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Page 8 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 32 no. 4 1956

Part of Mountain Life and Work

8 And she says, "All right, Nippy, if you'll take the riddle and go down to the spring and get me a riddle full of water I'll bake sto, you a cake." She thought this would be a way to keep him at home. you He went down to the spring with the riddle, dipped it up full of water and started. It all poured out of course right on through it. He'd dip it up again and it'd pour out. He tried it several times old and never got started with no water. And he heard a little bird up ne), on a tree, said, sa3 Daub it with moss and slick it with clay me Annd you can carry your water away. go] He looked up and said, "What did you say, little bird?" It said, Nil Daub it with moss and slick it with clay to And you can carry your water away. wa So he daubed the riddle with moss and then slicked it over good ha with clay, filled it up with water and went to the house. His mother a I thought he had done a smart trick so she baked him a big cake and st; put it in a poke and let him set out follering his brothers. Caught an up with 'em sometime that evening, and that night they went to see sn an old man's three daughters that lived by the river. up Next morning the oldest boy Jim wanted to marry the man's Ni oldest daughter, and the old man says, "I'll tell ye what I'll do," ba says, "you go over to that old man's house across the river and ~/ ~/ get his three gold lockets and gold staff," and says, "I'll let you he marry my oldest daughter. " b` So all three of them went across the river where the old man st lived and asked to stay all night. He let 'em come in and stay. He ec had three daughters and they all slept on pallets on the floor, the Itl girls on one side and the boys on the other. Nippy he was kindly scared and stayed awake till along way in the night. Some time be fore the fire went out the old man come in and he brought three gold ti lockets and put around his three girls' necks and then eased out of d' the room. So Nippy saw what he was doing and was afraid he would come back in and kill the ones that didn't have gold lockets on. y When everything got quiet again he eased over and took the gold n lockets off the girls' necks and put 'em on him and his brothers' o necks. b Some time later in the night the old man come in and cut his three daughters' throats. Next morning right at the edge of day light, why, Nippy got his brothers up and they took the three lock- V ets and the old man's gold staff and headed back across the river. About the time they got across the river the old man come to the h edge of the river and called, "Hey, Nippy, when are you comin' back?" Said, "You've caused me to kill my three girls and you've s

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