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Image 1 of Georgetown herald, January 4, 1855

Part of Georgetown herald

w Ttf enitin 1 HERA.LD. AStfOSUSBIt) IT liNRY R FRENCH, ISaaiSSSD, GEORGETOWN HERALD, VOLUME X. trfMtiriciiyi- - AOTAKCE, met p.iauartvaaee, Ak eadoflbe Tears 1 tut fro.u nit fccpIum SCOTT COUNTY, KENTUCKY, JANUARY 1, 183f No 42. 71 t 00 PREPARATORY t SO ' (t must tic to accomplish (to is fpr thr ti((fus(on ot Rnotolc&rj' 9wb Che fOlt-MI- CAIITHIV.'S DEPARTMENT of. Jljurtij op JJrtiit.fcc WHOLE NUMBER 510. Itr.MEIIY. I was drooping, t wst crisving, ll're life's 111,, hlddous trsmi jiheslda of a elder barrel. Methtdlsi man COLLEGE, DtK MIXTURE: SPANISH rr, while all All, I said, l but heraavingi All is loss without gain I - tana U Purillcr of .f.d HZ Suti nii"' i. '"'1 ftth .:,,, .i.m.t.j " .rit. " .!,. J"'i 't ." Knr. Stt .,h,7X, pSCTSrUS itiMti. ,J ;f"'e'"'?'- ,l,l ,toelJ?'7!"0.,. ,. ..,, LIVER woKXXbouinich .ii,ii snusi' i" .., M oppor-tunili- ai look off his ooai, nnd made etunip pray his congrleilon yelled 'Glory.' Ilaptlsi man Inserted a special clause Id GEORGETOWN E K . A. B. his supplication, that lie and hi crowd fFERS his prof.ssloasl services Witt. OKH OK TDK There ii not one stable blessing mlghi gn up In a separate boat, Minis 1 leitlaeasof Georgetown .nd vlelnity. For our weak and sinful clav. trrs all prayed ct each eiher, and for no hli offie- - lo Male street b.. 3D MOIIDAYJN SEPTEMBER HEXT. II. h. .removed In the moment of possessing adbody. clergyman Ihe Livery St.ble and Georgetown Every joy lsjinaichedawayt r....r. with d,. b. dressed a lotig.windud political prayer to WALLER, A. M., Principal. ninht h. can b. found st N. B. Suddenly there tomes a splendor during th. daft uie Almighty Uutalllng ins latest elecilor. Ib KeorgerownHotel. Richly gushing fren the skies ha been rutiirns, deploring tho choice of ihn opposervices of Mr. Will-t- t Jen 88. 1954 . At a maiden, bright ysi lender. THE secured. He bring, with sition cnndidnte Implored his blessing on Streamed upon my wondering eyes. him e reputation ee en accomplished and sue the next Governor, (II the world should cessful Instructor of youth, sfarranllog the be. "Ceaie," she aslj,"ihy attain of sorowt stind.) Insinuated thai ho expected the ell lief thai ao Institution can torpaii .An In Tor Mornl, turn Ihy looaa on met young men nomination hlmtolf; nnd concluded by ad ill at la neceiiarr to prepare I am a dsughtar of REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE College most thoroughly or to lay the foun. vising. Illm to rxcludo Irom Heaven all And ray nsme ii Remedy! well ordered edu lorelgnen or thoy wnulJ refuse to live up Agency, ftllon for aobitantlel end XJoUeotiag & . . . A "NotMn, Is, that is without ms f. 10 tl.e regulation, and would certainly rnl. TerinaperieiiiooofS monlhi In edtanee I was presnni at the birth kick up anoilmr row among the celestials; ... .. i..- -. Acitiii Cirr. Texas. IImm Tultlou U Primary Department." - 0 00 m. Of the Universe about mei obtained - IS 00 -Down-tow- n -man, on hand, ready to go up. Higher Branchesen Tiiit and ore isv iiHim " Mine is Heavenimine is Earth!" Ihc I 00 this agency. K.DIL.TT Additional charges for fuel, 4,e.. - Trees, The Grcnt il.rou.