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Image 59 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 23 (1949-1950)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

. . g ARTS AND SCIENCES 55 l in such a course, or a paper representing part of the work must be read , , before the staff of the department. A copy of this paper must be filed in Jose —, the office of the head of the department concerned. Dles I Independent work courses are defined by their larger scope, wider con- Bio- ` tent, advanced point of view, and by a more rigorous demand of reading, .ini- — writing, and thinking. cted J ntic ; Credit for Beginning Foreign Languages ni? A passing grade in the first semesters work of a beginning modern 8 foreign language will not entitle the student to credit for that course until _?;1y he has gained a passing grade in the second semester's work. )€?“ Classification in Foreign Languages ed ’ a. The student who presents one unit of high school foreign language ` ` will be permitted to enroll in first year work for full credit. mm ‘ b. The student who presents two units of high school foreign language 3 in Q will be permitted to enroll in first year work, but will receive credit only Swag ; if he makes at least a B standing in this course. . c. No student whose native language is other than English, and who V? has had formal instruction in schools of his own country, may be permitted _ to take elementary, intermediate, or conversation courses in that language. logy. — Ger- j Electives in Other Colleges 7 itical ; The student is permitted to elect and count toward graduation courses 0Ci0· in the other colleges of the University not to exceed 30 credits. Credits in u1‘S€S 2 the other colleges gained during the junior and senior years may, if not HSM j open to freshmen, be coimted on major and field requirements. However, 2 GX- I election of law courses by Arts and Sciences students is limited by the fol- these . lowing regulations: S EX' Students having the major part of their work in law must in all cases register in part. the College of Law. , Seniors registered in the College of Arts and Sciences, and by reason thereof carrying at least one-half of their work therein, may take as many as 8 credit hours ' of law during a semester selected from the following courses: Contracts, Torts, Agency, i Crimes, Property I and II, Constitutional Law, Taxation, Municipal Corporations, Pub- lbbct V lic Utilities, and such other law courses as the Dean of the College of Law may approve. J _ Students registered in this college who are not seniors may take work in the )l€t€d L College of Law only on securing the consent of the Dean of the College of Law. gg in ‘ Students taking the combined six-year Arts-Law course must, before taking up _ we ;_ law subjects, complete the first three years of Arts and Sciences work including all ini; · subjects required for the degree in this College. d e- _ d0¤€· Residence Requirements Bhem Q A minimum of 30 of the last 36 credits presented for the degree must $· be completed in residence at the University. The last 15 credits of residence , work must be completed while registered in the college through which the Wap . degree is granted. lgisttfr ~ Extension and Special Examination We ls A maximum of 32 credits, taken by extension, special examination, or _°z“r _· b0th, may be counted toward the baccalaureate degree. Not more than ht 0 _ half of the credits required for the major may be gained by extension, mm; , Special examination, or both. wor .

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