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Image 72 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 23 (1949-1950)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

68 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Advertising Sequence ` Stand ‘ Colle; JUNIOR YEAR SENIOR YEAR Ed _ Courses Crs. Courses Crs._ uc· Journalism 100a 3 Journalism 114 3 desjgj Journalism 101 3 Journalism 103 3 f . Joumalism 109 2 Journalism 105 2 OUUC Journalism 111 3 Journalism 106 3 Oppor Art 29 (Advertising Art) 2 Journalism 108 3 'Commerce electives 6 Journalism 115 3 T 'General electives 15 Journalism 123 _ S “Conimerce electives 0 leads ‘General electives 6 the H 34 32 worki Minimum required for the degree, 134 credit hours. to fu _ Stude R.adio—J0urna11sm Sequence quam JUNIOR YEAR SENIOR YEAR are d Courses Crs. Courses Crs. Those Joumalisrn 100a, 100b 6 Journalism 114 3 Journalism 101 2 Journalism 150 2 select Political Science 173 3 Journalism 105 2 ’Speech, English electives 6 Journalism 123 3 'Radio-Arts electives 6 Journalism 127 3 'General electives 9 *Speech, English electives 6 °Radio-—Arts electives 6 *General electives 9 E 34 P Minimum required for the degree, 134 credit hours. V€1‘Slt with 1 PRE-LAW COURSES Dlétio l Two years of college credit (exclusive of certain specific courses) with _ _U a minimum standing of 1.3 on all work attempted will be required for fessm admission to the College of Law, Students expecting to enter the College COHEE of Law later are advised to lay special emphasis on English, history, eco- hours nomics, accounting, political science, and psychology, see page 16. and 9 Depai LIBRARY SCIENCE gmdu quirer The University provides professional education for librarianship through R the Department of Library Science of the College of Arts and Sciences. ment This Department is accredited by the American Library Association, the Of thi only training agency so accredited in Kentucky. 'I'he Department also is Of a I accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. thesis An acute nation—wide shortage of librarians, estimated at 18,000 by the to dei American Library Association, provides unusual opportunities for qualified his fi· men and women entering the profession. Recognizing its responsibility for , T preparing librarians for various levels of service in schools, colleges and Sem ‘ universities, and public libraries, the Department offers training on both all bgs undergraduate and a graduate level. StL:u£E' ei The undergraduate curriculum, leading to a bachel0r’s degree, may be to one taken during the junior and senior years. Intended primarily for the educa- course tion of school librarians, this program gives the training required for cer- tification by the Kentucky State Board of Education and also meets the ' All electives taken in junior and senior years must be chosen from courses NOT open to freshmen.

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