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Image 4 of Georgetown herald, January 4, 1855

Part of Georgetown herald

1$3'XW PIANOS w. n. kbmb7 FOR lpMW W ll Successor of Brown" & Siytcs 1 WHOIilNMAI.K .V KKTAHj no ftH 17-"y, new Rosewood pieo'ilti t ouKin.v and do. ever belore been known ix (Jit(ni.ii;.w, oflVr for sle from now uJll III lab. 15, 11155, lhe above num. , WE VENII CONFCCTIONAUY ESTABLISHMENT! , Trur tti Hydro-Electri- c ARE wvuld rex pert GEORGETOWN III VlniJIM Chains! FEMALE INSTITUTE. Voltaic the firs! time, presented to the Th4tk iBislon will coMence on of Georgetown and vicinity, at VI for SAW Mr II P0LVERMACHERS SARSAPARILLA. lit QUART BOTTLBfl. ua , sritHTitie and coa mode of ap For Porlfyng the Blood, onday, Sept. 4th. 18S4. for citixm it Car or piling F.leelro'Atsgnellim, In the instant ears II IS Institution It provided wltheompe Uftrainn ndKcttii ciuniv lower p loet then-hivpermanent care 01 all neryousdiseases Inif Urtn mid well I i.m i. .chars In' Iheseversl depsnmeuts ScrtfuU, RVtumatltm. StuUarn VHttrt, Dyn thu hf n$t MMTIIJ LIHCOlU AC. or Wist, m follows I in Ilia United fllnlti, Kail Rheumatism, Palpitation d slock ol Confectionary, 4c, c. mil, ting in Painful It Sxell'd Jeinls.Rhem. painsofelHeart, ol Driwlog tnd Ptlntlng( oil and wner colors) Cor. St. Unlr rV Wnpniuf Mm. 1 Extra carved Louis I4tb, cirteJ lops, lai, Pimpltt, Bile: jtemrial Vina. chest Embroidery, Krencb. Vocal mesle. Piano Qui. pan of KY. HMNKrORI', fcc, raanuheiurer's price In Uoiloii, Neuiagia of lhe Face, Female diseases, Mt. Cufmrevt Ervytiant, Liter Cijiidlf., tar&e. at well as all the usual brtuches of rrulta, Detfntss, lllindnes", if I'JU Oct It, t C'K)t r U. ch Clmplaint, Branthili), Cans f (isneral Debility, lAeroug Engluketurte. ..'inini., iVInea, M h, 7 octaves. Gov Fall ctived Dyspepsia, Flatulence, tumelien, Ftmata Cenir Contracted Limbs, Ad-- . N"l. Terms per Session of to weckt-- lo Cigars, 450 Um price IJiO, for salt, earn II Poin.ln llio Back, elainli, Lata cf ApParalysis, Sciatica, Tobacco, Pickle. Carved Loaia Hid style, 7 octaves, IIistobv. Palvernieeher's Lhaius aura first Tuition In Prlmtry Clsit, petite, Oenertl VeUhty,i)t, $10 00 Kechup., Tuya ol nil sorts, Introduced Into 4IU HAVlNiJ determined ij mute Mel, I oiTer, lloilon prio SOfli for aula, etch al this country about one year this preparation. ll the rettorttire proper " rniicy jsnxre, n.irailiee, Junior Ultss, my Urnf Inn IminedUt'lr un 7 Lnuit 14th' style CI anil 7 iliase,Nw ,,'vr, i .tin vny 01 iiew xorat wneie iiiey IS 00 Ilea of the rsot are cone.ntrattd In iheil " Middle id wnttfi of Nonti Hlkltorn, 6 mile wett of and short, Frrah 1'nnrht.e. York plica 450 lo 500 eacht for Mala SO 00 utmost strength end eflictcyi but while the in every thing hi his line which may were subiected to lhe most rlodl and thlaueh K.nlor 410 iJtjoryrluwn, S nit let frin of the Ureal ( at lilaltievery hospital in lhat city, by Pro Music on Pitno or Guitar 15 00 Sarsaparilla Reel forms aa Important part ef in 11 ' enojee cnaraileri Irom iheGeoritf iowm and Frank i'2 'oii 30 Fnll.certre Pj.noi, some extra hand lessors vaieiuine muii, van liuren, rosi, uar. Vocal Music 3 00 combination, it it et the tame tine, compound, He Is constantly insnufacturing fori laripiW. half mile from the tteoriretown sorner with carted case. &e., usual , norhan whoal once disenverad lhat they pos ed with other vegetable remediet of gretl hrawlae. Pelnllnv. I.alln and SCSSed tfranet mnd tronJtrful prices 3j' to 45U, aliJS lo 375 ml Miimiing llfbiuad urnptae, and adjoining Candiw and Caki-- s of every Description! leieer (n abnatt 10 00 power, and It It in th. peeulltrcombinttino French, each. Rirttniund Ciwn, Leoiiidai Jalinxin, K. 11,1 1 01 vnri nia sides, Irom G Ii7 ocfave. lilting all nerteut jarfsj uhtrmr naarflinff.lnelnrilntf fuel.tlirllll. end and scientific manner of ill preparation, that D. Wil. and is prepared lo fuini.h Parties, Femilies or inonly ri .uMi. fthe late residence uf JU.ner u.ual prlroaZtolooiii lor aala at I'JU. 50 00 lu remtikible luccettin lhe cuts of disease eddlngs with every thing in his line, al short iMieir;aiiu so tatislaciory wele Hie results Ws.hTnr. tlum) tnd the noted 1(1 ue tipting Urm. Ip5. produced, in every esse, that their opinions It ajtt