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Image 3 of Kentucky mountaineer, September 13, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

JAMES 13. Kopubfican Comriittee. lho lollowing were sclec'ed ns RAIL ,,r .L . GOV; OF FCT : M'CbCARY. LIEUTENANTGOVERNOR STATE TREASURER THOMAS P. RHEA. AUDITOR HENRY BOSWORT1I. SECRETARY OF STATE C. P. CRECRL1U3. SUPT. PUBLIC INSTRUCTION JJARUUDAL': KAMLE1T. ATTORNEY GENERAL JAMES GARHETT. COMM'R OF AGRICULTURE J. W. NEWMAN. CLERK COURT OF Ai'PEALS R. I,. GREEN. UNITED STATES SENATORS V O.' BRADl LY OI.L1E M. JA.i'Eo., REPRESENTATIVE JOHN W. LAKGLEY. Circuit Court: First Monday iii January, May and September. W. II. D. W; Gardner, Judge; May, Com'th Attorney; A. II. Adams, Clerk; J. G. Arnett, Trustee of Jury Fund; W. P. Carpenter, Master Commissioner. County Court: On Fourth Mon-ila- y in each Month. Quarterly Court: Tuesday and Wednesday 'afUr Fourth ilonday in each Month. Tuesday after , Fiscal Court; Fjrst Monday in April and October. R. C. Salycr, Presiding Judge. County Omctrts. Judge-- R. Attorney-- W; C. Salycr. R. Prater. Reed. Sheriff-Rob- ert . ater Hous. LOCAL NEWS. rn torse nitf ii enfin lie.iiilo h n, d lie 'r,rrd up at II,? Vi&i. space tflicre tiii; pnr'riiit nnd lien nt llic dim 'if fv nnird ' tl i 'erfl over ihe xU'Tr 'I'p wall, 'mik'iij: iiit ttnsuli'tiin-ti- al i piint-I'i- l Iw, - 1 THE EDITOr. hiitkgiound for the slender form Mr. Mi vi le, tire : , K. t Hug r from fr lutlvi.s oi' this plnre. of n girl gowtird in gamy block. A pink roc nrttlcl in her bn.spr.i SrH Pet in it fnimp of lier fnir fnc-misty dark Iinir locked li!.-- nnotltft 1 l Piints-cmW nnd ' I f yon knew of the r al value of Cliam ierh i i,s Linimint for lame d .c'r, r.i rjnc s of thfinriHC-le- s atirain1? and rhutmintiti pal' s you wo.hI riuver vvi.ih lob wi h- imt it Ft r i ale :.t 1). Rath' A. KIRK. Uug Store. fromP ins 111 will rpe-kit- . iv a ' the cnirt ho iH ' S't. Sept. 11 nth Drop the Big Pandy Sunmary Sightseer Why do you call thU t I'aintsvil.o :. cai d for a catalog it you have clultlren to stmt "Aviation Inn?' school. to an Y' ought t' bco the flics Hufiis JUDG: ' J. j I around here in lumincr. Nuw York FECIAL JUDGE COMING. 0 lobe. girl, who win nccustomcd to the M b gin a Judge Comma'-.ndninge of men. special trrm of court here Sept. 30 "If jmi nrc Inci Clnire," ho hcgun Jnis term of c urt Roil-i- o .without prefnee, "I wn Juat utart-biHarvey was s.jnt to the n for you." Inez looked up. Jimmy did like- for aln.ot ng Kanawha X Pcni-tentua- wise. PairicU. r iijrrn;c ;ji I io Mnrtli.Vi? ilriry ws true I Tln5 fnir l'osamond of the picture hnd !ti)pcd down from her frame nnd eoirv to rvproiU'li him for what ? For Inlying her old home, of course, lie fold hiinelf m ho stand at her with faJcinnled eyes. All nt oneo ho realized that alio i a slnrlng hack at him in n fright- 'ned way. Her hand moved ! It Hew up to her while throat with ft gent urc of great fenr! If i.i pielurc was nlicl "I)on't ho friplilennl. 31 la ho heard him'elf Buying gently. "Oh I" eril-- the apparition, turning as rf to flee. "Please slay I thought you were " lie went on, :i ghnt or something still sitting there. "Old Martini luU been telling slorien to liie." The girl sighed audibly. "I apologize most humbly," she wiid in low, sneel voice I hat Ihrill-him. "Yr.a mint not blame old I begged her to let Hit? Mnitli.i come in for a few minules. Then? tu no light and wo thought you had ," nl We rnn Fave you morey o'. B.J. ELM e, fr :,fifuCJ ..r i'"'. ..... g , $2. REWARD er At-:..