-tried to prey, but, from want of practice, Blood! Sphere," I cried "sublime of ectiooi r.Tmentinade to the Principal or the could only uuer aome disjointed sententitle and t.C.MctALLA, of the State . fll exhibits ol Yet a deubt suspends my brsethi urer of the College. aI In it. ces nboui "uncurrent funds," ''money Sec. Ex. Com. Not a particle of Heronry description. , .1.0 fM For disgrsce, despair, distraction, a aug IrLLiBL Remedy for Scrofula, King's A. ""' IBOIVIDBitS "', "f1 Whitthy curat" She amwered, "Death!' market," "Krlo down lo 30;" (Damphool fats. Evil, Rheumatism, Ubsllnale uutaneous Hie STATS whispered that man ever got to Heaven COLLEGE, CEORiiETOWN Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the Fn:e, leetedYsVid justed, and r.millao. mad. by "That," I cried, with bitter feeling, ho would mult down tho goldon harp In Blotches, Bolls, Chiouio Sore Eyes, King iVchang. . New Mean. KENTUCKY, . "' f end , ' t. "Is from woa to woe to flee. to ruin, and lot It out at two per cent a V trough, Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlargement de.l-eSay, for death Itself v. hat helling!" -- era eieies.tT occopies .high rank Institution land and Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stubborn month,) began to rain harder, wind dccl She repled "Eieruity t" know!..,, of II". ceun try .nd III. be I rYlIlIS I emong Western Colleges. Its Librery, Ulcers, Syphililic Disorders, Lumbago, Spilocations .nd ihe dedly chilly; their teeth chittored whit .ystem ,.r.sp.rior are unsurnal Complaints, and all Diieases looking .1 T.x.. may el. Cabinet, Museum, end appiratus same as thai titles. cold, and they began to wish for the lip. use- of Mercury, In literary course the l"ing "ems i uful passed. College, while ill lascientific course from an injudicious Impurity of the Blood. way, have Sees the Mllltlltei to commence. Naughty boys ofY.le prudence in Life, or lilnls el theoffiee of ibii agency. the best portions of the course at embrecesall Nr.w Yok, Nov. 13,1054 on tho fence began to throw stones pro This valuable Medicine, which has become Registers open for examination. WellPoint. number of extraordinary celebrated for the iniscuous praying on every side. Moiho 701 Nacior Strfet, Office on uongress R. For young men designed for practical bui cures effected through lie agency, lias Induced O. C. Fastx.x. J.. N. C. Kavmosd. 0 disl man stopped In the midst of a long ,1,.,. i. n course ol three Tears in which My friend Damphool lately befam-KECIM1N. the urgent request of their knowledge Is impnried Inargrlcul-.....- i the proprietors, at u thorough . uu convinced ihnl acconllnj; to tlio comlord touching supplication la cuff the ears of n June i9, lMivslolo!rv. Zooloirv. Pracli mends, to oner it to me puunr, w.uc.. ineyand ill o boy who hit him with a brick; hours with the utmost confidence in its virtues irililu prpdlcllon of Mr. Miller, ihe 'rno wonderful curative pr.iperiies. The following of Hnrih' would becomo speedily vlsllil. slipped away, began lolhlnk the entetaln-men- l REVOLUTION IN TEXAS, i reitificntes, selected from a Urge number, are, was poaiponad on account ol the err U remembered, ihaU in the begin- .Collenels belieied to be unequalled. In higli however, stronger testimony man tiie mere to the nnlicd cyo, n tlini nmlublo gentle weather." Noun came; folks woro not riMii scholsrs, anu A word of the proprietors! and are all from gen mnn Imd ntlvertlteil llie world to burn on lexiu I ui.irof her 1838. inteers o. im j, , i. to, men. The ramdlr iucrens i.. !,.,! 