simultaneously depends. (under Information, address upon lhe " m"jh least niuie terms. For noia inn contains were published through the publlo press, and A Jnlt icntttit- Warrantee giten stubs each In atamatk, lhe circulation end the Utcelti and 0. R. IIANU.Prlnciptl. ARE RECEIVED I OYSTERS DAILY! thousands have been induced to try them, and ttrnment. ihu three processes, which are ordinarily the Georgetown, Ky.Aog. 10,1054. In no single Instance hale they failed lo perTEH. result of three difle lent kinds uf medicine .are CANH. and to a li ne a ntr of cultivation. About una and furni.hed to lanillies by lhe can or half form all we adveni.e to do. They nt:ri:iiE.NCKs. arejia. ctrriedon at the tame time, through the iottru Never before haa thara been aurli an oppor half la most splendid hemp land, ihe Msnce seiveu up in any manner lo suit pie tented In this country, France, England, Ger- Dr J. Rty.rrincipil Woodward High School, mcnlilltv of lift ant remedial agent whi-- b gen. taste ui euicnrcs . ins lunliy ofpurchjslng I'lnnos. either as regards grain and ifrasa land l One hundred aiirea many, Austria and Belgium, and are in u'e Cincinntti. tly slimulitct while ll disinfects tnd eipelt price nr vsrlely. 'lur praieni n.ick being lu-- lj aabnel) limbered as any land in Kv., prlnci in every hospiisl In Europe, and alto lu every II. II. Harney, Esn, Ohio State Superintend' from lhe stomach and bosrela all Ihtl is ttriia. twice aa largo ai a.iv other In il eminirri pillr barr oik, black walnut, wnile aih, hon. hosnilal of N. Y, City. has a piivaie entrance and Is eol of Public Schools. auj on ling, and at the tame time rtstoree thtir Tiger will now to ni mux ar ioeu,t and auirar iree. Tliare are veveral en tor ii e retention or private admirably adapt. No othtr Mtitieal Agent can prodocesomany Elder I). 8. Burnett, Cincinnati. parlies of Lodles and line. Many other preparations imitate it never failing iprmH one of wbirli Irniira tin rinT tiu Umm. 11. Franklin, well zlu'arn'ieefeu: CtrliJIcalit of cure notoos O'lf ftjetlda g Cineliiiinli uill understand ilrinkino water, and would ailpulr till lainilies. or (ienllemen when accomnanlad wlil. I ..I;.. ly from in bearing the ntmt Sarsaparilla, and in lhat intelligent patients, but from Seitnliftc Rev. D. Shenherdson. " liraleful lor the liberal patronage he has resemblance ends, beiog efltn preptreJ the reason of this eiliaordlnars reduction in Two large AVfLV, OKCIIAltUS, und uiher Phutieiait, and thelrsaie wherever Introduced Elder Jaa. Chtllen, Ed. Ladies' Christian their wortbleM and Inert roots, and ol course mum mis community, from priies. Those living at a dl.'anre are inform- - Hull Urea ni has been unparal'eled. re.pecilully asks lor a continuing. .,..1 I.. Annual, Philadelphia. hetiiug or curative properties, and J nut ine extremely slriiiiieiii aiuie of the A room and comfortable dwellin, atone The chains are to constructed ts to be wern Elder John rlmllh, F.I, .Mitchel Esq, George possess no making choice ol which Ihey will I p'odsiasr himself thai no patients In hionev market i the .uue f nur ihua olfer nero Imufea, two larue liemi liouea, larjre earthe akin, producing a constant current town, ny. spsreo oy mm lo renderhis 'is eii.u ui use should ether, but lhat oae entitled onrn, iinoe(l on llirea Mdea, n rat rale corn lum inal ci9 iiiiuomenia ni inese raie. a reepeciable, comfortable and of Electro .Magnetism can be used by either Elder E A Mmith, Ag'l Ky Female Orphan lo their confidence, frcm lhe long list of cure lit,U,, rWn( li NIXVti. 'rrin, aliednad alan adults or children never gel out of repair, and Pchool, midway, uy. Piano Hall, No 7CI Weal Fjjrth 8treet,ueir llioua,.c. lie, Saw and Oria' niillacnnveultnl Inshionable place VI resort. The fact lint ha with proper it has effected on living vtltnesses, whose let. care will last for years. carefully deludes all Intoi.Vniln,. Aug. 10, 1854 tlmonials and residence hTe been pibliiheil, vine, tincinnai, unio. flliVKKI.Y OR WHAM ("I" '' p'emiiet Is a guarantee lhat nothing byPrice of Chains, S3 and f5, and tan be sent end wbe are still hairing doilj-- testimony le ii Nov 30,1 05 1 38 tl I)eo.2l,l544.b. mail in &.V. PAIiMTS, e "... vfcvu. . iiueirup, or annoy palrons ol phlelol30 any pailof lhe country. A pann woilh pages always accompanies each eyX KEGS pure while leads e"ll,rM- :. v. KiiAUii. ASTOXISHINtJf CUIlir chain, and can be had ol any agent, gratis. 