- h. THE PATHFINDER, 1 c tin. 0. L. Mulliken of Sardie, Ky. attended the Institute. WA N Fir?t Sutur-di.United Bapti ad following Sundav oi Few, if any, medicines, have each month. Jno. R. .C'auc'i i, nave met wMi the uniform suctastor. cess that, has attende 1 the use of M. E. Church, Sunday Sch o Chamberhnn's Colic, Cholera and nt 9:00 o'clock, preaching on 2m Didrrhota Bcmedy. The remar-icibl- e funday at 11 oclocl: and ever. guresof colicand diarrhoea L'unday night of each month. ..hich it haa effected in almost E. H. AtkeEO", Supt "of S. S. evety neighborhood have it Union Sunday School cv r iwidc reputation. For bale at fcj'inaay mo i i: g &i vu ni in Dr. Kashes Drug Store. School House. E. B. Arnetr. Spt TED! to ti.r .!4!r geuing OF pistir - ' "' )"' Church and Rtv, J. B. McClay subscribers. HEAVY VOLTAO row and (lie next dy and tlic licit, ii) iii Presiding Elder of this district, dO 111 We Can Sunderland n8 saying, "and nhen C2n Ve The Missionary Baptist Church "That doctor is a regi I bate been hero a sufficient numlier of this place has purchased tho if yOU Will ilClp. GlVe US of limes am going to ask you lo dynamo." "Yes; when I came reiidence of James Watson, op-- ! marry mo." r.tL Livery Sta-- j a llll. laughter with him. I myself liicr. liKikeil up then with posite E. B. Arnett'8 "her eyes. "I wonder bow many charged." ble, for the purpose of erecting , hi RalC-- $1.00 UCr year, 1 a-- p, n t . "Tlilj U evidently no plnce for rnc," llit latter u!l laughingly, nnd gone to bed.' (tladwiii arose and wheeled niioth-- it ypewiit'i inper and stat'eniry tlinusl to talk to the gardener. "Sun-derlocliair to the lire. He towd on nuro is struek," he imittcred of all kinds. Call at th" Moun-t.ii-ic- er Homo pine splintera and nnotlier log (O IlilllM'If. olhi-prices. and get ami turned to her wilh n charming Ell'ie Patrick is on the sick lis! li. ,1 i UIHII.-- ...i.'i. n jiiuuii, ij;estiuo of hospitality. vi.i nun . uii-ji La'-- 1 uiiaii.-iviElam has moved to . i "I inn Hue vou will rest litllo . ... i . ..I i .i u;, ycrsvillo.wlieiel.J wdl tnt.rthe , work, while," he cuid eourleoi.sly I "Oh, Ihank vou," she hedtated of Law. A swiftly hidden emotion passoil We are glad that Magoffin has and then tu'ept forward and wnk aerois Hie girl s fnco nnd she diJ not one merchant who is able and Into tho chair. xpeak for a moment. Finally she FOR SALE willing to Advertise in thecounty (Ihuluin kiw that fho was indect mules. I inked up and a nervous little laugh One p.ood pair of work oaper. We believe that you will llaeh mil blond, lie easily guessed accompanied her words. ave money by visiting M. Age five yenrn. "1'hat wug Is all that is left of a that flic must bu the daiiu'liler of I). M, ATKINSON. career of which I who had Dcem's stores at Sublett o once hnd fond that fair lio'iiuiond Diliv, Saly rsvillc, Ky. hope." lly lho way in which her elnpcd with her lover and dicpleascd Lakeville. t o ur One giiod spun mule fingers earerined the music Sundcr- - ber htern parent. "I am ltoniinond Mnllory," said ye.iH olil, Sixteen nam" n g". hmil knew that something very dear B. J. the girl with a quick upward look at best of (unities. had been taken from her life. ATTO R N EY.AT.L A W SALYERSV1LLE, KY. Foi-- f rth.r in formation call on; "lly mother ustnl to sing that the portrait of her mother now visW.dt r II. May .Salyirsville, Ky. fong, mid when 1 found it in n nec- - ible in tho c.imttv light tiladwin had "Today is my birthday I bought It and produced. ll shop Miss L'lla Perkins of Haz'l If r. A.bima bna in. Mra . rMtitiil mt iintun fin it " ho ex- - and I wanted to come back to the Green is visiting the Instltut plained to her. "1 went to tho stu-i- ll old homo and look at her picturo this week. at Winelii-stcr- . tlrandiiiollior does io? ami found that you hnd gone. Just once more, nbo would lm horrified I wanted to Iracu you uud auk ymi lo now know . Prof. L. C. Penix, who taught No more ten defti subscribers !