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Image 2 of Georgetown herald, January 4, 1855

Part of Georgetown herald

111(11 IMI OVKUCIUNS. We publish tins following, ns a smooth el ol rhymes by which nnymo ponrni-Iiian ordinary Memory mny fin In mind thu jirdur ol succession ul ilia various auv ertiig-- j ill Hngland: ii First William the Norman! iThfn William Ina Mfir 1 5 ,. , Ilrnry Stepl oi bihI llrnry Then Richard and John. nrxi iDnrvii luimiui llircf: f'Mufnnlfl. inn. iwu and i, .. " An f ( Ilicrmi J. . 'Pf. ... ll,.n.u ti'nauil. i taw "Two howards, thruu Richards, p!'lif Jul .Af - iflm tlii'ttt ' "dl in t i' f1 !lmfrViUili UUnfd. i .fjarf lifl.'.i i n..vtr..;i .Thr'n JiiiiifeVih Scotchman, ' h'ji-i- Churlba wlmllipy altivi received afo-- r Croinwillj Aniilhnr Chnrlin Ion; Next Junes thu aiciurl Aaci ndutl the lliruno; Thenpnod Wllliuin und Murr Tpgelher rami) on. Tll, Aiinuf,(Joorgi'it lour, , Ani fi.urlli WlMlnui all past, (in I sent na Vlcinrli, "Mify alio im'ig I)" llm l:ul! VTIH-t Ml'.tlt IT 'Tbnntpaoti, hacked by iMeaira.llush, N IT. Wa command Hie I'iJIiiwIiis an'rcla, U'nldron and oihers, aiiemplad to or did, which we clip from ihu t'rcaliyterlnn tier pull down theellicy. Tho people ruh aid, to iho sprrlal ami llioulilful ailail out of tho court ho'u and n acenc of exclimunt ensund. " Tho Irlonda til iloi ol inula of on r render; Tbompoii drew ihclr revolvers and buwlo A Qveition nr ('onwiknck Fon N'r.wi knlrrs. but deeming iicrnlloii ihn bei. pireR IIkadu. In glnnclKg ov. r iho li r pari ol Vntor, ibey firnll) lin-kand ,urunJ bv ilio oiclled populace. bills miido om lor mir pnper k w-- hi or (li-iiwo alncr. a qumli'ii fej:gciicd lnnlrVi Waldron liowever.havlngrun Inm u field, diir itionglilt. whicli wu wlili ronin id our mrnud upon lilt purtutr and fhowdd fight, reader would JoWu (or ui. Wofeur -- If when he was knocked down anil tnotlnind wHallpmpl lo dlsciMu ilinl tliey will tin- - ' upon a rnll.nnd thus carried into the court peer ths nouniliH'jml cur logic, I'lmmucli huusa- - Tho frlendt of Tliuinpson wero ai It notour coni"lane but ibolra which bound ovor to keep the pooco, and ths cf-u-r f Involned In ibe pnijer It. figy wai ubequcnily burnt. W will veil uro. howuvur. lo nrnnoum rCTThe Shelby News concludes it, ami Icavo It to their own ri'di-ciio.I . . . ... - II .!?""""" ar..,l;,0- ui,u" luu awurlng Ihem at tbo aan.o ll.n.i. thai If I.,., perancn convention ,k.. .C...11 ..i.i i.. t.. .it,.i We have not room for tho full h oib6r' minds upon h, our culumna iiriiaiilnjlritrvlcuforibaipurpoau. Tho proceedings this week; we shell S;iflice it quimlon U il'li, can Chrliiulii man or publish them hereafter. oinnn, with a good conscience, cooilnuo to say, that the conservative nnd relinblo friends of temperance in the in ial,o u newtpuper for Iwu. three, fmir. five, aix, aoton. clgbt,.or icn veun, cnus- - body seem tn hnve coincided in the ing dm edlior nnd publisher to pay oui In views wo ndvnnccd two or three actual caib, bnldn their own labor, from weeks hick, nnd opposed a noinina-- i dollar and a quarn.r o a dollar and o mit t1(1 ru or ru;n f tno nalleach y.;ar to enablo iIiqih lo s,.d ih! convention cnrrled the day folly durl paper, an; Ihe itai wn1 in tlP ascendant; and Ibe best il.ougl, in!rMtf., iiuinSM,dlnno.auivah;.nifuri and the hopes of tho rejdy ,m,to . inn ,mpcrance .Mlcc.cssl of "i6 to convoy wbat tfi.y im.y wW, l,. .and lo Uporjii-inwn- , Jan. 1855. Ms. I'lKNciir You will confer a favour lo tii, n part of I ho female members of Ibe Meihodin Church In litis placo, and wo bavuno hesitation in saying. Upon tho whole church Ifyou will plvo tho following a publication In th llernldt Soma Intv j Vfinri nr.n findlnfrD wn VfirV. . .... . much