10 vo filtccnlh. According lo lite pro half so scared as they wart In tho morntlemen well known in their localities, and of of Student! in etttndance is procrf the highest respeclabilit) , many of them now lha . log ruimber ier'e in her armies. gramme, mo onierioininurii whs iu mm- - ing; ministers had got too hoarse to talk . - ol us mg" 10 We ca now residing in the city "f Richmond, Virginia. . trunipei eoio uy uumin and were passing tu timo kissing Ihe sis-erni ltnrnin!ls no mere experiment, tie recoterrol f F. BOVllEX. I'M)., of the Exchange Hotel. uiinco will jieirs o in.." .i... .1... .11. ..-Dainhuol looked bo chilly that I got -- . noe pern.n.ioi,. i.S ,.f..l .H he has (nol Iho ono of City Hall celebrity,) lo bn lar.. i nromtseu oy all value. Il ls Itichmond. known every where, eats SrAnisii j, therefore of uncetlain T.A. We areeUoprepiredtop'o"0"'", called Caster's fullowrd by a (.cnernl 'pltiln upsiair," hint a glass of hot whiskey punch; he a whole- - seen the Medicine chir ,.!,. i .ii to exercise mul niaiiiHin regirdle MlXTl'BX administered in oter a hundred cae TeXal land clnimi..... and grand mnas inoetlng ofihn lllu .irioui lookoJ al mo with holy horror, and wont ,i;...i ine without the .Mtxicm.or Amjrici.i nearly all ihe diseases fur which II ir. ..k..i... i. eleel' wcru u on with his prayer, but before he got to ,i,enl; ami to requite of its .,lu.enis ery commended, mil, Hie mosl nsioiiinuugij guou defunct after which 'iho, ScairT.oi llEDwnt. IIai"if ,r,. i"( nan for I'aradko In epocial convayancca "amen," husband of rcd halred woman tlin3 scholnriyaua, lo all result'. He sajtil is ihe most extraordinary nleie.cceiilollieMuiterroiii. ,. h bo.rdinu jirrailirements adipted to the Public iircvlded for .their aecoinmodatlon11.1 ih camo and ordered her lo go home and anu uu.oi . ,.A . mliu.ieil - fti to medirinu Ire In'severseen. -- -i . . . t. enjoy superior admue for classes oir s,ub..., wash ihe brenklast dishes and then UUKIi. 1 u e,to..u.u AGUE ANDFI'.VEll Inseparable lrm theprnc-lic- e herebv certlft.tliat fcrlh-e- e GREAT I had Ague wholo lo conciu io wun evening. Dam-plin- his Sunday pantaloons. One o'clockmend I neoid the dangers )ears Inreti2alioiisi'IHl kinu. m zeal the ils WewilUivepariiruUrnlteiitioiito of crowding ISO or 200 young men Into ind Fever ol the most violent description, i piny of fircworki In ilio 1 I Iind doito itnililng bill airig aongs began lo cool oil; at two ;tho onlhuslsam one building. Students for themimsiry can had several Physicians, took large quantities . . cau i. s,.,- -- uv i iva it noren 1 1 .j rn .iinni good ner l, etrn rui..bout of Uuiuine, Mercii'), and 1 believe all the fur a week. Hull Doggo, who wai also a was below par. in three ihe rain nourod of agents) 1 moralliabits.for fnVhio'ttentioil or mismanagement perm, Oltl0fn. known ilinoi who miv orefer buard Tonice advertised, hutI all without nil) Kraanu convert, had packed up his wnrdrobo In so lhal thought an allorstiun In lh Lit -uri.tta 65 relief. Al last tried Carte' B0 his hat box and left iho cliy; aaylng iliat uny would Imj mcccssary in mako il read, can do so at 'ioClons ..liogWKn, LO.If, 1n ?ri,'.w f.raiU, nllowed to boar.from anv neni Mixture, two l.oitles of which ellectunily ho owned forty ehnrcs in a Kentucky coil "Have mercy upon us miserable twim- net-wor- k In ...i1i,r inilucements. t , k "".,l..,i I."p...,!..