(,,,, n i,,,., nng niicnt a at tuch an net. She doesn't tinder- mc t Chattuioog.t last year, at'"omeiit, tlien sbo looked upj - laiid how I l about it. I never !.',. ..V.' brown knew my mother, but I love her tended the Institute. Sunderland's ... v i: " i iiiii u inn; ii l iu iiiwi iiviiiwi i her. There wan memory so dearly.' I'H 1 IIAt.'IJ v ir.onth, Put ow itt ten cents I Ilmlu-li- i a mi-illnifiien. Tie. soini'lliliLg An e th'it hai riitl mnrf.t i 'g t' th'! extra Ir uble in kecj)-n- g conlidemo. there Unit poJbjd for her should in time become popular, iiiirliiptf.iwiiY llin viMirnlliif fn the ft :u t on f a year v. e liato not for n jenr," .nut Iwi j 0 Teat-ucisthecac with Cham-- ! ' iiavc ch e.dcd lo r ra your menu s10"Iloll, lJlM- - jEiing aisiunlly at mother ha. ids and mother heart ti UxiM Remedy baa h"on asamp'ecopy rutin r than titko a my singing and of'vni pell learn upon. wni ftrce.l lo 1 M i. ill tnil. ft 1 iattested by manydealers. He-o- ' en cent .stilsc intion. everything 1 bail. The songs, eten, in, jiu n.iii. j, For t'io same reason wn sluil bud lo go. That is how you happen lit,., t.l.iin.iul nl litin mtil L'limv llir .ion Mif ciem. H. W. Hendriek chargi's xi y co- ts for ix mould In bavo found this one." Shu smiled I... t ,.dhv.. nil ..,,v I ion, Ohio Falls, I n d . , w.-ite-s and th'rty live c nt-- i for three half wistfully; then her laugh you lo t me nil this, and now, Chamborlian'.s Co'jgh Rsm-d- y u, ca.-tl- i in on h changed to reality. "Hut I hava not Mm will honor mo by remain! the best fir cough", colds at d til of coune. It pays j on failed with my viclcfn." IICIU ill! IUIJU US tllll IIIVUTV, I j :rovp. and is mv best sller. well a i us t) sub .crib.j no "Hut joti will sing for mo?" Sun- wnd Martha to vou at once." For ."ale at Dr. Cashes D.--ui . is year at a time. derland's oleo was half entreaty, store. pink llesh and blooil jialm that; half commaniL Deal witii ourAdvcrniseia. "If you can stand n very rusty oered in his own largo grasp. se If you noed an iitt'irti'-l fhfiiik vnli sIiiimi-iu- . Air. 11 voice I will bo elad to," Iiiex our professional elurnn agrtrd and fell sudilenly very glad win," fho paid simply. "I am A reward of two dollars will that poiiiiomi bad commanded her to grauilmollier will ho glint to r be paid to the finder of one black sing. A peculiar emotional icuw you; of eonrse, ..." on know it bur bag3 tl at wrs lo: t pair of i., l,... !.,,( had tolcn jnnscisiou of hor. rfbc in jiiiik null iiiu iiii iiiiiw, iiiiv I 'ast Monday betw en did not know whether it wax (In- diircrenlly now that I havo -Ivjtnn. Saddh' lings co' sight of her own rang hack again or vou." lained one quart whisU'jvn? mr One of Amcricii'f) Ucsl uhclher It was Sunderland. l'ou nro very good," uiiirir aniH, and one shirt. Finder in'l A critic would liato known that llbidwln as ho bent out her I Weekly Newspapers, $1.00 keep the whiskey and return th the fi'rl' was. not olio for pub - , "homo day when .Mrs. Dill is ai , . . . i i.i ........ i., other tii ticl s to the Mountabiee Per Year. i n sikh-hs- . nut io n " i.... i .:,i office and get reward. was tho limit wonderful music (but rairlawn." AND When ho'left the room Rosi had ever Issued from a tomiitiV The owner will call at this offthrout. Aside from luvlng wiin- - was looking at the portrait ice for these bags. PATHFINDER dcred suddenly into the low world mother with the same, tende ho was carried away by tho fumiJiur mat mo pumica iiosamonu COAL AND TIMBERED BOTH ONE YEAR V01 $1.50. air of tbu tvong and lho fairy legend "poii her daughter. Ho found a badly frit of lho words. He win back at Ids Land For Sale. mother's side and she was singing Martha lingering outside th to him. Knid Valentino had gone hut when he reassured her a sub-soriFive hundred acres of coal and ' Your neighbor out of Mi lifo and Inez Clalro bad. her into the librury witli n timbered kind. icirexiiiiieiiin jor wiu uueiiiei for tho Mountain- - entered in. i One seven vein solid coal grateful v a I... I,w,t..l nn . Iii. ' ilnr.. she smilcil o , ji ............ I i.. ?j within one fourth mile from COr. ii nOGUS n.l inereniier was ilevoiwl U anil WB v alone In tbu tiny riwm and Ine NC ...... i. . i itt i Licking River, Other nine miniums oiuci . in n out among inc vioieis. ou.iuer- land near the River. lamo true. Into his lonely ii38D him. Will yOU nOlp laud mn and followed her. In.,! nil fill lnv.i alnpv For further Slio did not look up from Ihe ...i.iin a ' him? mm: her. painted lady in the pictti ii( when he stood on or address S. S. us in or B. J. Elam. If yzu will do thi you will but went on cutting. A (lush played U'lulerlv down unon Ii limit" Salyersville, Ky profit by it ns well as we. aUmt her checks and she longed for wife, Ifofamond, and their and upon tho white-hai- rs Jjmny I)aIo (o wuw M (,iut ,n uncertain of he- mother, who back ir t Rev. John B. Cayton has bfen The more subscriber the bet- - H(lllj homo to partako or tliclr I of tho M. E. ater paper. Our goal is 1,0C0 self. appointed Jiungry go to tin CHANGE County'Foaid of Educat'on. VENUE. Division 1. Morton Salycr, " 2. - B Jrnett Howard, " 3. " Ern and. Clarence, Arne t W. S. Wheckr, R. C. Minix who were indicted for " 1. Scott Howird, murder of Lee Patrick this " P. 15. S. Patrick, , " t. . rm of court, was tiansfr-sBruc" S'ful us, to Montgomery county and tb.3 Morltu Arnett Smith Super- cose was set for the January term. intendent Cbairmanex-offici- i. writ- Snlyrii-vi'- . Read the Mountaineer. Dr. W. C. Conr.ellcy. Surveyor C. C. Craft. that i ish and Game Warden Dr. R. Remmberthiitv-fiv- the Mountainc cents foi eer is no C. Adams. threi monti , n'xy cenU foi si:: mm Uis and one dollar l ei ; MAGlSTKATL'a COURT. yt ar in aiivance. ( First District -- Shepherd Cole, 1st Monday in each month on Tuesday following at Boone Hoskins was taken to Middle Fork. Louisville Monday wh re he wil ; Second District L. C, Bailey, unde'go an operation lor appen1st Saturday in each month. dicitis. Vano-ve- r, Third District-Sun- ny 2nd Monday of each month. Running up and dovvu stair.--, Ira C. Bailey, , Fourth District Tuesday after 2nd Monday in jwcepingand binidiug over mak-nbeds will not make a woman Cole, nealthy or beantiful. Sne mu. i Fifth District-Wall- ace tret ou of dooiv, walk a mile oi 3rd Monday in each month. t.vo every day and take Cham-berl- a n'a Tjbils to impro- e he. Salyersvill Police Court Sec'd Monday in each month, James digestion and regulate her bowels.. For sale at Dr. Cashc-Diu-g Prater, Judge. Store. S. H. Mann, Town Marshal. Town Truste- e- E. B. Arnett, Misses Fanny and Chairman. Myrtle Patrick, and Messrs. Em V. J. Patrick. Dr. E. II. on, Fred Prater and W. A. ory Stiphen3, Wal'er Carpenter, Hj zelrig:;. and Henry Arnett left Mondr.j for Berea where they will atunu LODCi: DIRECTORY, acho.'l. 1'. & A. M. Frid.y n glit en t bcljre full moon in dch m nU I am now stocking up on no Satwdtj .. I. 0. 