100 gallons Linseed Oil I OclM, 111,1 33-- lf CAUTION TO LADIES. Vatttracn.N. r.20rj,;t5l Ladies who are 40 spirits Turpentine) PRACT.ICDA 41) enctenlr are requested not to use them for " Japan Varnish i Messrs. A. I). .V D. Ssndsl Gentlemen,. IN greet length ol lime only fore few moments! 40 " Neni't Foot Oil Having witnessed the most beneficial eflects C0.000 TicUtt iilrcmhj Sold. 1 0,000 OF for by continued use, miscarriage is frequent 11 il Wr.'i w i 11 g. E'en 111:1 11 li i ' Fish Oil 40 from the use of your Sarsaparilla, It gives me CALL FUR FINAL ly produced. For Uterine Voint, one end of 200 lbs. French Zinc White, pleasure lo send you the lollowiog statement Cbiioraplieraod Pic. WH.CTIlATIiy, SIX) Ins. (led Lead thechsinis to be applied uver the abdomen, In regard to fliy sou. In the spring of IB48 he Ciucliioati, O. Macs 500 lbs. Venilian Red) look a severe cold, and after eight weeks of reipecifullv announces 10 the inhabitants of 1 ana me oilier upon the spine, lust shove the To ileiermliie on the disposition oltlie hips. T.S. BARK LEY Co., in store aud fur tale low by liaorj(elowu and its virinilr llut lie will severe suffering the disease settled in his left Ants., Georgetown Ky. May Co. leg and fool, which soon swelled to the utmost. T. S. UARKLEY a course bf Practical Instructions in opientiia importation of Fall and J. 8TEINERT, Gen. Agent. The swelling was lanced by his rhytlclan, To the Slnreholdcrt. ,11 WINTER STOCK. Aug. 3, New York, and discharged most profusely (after thai no reMW undersigned respectfully onnouncet and a piurio of Uriwinjr and Persuecli 1UST receiredanoiherassortnetit (cheaper . lest than eleven ulcers formed on the log and ,i- - i i -- e.i 'e mi man everj in inose ueaumui anu useiui foot at one time. We had five different Phy. loin's numerous customers, nnd Ihepub. Al anieeilngnf llie Shaieholdera In rethani't JL or abuat the 7ili uIJuiium), tttja, provided ariicles lor llie ladies aidant, but none relieved him mochi and lhe twenty or more pupils oiler ihennelvei, dur- Tli i id liill llnterpiisa bell on the 2Tlli ol July, lo in general llint he has I11.1 ,,.iv.,l .n.l T S. HAItKI.EY Ic CO, opened the lariat and best selected Hock of the following resoluiion wns ndopiedt last wiDter found him so emaciated and low ing the interiin. WOULD cnll the attention of the public, June 29, "llesolved i That au soon as it is nscertlin liosuy oiaue doming ever brought to Ueorge that he was unable to leave bis bed snrTeHng Ills inelbod ul Imparting llie-- e brandies to the above article of lllnck Writing Ink, s which he will sail, considering hard which I am now manufacturing from a Dori'ig this 'tini. the most excruciating pain the same universally inleliglblee, osy and edlhal miOOOofVhe liift Tickets by Air. Perhnin In his third enterprise are sold, times, at the lowest prices. The public would the bone had become so much aflecied lhat ii'terestliijr, lately purchased of the original inventer. of white and tree a glass jars for piece after piece tome out, of which he has Persons deaironi of engijinj;, will please the Committee ahull call ihe shareholders to do well logivebiin a call before bulingele it ws ireeiy irom trie t en contains np aci reserves, etc. now more than tweniy.five preserved in a hot nuke immediite application 10 Air. Htrnlliy, gather ol ihe most convenient place, lor llie wheie, they will lind lhat ihey tan buy cheap and therefore will corrode sleel pens a lie, variing from one half to one and n half T.S. BAKKLEYitCO. Smith's Ale'uauiile College, 115 Main street, puroose o Instruct! ngss nl Cotiiunitee in regard er nnd suit themselves hetier than lu any disstderatum long songht for. Aloie over I Jere 39, 1854 l (My. Inches lu length. We hod given up all hope, Cincinnati, 0. Correspondents will lind tbeir to the llianner of disposing uf ihe (iill Proper. house in lawn or any where. The stock con. defy any chemttt to remove it from paper alsists in pari of of hit recovery, hut at this lime we'were in-- , ly. ter llhas been written with, and yet 11 lavirs nuiy aitenurii lo, a Having learned fromsilr. Perham that 60.