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Image 3 of Georgetown herald, January 4, 1855

Part of Georgetown herald

ns ind hirny I'l'iimln sIwmum ''Come Tcl'ittron". rtlit" nn: coititiHAX iiiikat amilr, Itisn tkti ficurgctown lintel. wrs wiih lii Standard Lliernry and Family ftom ilisrortituiinii Intlutiira nl iho- - "ilinn. llnvlntf nn 'Una for eolltTiW iurpfM" This f Happening Into this well conducted least throe Hotels two first class, and ore rnper, Is out with Increased Altraclljns rate sons of l.ot df opntiiiis airesi' whir, bvtn find I Isfmnny of our -ono day last werk, about din-n- Mirselfi on Amffitsn oil, tlilik II nffdiul ti fa l .I...1. iii.ii ., up. we eononu c.aas, .1... i""M for the como forward nml v -r f - tu lone for lbs ,New Year! It Is n Mnmm.rth Kuropf tu vrt nn fduesititn. sudcr Irtvsli the slnw time, we slipped into u chair on In . . "Time, Faith and. . teti1Jlmoj,iron 0 our wri cdlz navo pinccu n urgo numu-- r .m mlirrpr0.iiliiii( iniT ier tlin ciTMllnr nt sud ."Ti iohh i. ne.uu-- .u -- c right hand ol 'mine host,' and thon and counts In ihu hands of our perscvr-rlu"M nil lint ! Ainfries, '"i"' '"" t' Hilf nsilf UD I T 0 R, town and county1, as well as for the ac of hMhllSJiM InndtilUd with siiprrm n lliln j wllll prlnu-iml good paper. HENRY a. FRENCH that our frl-n- ils performed such feats of mnsl'cn 'Collector. V .no commodnilon of the travelling publlci - Amrricsii. sue sITacUd sdiniration ni tii upon iho suhsiantlals and luxuries ho prepared to mod hi, dmun.l prompt jnHNNKIT will furnish n Net Novel- narchisl tutloins. a majority ol tho tlon hould bellcensod. If ly. nnd settle In somo way. for though a jc of w)), (i,,.,,,, Bi,om iho ll dfrihd lo lolin Una. i TIimo inub decide against with which his board !s ever so bountllub ntiured f.illow, he Is a niol id mil- In iino uflhlr own kind in Con JANIMHY 4, ISM legal voters of tho town tilled I anola. Me iVfiiceis; dolpli's MONDAY, ly supplied, as even to astonish the 'bl table dunl Tl.nso who call at . bo offi urns, who twilled lbs ssiensiir gentUmtn this, no on will more cheerfully submit on nil "linn. raiirniion arloiy nf oilier Literary Novel- tmin lidino 10 icrcent; an! a valvo natives,' luxuriating In a capacious insuiile.wllt save us nl least grt- Mil C. Al Bievena, town, paid to No 5J , jw to tho law, or moro .earnestly support who will tics of th lust Character will lollnw. wlilcli lUmloloh t'nmdd llnl! "Ths Mai It Is bowl of Oyster soup, ami who then and have wo not numerous friends (tmlnds iro ol III lnid ahoul III refusing to rouiif nance (and Tales, The ll.min "" take pleasuro In thtl Increasing owr Itinl- - )u. )0Jj,.rf Interesting " """ here vanished with almost miraculous wairsoili .Muniiiilil, which trspnoi 07 I -1 'natnttfie llloction rxlisuiltd Noui Vertons. tod revenue. well known, Is hard enougn to suppu. ICoiimAmn and Great 11 Ml nasnosu- - i.iluip,iiid culiiniiud linnniirfljr celerity Into that capaciou rcceptuclo tbelllt Comos clT on Somr Jay next; among the nnythini) tho Illicit sale of liquor. ' pcrlor ns n Ncwsand Business Paper. of ours, where good oysters, coining Iniiuinliiaied lliero nro at 16 candidate Untill the repeal or the license law, I. ..I. anil tn ilm ntilnt. I.I. 