needed a patter house: than wo had, In which, to meet and worship the. Lord, wo wero Inuueed (at a ni'lure)to try to obtain one, to accomplish' which, w felt consciuuK. It would not only rtqulru the uniteil lii'iuttry ami liberality ol our own members, both male and lemaln, but alio tlio generous liberality ol members of other churches, as well also as'lhal nf our friends who are not In any church, and last (though not least.) tho directing, supporting and overruling power of lhat whoai w? profess to love nnd servo. Now tiermil us to sav It. (in soma dc- greoul least) rolluvcs our hearts, (which are lull ol grnilludo and thanks,) to n i nnuncit publicly thai all, all wo anticipate ed, (yea even more) has been rinllzed. wo havo had divine, and Jlien.ilio human aislnnnco of nil nbovo named, for which wo led thankful, and hereby re turn our. moil tlncerti, hiiinblo and hearty lliattlif, now wu.havo a iteat, gocxl, coin Inrmblc and convefilent little church and fixtures, nil paid lor,, to which, wq hope, we shall have tho ptensuro and happiness molten moot, not only the broihert nnd sislcrs of our own order, but thosu nf other churches, and also with nil who may bu dosirous of honoring and adoring the namo of tho living God. May tlio Lord bless, sanctify, and aavo us all, am) bring us, after dualh, lo moot and praiao bin in a more beautiful Chapel in his upper and belter Kingdom, lor tils r.amo a aaku Amen. . POLLV THOMPSON, MAKGAHKT .MESSICK, DAVIDELLA MOItUIS. ('AMELIA STEVENSON, . his said lhat Allen, tho Navy A- gent, ivas secured by the Exchange uanit. Numerous unimportant bills were refer- introduced and appropriately cd. Afr. nrodticnd submitted a memo rial from the Philadelphia Hoard ol Trade praying for relief of Dr., Knne, andfoi tho improvements in Dcla ware Day. Mr. llrndhead cave notice that he would call up tho Jiill for ths relief of the soldiers ol isia, early next week. .Mr. Douglas introduced a bill 8100,000 from , tho con tingent fund expenditures in the territory of Nebraska, the regular ap- t.- -i .! :ii.i uw firopnaiion not ucuig ttvnimoio, Tho Burt's death. bill passed. country to tho Paris Xhlbhion IL 1855. Mr. Hamilton obiectorf. Mr. Faulkner reported a b tho provisions of tlio act ofA,u ,endh8 8ih 1UI8, to iho wldowa of office 0f psrl sons dying in the military sor0 Df ih0 United States. Kcfcred. Mr. Phelps offered a rejoluif which was adopted, Instructing iho Cdmjitoo onPostoflice jo Inquire Into tho n8di. ency of establlng an express mall bccn Si. Louis and San Francisco, fol tno transmission of letters, and for tht (u. creased rates of postogo by said ,ml, Mr. Lano, cf Oregon, Introduced a,m inr csiaonsniiig aadlilonil land ollicet "' Oregon. Ilefered. There not being a quorum present, tin House ndjourned until Tuesday. Seducer SentencedTe. F. Freeof Marlon. Linn I . ... t T tounij, kuvia, who iscnuccu one ol i Ills A man, a school-teache- lady scholars nbout n year gn, has been WAIIItNUTON, IMC. Z7in. SENATE. Mr. Badger moved that tho Senato ad sentenced to tureo yours lir tho penlicn- r, journ till Friday. Ilu hoped tho Sena'o liary for llie crime. He has. u larger and r.', fatidly, and bofbrp'tjio- - rtlTair Ull rnaay, a irom tyen Imertstlng woulii;njoarn ,. look placa was a prominent' member of tlHTuesday. ' ii ' Mr Fish moved that tho Committee on tha Methodist church. Foreign Relations he directed lo inquire whether nny, and what componiailon l'iit'JJfcCET of, Hakxi.v's Sui ihniili! bo paid to Comodoro M C. Perry, ' fur services In relation lo tho treaty with lAenrior tVir ttijo tome ncquiiin Japan. cause has been grently retarded, if , .t, fi i. illli,, , ii.u:(..' 