0. F. Ev-r- y gooas. For tock bottom prices night. on nuat, lard, flour, meal, and K, 0. T. M, Second imd fouitl other groceries call o n J. S. Monday n;git of caeii m nth. Fletcher. Your patronage soFirr,t and thi-i I. 0. R. M. licited. Thursday nights of each t, i 1 o, ,Coroner-- CHURCH BELLS. . tu-sis- FOR SALE. - atSal-yersvill- I'akoii,'gbT bo rT" under a Norn d- - pui'ii'.'icd, p .'mtslw ti rc t put you real-- ii do a' well as your .uu n ;J. t nH :.our letters. Any pe von dps'ritijf 'o t n' lho credioi t.f . the itn c Ci will ha ch ui diiu of tltH iaM UiM'r tontnbtition to the Sicwi.iy, Era. D. W. (vud r. 1;. 1 Pi Treasurer B. W. Iliggins. Circuit Clerk - A. II. Adams. County Clerk F. C. Lacy. Supt. Schools--- Martha U, Arnctt. Jailor Henry Bro'-n- . .Assessor Willie Kcetcn. . i.Jra W A. '' c.i t!i Committeemen for Mngiffin county last Saturday:The Bis Sttdy rnd !' n'iv , Salyersvilte. Railway Co. witn $1U0,00'J. c Fio.vd Bailey, tpi J. W. Wheeler. Flat Fork. tal itoc' were filed in tho office Cau'tlill, Willie State Road of the Secre ary of State on Spt Lloyd Adam- -, Ivy ton. 9th. The road h to extend 31 Lee Pa'ricV, Meadows. milts through Johnson, Magoffin Frankl:n Patton, Lakeville. nnd Breathitt co.inties, starting John M. Dunn Middle Fork. nt Stafford's Station on the C. LroBajG, jand 0. R. R., thence upJennis'-C- . S. C. Allen, Atkeson ok via Ivyto , (!un Creek, There wan no meetings hole Oakley Cieek, Have' For, in 1 precincts. -. If you die, get mnrriid, leave Spiin; Fork, to Hill Sit- The iiirorportstors a e J .hn T. Adams the county, get pick or do anyof Co'umbu Ohio, L. N. Davis thing that is of interest to the W. Dawkiii3, T. N. Fannin at d public call us up, PHONE 21, or George B. Martin. write us. The Salyosvllle Gas Co; - Is JURY COMMISSIONERS. now layinar a p'pe 'ine trom their Jesse Borders, Les Hisgins, wells on Burning Fork to this and N. P. Snlyer, Hppoiiited hj Judge Gardner at the June tern of Court, wi:l be responsible for. The implicit c mfideuse 'hat the juries fur the next twelvi .nany people have in Chamber- lins Cilic, Cholctaand Diarrhoea months. f?omal(.j ia fmtniln.l nn tlinir nv. perience in the use of that reme-b- y and theia knowledge of the On account of the recent higl nviny remarkable cuivs of colic, water of Slate Road fork, threatening man dwellings inSalycrs-vill- diarrhoea anil dy.sentary that it elfecued. Fur wile at Dr. I have decided to sell somt has building lots that are high nu. Kashes Diug Stoie. d'-nnd out of all dangf.r of high Did you know that you were vatr. They are located near Magoffin judged bv the stationery thai Institue. For the choicest lot you use? With twenty sizes of in Salyeisville apply at once t( the newest and lattst styles of type, as well as seveial hundred S. S. Elam. pounds of ruled and unruled paper and envelopes, a pood job If ou want to leave K nluckj prcsH l ink that cost $1 50 ot ns know. We'll said you ti the Mountaineer office is Florida. equipped to do all kinds of job Ifjo'iget OUR GUARANTEE. jov V'r rroHui'oe t" men j tf t'nia pap.r c nt :i t L Hon' thm rh bud ing. NEWS. j EDWARD J. M'DERMOTT. . ROAD i ' ( days'will l iiflioient ?" lic rnuseiJ.

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