(100 Fine Dress and Frocs. Onlsi Over Coats, be told at a very low price, entire satisfaction 03- A BIT U. --CO duced to try your Sarsaparilla, and with its N. II. I or further information tee Circular, Business Coals, sVe , made in lhe latest styles; warrented In a!l cases. of snid lickels were nnltl, nnd that in all probause his health and appetite began Immediately CHANGED HANDS. bility the remaining 'iO.IIDO culled lor by the n. lllook nnd Fancy Panisi Vesls of every ya. to improve, and to rapid wot the chnngaihot GEO. E. Till.MULE. bove resolution, would be sold by the first dny riely and color; Boys' Clothing, Genu' TTAVINO purchased and refitted iliestnble less than a dozen bottles effected a 'peifect August 10' 1854. AN of January next, we have i!eier-nnei1. I. formerly kept by U. O. Vet, and at cure. Hats, Caps, fineHhiru, Cloves, in hecor. n it ordained by the Cllairman and Hoard danrn with the above opinion, to pa I a Al SS under shins. Umbrellas! a large With gratitude, I remain truly ours, lot of file OVERT tnihtd toj. T. Prult's flotel I would re?pect THE I of Trustees for lite town urtleoruetnwu , AIEKTINU OF TUB SHAHnilOLDF.ItS. fully inform my friends and the public In gen DARIUS UALI.AKD. al Travelling Trunks! Valises. Carpel Bags! ii si,y person or persons snail willully aome place lobe herealter named, nil llie I7lh India Itubbor Coals and Legglns, and a great rriHEIonjr and tX.Ua criivdhs Iisscoimo erol that I am lire pared to sunulv tliem with We the undersigned, neighbors orMr. l!allt(dv binder or allempt lo himlerlhe iiie Company day of January, 11155, for the purpose- - designamany vlber articles too numerous 10 mention: JL to 0 cloie, and osM. S. Allguier thinks iitAv IliiRSk'i ninl nice HorM-i-t also, pre cheerfullr subscribe to the abovo statement. or fhose ciiiiant vho far ilia lime beinjr mav ted by the resoluiiou. also, his ndvMtisemen twill now he read, he would m pure J fur breaking and iiicking horses and II &. I1.S. Haw, A.M.TnoHcaiuit, be acting in lliat capicity,iu the eltinjrnili can stall from Fifty to Siity horses on public KOHL'IITIJIIATTY, l.iely but earnestly call upon nil wlio nre (Jio. T, Desk, C. Eastwood. pott Ni:anoEs. meul ol lire's or in trial workings ef ilia Kn. i Cnamu. to liitn either by nute or account J.T.LATIIUOP, set uayi. Trepared and sold, wholesale and retail by XTltecollecl the Old Stand and call and see Itinesi or who shall nl Hiijr lime wilfullj Injure I). S. ADA, MS. 31 r. JOHN II. Wi:i:KH will do the nick ) lie noon ll not noouer. 1 huve wnileu jia for yoursrll. A. I). .V 1). SANDS, Druggists and Chemists i'io fi'o I'.nifUisi, I lore or other apparatus, be Itig for nit; and the best attention will be l(X Fulton-st- , tienily fur fnin seven moniUs to five corner ef William New York. ITNo .roub'e 10 show goods. 0100,000 TlcUrts Only sat i:iiih',U'ill lonufng to the town, by culling, breaking &.c wlltiout tut-ij?, but if I am not tmid up soon. paid to stock entruoted to my care. I ask a Std also by Druggists generall v throughout th, ho sold. Diicli Ticket will ildinll IHIUIl HECIIT. or shall attempt to run the stuia down eui I kit nil be forced, in to mt il to liberal fchai of custom from the county and United Slates and Canada. Price $1 per hot-tiI'liltSO.VS. hi) nt unci', uilpurliuna nt dif. Slain Slreet, Opposite the Cuurl House. liaukinents or elsew lerr, ,o that the) may be town. mi iiu are behind. six battles for $5, For sale by T, S October 12, 1354 31. if, tiroVell or injured, shall brsiJes being held fcrtnt limes to WU S. AIXOAIKR. '54 2Mf If you want good feed for man and bertsl Onrkley St Co Georgetown. au2 liable ill a civil suit for nil dnmijiet aucruinu Ferliam's liurlcsque Opera House, cnll at the rranklm Hotel, where the General . Jan 19. by such breakage, be lined in any sum not MEDICINES VuKTJIE PEOl'LL'! will feed the man, and Mike, the ani'mue. ei (',03 llrundwa) New York. a 100 nor lean ihau M . S. ALLGAIKR aug 10, '54-t- f J. V. nOLANiO ir . Unsurpassed by any othur prcparaiion. various si ive, shall receive thirty nine latins CCD LS3 ssa 2? n hi. or Or to bis other t'niertuinmeiiis, in of one . SHOKhNU AND o Ilarh p rchaser KAD THIS! MKOU INK FOR TUP HORSE ner nara oaca, perls ol the country, Approved 0c. Ill, '5.