1'. Tt lininmii, tnnco (now n ,h Tho Semite, without trnniactlni; nny N EG ROBS. STOCK AND CROP, ' 'inillio'nalfr'.liut n podr boy not mnny rink l Hi sale urrlvid. rather Than liu out not entirely blasted, for tho ( benefit fnrihpr, bililno's, adjourned till Friday, -or his money I U such a rourso ol ccn is when they willjthcn adjourn till Tuesday HMIU undensignrcl wtsliiug t remove from years "go) wlmt hail been tlio secret ductobojlng thu npotlollenl Injuncilon in out knowledge; pnnters fin after noto-'ow: next. X mis otaie( win on no mtn anything, but love uno on-- 1 ricly; andolillcll bnkriipt.i, who t, of Jit Bf'lit success. 'Tf inter s inlc," Washington, pec. 29 Senate Tlio TIIUUSDAY, 11TII JANUAIIV, 1 Wai tlif laconic hut pregnant reply. oihcr"! N Ii doing unto oiliera a ihey hope to rclnstato themselves in pop-wopannual appropriation bills from tho lld'.ise selt to the highest bidder, his farm, situntect have oibera do unio iliciu, their ro- - ular favor by extra antics on the ' In Ins nutoblogrnphy which ho has and auny camo in, and on tho Georgetown and South Elkhorn turn for tho king cxc'iungodl It tempcrnnco hobby, P"civo pmhion were referred to iho cmmlitoo on Fi- pike road, 0 miles south of George to vn, and in tho copy-rig- bt Our rimdura mm' rmnrt fn j'Jutt jiuMishcd, nnil ihov nro uuablod lo puy now. but lioiia to COO yards ofPnjrne's Depot, on the Frankfort il. nance. ofvh'tpii.nlone has yirluVil him a b ahlo at lomo future time, und wlili loqUektions fully discussed by us ana Lexington uanroau, containing We Mr. Cooper presented sundry memori.tho 2701 ACRES als, ono of which was in reference to an . npufcbto iiiako amaii rich, ho club- - con.lnna to readu.u pages, la it not tlieli cannot ge0 a causa wo havo bad ouuin.iai. n, o i f" 4 ,!Pnrv at. hoart for t rtv venrs. sac iuiy io luiorm of first rate land, (100 acres In ii niter anil the expedition to tho Anlc Seas. urates' nnil explains iho important be continues lo send ii, it j a clearly un a state oi uumration. The After which tho Senate adjourned un- remainder in tins comfortable;' wH wniered, Wo will improvements are I'liq rinccu.nnu remain silent " fcecrVt ns" i'ollnwa: dcmlood bargain on boih Mde.ll til tho 2J. of January. and a your? Orctiord of the finest fruits i hedg. renders, wo know, wlili lo Jo not. Advurtise your business. Do not mais of our IIocse, Mr. Fulr'y from tho Com- ed with Osage Ornnge. In poiut ofaoil, aca CATIIEUINE Al'I'LEGATE, wfial Ii rlgln; and wu refer the waiter lo Ten Ilrnwui whv men should not drink bidi: your light under n bushel. mittee on Territories, reported back, with tion and timber, it is not surpisjej by any M LYD1A CANNON. llitiii, feeling liia uliuosl confidencu In amendment, the Senate bill authorizing farm of Its size In Kentucky. Also at the 'Wi'atcver your occupation or call-- 1 thiir uliiinaiu dcclilou. 111. Ili'caum It Is altogether an uic same lime EVELINE MOODY, iho construction of tho sublet rancan line ingrnny be, If it nceili support from lesi and an unnecessary habit. IRENE ADAMS, ' TEN LIKELY NEGROES; Wnihinnlou Ciibinrt of tolegrnpn from the Mississippi! or Mis' 3d Ilccama there U not a slnglo the public, ndvertiso it thoroughly IntciefttlnE Irton nml Mich DevelopJANE HETTS. inuri riven to tho Pacific Ocean. Rotor consisting of Men, Women and Boytj a very 'iirid efficiently. 