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Page 339 of She buildeth her house / by Will Levington Comfort ; with a frontispiece by Martin Justice.

Hearts Resurgent the well, but I could not drink at first--only listen to the music of the water, watch it bubble and flash in the moon." " I love your mind, Paula LUnster," he said suddenly, "-every phase of it. By the way-love's a word I never used before to-day-not even in my work, save as an abstraction." She remembered that Selma Cross had said this of him-that he never used that word. " You could not have said that to 'Wyndam '- " " Yes-for Skylark was singing more and more about her. I soon should have had to say it to 'Wyndam."' " I loved your fidelity to Skylark," she told him softly. Dust of Pelee would fall upon the archipelago for weeks, but this of starless dark was their supreme night. " Feel the sting of the spray," he commanded. " Hear the bows sing! . . . It's all for us-the loveliest of earth's distances and the sky afterward-" " But behind," she whispered pitifully. " Yes-Pelee ' splashed at a ten-league canvas with brushes of comet's hair."' The next night had fallen, and the two were through with the shops of Fort de France. Paula's dress was white and lustrous, a strange native fabric which the man regarded with seriousness and awe. He was in white, too. His right hand was swathed for repairs, the arm slung, and a thickness of lint was fitted under his collar. About his eyes and mouth was a slight look of strain still, which could not live another day before 889

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