'Frank Leslies Gainto1 for December. t.. IVMHTIii'T iHnvltriB. IIS lien, mii least Oclever'mon'and'good citizens from by which tho government derives n large to our personal possoslon am very apt has born received, nnd from lnJ s Markut Ueports full and enmpro-nn'!?n- . Hut vie did not sit down to go in busl. 1851. Tndy b. of SJ.restricted winch afirstrato Hoard of efficient we shall ever lake plcnsuro In to go. revenue, I. -- hould notbo forgoiten that, i henslvr. Iliulnrti conilunrs lo qual-- , which 13 tho details of a fine dlnnor, ness men may bo selected) lot every granting to rcspoctablo hotels In our town , bo We-ter- n doubtless would bu nofnl all Interesting It to our reaJers. Our lady Iriends is by men, of '.ho Telegraph Ifiod, legal voter, go to tho polls and similar privileges with those granted by would bo dellgliteil by II10 ex I'rest Is r.ble lo furnish all Important clit n cold. his clecilvo franchlso wlihout fear, Corporations generally In tho State, to to our readcrs.who, unliko us, faro sump pocially, Flour nd Ornln Tin flovr rnstkft Is dull, tenslvo Imid nf fashionable Information It Ne,wa scveial days In advance of the 7 6(I7 with inlet of IUi birreh In lots si or prejudice, for the best interests respectable Hotels' In mcir respective tuously erery day. No, wo wished to contains, therefore we may vcniuro to favor II tales HOME 73, mi J ), Wliest quit Knstcrn Papers. fcrGlve your l$S of the town, and possibly tho ugly snarl towns. We havo no favors to show nolo A fact which rather struck us with urco their naironnue, and warrant thulr PAl'I'-HSNew corn OliCSo, icnrt-- it I SI) a liutliel a strong support! In lot, end fi5e In smell lots. Seles ol old ihrouuh vhich our town has been labor- mere groggerlcs, and some years ago, astonishment, and gnvo food for profitable satlslacilnn. h is 11 monthly, ol twicu Trrms: Ono Copy, ono year, 8t com t"580c, Itom timet. . tho usual size of such publications, contho past year, lotho great dltrl of the Board, wu.lnnurrcd ii cditatlon. It was member Ine for I'orkWe quote taleeol ITS bsrrels mess . .1.1... .. nil! taining about 30 or 33 pages, In inch One Copy, six months, 81; Four Copies, White labor vs. Slave labor! ment of all its interests, iiiumuum.j sdm(J 0ijjum by attempting to prevent too number. Term $3 pprsnntim,or25cn mm vear. nnd 6ila to Agent six months' "clfowrlss. Srasll isles of Rio cofleo st by licensing of what wo then regarded as a collectively, may bo settled pleasantly During tho dinner, s obmrvrd t per number. Address trunk Leslie, C I.IrIh sties of tuRinl 5aS cts, S5; Klght Copies, ono year, nnd ono to llislllctt. Stlet ol 160 litrrelt of rtw lS0 n fair expression ol tho will ol a mnjorl moro drinking house; but tho timidity of the waiters employed In attending upon JohnstWi New York. months, 810; Thirteen -- 1 CIS. Agent tivelvo one, that Certain undorstoud coadjutors In tho pro- tho tablo. were neat, light lingered, bux nm llul li onini. the met lo ty of our bqna fide clilMns; lor Difkcn' Ilousohold Wr.ula' nnd lha Copies, one year, nnd ono to Agent 12 New Orlesu. lulugoOcit, lor pound fieliilit., Is all wo ask; and we loubt not that oven posed movoment. 'hindered' Its success. om and respectful Irish lassies, nnd were Illustrated Mugnzlnu ol An ' two publi- muiiths, 816; Twenty Copies, ono yean ' nd I 00 n bid for pock. To Pittsburg iho proprietors of the hotels, If such nn Perhaps it Is better so; lor what legal sua Informed, on enquiring, ih it tho Cook's cations that noi-i- l no commendatory rertt, for pjund Ireiglut. end ono u Agent twelve months, 82. expression of public sentiment is had. ion could not effect, moral suasion hasj department, the Washing department nnd marks, now published by .tno. A CisiisKtTI. Deo.Sl.r.M. uy mostvrrooauty ncc6mp1llied Of Specimen Coplos sent, on applica- Hour l'irm 1,000 libit .old l 0,6U a 7 74 Wo the) worthy the chainhurs of this Hotel mo till con. Dix. Nn 10 Park IMaco, New York. will cheerfully abidd mo aectsmn Whliky SKIe. nuthori-tthese tion to In recommending . closing their bars. Wo havo no proprietor of tho cstabllthment having ducted, under the superintendence of tho take pleasure Cheese lu fnlrdrmand it 10.