1 freely conies lhat lluinor"! Curloui ment nutrlincnt contained in it. LUCRETIA KING, boy nineteen years old, four years likely cd to iho Committee of tho Whole. I have had in 3d. Uocauso II n man drinks, he saya my life what succefs In SAKAII CANNON, Washington, Dec. 2 1, 1851. Tho Blacksmith Shop 12 large Tho llotiso went Into Committee of tho experience brooda Mares, 5 Cows andi Cnlves, 1 be attributed more to the chnuge in tho Cabinet originated to others by his example do thuu lika-wliwork and may fairly MARY GOD BY, ' wnolo on tho Army Appropriation bill. nnd Cart, Farming pair Oxen, (ban to nearly all other with Forney who had received m a SALLY FITZGERALD. pliblic press f This, tcccther with tho bill mak ing ap- Utensils, Household and Kitchen Furniture f dih. Itccauso if a man drlnki at ull, " causes combined. There may pos- letter from Huchannn, nil assurance Ovor thirty persons, muiilatad by the propriations for tho General Post Olfice also, the crop, consisting of ho may, at somu timo or oilier, ecu sibly b occupations that do not tliaf'sny step he, in confidence, horribln collision on tho Great Western was subsequently reported to the House. 30 TO 10 BUSHELS CULTIVATED advertising, but I cannot well might tnko to get Marcy out of tho urunk. There was no debate upon them. fiih. llucnuso tho pnln produced by Railway, nro now I n tlio City Hall at Chat, 6S312d02QD! conccivo what they are. Men in bu- Cabinet, would meet with his appro drinking is a1 ways greater tlmii iho pleai- - ham, Canada, which has been converted Air. IJutn-a- l wished to amend tlio at- siness will sometimes tf 11 you that val." This letter was shown among uro. $20,000 Icr 80 Usrrels of Corn) 14 Slicks of Oats, 200 into a hospital. They nro attended by iho my bill, by appropriating they havo tried advertising and lhat others to Cusbing, and it alio conI Ik ilia purpose ol demonsirating how lar stocks ofFodiifr. Cih. flecauin It makes men brulal and bisters er mercy Irom Hamilton. or Sale. 13,000 of purchase money kindness of tho women of Chatham to cameUcan bo employed for transportation in Terms payments, llie lemainder in payments It did not pay. This is only when tained tho nssurnnce of his (iluchnn- In their disposition. eight advertising i donn sparingly nnil an's early retirement to privato lifo, 711). to sun lite pirciiaser, which will be made' llocnusc It is exponsiva nnd ward the sufiorcrs has boen that of minis over deserts, but the speaker ruled the lo bo out of order, on ground known on day nf sale. The Negroes and j;rudgtngly. Iloimcpathic doses of and n censure on Sickles wanes lilajllving by foolishly squandering tering angels. They took inlo tlieir arms -- ....I l Ihoie rescued Irom ilia wrecked cars, and lhat the law does not auiliorize such ap other property sold on a credit of uiue moailis,-wit!l The particulars of this letter got to hli properly. .?.:. ...!ll... u tiuvyrtiMiiu; ,wu uui my puiiiu! approved security, Dfgoliable and pay. silling upon tha door, held them In their proprialions. Oih. llocnuio so many children go unis, like hull" n portion of physic, milkable in the Farmer's Uaok of Kr., at lieorire the cars of iMarcy, in spito of tho cnti- phynlctan wero amputating laps Mr. Denton mado an Inflectual effort to ing the patient sick, but effecting tious secrecy attendant npou all the clothed and destitute of rn oducation In their while thoand dressing tlieir wounds. amend tho bill demanding Post Office ap ton. Persons wishing to buy, 'would do well limbs to call aud examine litis Kami as I am de'nothing. Administer liberally and diplomatic acts of Forney. Mnrcy coiisequenco llieroof. Uocauso when a manhns oncn This was a task from which many strong propriations, so ns lo authorizo tho Post' termined to sell. Dili. the cure will bo suro and penna-nm- t. mado known these facts to certain JOHN A. WILSON. J. Delhi, Auc'r. man shrunk. Ono poor emigrant Is liill mastcr-Gancrn- l le contract for carrying 1. Some say', 'they cannot af- members of tho Cabinet, and tho in formed tho habit ho ii uuemy and miser unableJ to speak, and has upon the bod the mills Irom Independanco lo ban