- .i,,i .n,,,,: cured me. and I am hapttv to say. I hive had ,. ... tTia.wecan 1 u mlno, and wai going toialo possession of nrTeT bmall boy threw a handful of Chills or revers since. I Ourthorouz i and iniinim- thesuie, "biain.J k',lrictbut. kind supermmn . ex.rci.e.l neither Tonic in the wortd. and the consider uallin of . ...iu where. the best ever reached mv case only modi his property; and ho idlered to but ol that gravel at long Mulliodiii man, which hit n.o,t fa. . j view Und. andsur.eya !...,. r I.. IUCUI.J lilin In iho luce, and mude him look like drinlts, tlintif ho'slood on u vnln by u,0 cine that from personal inipec.. , "-- , board. . JUII. i,up.uiu-coal, ho would bo iho laal man scorch- u''inulnito wlih tli.) small pox. Long ' or J?i!"".::.".nrlosV knowledge ll'J' TV:;,,!as,ic vear Is divided Into two Itesver Dam. near Richmond. Vn. Methodist man punched iho einnll boy on the third , TI.e? first commences ind an accurate C. B. LUCK, Eq.,now in the city of Rich ed. i)ninphool squared up lill bonrd bill, with a fence ruil. l'uur o'clook; Gabriel Ih. dlflere" c...r. "f Mb: Mondayin September,, on the first inund, and formuny )ears m the l ost Ullice, Damphool, much tils, has siiih confil nee in the nslunishing ellica niul pnid hi! wnaherwotnuu. which loft hadn't come yet. cy of CarterV SraMsn Mi.TTLRE,tliai he has 1,1.., something about bo. l,r.,h! anld his winch ton 'hhis uppoliilcd, mum-re0 0 MM L KT 0 EMEWT DAY -bought ot 60 hollies, which he has with which lug scld;" pei.plo' evidently gctlln-- ' hun civen away lo the alllcled. Mr. Luck sari he pJicming Jew' lo raiso uionuy ""aUj .'- usee njioii robe: In order to gry; woman with two children said she mav be had by ap has never known it to fail when taken accord in nniriirn rill uus going hoiuu got put lltom In ., ' , raoriTi.t. rodent, Rev. p.U.Cnmp. inrr In directions.a nractiinr Plrsicisn, and do honor lo iho occasion, ho nine onn1 not duj; long manlo looked roundiho irun Ilr. MIXCE. V ..'.--"--loo w are lo suo S r HAWU made of linrn cambric; it was n of t.n r. I., n. formerly nf the ( it) Iloiel, in ll.ecit) of Rich under tho that no one was looking then tuckod his nnd cot him malignantly Secr'y of the Bard ofTrusiees. a in wac ' " mond, says he has witnessed in a number of long, rery Tanjj he got robe under his arm, got over lha fence killd of 16 18528311. v Sept - e'r . instances the eirects of Carter's srAtsii Mix nuns, but ho bore II like a mariyr; also town unu cnj .,, w real estate on th. mosl tore which were must truly surprising He shaved, look n bnih. put un his robe, bid1 and siarwd on a dog trot. Dark; no signs COlVlPLAllM of fireworks yol liyroiechlnic exhibition, aiys in a case olCoiisuniplion, dependent on mo farewell, and gol ready to go up. the Liver, the good ellects were wotiderlul in discovered iho plnco from which ihoy not likoly to cutiiinenco for soinn time. I hero missed Damp up myself to se Crowd impatient. SAMUEL M. DRINKER, of the firm of worn in atari, and wont JAUNDICE, In a vacant lot, where hool, and lound htm an hour alterwar Is. Morris, Richmond, was cured of ), 1 NERVOUS DE Drinker A. -. by the nit furnishings cheap Livr complaint of tt years standing,Mixture. thuro were no trees lo cuteh their skirts paying hii devotion lo an olghloen-ponn- y Je.d t J use of two hollies of Cartel's Spanish U1LL1TY, DISKASE ut isement. Ifdtiired, we will examine large crowd on oyster slew and a mug of ale Staid an In their anticipated flight d pari .1 lL ,Mf, .rli- - if. rolaj. KIDNEYS, AND ALL UISEASU. Ed. ihe ground, one maiden lady In n long hour longer, when the crowd began lo GREAT CUREOFSCROFUI,A.