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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 32 no. 4 1956

Part of Mountain Life and Work

? ? ? ARE YOU CHRISTMAS LOOKING? ? ? If you are interested in the folk arts of the Appalachian South here you will find suggestions for Christmas giving and keeping. Though not a sales agency, the Council carries these items for your convenience. Write Box 2000, College Station, Berea, Ky. FOLK TALES I Leonard Roberts: I BOUGHT ME A DOG, a popular collection of twelve tales reprinted from MDUNTAIN LIFE & WORK . 50 SOUTH FRAM HELL-FER-SARTIN, a scholar's collection, with extensive notes and reference material 3.75 Richard Chase: AMERICAN FOLK TALES AND SONGS, a Signet Key book, new, see review in this issue .50 JACK TALES and GRANDFATHER TALES, each 3.00 JACK AND THE THREE SILLIES, a single tale, profusely illustrated by Joshua Tolford 2.50 FOLK SONGS AND SINGING GAMES OLD SVGS AND SINGING GAMES, Richard Chase .50 FOLK DANCES OF TENNESSEE, Flora McDowell, see review 1.00 THE SWAPPING SONG BOOK, Jean Ritchie, 21 songs, illus. 3.50 CIRCLE LEFT,collected in Eastern Kentucky .50 PROMENADE ALL, Helen and Larry Eisenberg 1.00 SONGS OF ALL TIME, revised and re-issued by the Council .25 SINGITG FAMILY OF M CUWERLANDS, Jean Ritchie, a unique biography of the Ritchies with words and music of 42 songs 4.00 RECORDS , Appalachian Hymns and Ballads, sung by Berea College Chapel Choir 4.25 Jean Ritchie: A Field Trip, a comparison of her family songs with variants she recorded during a recent trip through Scotland, Ireland and England 5.00 *Saturday Night & 9anday, Too, a weekend with the Ritchies *Courting SDngs* *Jean Ritchie Sings* *Kentucky Mountain Songs* each 3.50 A subscription to Mountain Life & Work at $1.00 will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness four times during the year.

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