( V On Hamilton OP Street, oppo. tickets will rsceive a certificate ent. of these A Copy, attest. A V AFFLICTED. I) IL HALL continue tile the .Methodist Church to be consulted at Ins Office. No. 57. East Iling thcni to one share in IIKl.Ot II COSTLY Si JAS. Y. 1C LILLY, Cl'k D T. Tlin advertiser wou'd respect VALUAULtlUlFISi a list ofvihidibaa al third slreet, on all duenses of a Dee. 21, 1854 . IiL'iincttS Vcgetiiblo Purifier, fully inform his friends and thft Persons can ubinln PRIVATE OR DELICATE NATURP. ready been published. public that he has A Combined Fluid Extract o the mon vol the By a long course of study and practical the same in circular ferm, by addressing a note expe shop just below tho iliop formerly taken unble rojts and plumsof North America. occupied, Un nenre ol unlimited extent, Ur. II. has now clealhol Air. E. C Kanklns, one of to the proprietor. by Koland & Cain, where he Is prepared the blood, removing the gratification of equaled lor cleansing JL i"o nrm ol 11. Hankins ,t Co , makes It NOW'StTlIK TIJII5 IO I'lIltCIIASi: presenting the unfortunat necessary to close lhe business of lhe concern cnronic uncases, repairing sitaiiereu ana oro- with remedies that have never, since he firs to executeevery kind ofDIacksmith work-i- n TICKI1TS. the best St) Ie aod on the most accommodating com; Introduced ttiam failed locure the mostalarm In order that ilia 00,101 Tirkets may be imnitdiutelv t the subscribers iliMrHl.r -- .ll .... ken constifuiious. and rurnu tenia e terms- diruoted of br the lime specilied. the subsrri all persons having unsettled notes nnd ac- plninls It cotuaini lnur times the strength of Ing cases nf. In consequence of the rise In the price o virtue of the powers conferred on me by llie uui preparations olarsaparilla, and bile GONORRHOEA AND SYPIULLIS. ber oilers lhe iotlowing luduceiueiil lorpersons counts of MS'i and 1853, without fail, to call iron,, coal, wages, tVc the undersigned deed of trust from Susan K.Collier and com. and pay llicin, aa we cannot give any further cideuly superior to them all as a curative Deneathhis treatment, all tho horrors of pelled to raise the price of shoeing to is25 all lo gel up i.iuos. 4Jeorge M. I'ollierj I will agent. Tnt'e 0 cents par bottle, All claims unatlendedto will be veuerial undimpure blood, impotence, Scrofula, round and iu proportion for other tl JJsch person who gets up a club of ten suht Indulgence. charges t Oil Wedne.ilur, loth oT Jnnunrv, 1855 scribers, and forwards flOj ten dollars to this found in suit. We sincerely Uoft to be saved lionoranmea, Ulcers, pains aod distressts in the regular Ilcnuett! Imperlnl Tonic price fixed upon by the era expose to public tale, wilnoul reserve, the office, will receive by Alnilor other ConvetaiK so unpleaa ml n' duty, Intarnation of share of public patronage is respectfully ft. A A positive and certain cure lor Chills and the regions of Procreation, solid nug 10, '54 SJ-- lf H. RANKINS V CO. farm upon which said busan K. Cillier resides. ces, KLBVF.N TICKKTS. Fever, ami is warranted to contain nn quinine. Piadder nnd 'Kidneys, Hvdrocle, Abscesses. ted. and the long Each person who sends al one time one huns I'oi-ivooil- s Similes below Millersburir, Uourbou count), It Is vegetable compound, hilallible in its Humors, Frightful Swellings, tf Jan. 19, 054-4dred dollars, will have sent in like manner on Hinkstun, containing about surpassed by no other tonitin trainoi norrioie aymptoms attending tnts class e'JlUK best am' salest medicine known for action, and it isper AND F1FTF.F.N of diseases, are mode to become as harmless Dome. 200 AOKHS of FIltST RATE LAND ONIIIIUNDHLD larger turns In exactTICK L Diarrhoea and The eucipient stage of use, i nce y i as the simplest lulinizsot a child. pro. Cholera, l;rs. And lur all prepared and for tale in any quantity flennctt't'" Indian Cou?h IIalam, In a hiah stale of improvement, with acorn, portion. Dr. II. devotes HORSE SHOEING & BLACKSBMINAL WEAKNESS T. S.BAUKLEY An i if hi v valuable remedy for Conolis a great part of his time to the treatment o CO. loimble Dwellini; Houie, Nejjro House, Ice. If ll should happen thai all the Tickets are Colds, iloarseoess, Spitti gof Blood, Incipient those cases caused bv a secret and solitary ha SMITHING. June 29,l&i4-IS-ly- . received, the money lfoure, Siibles, sold when the order la A funhei daieription