I'rnn-Cisc- o Jin. 4, nblo If be cannot sat it and UTObeerver tc Reporter. Statesman, to ndvertisc;" they mistako ford in conches, wagons, and sleigus, Paris Citizen, copy till day otsaie and charge with her a child of four years, whoi leg turn nave them to Pierce. It soon lOih. Ilccamo a man spends much tliey cannot afTord not to advertise. got abroad that Marcy would resif n his timo In going aftor it and sluing ol has been cul oil" It is tho only child left contractors lo open tho roads, and charge this office. n- lljtli bills In this country, where everybody for London, to besuecce.led by Duch-- , rounu the grog-sholo the mother of her family, of a husband n modcrato toll fur travelers, Dctifnl Notice. passed. and fivo children. rends the newspapers, tho man must anan. Vour paper, I think, contaiHo aro gratified to seo our old friend, The Jenhinos Kstate. Tho Rich jmve a thick skull who does not see ned tho earliest intelligence of this bit Mr. Haven thought that the House Dr. S Driggs In Tun American Party Unconstitutiontoivnngnln, looking halo niond Wlirg publjthea iho following ex lint thc:o are the clicapesi and best of news. To get popular feeling in al. A correspondent ol tho Now York should instruct tho Committee to report and hearty, although dead and buried long from n loilor received from an inrdlums through which he can speak its favor, Forney roto to his conf- irncis Virginian in England, dated In Tribune wridnc from Wnvr.o coiiuiv 1 10' bill a. tho number of items In tho ago, according to Dame Rumor, iho lytelligent Oct, to, the public, when) ha is to find his idential friends of tho pres,and solic- - 21. ll!o5: Pennsylvania, under dale of thu 6th initrf river and harbor bill, veioed by tho Pres. ing jido. lho Dr. propose idem, lie knew ol no other way to ob lo sojourn with lis for a while, and as hocustodiers. Put on the nptearanco ited their aid in the matter, ns did I cannot find tho Will of old Jennings siatei that his Honor, James u. I'orlcr, fain the reasons why tho President vo, llas lho rcptitatlcn ol being a skillful denlf business, and generally thu reality also Gushing, Forney taking caro to for liu reason lhai Lord llcauchamp President Judge, In his chargo lo tho tist, wo would suggest to ihoso whoso denwill follow, Tho farmer plants his reserve each letter or article as it has lost it wlioro ha could not find it now grand jury, ussurled ihoy ware bound by toel that bill. Mr, Campbell was opposed lo so many tal organs require Indictment against eve-cr- y revision, lhat his room seed, and while ho is sleeping his came to bis hands for ulterior purpo- lie administered tho csiaate as next of oaihs to bring an Know-Nothinbills. There should be a general Ull Is No I I, Georgetown Motel, where ho g membor ol u council kin. Lull llowu taking possession ol Accorn and potatoes nre growing. So ses. under their knowledge. In tho said coun- fur river and harbor improvements, they would bo pleased lo receive ihoso who with advertising. Whilo you aro Now the story runs that Forney, at ton Pluce ns heir, so t'lat lliev cannot be being o n national Importance. Hllliough tn;ti could not b may require Ids professional services. sleeping, or eating, or conversing tin. .nnnncAil nrviii.i1 t!m (Mtllpfl 1111 reached except a will be found later than ty, and that, Mr. Mavoo said the President ha' Doc. 7, that now on record, winch would show made lo testify against thcmsolvcs, yet promised ...1.1. I.t. with one set of customer!', your ad' ' Ull .1. 