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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 32 no. 4 1956

Part of Mountain Life and Work

SEND FOR CATALOG 40-page catalog containing 12 sample 04and color cards of linens, cottons and wools-and samples of the weaving wools described above-all for $100 postpaid ~ which will be refunded - first order of $10 - more. 9) WA);AgV 0 b. w WJVrat~ r~ Golden Rule Products, always known for its vast stocks of imported linen yarns, has acquired the stock and exclusive sale of PATONS and BALDWINS Weaving wools from Scotland You weavers now can explore an excitingly new world of checks and plaids, using these glorious wools that made Scotland and Scottish weavers famous . . . the Golden Rule "Woodpecker" and "Tweed" from Scotland and Tam O'Shanter "Worsted" made in the U.S.A. All of them offer almost limitless possibilities. They come in convenient tubes, ready to use. Suitable for both warp and weft. Send 10 cents for samples and prices All the leading looms: including "Missouri", "LeClerc" and others from belt looms at $2.98

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