-T- he ARISINd FROM A DiSOIt. tors of the Richmond Republican had a .ser- white gown, had alio dressed her lap dog disperse; Willi tholr asccnilon robes so We invite the attention of Mescsstilx DERCD LIVER OR ST"MAC1I ' vant employed in iheir pros room, cured of i. o,ce as fur. n men wlih n fnmll V saillv dnl""leil. ihut Ifihuv had rperilvnd i..,il., ,., uooses, and individuals to .our Constipation, Inward Pile!. Fullness ol violent Scrofula, combined wjlh uneumaitsm, a.peedy.nd effective mode of collect- Such as to Hie lleaii. Aciuiiy on i.. robe, n second suimnons lo would have which eniirelv disabled him from wurk. TwoliJiljlc ill hli hand, had lorgoltcn his Blood 1 . ir.,nlinin. rull noiliE, r Hn.nith .Mixture, made nil fiXlm nnoillllv ... annri biiiIm In .. ,. i. in" ...... w. . 'Ty activity, energy, and fidelityo to the Hie w or Weight in theDieesi for rood, Erue ..... cure is:l.i... ami me, i.,o , n UI1U, laiiiv ill I.u alU, alnnvea: nttclenl , lnkllll Ilium j fif r" Stomach, Sour oi nini, ness merit presoiiuhlo amongdeconl an- jn a wl)iie night gown, wltn rcu make erfeci of our employers we hope or Fluttering at the Pit ol lie notice, say ihey 'cheerfully recommeiid il SinLinir hankcrchK round gWs. a confidence of the builnessPublic. .1. Kiimaeh. Swimming of the Head. alIlur, to all who are afflicted with any disease of Ihe shoes, tndknelt yellow In a small puddle ol Appointed myself k cr.nunltleo of fivo ed that some showing would Office on Coneress Avenue. down maJo by her head, ried and Difficult Breathing.Flutieil-g- sa-- . FREEMAN. ( Co., RAYMOND, rain water, nnd prayed to take her ui lo.11inquire Into Ihe mailer; ollered the which hn would be rollvedol the solemn the Heart, Choking or SuffocatingS. , by. , . JuneSD, I854-I...l.t-- l. I. STILL ANOTHER CURE OF SCROFULA of lions when In ailing posture. Dimne easv. and not nun iter sore ntii-.- . ln.t. luuunu.g rueuiuiiuns, wiuuh i uiiatii dullos ho had lo pnrform, but such was I had a very valuante uoy curea oi ncroiui Vision, Dots or Webs belore the suht, ! I consider II a, from liust llroadway, cama In a rooo cm mousty udopiou: nolthecase. Tho trial had becnapproach l.v Carter'a Spanish Mixture. ver and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficien. tn... ; . ik. nwlr nrwl trimmed with five lUlalved. Thai nullliu' ,.n n rlean ed by alow steps, an J wiih tearful eyes, of the irulv vaiuaole meutvii.e. johh.j ... of Perspiration, Yellowness Chest, Skin on the R. F. A. P. R. R.Co., fl no- - shin to go to heaven In don't ulwnvs Limbs, LOR, Conductor woman ma lf her ro hut tho result left but one course for th Eves. Pain in the Side, Back, Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning In ?u,li" B1'""? ,l,u'0' 8V',n ',!ou''1 'I'" Court to pursuo. And in view nf this be&.,Flesh, Constanl Imaginings of evil, and HT0n.'.EUM OF 20 YEARS STANDING " J' '' the nn m inn rnmnn i. vi.u iv.ivu uo ui daiiu ici.L'i... a.i'i suas nrjn.i ing; probably his Ian judicial art, lio would aotlciti business In the ......i.. RESPECTFULLY .nH dlolnlnir counties. Ureal Depression of Spirits. ,tl,.li. i.a tn Heaven, and had no relish for a which leaches such a mode of pracodura say that, II any legal opportunity had been nlrinr CVSED BY CAN BE EFFECTUALLY collection of curej' by three botiles preliminary laileol'lho oilier placo; care. Is a larcical theology, fully worthy lo bu iiniier.led III Ml of sellinc as'.do lha verdict Special .Iteotlou will be given to f Richmond, wss tie on , . -- ij injv (jroucnt ncr over-snoe- a HOOrLAND'S in u ranaeu among mo many excellent "sells and graining a new irlul ho would hivo OR. oi Carter's Spanish .Mliiuri, oi oaii niieu.i iin on Main atreel, over ihe slor. eecu Ornct i coif been proud lo do o. Tho taking a life BITTERS. which he had nearly 20 years, and wiiuii k basket, to weor home In'caie ihe of