-AMiERTO. RICIHRDSON, Proji'r. our renders, as containing abandoned the traffic, which very popular laly of thu houso, by equally magazines to Iloit No inlet, buyeri tud tellers being n. for any such assertion, and It may be, voluntarily W.M, 11. SlIATTUCK, IMitnr. and select reading matter, and l)ioga hlcal pan in llieir .lewi.the former rnopiiig liom that such a decision, In view of tho facts lact wu recently look occasion to notice tlrly nnd woll qualified hand maidens; Interesting and valuable Information ol ?i to 4 "a, nnd tho letter 4 CO to 6 00. THE PROHIBITIONIST. (Iteeii Ihms Cc. that Georgetown Is but about ono eighth In terms or high but well deserved coin" furil icr wo learned, on Inquiry , tlint theto various kinds. Iimro espccislly 'House1st, 1065 Ho-'el- s Commencino Janoart Tliero wnt noililnir done In oilier erllciet. 'young women wero far moro rfficleill In hold Words' whole name is as familiar mendallon. part of tho county of Scott, nnd the MolasrfsSOc. Coiree (Irocerles Volume Second I'roeprctus of nnd wliuso popularity I.n.f 1 in oielltltllll. of Georgetown oro essential to tho But we nro probably tiring the patience iho discharge of their ruipective duties as Its signification, Published Monthly by tho Ktecuilve exceed that of liny issue ofliio present I.....I.I...I. Noihinir wns done except in or tho accummodatlon of all tho citizens ol our readers, and possibly laying tttir than n liko number of slaves; and wha1 lay. Terms S3 per year each, or 85 Commllieo of the N. l . binto I cmper-- 1 green Imnit, which weto told .Idle. ns most slncjlar, that it had boon as forbnih. county, would bo regirdcd by them as a self liable to .the Imputation of attempt- Singh) numbers 2fl corns. Ad nnco Society; Wu. H. llDRLGiatt, Corros I,ot,iiviu. Cattli Masmt. Uee. Wo eoiitinuei to nuol.4t lo Sit st ross Iniustlco to thoso of our fellow chi Ing 'to carry water on both shoulders! certnlncd, by experience and observation dress Jno. A. Dix, No. 10, I'.Uk rince, ponding Secretary ol iho Society, I'.ililor: lb Iltltet nd eh.ic. bring of Uo it so, but wo havo no suclt design. lnje thst tho employment of such forco, abun- Now York. tons who make Georgetown a placo snlsted by n Corps of able Contributors. trade, and from whoso pockots como many Wo desired lo placo somo thoughts be" dant In Cincinnati, was decidedly cheapbutdien i ptylng 4t4il grots Ilws.-TlIt Is primed Initio I'olio l'onn, on a forjtioodiecoin-feGraham's Magazine, Godeyi Ladj's bogs. dollars, and would re- foro the voters of tho town, which might er, in tho long run than tho employment of our hard earned Hook, Arthurs Homo Magazine, and West Double Medium Shoot, making ulglil solve, In dofianco of such a decision by serve to 'nihuerato In somo uegreo too of tho gonerully dirty, dingy race who American Monthly, all valuable periodia r ic i n o f o largo four columned pages to n Nuuf the majority ol tho town, to still keep opt n general acerbity of feeling which now ex mwicpolizo our kitchens with thrlr beavr, cals, and well worthy tho encomiums so ber. liberally bestowed upon Tuet.iay uie w ., j In this their bars. ists between many good citizens olthe to tho great dutrlmonl of our hard earned generally and 31 Uoon. It advocates the Cuuso of Temperance Kld.rJ , It.'