11 his reasons at length lor his IIIO licaiueill llllll uia uuiiiiiiciiLa they would hi bound to bo a witness As A SritiNu akd SuMMER Medicine Carter's vcrtiseineiit !i being rend by hun- nnd commenced proving to I'io-c- o tho special dotliiu and bequests lo yuur an- against a brother. Tho Judgo consider- title nets, nnd ho wished by iho course ho Spaui.h .Vixlure S'audi above al dreds alid thousands of persons who unpopularity of Mnrcy, and the ne- cestors, or somu oilier claimant; them had If thu will was found, nnd If Iapso ol ed tho association unconstitutional, and siredsuggesuJ, to obtain whether Mlo tie others, its kiit;ularly efficacy in correcting the people to know tho bu die blood hi strengthen! n and vivifying never saw you, or heard of your bu- cessity for an immediute clinnge. lime did not oppcralo us an rll'eeiual bar should conio under tho bun of ill o law. siness, and never would, had it not Pierce took tho .extracts or letters, lo recovery le.tat ntxlt .!. h would tako It Is said two thirds of the grond jury nro siness of the Legislature is to bo confined qualities, its onl action on lho liver its tendency to drivj all humors to the surface, therebeen for your advertisement appear- turned them over ono by one, and be- a mint of inoney,and many years, looust mei"ue" 01 1,10 organization, and tlrsup- - toUovcrninciuoiircers alone. by cleansing iho syitem accordiug to Nature's Mr. Conficld said the Constitution re own -- ,..u. ing in tho newspapers. fore they had all been examined, tioru iiowo,anu mo lloauclicanipsShavo r preicripltoili its harmless, and at the quired the I'rusldunt to glvo Ills reasons same lime ellraor iinnry pood elfecisj and the iunrcy cntercu tuo rresiueni s room, squanured qway ilia money. 2 J A t TIIIUTY.SIXO.MJ CO,nESS fur ilia veio. Ho thought it but courto number of testiiieu lo by many of rjGr"Therq nro both, point and In his bland manner, hand- - er fraud was never practiced or plunncd Snco.NU Session. reeciabl4 cilixans of .Kichniond, Va., ous to tho President to delay action, in jower In tho following paragraph cd over tho documents to Mnrcy,' than this claim It has rulnod many and eUewhero, muit be conblusive evidence order that hit views might ba on thai there 'from thu ,0io Statesman and Dnnt is no humbug about it. who, taking them, inquired ''what cluimatits, and will ruin uiany more. I Washington, Dee. 20 Sevate. tho journal. See advertisement in another column. ocrivt. It, vindicates tho ilhistrous they were?" ''Evidences," said the would not touch ll, fori was caution on Mr. llabcock wished to know tho reaThe Ilouso bill was referred to com Dec. 21 IU54, 40 21. dead and adinonishea tho living at President, "so I am informed, of your my arrival, by friends, and I took their sons of the gentlemen f r desiring tho ULAL Tilt: SICK. .Men of liberal of Indigent knaves, mitteo on Judiciary. one and the same time: unpopularity with the people, for the ndvlco. Thousands London, at the preseul day, devote all ilioir talMr. Hnnilrinh iiitmilnpeil n rpanln. i promised views who practice law in would starve Son ov an Irish Emigrant oltiCB ot becre tary ot htatc, ",ho ents to discover the means whereby they may Mr Cjnfll!ld leP,leiJ " u-Which but lor the harvest duo io they reap from the In- tion ceding that part of Alassachu-remove those painful maladies whica assail the was an American statesman and Marcy followed up with the remark "ecutive. human frame. Thre is no nobler that ot soldier who died in 1845, and who "as written nnd procured and pub- vestigation of such claims; and thoyslmu-lal- u setts known ns Boston Commons, to ""vun repuneJ the doslru to ob healing the sick, considering ithe: art numbeiles inquiry add excitu (also by 'well beloved Jiy tho democracy as lished by request of a person not far n.v.,ln..r ,1,,l.ll..,lna ...i i hopesr.w. New Yoik ain tlio promised views. diseases to which man is liuble, ou,d which may m. nuu uu :.i tr. . 