lhal rsiiran joker of world-wid- e CELEBRATED GERMAN .pied by Judge 8tevenson. biiiy Joe Miller. ofa lellow linn was (tio saddest of all duho,,,"', ,br nv,0"eJ, Joly 40, r riiErATiED tiy Damply yuurs, ties, but lite aiern dl';tuies ofthu law must cily of Riclimoiid BULL THE IMPOnTEO Q. K I'lllLANUEt DoESTlCKS,!', B. bi oboyod. Hut no good roaion having DR. C. M. JACKSON, brothor had a Hoop, inn eninaisi rem.rkauie. .im,l kite: iioo r washerwoman came, WM. A. MATTHEWS, ot Itichmond, vs. No. ItO Arch street, Phlladflphla. DCMl was 15ishup Horses h opn.l0,, ,.ltnM d,,lvM DSlnfai had a servanlcured olSyphiiii. in ine worsi ,h, sho had only n cotton robe, and a e. ..MIsArl tn Are k law hilB Their power over the above diseases is not form, by Caller's Spanish Mixture, "eaays but as by uny ollitr prepara1 scant pattern at lhal, the more arlstc- - Ion that there is no better morulisl throbi ofdeatKlisetf. he cheerfully recommends ll. and consideralt he says: "William Arrlson, It Is the sentence ol cratic ladlea moved farther away, and thin a newspaper, ,00W With CU. , ,. r..r -- tilfn In ivm le ids had an invatuaoie ., W--i.l ,.'l'l,lu r.llt... ISJIS, U..U S.,'.I9S.,IIU.,, the Court '."hat you be taken from hence T"4 inesUJ Not mora than ten cowse.n be 4! A ineir enli,ns. while lliu HOOT RICHARD E. IVKSI, oi incnmonu, ""iime I .I..I. coiugno, If.llls n, corner, with het miseries of multitudes displayed in a uithojsi', of Hamilton ceunty, by tho as his engagements are .failed. end whal Physicians called knell down In ih ir.d ofScrofule. lore the firstof July, ,,. by three hollies ol foC) u,no fertci!, Sixih nvenuu lad)' came These outers are wormy me auenu,,.. u, Consumption, .nearly complete upio mamme. ' so tt.i. Pn.a..s.nff reat virtues in tile recti' confirmed newspaper, , are ..... many beacons Sheriff., and therein confined until the ,( la offering blooded Cattle, M" Invite10 ,lh, C....1.,,, ... . . . " diseases of tht Liver and lesser ,i in , w i to sat n ruoe nsu a ooy iu iii.iv, i upon that we .. breeders of Ui ri. uuin. clove., ih day 0f May, 1C65, ando'clock in EDWARD ahn had her own hands cuiiuiiuuny uuriiui lo his pedigree, as be- - glsnds, exercising .. day, between the hours often mosl critical attention Revenne, says he haa aeen the good effects ol "i. me . on. wineu iiicv lucii ,r.i.. ..I.,..,. u iruui . ... r. . .Ing If not unequaied,-- certainly, unsurpassed in weakoe.. .no eueciions nm, uigei.i.ev.. Carter'a Spanish In a numoer oi iu..i .it sis i n'r curds: an o u.u. Mixture r . I . lii ...... il ,( nf lla Krrsaiti h gsns.lhey are, wlihal,, certain end pleas Whnr mnei, tho morning und fyur o'clock lo,',ne kltef, .. ...... ... Mv- -. i.l... h.e iiiisirie .It).1 lissn pn ntvri-Lrpcases, an' saya 11 is a Pe,.ec Syphilitic r, canicu u gu.ihu '.ioon, rot, be talTen lo in. a place of exe. r imported Uta Aoiri ..... .hii of toy oimal " V.V' lor trial - u.w.. ""'ovars AND nE CONVINCED. kneel upon, nnu a man louowcu u P" V" " " :u" . of - "... ...r' ouilon , by the. tihetirT, and be thon and ' w fhnnev. MUlersburg, Kv., Oct. 18, .....a ..l ni l HARWOOI).Ulcers, Richmond. V.. will, aluekot coniaming tier ceri ucuieoi n Ue dtm iid will b found HU Mdisre u vt , nucK ur"" J0 ii ..Id, "llavinir sold your Uiliers some which disablsd and T"? - si, fulttvsvtdr. membership, a gili.edgedprajor. one friend murdered by another nt a few hollies of church from walking. Took -III11II.O-.,oThe pedigrees of his .ires sre much too time, I find It hss giien satisfaction in every him T n nrlsnner rema ned firm and com. Carter's Spanish Mixture, nd was ensbledlo boon, two old long for Insertion In say public print Ws iustsnce inai nas come u..u, - t....