.Dr. ilium .hv iho press, ; nnd have .been 100 fro- will no, TuoMssos.of . . Wo sincerely hope that this courso t town, and thus obtain a fair and full ex wood piln; till frequent dimunltion of tho .Mo, to Miss ' luentlv nnd Ireely noticed norctoioro 10 generally, nnd specially tho Legislative couniy-this county. bo adopted; if fairly conquered, ground pression ol the legal voters; If wo havo In contents of our larder, and tho almost u need liinncr ccmmoiit ni present. Prohibition of tho Traffic In Intoxicating nxV not no 'tweet litlng!' neither any arms, gentlomeni let tho experiment bo any mcasuto succeeded, In our feeblo ef dally demolition, by careless handling, of :. 'f?i:,!'i','l.-.:!':i;:l.;n;:i- shut up your bars, and your Mnpazlnr. 83 Per annum, IloveriiEcs, flrnlmm'ii lalrly tried,fort, oven If denounend by bitter partlzans tumblers, Sec, to say nothing or lost artiIi I. National In its spirit, scope, ?o .nip.iM. in,,' uiheance. ,1s, a btlghl li& Co. lo'C Cnesl houses loo, If they won't pay without on both sides, wo shall feel amply com cles, and too commonly an itching palm Address Klchrrd Seo rar. item, bu ivn .1,1.11 nndenvorto mnku H Philadelphia. lnfl,,'.. lecelptoftiuhiio iceti ri and that llcenso Is denied by the pensalcd by tho approbation of modsrate to pick up and appropriate lllilo things nut street cense, min.nd. thnil also In Its circulation nnd wo will guarantee men who can look on both sides a tUis that wero never lost. . 'powers that bo,' and Godov's Lady's Hook, 3 00 per onnum enco. bl. goed Mere, thus exl.lbi.ed. wo CH r that Leloro tho end of tho year, in tho ab- vexed question, anl tho approval ol our It strikes us that this Is nn argument a l Addr:ss L. A. Gody, 113 Cliemnut Inenui on ....r,..l... ourilin..niiched ihs v.l.Wl Woleniier TisMsor soDscsirnoM. ut. sence of cither, or the reduced expendivocletum which wlll'bo apt to bring about street Philadelphis. SOfiO uniled ihemtim groom own conscience. Ono Copy, fur ono year, to v! 1 00 f.irl.dYe, wi.hini them unitedly all considerable changes in our present sjs, tures of all tho ad pocletum ar - Tlircot to ono nuuross, ono yenr; ffj-.u,ul11' bU" Arthur's Home...Magazlno, 400 pernnJ. A. Kev.noLDs has retiree torn of labor in ihis Stalo. Lnt tho great 2 001, ilenty. and l" . . . .I Seven, lotitio address, ono jonr, gument will bo learned by some ol those M num. Address i . o. Arthur iui itiiKia fromtho Yeoman, and, wobolleve, luftour And fur each additional four coplos, miirrifu who nro most active, earnest and sincere mass of the people begin to realize that Walnut street, Philadelphia. city. As wo dont know bow much he 81 00 will bo chnrgod for.nny qunnty less in preventing tho licensing nf tho taverns' contributed to tho olumns of that paper, whlto labor is cheaper than slave labor, 3li.. Wiiglil's l.ccturr. faco,' we can't say how severely tho concern and nn Influx of free labor will flow In lIAVKiyAonMyitlie! wbilUew.ll that will breed them 'confusion of This very inleiettinz nnd Bianljf ilerorling lhan Fifty Copies. much 81 1 00 1 greatly libcrallzo tho political feelings of will feal his loss; but ho' will bo I and ilfoct more In fivu years than can bo young lHy, delitered a Lecture on Temper" l'llitf CnnliM. to ono address. adapted for the olKce ofa Commonwealth-ftirl20 001 nddrcss, unce, al the Baptist Cliurch. n Tueldir which, somo of thosQwlio ivoull lain carry wa- micsed about town. elfucied In forty by iho ranting hypo to Inrat llieadtaiicemenlol lliecauve wttcou-cerned- , 100 Copies, lo ono trtn to a Postaoe 'I'ho postage on tho