4114 uuu Minim t,.t cause hlii to drag out a prutracted Jife of dir. any man who ever held honors In Uayly, expressed surprise Mr. ii r, '.vi, i, at n- -- ..: . i i. .i irom your uno." i lie extracts wero 1.,- tress, or suddenly cut him on" in, the bloom t( f It...,,,. trln.d r.:: 1 lie win originally destined returned to Forney, who left tho a dollar coild by possibility bo ncover- - i " his eilstence and usefulness. We should suite-full- y thenssrnt of Congress. The billwns Messrs. Wwahburn and Uuyly coniinu for tho church but ho quitted school room, having been caught in bis own d. seize upon every mtans of ceuoteractieg lis a thing almost unknown lo pulsed ' Ail ihnilnlinIA linnn lhn nnlnt nT llin Prral, their dreadful effect., or ciuslu a removal of to tnkc pari in tho war of ir.depeu-denc- a. trap. vu.. w....... w. ..... vnumvtUI' Tlio Annual Report of the Super deul being 'bound by tha Constitution to those clogs tii happinesi, Iu tlioe eases where TJie wry over, ho ndqpted About this time there appeared in the Liver cr Stomach is lite cause, wu would Kentdckians in Chicaoo. TheDcm intendent ofthe Coast Survey was glvo bis reasons lor thu vetr. tho Jaw as n profession, and became sundry papers throughout the Union, ocralio Presa or December highly renommend' Dr. UooHand's .erman Hit23, luu I Ho received ami ordered to bo printTho lloor was then obtained successive' ters, prepared byDr.C. M. Jackson. No medas severe rellections upon other memJudge In lennnsseoj ns a following report of ly by Messrs. Haven, LHchernnd Greon icine tit lliis'lime stands higher titan thete Oil general of Iho forces of tho bers of tho Cabinet; which, upon com men ofiliis Stale: land sales to gentle- ed. major An Ineffectual effort was mndo to wood, and after a soni3.vhiil dosuliory lers, and those who are guttering from the hor samo Statu. In 1815, as major parison, were shown to huvo been Meters Sliariv. Smlih & Co. have ro. discussion, Mr. Noble's Dill was relerrcd rorsof Indigestion, we say they are the anti. dots United State, he gained written by the same pens thut mndo ceinly sold to I!. Ilradlv, Ludwell McKay adjourn till Friday, The Senate adjourned till to mor- to tho Coinmltloa on Commerce. Dec 21,1854,41.21 er t..e Knglieh Marcy's removal n necessity. CuslHand Joho A. Wilson, of Kentucky, in decitivn victory of A bill wus introduced requesting iho ,at KewOrleans. In18-- 1, appoint- - Ing and Forney are tha supposed caUlUU()lvided eleven acres Jin iho west half row. I have concluded aa Information President to coinmuuicalo IIousu. On motion ol Mr. Hunt, WILLOW WAKE. die Kriakfort Basket with ted govrrnorof Florida, and tho next erers; nnd so general is this impress: I r 1,10 soutl-w- ost quarter of section four, regarding n suit in the name of tho Uui tho Secretary of (he Navy tvas in- ted manufactory, by which I ant enabled lo lur. tho Senate ,own MP 'hlrty-nln.year elected member of nPrth range four-i- n Slates against lho M' & N. W nisli any quantity of Willow Ware at ion, that Cusbing has not a friend minu' the to inquire lbr tho State of Tennessee. Llected u''. M' structed establishing intoNaval expedi- U.K. faeiurers'piices. All orders addressed lo ma tlm Cabinet left him. There is ,e;" 'a"',or 94 !T! 5 Depot a ency of lniere3t; 1 his pro-cy'- s President of tho United States in not tbo slightest foundation forMnrl""c, " "m" Mr. Wiishbtirn Introduced bills for lho will be promptly tilled, at or near New Orleans. seen at my samples may tot WM ',urchnl,J luat ;aiso 1828. alid again in lcUU; so that he erection ot nubile buildings . in Kansas. I stock of Uaikeis, do Jkc . votislaDity store,haad for resignation, and no hope that' oa Several reports wero made. and