- - sandwiches; cripple hobb ed up. and more eiTectUnl Hgoltist gambhrig and ,,,.,. vlhlle ihe Kv.,June2d walk williouiaeruicu, in .. and remained A. Kdwards.Sslvisi. ,i..ror state now. thai among his ws pra)ers,aprojiie,,cy,tlian tho mournful re!a he was devoutly saying i..1,h.1 i,tiiTni. most ImmediateGraodsiresIn the Herd Book, i?i. s.idi "Woreioieeioiuform you that this nently cured. ... !..:. I n.oois at M. WARD, CLOSE H bad boy, (who had not niado ... prepar ) ato 0f' me names oi sucn uuiis,iss i u, lly celebrated medicine haa fully maintain or the on 0, u are to be loond j,. lldei trmn broth, who beeaglv 83 M.iden Lane, New York. tcrl.l ir.vtling.) stole j'1' JJuchan Hero (338.) Sir (somas ruarax '. i , tenoistisa which bas Co, No. Whnt f.u.r lee-- , bold from hesd lo footanl bjnl totu .Hon for .leapnirini; auicido? f5196) Norfolk (2377) It. Bate.' second Hub, en it, and Having lestea us vmues w. uuueii. W. DYOTT stJ.a. no. isi iiorir ,o i.. T. through whom he deseuds in a latingly say II en.ineniiy oesenos u. IA23t &.Mlr iuro oi, me necissuy ct ecoriony, 2d Street, Philadelphia. Into knots, ucco d n wii. , i9parr..o Tho long delay allowed by the Court Ai. 1. nt v W. llrrrv. Unloniown, Ky direct line from Mr Bsles' celebreted Cow i BENNETT Ur.r,rt3, iso. , w ,,en. . , , the great original of what ie July different cre.ds and bed e.s; U iltsi an,, have heard of manv Uiehmond Va- 1852, saidi "We Drnitis 1st. before the execution of tho sentence, will " , use of Dr. Uoouand s oi snoriuorns., llantl.t. 1'resbvlenar.s li.o sletiiouiei c.ui. known And for sale by TIPS S. BARKLEYiCo papw.und consider It vell-p- ay for give the prisoner and his Irltnls suffis.l The Bans nameu . sccurale Engravings ot Oermsn Bitters, aod believelt lo ue a vsiuaute Georgetown aud by Dealers In Medicinei .hrlr ro.pectlvu cient lime to product any new evldenoo, la Entrlaiid sod on, old il. "J11 ll.ln. . everywhere. lb. Herd Book, if Ii exist, that may lend to set aeHti the v K. first three Irvine. Kv. Jun. 26.'S2. J.e 19. 111445 I V. Itiir," In lim norfeel aanclliy tf her da.i' Q'l'hiluilr'ljjUtH. is hoc wit'joutits verdict. No more h.rrlble or revolting which breeder, may del.rr.ln. accurates "We bave succeed, d In latrodueing your Holfrom ol this strain of l.or o vn curiosities. Tl.e Sun a other. ly the merit. nd d.ra.nn twu mujder was over cominlltad tl.mi lhal ul co,)u-land Ulnars, I physicians .a..1d .if,..,, purchase Country i'rotliicc Wni.tttl. minister, tail desirtcg in Insure . .L- n If a... :tu leu gignsithas ilic-vfre- i exchsnged for any .nouni panase, tail tied r.ersei: io thero. Onu which William Airisou bat been cuavlvl ,lTh.' nediirtee of Pathfinder Is peculiarly mem oy me i. .'olio A Ilru.. Knoxville, Tenn f-- snor.F.RlES Lird. and Tallew. forwhich with a fish lino. mm xas ispuiutud in red italics, uid reads od. the evila eftoo close ors.aing, a.;i a 1BSI. saidi "Your Blliers are now of Bacon exempt from ". . ; ulll I.. .. ...n. iu,ij tig C10.O COullllun.uil, . rrauy.s.i.a.s ,. w can be lound id cross hii. na every person ins, ,.b. i. tliut; I.A..A no , eyii dMCsnllcg on tie iccounicl.hty ol The New Oiluoti UuHelin aajs that t r.w i.seoateivresion lo euiie sellingIt, very last, have been able In Isarn, so far aa we used d "SI.UU Ucti. J.E.APPI.EtlATK M,fi 3V jp.te vigor of constitution .nd symmetry of hss bean benefitted." iho portion i) Texas lying nonh of ihlr Infuiiu. tnd Bjer.lii3 ihtt a ch.ld i.iroe . ni.,.r. fir- - sViast.V VtOCTASLE. theV l ills, Hi. take it, is for t'm benefit nl ,orn, in dvgicis, prtlucee .very splendid vnr. o'.d caii commit slICcIs-.