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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 7, 1961

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The University 2 MOUNTAIN EAGLE IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Kentucky, Thursday, December 7, 1961 Vol. 54, No. 30 Ten Cents Gun battle fatal to deputy, miner Two men were dead and 19 children orphaned today as the result of a gun battle at Mayklng about 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Dead are Deputy Sheriff Leonard Adams, 46, of Craft's Colly, and Fred Short, 36, of Mayking, an employee of the Judy Coal Company. Adams had 13 children, and his wife is expecting a baby in about two months. Short had four children, and his wife also is expecting another babv. Sheriff Johnny Fulton said questioning of witnesses indicated the shooting occurred when Adams attempted to arrest Short on a charge of drunkenness. At the Mayking railroad crossing at the mouth of Cram Creek, Adams got out of hisjcar and ap- proached Short, who was carry Man killed in accident Quiller Bentley, about 50, died accidentally about 12:30 o'clock this afternoon near his SANTA'S HELPERS of the Whitesburg High School Chapter of Future Teachers of America are helping Santa Claus's work along by gathering and refurbishing used toys for distribution to underprivileged boys and girls In Letcher County. The students started their project just before Thanksgiving and have acquired a large collection of toys through solicitation. Girls in the club took the dolls home and bathed and dressed them. Shown admiring some of their work are (left to right) Brenda Day and Commodore Craft, of FTA, and DelmaGllley, chairman of the toy drive. Mr. and Mrs. BobGatton, club sponsors, have supervised the campaign. Anyone who has toys to donate may contact some member of the club to arrange for pick-u- p. (Eagle photo) door-to-do- or FAST WORK Many fire hazards corrected The Letcher County school system this week corrected of the school fire hazards listed in a report from the state fire marshal in last week's nine-tent- hs Mountain Eagle, Supt. Sanford Adams said today. Adams said he had ordered all the fire extinguishers recommended in the fire marshal's inspection report and in addition had ordered inspection of existing fire extinguishers, as the Are marshal had requested. Also, the superintendent said, he had listed items which could be taken care of by the school system's own maintenance men and had given orders for work to proceed immediately. The only project which is not yet done is some rewiring at Kingdom Come School, which will be done during Christmas vacation, he said. The maintenance men also are awaiting arrival of some "panic hardware" equipment, which he said was already on order. The only recommendation of the fire marshal which the school system will not follow is the one for installation of enclosed stair wells in several schools. Adams said such construction would be too expensive. At Whitesburg High School, for example, he said, the construction required would cost more than the whole building is worth. (Adams said he had not seen the fire marshal's recommendations until he read them in the paper last week. He called Frankfort for a copy immediately, he said, and began taking steps to eliminate hazards as soon as it arrived. (The Mountain Eagle obtained its copy of the fire marshal's recommendations from Fire Chief Remious Day of Whitesburg, as it has every year for (Continued on Page 12) HELPFUL HINTS Hospital opening unit for long-ter- m Whitesburg Memorial Hospital announced this week it Is setting up a unit especially for care of patients who have chronic or patients Harlan Memorial Hospital. The. staff will include a recreational therapist, occupational therapist and nursing personnel specialized in rehabilitation nursing in addition to physicians. Dr. Ben Clark, chief of clinical services at the hospital, said J3r. Clayton J. Bennett has been assigned to the service. Overall medical care of the patients will illness. Blankenbeckler, administrator, said the hospital's second uoor, closed last May, has been reopened to take care load and of the chronic-patiesome other patients as well. by Dr. Robert Reactlvat'on of the second be floor brings the hospital's capac- , Berry, recently appointed chief ity to 93 patients. A total of 46 of the Department of Internal bods will be on the second floor. Medicine at the hospital. Blankenbeckler said the reoRehabilitation services for patients will be under pening of the second floor was the supervision of Dr. Emily the result of increased average Hess, consulting physlatrist'at (Continued on Page 12) long-ter- m John C. nt long-ter- m FOR YULE MAIL Postmaster R. C. Day Jr. had some requests his week for holiday mail patrons. Day said they could make mail handling easier and faster at the post office here by: 1. Separating Christmas cards and into bundles and securing them with rubber bands which will be available in the post office lobby. 2. Being sure all packages are securely wrapped and tied and properly labeled before presenting them at the post office window. 3. Using local street addresses as much as possible, While the post office here will probably be able to locate street. addresses of most local' patrons, its work would be speeded immensely if they were already on the cards, Day said. Special holiday hours will be announced next week, he added. in-to- out-of-to- home at Deane. Deputy Coroner Duward Banks said Bentley apparently discharged his shotgun when he tripped over it as he arose after waiting for a rabbit to come out of a hollow log. Banks held an inquest, and the jury ruled accidental death. who was crippled, Bentley, made his home with his father, Uncle John Bentley. The body was taken to Craft Funeral Home at Neon. No other Information was available at press time. Bentley's death was the third gunshot fatality in Letcher County within less than 24 hours. Two other men died in a gun battle at Mayking about 5 p. m. Wednesday. (See story elsewhere on this page.) High school effort fails ing a shotgun. When Adams was about two feet away from Short, Fulton said, he apparently told Short he was going to arre'st him, and Short fired at him with the shotgun. The pellets struck Adams in the left side. As the deputy fell to the railroad tracks, he emptied his . 38 special pistol into Short, who died instantly of bullet wounds in the chest. Adams fired six shots into Short, Fulton said. Adams was rushed to Whitesburg Memorial Hospital, .where he died about an hour ond a half after the shooting. Two of Adams's 13 children.'- witnessed the affray, Officers said the two sons, whose names they did not know, accompanied their father to the hospital. On the way, the boys said later, he told them, "Boys, I'm killed. I want you to be good boys and grow up to be good men. " Sheriff Fulton was unable to obtain any information from Adams after he reached the hospital. Asked what had happened, Adams could say to him only, "Johnny, can't you get me some help? I need help." Sheriff Fulton said Adams was in the neighborhood on other business and had no warrant for Short, although he may have received a complaint about the ge man near the scene. Fulton said Short's brother told him Adams had served several Whitesburg High School did attachments on Short because of debts recently. not win its acA neighbor of the Shorts told creditation by the Southern As(Continued on Page 12). sociation of Colleges and Secondary Schools this year. But, an inspection committee letter leaves hope that the ANNUAL CAGE school can become accredited TOURNEY SET next year. Dr. Morris Cierley, chairman HERE NEXT WEEK of a committee of educators The annual Whitesburg Invitawhich visited the high school last month, wrote Principal Jack tional Basketball Tournament will be held Friday and SaturBurkich: day, Dec. 15 and 16, In the "Your school has, many feaWhitesburg High School gymtures to recommend it, espenasium. cially the well trained and dedThe first night's games will icated faculty. Moreover, the pit Letcher against Cordia at committee noted the great im7 p. m. and Whitesburg against provements that have taken Fleming-Neo- n at 8:15 p. m. place not only since last year Winners of Friday night's conbut since the date of the visiting committee. This was especially tests will play in the tourney fiencouraging and you are to be nals Saturday night. There will commended for exercising the also be a consolation game, at 7 p. m. Saturday. kind of leadership that helped Admission to the tournament bilng about these improvewill be $1 for adults and 50 ments." cents for children. Cierley listed five recommenLeonard Morgan will serve as dations of the Southern Associascorekeeper, and Clyde Back tion Kentucky accreditation will be timekeeper, with Ed (Continued on Page 12) Moore as alternate. . long-hoped-f- or

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