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Image 57 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 23 (1949-1950)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

ARTS AND SCIENCES 53 in cg Generically Related Fields its = The college recognizes four general fields of generically related subject La, matter: th is 1. Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts This field includes Ancient Languages and Literatures, Art, English its Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Journa- lism, Library Science, Music, Philosophy, Radio Arts, and Romance Languages and Literatures. 2. Social Studies ` This field includes Anthropology, Archaelogy, Commerce, Economics, n Education, Geography, History, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology (social phases), Social Work, and Sociology. , 3. Physical Sciences _ This field includes Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, As- ,4 tronomy, Military Science, and Physics. ° 4. Biological Sciences _ This field includes Anatomy, Physiology, Agriculture (biological phases), we _ Anthropology (biological phases), Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry (bio- Of ._ logical phases), Hygiene, Public Health, Physical Education, Psychology the · (biological phases), and Zoology. mp l Courses outside of the formal field of concentration may be included bed in the required 40 credits on approval of the adviser and the dean. . If the student elects a generically related field he is required to gain ly- at least 15 of his required 40 credits in a department which he chooses as `ied his major. ’n· . The dean and head of the major department will appoint an adviser Sts, t for each student of the Upper Division. This adviser is to have general te;-I ` oversight of the student’s work and especially of the content of the field md _ of concentration. 1cY- During the last semester of the sophomore year, the student’s program g of concentration is to be worked out for the entire two years by the student and his adviser, and when approved by adviser and dean is filed in the deans office and constitutes a part of the student’s requirements for grad- _ uation. Alterations in this plan may later be made if they are approved ‘ by the adviser and the dean. Um- ` A minimum of 6 credits is required as a prerequisite for a major in any · be { department. As a general rule the prerequisites are to be acquired while SEG, the student is registered in the Lower Division. two ‘ In order to avoid working a hardship upon students who wish to secure ’ teachers’ certificates, it is provided that, if necessary, 6 credits in Educa- »s. 1 tion may be included in the 40 credits of the concentration field, in fields » other than Social Studies. A student electing a combination course in Arts and Medicine, Den- °"°° ‘ tlstfy or Law, is required to cemplete twenty credits in his concentration I field, before transferring to the professional school. -‘ l

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