uoQsumpiion, ana an ruimonary LiseaseJ. bit, which ruins the body and mind, unfitting ttaM THE advertiser would respectfully penned unnecessary. Any person wishing lo win oe returned ai our expense lor postage. fiENHItAL The unilorm success which attended the ua the unfortunate individual tor either business "ify frienda and lhe public that he purchase, the premise! will be shown them l.v HJAII orders for Tlekats should be addrest lag of this article, entitles it to the confidence or society. Svimeofthe sad and melancholy lieu. AI. Collier, living ihsra, 1 will also tall ad lo LaH Hill caniet on the BLACKSMITH. business in all its branches at the old oi every person, rnce mj cents per Dome. (ii nal sold privately) efTtcts produced bv early habits of youth are IliU J03IAK PERHAM, (13 Drosdway, N. Y. CTAIy reurih Knienrise will be advertised Uennetti I toot und IMaut IMIIs. weakuessof the back and limbs, diziiness of stand formerly occupied by Roland & Cain, (IRORGETOWN HOTEL. 0a of the salest. aud most elHcient vese the head, dimness of sight, palpiution of the where he it prepared to execute woik for hi at soon as Ilia third one is elosed. The Tickt Cincinnati and Lexington ttage a.'au Hie iid fer , cnsistinr uf 8 Horses, I? old and new customers in the best style on purgatives in the world. Their operation is heart, diipepsia, nervousuess9 derangement are already printed. Lexington for Cincinnati Mon. Ihwl uuj. ( n'n, ,,,,4, a,!,,, ,nd tear. vieDecember 14. 1154, 40 5l. ana oi tue digestive junctions, symptoms or con1 terms in tccordanca with the recent raise in lor ceriamiy, pleasantness day, Wednesday and Friday mornings, al 5 remarnaoie 75 tie ui good I ii g wool sbe-I Wag, ease, for Diuous habits, disordered stomachs, sumption, Ate. The fearful effects on the prices determined on by the craft. Particular oclocki arriving at Ueoroeiown at 7, and' reounnii uiar, I new iioirjv und iitruass. Farm-in- j and recent attacks of disease, they are not ex. miud are much to be dreaded loss of mem attention paid to horse shoeing and satisfaction luming the alternate days. Fare 1100 OHIO . & Kitrlien Fnrnilule, a box of these orv, confusion of ideas depression of spirits, warranted. A share of public patronage celled bvanyotherpill. Tiy The Georgetown and Frankfin tinge Vu, ,yu. Tstms made known on die of aala respectfully solicited. pilts, and you witl ever aftirwards prefer them jtii iviiuuuiiij,s Bit uivu ui i uci ci j, seu-uiNaves Georgetown every mornii.g fasve SunCHAN, T. OAIIIt'AliU. y Jan It, 1854-4o an outers, rnce cents. are amontz the evils oro- trust, timidity, day at 4, reluming same day. Fare 11,00. no o vink. , a. f.I. Hmna, Auetioaeer, duced. Such persoot should, before coniem Pile Geonrelown Lozenge and Paris ftiaee Bennett' Snntonlne Worm ritONT AND COLUMBIA. Dee 14.1854-441 Ooorgelown Monday, Wednesday and Friday The greatest medicine for worms of the pre piaitog marriapa consult a pnysician olexpe 'Kerald copy I. it. i. and charge Cltlien. mornings, al 4, ieluinlngtheame day. Fare sent age. I hey expel worms with unerring nenee and skill and be at once restored to CARRIAGE MANLTFACTORY. WE APE NOW AIANU '.00. J. UARKLEY, Aunt. certainty, are entirely safe and so pleasant to health and happiness. At Forivood's Old Stand. AND MELODEONS fecluring Rail Road Depot, the taste that children take them as readily as AGUE AND FEVER cu'ed in 34 hours, Spi. 14, 1854-n.- if. subscriber having purchased the eu llsv. Stock or Floor and rial. Liuit Christmas and New Years tney eat canines ana sweetmeats. mey are warranteu. yc A Presents At the time ap. interest of A.W. Forwoodin the man lorra far superior to any Vermifuge or other worm All letters addressed to Dr. L. Halt, box ptoachet when those who Inland (IRO. Blacking for tale al Louisville ufacturiog aod reparing of Carriages dec and I3tj-luju, i ijuvat. wui pei vui, nieuiciuo iu unrlnnatl, u. Medicines sent loany ad having secured purchasing, should make their selection, we of bis ana uinciaiuju prices Uy John. of all sixes, also Druzxlsl and mm Deunetta Essence of Jamncta and Afrl dress safely packed and secured from obierva Cltrk, who has the services known Dro.a manwish to call attention to our large and supe- Dank Scales. Brest and Iron Caanis. counter been long