Prnhibi- -' Hhlch I will tent on and materially afview ofnll circumstances, friend crltes, bllndod zealots and bigoted lunatics might as well been a lecture oo any 11. II. HU..MCII. ter' on i of iho dty, including tlonlst Is but halfn cent a Numbor, or 0 rood tenant. of the numerous In rather tf. Jan. 4. fect tho necuniarv profits of all. In addi Callander, Is not that paragiaph who would fain cut the throats of their Abolitionism I Her detnltory remarks, lisA me. umwu any pari oir.i. 1Tl.n.l a tion to which, it Is not at nil improbable had tatle. to sjv ilia least. Uut as the white brctliton of tho Soulh, for tho sake ever, ere listened to "il'l much furor bythe cents a yonr, to NEW YEAR audience, irnwilil All d niahlv resectable ball many of maior liart of whom wero Sliracieu liiliuer, Stales. in such an event, that wo might have two parlies concerned nro out ol our of their beloved black brethren fucllitaruthis gram Special Of wa nrn niptllinri with what whom havo had reason to mourn their no doubt, moro by culioMty to"Arara rn or three low groggeries, working under re.peclfully Infoim iliniii.h an. otllor. own fylly In jlelding to tho wilos oflhe .M..i" thanwe htvo heard other motive.of Fell, lous circulation nf iho Paper, wo will send mllK undet.lgned would public, Ihu lis bas license, established just outside is nono our business; but wo a tavern llioleclutes and iho utTH'ell, file to ono I 10 add, wu think that a "fellow foal. what is quite tiuck of nv U'ril,i. Anne llovnl and of Mitt Lucrelia Ono Hundred Copies for u year, lame ...a of the. town limits; or Inslduous scoundrels, who, under ihe plea J " .. ..-l ,...1 Wright! end lino iten .mee atliiress, port paid, for Twentv-HvI likely, our country fellow citizens, in' Ins" for tho craft oHitorial, should havo of benevolence beguile slaves from good nil .itraordinnv nhenomeuoui in Ilardwarc, uum'ty, uumhb .mu nnd at iho sftmo ruio for any ne'er Dollars: CE) OU tS3 j at being cut off from town pnvi' made the editor cfthe Coaimonwoallh kind masters, In order that Luim Ailurcr't, lioe like, wo trust. dicnant 3 homes and shall look upon again. The lady lectured n. larger number. Intn.faclurlug 'leges which they havo onjoyed for loj wondrous kind to lha foibles of n retiring they may realize iho exstatlc pleasure of ol.o on hand and. cou.lanlly gain on Weduetdoy, al the Cl.iuiisn Church, to order r olherwite, No subscription received Tor loss llian supposod to thai the 'had theso many years, and to which thy member thereof, who was not tho liberty of starvation In Uana on the tame subject. Wo hope the I mm. sa having c rou mssJteemt lo ono yonr, and In over case tho order musi a good line.' and alto hope, at with a general 'feel justly entltlod In their own county havo access tu any journal wherein ho da. of every d.tcrip.lon, planl hertelf upon tho lenchlngs of Paul nnd AdWolk o occanoniilly oall lo bu occouiwiiled by thu money. to could defend hlinsolt from uncallod for , ol eveiythtng in hi" town, rctilionlng the Hoot! away with your pesudo p)iilan' Timothy, tlint the vlll an oudience. thai mind, while sddrettlng dress: I lie county, or clsoto remove tho sneers. for slaves; in tho great mass they wholesome admonition lo the fair el vhlcli it trophy me by nola 0. SCOVILL, PunLiiiiiNa Aoent. N. II. All persons Indebted to. An Indi vld-Kentucky Instkuctioss Wo con' fuoud ill Paul"! fint epistle lo the Corinthian.', county seat to a moro central nnd hence n0(Jj no)e 0( your sympathy. Albany, N Y. 31 and 35s nnd herein accouiilale ealiietoy injur, Wo "liberal portion ol