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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 7, 1961

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . . WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY . . . . THURSDAY, PAGE DECEMBER 7, 1961 8 students from Letcher County are enrolled at Union College this year Five distinctive HALLMARK RIBBONS, ( 0 tl the daughter of Mr. Tenzia Asher. She is majoring in history, political science, and from Letcher Five students County, Kentucky, haveenrolL-e- d in Union College this year. Miss Nancy Glynn Clay of Box 280, Whitesburg, Kentucky, hu enrolled in the sophomore class. A graduate of Whitesburg high1 school, Mis Clay is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Clay. She is majoring in chemistry, german, and education. Miss Estevia Collier of Whitesburg, Kentucky, has enrolled in the sophomore class. A graduate of Whitesburg high school, Miss Collier is the daughter of Mr. N. W.Collier. She is majoring in business, and English. Webb of Miss Gllley Elberta Neon, Kentucky, has enrolled in the sophomore class. A gradu- high school, daughter of Mr. Gilley E. Webb. She is majoring in chemistry and biology. She is preparing for a profession in technology. Miss Webb is a member of tHe American Chemical Social and the playlikers. Miss Ruth' Asher of Blackey, Kentucky, has enrolled in the junior class. A graduate of Letcher high school, Miss Asher is ate of CARDS, PAPERS 1 Tole Craft desk baskets $2.49 rnnctnna cm in tlirPPrK Q QS Cut glass candy dishes, $5.75 Cream and sugar sets, $7.25 )kead crystal pitcher, $8.95 Brassware planters ana I candle sticks I Vk i Fleming-Neo- psychology. Miss Asher is n Kentucky facts Miss Webb is the Kentucky Gov. Beriah Magoffin, a Confederate sympathizer, resigned his office in August, 1862, when the State Legislature became In sentiment. pro-Uni- on When Indians failed to capture a fort in Lincoln County, the stockade was named Standing Fort, later shortened to Stanford. Telephone Pift-hftvo- Talk nil lotto H 75 nrnrlnrtc w wi wu yil ' tn 4?. Old Spice after-shalotion & deodorant, $2 7Qtf v by By BOB TAYLOR ve Your Tcltphon. Managtr rut .true- - . i Better Homes & Gardens NEW COOKBOOK 9 Ml $3.95 DnWof Urvmnc & Gardens GARDEN BOOK $4.95 tWtlft M YW I 1 I PREPARING gift lists for Christmas? Here's a suggestion: Include Phoncland in your Christmas shopping this year. Brownie STARMATIC camera, reg. $34.50, now only $30. 50 Brownie HAW KEY E, $8.50 If wK (Mi flash model kit with bulbs and 620 film, $15.75 HAWKEYE n eet Lets you communicate by phone throughout the home! You can talk room to room, call family members to meals, check on children's activities, even answer the door. Saves time and steps for all the family.' n. ss THERE'S MORE much more in Phoneland. Something to please even the "hardest-to-pleaspeople on your list! For more gift ideas from Phoncland, just call our business office or ask any telephone serviceman. cameras, accessories GUILLEN DRUG CO. HOME INTERPHONE SOMETHING FOR THE GIRIlS the petite, pretty Princess extension phone, in five decorator colors, and dial. You can be sure that any with the popular light-u- p girl, any age, will appreciate a Princess And you can be sure she'll appreciate your thought-fulnein giving her a Princess. & POLAROID WHAT IS PHONELAND? It's a whole "department store selection" of phones and phone services something for nearly everyone on your list. Here are j'ust a few gift ideas from Phoncland. -- Howell 8mm. cameras, $39. 95 Bell & Howell Headliner SLIDE PROJECTORS, $49 Bell e" Phone 2160 pre- paring for a profession as a teacher. She is a member of the Union College Christian Association, Baptist Student Union, Beta Chi Alph, Beta Signa, and the International Relations Club. Merono Keith Maggard of Partridge, Kentucky, has enrolled in the junior class. A graduate of Whitesburg high school, Maggard is the son of Mr. Hirman Maggard. He is majoring in biology, business, and education. Maggard is preparing for education in teaching. He is a member of the Union College Christian Association. BAD WEATHER? And lots of shopping to be done? No problem. When you can't leave home, just shop by phone!

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