a. Y. KEENE. as can Ginger. lion. ufacturer alNewark.N.j'ond other eiperlen Pel. 5, f. rior alignment of I'isne Forte., Melodeani, Scales Au, Sec. which we warrant of superior Office at No 57. East Third it rem bet ced A valuable and useful family medicine. As workmen from llio east, it now prepared te Guitars sod other inualoat Merchandise, With, Workmanship tad mtltrialsi we would call a stimulant, carminative nnd stomachic. It is sycamore and Uroadwav, Cincinnati lurnish Carriages of any description, on at far nui putting a fictiiloua value upon our Insiru. particular attention to our excelled by no other article I and is used with AUg. U, 1004'ZZ'Dy. vorabla as any eslablishmenlfn the IV "menu; which will enable us to fall 20 or 3" LT1 tiuch e flee l in tl vspepsia alidity ol the ttom Bad Ktc-c- k Scales. OH Iroa Lever led Stai a. Every branch ol repairing will b per cent, we will guarantee lo sell during the be paid lu Groceries, Dry Goods, ach, paiusin the stomach and bjwets, diarrhea, LONDO.X 'All communications promptly atteas'sJ to etecuied In lhe best manner and on reaaeoabU present month al 10 per cent, less llian menu CaiA lor Butter, Lard, Mams. Eggs. cholera morbus, JcH c.c. Price 25 cents per NOTHEIt tupply for males and females. terms wilh punctuality and despatch. Oct. fnclurera prices for cor. Every Instrument bottle. s v. Tnrke)i and Chickens. LU, shall be guaranteed perfect or no aala and aa IIENKY CLARK. XA. I'. O. UAKKLtiY Ileuncl's Hyperion. UCl. S, D04 June 59254-1- , Ceorgelown Jan 21 1854'47 ly. an Inducement to our friends In Indiana, we An excellent preparation for prom oting the "111 take Slate Stock Money at 5 per ceut. disurawth ind restoration of the hair, and for pre CO., MIUULblUN, WALLACE LhXINCTON A GEORGETOWN. Ulan count. When It ie taken into consideration venting baldness arreiting falling off of hair. undersigned would respectfully nolift and dstirable article for keeping lhat our Pianos are from the celebrated facia No. US Walnut Street ACC0MM0l)ATI0x friends and the public generally that LINE! removing danurun and rt ode ring the hair sou sweet. T.S. 0 VRKLEY lie of Chlckellng, CO. Woodward 4. Brown. he purchased lhe entire interest of John Will It issurpastedby no . June tO. Jh74SwaVT'lf; uuil'r'lf,led W"IJ Ptcl' luxuriant, and beauilliil. in use. Ilrown ti. Allen.T.lillberi &, Co., (with .lid,, West In the Grocery at the olu. corner where prepirt(oii of the kind Prue 25 cents fully iJlorm hit friends and ll. .an attachment) and II, Worcester BOlfDS, CERTIFICATES Alelodeonv MAPS, he will still continue, the limine. puu.. inai ne 11 now ruuning hit ne.v ud ,ier bottle. from Geo, A. Piiucefc Co.i (Julian Irom Alar, PORTRAITS, CARDS, &c Ucuuett'af.umo.lfjin'a T.lnlmentand Taiu ' nHOS. a. UARKLEY Si Co, have recently capable agent. He would also notify all those tin. W in. Hall At. Son, wo think purchasers VIEWS, i:.N(iitAVi:i Aiiuihlliiror. I discovered an article which promises lo who are Indented lo the concern to come forritiNTi:!! irv .will and it to their advantage lo select from "cp ward Immediately and settle up the amount ol For tnterual and external ue. Tho instruments of audi well known and ueneral. between Georgetown tnd Lexington 011 Moo medicine in the world for greatest relieve eutiering nunianuy, .1 oneol Us sever their respeclive Indebtedness. If ihey would aud all est ills. The Army Razor it lhe article warranly acknowledged superiority exiellence. dais, Wednesdays tnd Fridtie. tavacosi. J. E. Al'I'LEGATE. kinds lamenss, piiuf external and Internal, to perform, al one dollar each. ' K i'lKI.I), May 35, 1054 1. if. l'ie stave leaves Georoetown xi ?1 A at. njuries of all kinds, cliolie, cratpps, cholera. OrUKRS RKjrCCTFUI.LV tOLICITtl). June . .lncinail Aluiju Siore, 48 Wat Founh on eseh day. morous. aiarrnaa ano even cnoiera. in diiiui. street, near Vine. N. D. 150 Steel Tlates on hand for Magaxmes, Ki:r,.K aye"Toni, Itelurniiig, leaves Lexington each day at 31 able, stimulating, and peuetrating properties, II! Dec. 14. 