tho county. Ciclnnaii I'o fess frankly tlmt wa would rejoice with 14th chapter, vereto Teuineraoca man. cor. moro al was brought beforo the r:....l.u nhhmiifli (Papers Arougty'ti. tho Uilled S"MW"J','J'45,',V. ara not altogether joking now, forjudg- lico Court charged with an ns3ault and,our w)oi0 icnrt mid soul of every slavo dially coincides with Paul, and may be rend . UT'TT'l with equal profit by all 'whole soul.d' 'oung nro requcsleil topteiiio ouuvuuuon ing from what wo havo seen and eard, battery. Ho frankly almlited that ho had )n len,ucUy could bo froed tn.niorrow, II ladle, who crave 10 sifpoui oi iiieir i.giiiiim. , sertion In llieir coltimns.) their wishes and will weru sufficiently struck his antagonist, but said In extenu thu great Work could bo accomplished scriptuiai of acljiu. I,Ri:siiuua, KY. llydrnpnttiio l.ibrnry. strong to havo attempted cither of these ntion that, tho man called him a liar, 'and, with justice to the master nnd Immunity CTWIiat trooery ll indlealas lo inter ana. l'r'i:R8 hit Teieiree nt Allelloneuio uie veils. uxion. bnt ,1. clii-- . ..d not almttl aro dreii, 'when . To Messrs. 1'owlers ;y book publishers ai j .inii.g anu projects. Indoed some of tho good ciiitentof line ..1 in..n.uil.n. .Illanukt- directed hat continued he, "may It please tho Court, la the slavo; but years It may be W), musi lha ntrtv tailint when they nnj . ,inily i.unorablo ,,l .1 reatonanie mi. itf. -- l. zens, 'ardent ns a Southern sun could I was born in Now England: there, when elapse befurowe, tho while roco.nroro. turned hit tort! Thele n few lint inch fifuee III llie'CltY Ky. ft tXOW cilice it Leetburg, H.rri.on couniy, men in our lull" burirl Msr they not jmtly lolthful compllanco very nnxlous about tho a man says you'ro a liar you call him at tleved 1115143. by. . make them,' wero 4, for ihclr'prompi and lrom this monstrous evil this bo aiyled Iran Uttk liUrif wtil. nnr nrik-- for a let of their' vatuablo heat of iho canvass, 10 remove ono of liar back nnd thorn's tho end of It; but,ncubu, l0 crushing to the energies ofour TANl). exciting i tho o list 01 which, KXCEI liliNT T V H UN wnrks on, Hydroputliy, At any tho county buildings orthaUhl M our sympathies aro not with your Honor, I havo lived for fifteen years .K0 with prices nnnoxud weru published In tho cauilonl rate two such propositions came under on tho Kentucky, and tucro wnon a man I .(1,0 Tut, sleek. contented and happy slnvcs' our variThu Masoulu fraternity nnd Jho public Herald somo weeks slnC'i. in .our, personal cognisance, whilo reposinc calls you a liar, you knock him down' at ous iramaeilohs with these gentlemen, wio number their hundiods of ibousauds g(,))cra)ly( nro rM)QIKA ngulnst U- - not previously disposod ofi found them llius prompt our wearied litnbJ on tlio uaro ttoor 0' once Ionly obey my heniurky tnslrw Ifltll day or 1 wtl, on Monday, the in this clorlous land 'flowing whir milk calling himself Klchard Henry Leo, who wo havu over much morn so jhun the Couniy Coort horiidly ventilated lintel for counyy ! und laUhfiil thst Feb nary. U ions." Fined ono dollar andniosts) anJ honey' where even tho humblest ol saj-- s ho wa ii chaplain ntFori ltnfe. lox-a- s geticruiliy or 1I10 Uusitrn U'okpubUsli door uay.1 before ihe Coun liou.a cuests, where, tor the benefit of our Wash-n"tolli'jm, can, to Usi thu langungo nf ono o1 offer at puoim and that he is now on hlswny to occupied by health, as a willing martyr to tho Maine lha property How the World is (iiveu to lli:otr . their own poets, revel In The el or Hydropaihlc library, ns wo 