- '. cln lo ot bachelors. 'I he wIU . 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At the conclusion of the urgu-mefor n new trial atlvnnced by the prisoners) counsel, Judge Flinn tonic the case under advisement un. til Saturday morning. His Honor, in reviewing the caie nnd the nraument for a new trial. spoko of the fairness and lull presented for a full nnd impartial investigation ollered by the Slate), and of tbe time consumed, which, though It waa lengthy, waa ot at all too much; and concluded by remarking that he hnd, in face of popular feeling, twice admitted error in the finding of a jury lnpa(T nelfd to try cases of murder In tbe first degree, and overruled verdict. Jin conscience and his ho rt.lorti- lied by his understanding of the law, had'tustninedbiin;nnd now, per linns pronouncing tho Inst decision called from him in his present official capacity, he was still surrounded and sustained by the same honest conviction an ljudgemont that bad hereto fore bcrn his guide. Win. Arrisnn, the defendant, waa then placed in front of the bar and commnndrd to stnnd up. Judge fr ltnn tnen proceeaea to un dress the prisoner rs follows: 'William were mate-te- d by the Grand Jury, under the first section of tho Crimes Aot, fat the murder of Isaao Allison. Tho case was lubmittctl to a Jury oi yoor countrymen, and niter n patient delibera tion, this verdict was rendered. (The Ciork then read tho verdict.) llnvo you nnythiug to sny why the Court should not now proceed lo sentence you. The prisoner replied: 'Thero are some things I feel nerd to bo snid, but whether they would nvnil mtt now, I ennnnt sny. I lond- ly.hoped to get n new trial, in order to imvn time to prove my innocence. 1 presume, It is not tho intention in this, Ilnmiltnn county, tn put n mnn to ilonth without giving him timo to prove his innoccnen, although it is almost tho spine thing as death to be confined In tho Jail. Time to tbe guilty only goes to confirm their guilt. nin confident that it I had time, there are things that could bo brought to light that would prove my innocence, notwithstanding tho beauof testimony that surtiful did not think until nf- rounds inrv tcr tli trial, that It would bo of use to mo to provo where I was on Sun-dn- y nnd Monday before the explosion. Ifl Iind timo I think 1 could provo where 1 was. There is another circumstunco. When McCullough came to tho Jail to identify mr, he snys I wnsstnnding near tho stove. 1 will stutohcro that I never attempted to keep myself from being seen, by any person who was brought to tho Jail. 1 was cn tho platform when McCullough visited the Jail. Hut this mnv be of no importance In the ensu. There arc other things I Hatter mysrlt that I could substanticould provo that I nevergnvo ate. tho box to the boys; but whether this would ho important or not, I cannot say; hut it would prove that ono link in this beautiful clinln was broken. There are other things I could provo but, as said, I have not had time. I have nothing more to say. The Jidge said ll"ut he had fondly hop- ...'- & E. PllEWITT, enS P'" ""l "t $httu,:f-- : PATHFINDER !..jLjr ..Io .Lt ,in .. jiaii aan, . ..j vn"y "" Wll" " ...," ir ...,,. ... " rl " " v.i. t ,, " ' ,ii.,.i.,. b. .".i. l, ll '. , , ,nlcl th'" .,! .,,,,i.

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