11154 Books fie, impressions Irom which tend the (lenlleiren to us, and are unequaieu oy mnj tuner Krovvn meaicme. IE undersigned is receiving, large and will supply on reasonable terms. wewillseod you the darkFare each was Tj..,i. It lias but to be used to be appreciated. well selected slock of dm. Sept. SI, 11)54 les."The stage can be hlied forprlvata excur. It for diarrheas, internal or external anlnt. Tr " Trv Well, Sam vnti have long prospered will. sions on every oilier dry in the week. N .1 jt for any kiud of lameness or old kores, and . .u I.. . double btrrel SHOT your cuslom.I beliete I Mould ns fOOn.make, iui ui superior A share of nubile niiiim... t. ...n.M.r..n. C4A.M. KEENE is puffing forth his l'nbacco solicited. 3 yon wtll become acQUtittleJ witli jis auperjor (iUNS. lie also hat on hand a general as- - a tmall exchange with you al aott at I have ' It Is applicable tohurves ana other tortmenlof properties. l!3 eniblaxoned with bigbsouodiug names, some ef the Gtnlltmen custom lo scare. A' A WKI.NS 4. Co. animals ai well lo uiau. Price 5 ceuts per done up In sugar and taoelsd In gold, AND XTliv the Afll! w. have lust recelvea an Nov. 9, Tin. Sheet-iro- n & do m. ' All,. ...n..l. ho7. uenueineu, wo nave )usi received tevera ..'.!.... - l.l ,'..1.1 ,Ae B- ': Friends and Strangers, if jou waut good, re. togethti with varieties ol the weed which we oould very ap largo assonmeut of Cooking cliTorviiK-Kju- T THOiS.3. HARKLEY & CO. liable, end aafe .Mediciuest procure liennelt'a stores of the best patterns, warranted lo p.r l bacco. roprialely call the "Klley Klstu," the "Snni Mar 25,' (Ilami JItide.) you are atuicieu win lorin well. ramiir itenieuies. tainey," the "Lewis Tlllord," having sale by T. H. II A RICLEY Si. CO. disease, make use ol tlienu if) our friends are, been tested and approved by tho, geullemen OHO. ALLGAIKR. Pea 14.1854 40 if. t9. '854 6. 1 recommend them to use th, ''Remedies." You S. He hat on hand alargeloi of CHAIN ol acknowledged lasts and r lined eenibi!i' received a large and well selected slock will be pleased with them, aud will find they PUATS, and also th Cut Iroji Hertlvlug lies. As wethiuk however, there is hut Utile u lilL-lMtiiillii. will not fail you a it the hour of need, name, we offer lhe article upon lis own which I will tell al a lery small advance or Spoutl'unip., for Cisterns ani Wells. it v Bund ulwayt keep un hand a large in told br the Wholesale and Retail Druirilsia C3"A1I Deraous Indebted tO inj. tin In (I.A cost, for caih, or. exchange for Uaccn, Lard, T3 HARKLEY& CO rjTALK about sour Elly Elgin and and general assonmeut of line chewing true menu. Sout h of Louisville, and by country .Merchants gtu. ..u..y, oy ooie or account are earnestly Tallow and other Country Produce. The sub ivnirco, mamviiu uiiu,, tigers, oi., wlllch 1 eiu Belle' lobscco but they cant counsre erally. Also for tale bv requested toeoroe forwerg tad dsv nn. if Ho are requested locatlaodetamine my slock ill selUoa accommodating term t, ...... alwais nn hand .' iir.uittJi; f,a TKHIfJ.1". wish to tsv. rot. ' before purchasing elsewhere. II. APPLKBATC G March 3. BEST Flour and .MealK. APPI.EtiATE. an wilh")lhe 'IVIiclontOM Virirlnfa TIIIMULIi J by fJFl. K. J. ju, Wii t) , Mf Jl jn5J.;JSui, MsrekJ, ?W J5,AITtEG. her of ioi fullf rtii th. , rT'f'AjDor'SJLE b'CO I ro. x,ii,l&air. 280 ACK KS, "i"' LADIES' SALOON! mm sti mtuiir '" lrt, mr. OILS PERHAM'S L,!LESS0NS THIItDHIPTENTE'IPlUSE. I J GREAT BARGAINS. Ready Made Meetins of Shareholders) V O ie TUIJV G l i or r co PENMANSHIP, 'cmium liulclililc Writin:: Ink. j I lon, '. Ficon riiTsiiuiti;, At, nt MVI.UY ST ORDINANCE. ELECTIoinS J) cLoriiixn )ar tl till J. tin.n.l Ci. HAM1LL I'll! PVBL1V, rilllR ' 2 FAeMILYREIVIEDIES. NOTICE LAND, ST0CK,&C. BY Cliolera iHeiliciiic, - IIIE SCALEV0E1T RICOON RYLAND & 00. stki:i;t iihhvukn CINCINNATI, OHIO. 3. riANOS AI. STAGE OFFICE. M.I, TiMi STOCK Iici) PATRICK ic, !.... "Come a3C2a2aaBaaQ OA J ' THE ilnrkic nil." THE niUIICMT MARKKT OP llr WILL I, 2 G3 SUFI'OKTKRS Lithography and Engraving, & CINCINNATI. ano ,J qd La GHRISTaiAS SUPPW2S Ii A V K ARRIVED, riu: f ; "'f Anew ran. THE i TAKE itfl'ICS' il.,h . Orrat Discover'. jci. ea era notici:, rill Wtli i 'S iSA X A.'lljr" " LOOK si.'l in: It . llui'ilivai'e. Cullci'v. (' Copper ware. IMrc Y. I Milk styli; and on shout iratro to mm,, S. KEENE. "i'oSiiiolit'ri anil C'lii'.vif. 6y. FOR "Billy i ioiirl siiiiTJlVnl. J. rrcsli Groceries! Just :itori:itii:s, i.njrons, ic, Jt llelle.M !.,, . ;

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