a Educational. Association in Louisville times. Fanelli's took a batting rally hall and porch built to his home. number to Floyd's Fork last SaturJune 25, 26 and 27th, is expected to in the fourth inning and drove in This house is one of the oldest in day. Those that went were Mr. and attract five hundred or more of these enough runs to win the game. For this part of the county and has been Mrs. W. A. Wheeler, Mr and Mrs. important school officers to Louis- Sunday Manager Bart has on the owned and occupied by three genera- Elmer McMahan and family, Mrs. A. ville it that time to take part in the Highland Athletics. Harper will be tions of the family. First, by Mr. J. Carlin, Mr. Charley Meyer, Mr. deliberations ot the session, and to on the tiring line for the Highlands, Keriner Seatou, then his and Mrs. W. T. Carlin, Misses Zella hear a noted speaker who will address while Monroe will be on the mound Mr. Henry Mills, and now his grand- Meyer, Margaret Kelly, Bertie CarIn this old son, Mr. Kenner Mills. them on their problems. lin, Mr. Elmer Carlin and Mr. Joe for Fanelli Brothers. Game called home many children, Knaip and family. Mrs. Nannie at 3 p. in. and two have Omer and Dr. Turner joined them at While encouraging reports come been born and reared, many family the Fork Bridge. It was Dr. from Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart, of Turner's New Pastor Begius Work. reunions have been held and many birthday and all were glad to have Morehead, president, and other offRev. Chas. R. Shepherd hasaccept-e- guests have been entertained. him join us for dinner. Everybody icers of the Kentucky Educational a call to the Jeffersontown Baptist Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris spent Sat. had plenty of dinner and the day was Association regarding the interest taken throughout the State in the church, and preached here Sunday urday with relatives at Van Dyke's enjoyed by all, and at parting time annual convention of the organiza- morning and evening to a large and Mill, where they had gone to see all booed to meet again on Dr. Mrs. Van Davis Turner's birthday. He will their sister-in-lation, equally good news comes from appreciative audience. Louisville, where this year's session close his church work at Irvington who is suffering with a cancer on the Ice Cream For Everybody will be held. The business men of on the fourth Sunday in this month, tace. and after that will fill his regular Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Carrithers spent At the ice cream social to be given that city have shown marked interin the city visiting by the Epworth League next Saturappointment here every second and the week-enest in the coming of the teachers We welcome Rev. their sisters, Mrs. Houston Hunsinger day, June 15, from 4 to 10 p. m. on and the city press has repeatedly re- fourth Sunday. ferred to the meeting as an import- and Mrs. Shepherd in our midst and and Mrs. Chris Frererick. They re. the lawn of the Jefferson Countv Bank. Come aud bring your friends ant movement for the betterment ot are looking forward to a bright port a pleasant visit. tuture. Miss Annie Reid had as with you. Kentucky's educational conditions. Preparations are being made under the auspices of the Advertisers Club, joined by other commercial bodies, to give a floral parade in special honor of the teachers on the first afternoon Flower-deckeof the convention. will be in line to the automobiles number of not less tha.i 300, with half a dozen bands interspersed through out the parade. Floats haying edu cational subjects as their theme will be entered in the parade. Prizes are to be offered for the handsomest turn outs and a lively interest has been awakened in the enterprise. The As sociation program this year will in TO SELECT YOUR clude a number of educators of na GOOD NEWS Rev. William Tharp Dies in The Year of Ninety-Sixt- h Letter From Dry Ridge His Age. Correspondent. year of his age In the ninety-sixtTharp, the oldest the Rev. William h minister of the Christian church in the world, and a greatly beloved was published man, whose some weeks ago in The Jeffersonian died of exhaustion at 10 o'clock Tues day morning at the home ot his son. Death John Tharp, at Middletown. practically resulted from starvation, as he had been unable to take nour L ntil six ishment tor ten days. ago, when he developed a se weeKs vere cold, he was a remarkably pre served man, and enjoyed good health He retained his mental faculties to the last and was prepared for death having long regarded death as near, ii not imminent, and feeling perfect assurance as to the hereafter. Kev. Tharp was born near New Castle, Henry county, Ky., in 181 and began preaching at the age of twenty-threKor three score and ten years he had constantly labored years ago he be for God. Fifty-fivcame pastor ot the Christian church at Middletown. and although he re signed the pastorate many years ago and retired, he was still regarded as the head of the congregation. With in the last year he delivered a sermon from the pulpit at Middletown, but his strength was not sufficient to permit him to stand during the en tire length of his discourse, and he sat in a chair while preaching. His demise removes a most inter esting character. He had conducted the funeral services of all of his flock, with the exception of two members of the original congrega tion of the Middletown Christian church at the time he took charge. They are Mrs. Hiram Wood, eighty-fivyears of age, and Mrs. Allen Poul- years of age, both ter, seventy-fiv- e still living. Several couples whom he married celebrated their golden wedding anniversaries last fall. He has married children and grand children of persons whom he united in wedlock early in life. "Brother Tharp," as he was best and affectionately known throughout the State, celebrated the ninety-fiftanniversary of his birth on April 9 Frequently he had expressed the de sire to round out a hundred years, but at all times he said he was read3' and willing to answer his Master's call. He loved the Bible best of all books and in his old days he spent most of his time in reading it. He knew it thoroughly and could quote most an' passage named. He is survived by four sons: John and Christopher Tharp, of Middle-town- ; Wallace Tharp, pastor of the Christian church at Alleghany, Penn.: and Wm. Tharp, Jr., pastor ot the Beargrass Christian church. The funeral services were conducted at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon by Rev. G. G. Taylor, of Louisg ville, a friend, and Rev. of the aged B. H. Cox, brother-in-laminister, at the Middletown Christian church, this being the first service held in the new church at that place, and in which he took much interest. Burial was in the Middletown cemetery. life-wor- k e. e e h life-lon- w In order that funds may be raised to help the town trustees erect suitable street electric lamps, poles, etc., a street fair or carnival was proposed and a committee named to investigate the matter. Frank FaJeffersontown Seconds Defeated. nelli, Fred Myers, Carl A. Hummel, Seatonville baseball team defeated Harvev Stout and W. J. Semonin Jeffersontown Seconds Sunday afterwere named on the committee. noon, the score being seven to eight. Jeffersontown quit in the seventh inBetter Street Car Services. ning. Seatonville had three men on John T. Sweeny and Carl A. Hum- bases, no outs, and two balls missing1 mel were named on a committee to Jeffersontown Seconds has a good S. A. present a petition, which had been team. e Wig-ginto- 25-2- son-in-la- grand-childre- n great-grandchildr- d d all-da- y d NOW IS THE ...TIME.. tional reputation. Officers of the Kentucky Educa tional Association report that the teachers of the State have been aroused as never before over the annual session of the Association which is to be held this year in Louisville. The date is close at hand, June 25,26 and 27, and finishing touches are now being put to the elaborate program. Exceptionally low railroad rates have been made from every point in the State on account of the convention and an attendance of not less than 3,000 teachers is anticipated. A special invitation has been given to the school trustees and members of boards of education to attend and aid the educators in efforts to improve BUGGY, SURREY OR PARK WAGON BINDERS, MOWERS Mccormick HAY RAKES Plymouth Sisal Binder Twine Hal Seed Company INCORPORATED BOTH PH0NE5 1454 PRESTON AND JEFFERSON STS. J n C

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