providing ilia construction of roads retail sales. was at tho head of the American Gushing can be gotten clear of- .To A. W. Dudley. Mock 33 In Canal The further consideration of tho nd bridges, mid Improving rivers In thai 'covernment for the space of eight W. II. KKENE. iV. 1 . Jlaald, Trusteesi' subdivision of section 27, for liill fur granting lunds equally to Territory, nnd for n goological aurvoy, Ded. Jl.UJMur. years'. An ardent democratic chief tU.OOO; 82,500 cash, balanco on timo Stntca for railrondu and educational land to except certain lands from tale or throughout life, hi presidency was ItlOTOUsDsMa.NSTBlTIONI.N AuratuNT, WH1SKV. OLD UOURUON sen suuerier I'M j. C years old, unJ to cstaonsn jiurpusca, was nui 'ji?tinguMicd by tho dovulopcment Va. Tlie Gresnbrlar Era contains the with Interest. quality, la ro J. A. llson, fiva acres In lho sioie aud lor sale low fir eiJi by. un inoimii oimt. runcr, morres- - Keierred ofdemocrntio tenuencies ol territo- proceedings of a large and respuctablo north-wes- t quarter, section eighteen, on ident was requested to communicate W. II. KEENE. House adjourned lo Saturday, d, 185441 if. rial extension, lie successfully meeting- - of lho citizens of Allegheny Vim Uuren tireei, marked on the map, Wasiiinoton, Doc 30. Tlio fSjnais in eonnectinu with the report on com Congress in the matter of the H. K. Shermtti, an I adjoining Col. II mi is nnt In session, having adjourned over Fur the limit). county. Va., held on ilia 1 Oil) Inst for the raercinl relations. ijuited.Sintes Hank, regarding It as Hoard of Truatees for I8SJ. their Indignation al nion, tor ox.ouu per acre, Thu House passed tlio Sentilo res lo Tucsdiiv. LtWIS WEST, . monopoly in the Slate, and inju- pjrposo of expressing casu, oauanc in one, two and tnrea years n House. Tha Speaker laid beforo tbe g TUO. J ADAMS. Kufus Cliontn olutions of Ihompson, tlio ullodged with Interest. Houso several speculative communing rious to the general intertst of the theacculital TUO. F, SlIERRlTr. and Uideou II an y.Kcgents ot tliti lions, n murderer of Miss I'harr. There ras L. C. STF.DMAV. people. Jackson was a man of ono enclosing a plan for lho organTodd, Hancock and .Morris. HENRY CLARK. virtue, a true patriot, and of un- quite a serious riot on tha occasion, as up- - of Texas, have declared that tha liquor-la- Stnillisoninn Institute. ization In the District of Columbia of an SAM. OODEV. Mr. lliilger was instructed tn I Insunb Asy'utn, compromising integrity, simple and pears from lho following from thu hra of ilmt Statu Is unconsiliutionul, but WEIIB ROSd. into tlio expediency ol prevent-ini- r Mr. Washburn asked leave to offer a j TIIO. S. BARKLEV. qulajy liunc " " same ilmo laceaery pecullur At 10 o clock the auistere. Straightforward blunt as liv law the lauding of pauper resolution that tha Secretary ol the N'uiy,' HEN W. FIMNELL. A SON QP AN Dr. Thompson in elligy. Tha iiiiagolco'tucilon upon It. fhey declarn that a aoldier, AND in the Uniled States anil if not Inconsistent his "o ll ntul 'tie 117 lll'SU UMICUANTI Is there a hung jQinoleeied until tiiqpoople want iti-- l die punaliy for tha violation of iho pro- - eitnigritiitiiiy lull or ollieriviso as ejirly thoInnaval judgment,provide a ship for with tint T service, Fl.wr aud .iwita on hnd an to mo court houso lo alloiwl llie linllcna-- l iion oi mu license anaciies io nun wnui to report , 'Jiiekson democrat In the J. E, AVTLECiA rf a3 It mid uol 10 liliu who sells linuor conveynie. of artanj llilusiry fr.otp this SJ fosslr bjr U, g"" lion meeting. Whilst ihero, llobt. ,;. grts .,! "i.v uw c COTT Ml AT PUBLIC SALE- nrtrnrtytrp .!. iu 8"'' bl. pwu. r"ie. fT r

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