1). C. Hit is no doubt a Iwsu lm' Law, nnd a highly honoredgnpst of the n.t ituinlnv. aomelimea Ilice, r.iAt Thero is bigotry In everything leal) It. ctiiisltia. nr about 30 listideumeiy ILuiamlil uaiu,, ir poster and groutcoundraljoniHslravil littiinil volume, loolher will a largu town authorities, wo sojourned fur a short politics, opinions, nostrums. It s Cow heel and Sugar caus, aud ehery ting dtt't InaVriiiri Lodgo lo Lodge asking old as a u.inliHr nf IniercttlnL' iiamphleU all of nicel period of lime. Wo hnvo now, however, pasting belief, delying compreltenslort No! anlmatod with puro patilotic mo' distressed. Masler Jlasim. . . which uluiund with uaelul mutter fur thu . no complaints to make, wiilt tho trivial :tipw nssinino peoP o may iu3c0, ,e ...t i i is wo f(,r ouf ro Inval- - 'r'.0;.". reader, .md us awhul Ihe New gcm-ra- l Ornttivit Ui.tssmi Ao ihat during vur brief sojourn astrrdo their hvor to hobby. It you do . Mceotlon "K,:.iV,,d.I.odlc.hnl...good Tribune, after actieful inquiry Inn lh uubm in tho nudeni of Hydrop-uliyYoik nnJ . Ihal among the recenl wo wero neither furnished wiitiiWor notCeiupDe.iina.,.c.nanu.wa..owue necctttry oui.oenonij. They aid grrully 10 the appearance and ,oWor. wo facts, animates Yolk have been di. order! together villi a .,., New 41I nnr smalt notary, anu win m-- j Vomp';. ioardby our kind entertainers; and iha trash a, they choose to pour down your ,,, clursed, nndorihoie retalnea me grenier ri-lio- n Interest remind Jay wnn )q Us of our ei.lirprilng .nppiyo. being then and lltcro uie tn oats. ney givojou n ua, na,oanu woik only half iln li ne. Two thuds ol ways ,,cr would ,0 iw 1 r th. piliilen sre out of amployiiient, and ihe Iriendt. tno publlihers, who wu 'OTder of tho day' and night also, was call you by tho same, persecuting almost C O U U v,f and altio.t all the aieroitpero, m the paiitmugeol cordl.illy or rent f,rlil lonf of jUSC(!n,linl, 0 ,m hcr fru)lru moro exercised on our body corporate uoum anu an ...o ,,, (Ifth. book.blndert only iwo ' (leorio1omi o.mlScott county, us iclhible, I ofT.r said .rop.'f .for tale mncytng. ,vlllzillon BJ Christian' hundred oul ol one thousand aro retained. It j y. until the pailenco could themselves in pursuit of some labor of than even our Job-likYer.nt.aty, ar,.l,.d. known 0.1 day .me eiglh llliernl nin. who will fill ull orders 111 btve mo llcr 'v,ry hoarl oy. nnd wo l,o I... limited that bidders hod It. not ., an ijueniy. with. It is no creat wonder lovo for F.r luuhel Uforiii.tlaii. 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Mobeiieap, expired m fitt. 4, IBSS-4- J 3'- any raw 1 f fi.t-- r. st and ononv .leterlf In behalf of with ., iri.i,,,,,.. 10J toforo publicly proclaimed, Il Is1 his resldenco In Limnxon, on rrldny lion ol jiropuny, eltlitr real or "thor-L,- ,. which sppears In another colomn. our Imo .hi. eountiyih.y I liquor venders or liquor sellers; we navo reputed to bo u very good stsud for busl. mornluc, December 29, 1851, 11 the ACili win-- . I..,ii,. 10 ilia ifvitoo i a, iiium Keuuuiic, IiWiik Agent lor uiueuy n .aav- .,y . j,alll Ken .uc -on our own hook,' In bebcott 'fighting , i.l!ue' nam a "'a1 loei , cortuaa. - ,. ness, and will bu sold low. tare" at.e.ij . .,u .... ...HiiHil uml i tl.r wii.eurit H9tr..l.uith STKv 0(,f OIMJ f nur ubldttund nublcst half of principles lhat we believe to bo ftfrutlvuUwiitenUttdcwtliiitQrW. , nth, duii nor rod wf i" i""t-,r .,d public men. . CrTimoand ilda wall fuf uo man. correct; we did bcllevo and do yet b L YttV JT?! 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