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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 7, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

f f f I t- lbair > I > VOLUME JOST Ntt COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY S WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7 1904 NUMBER 4 OMER T riCNDALL DEAD A SAD SITUATION the enforcement of the law WeI fewer still He slipped quietly in and more quietly out After his years of During the campaign the Bal know ofno city where there Omer T Kendall a printer in Mr W H Wilson will be in the employ of the John P Mor- timore Sun contained the follow greater demand for such action absence Mr Carlisle appears among POSTMASTER JJoRUSSELL JR DEPUTY POSTMASTER the Louisville market this week ton Company dropped dead at ing editorial which furnishes Gambling is going on in all pacts his old friends returns to the proud w M WILXORE Prop of the city the prostiute flaunts state that had given him her highest Once hours week days 7Z0 a m to 930 P m Tom Marcum of Wayne coun- noon today while setting type much food for reflection official honors for the purpose of forc Kentucky If an end is not put to the her same upon the principal ing social equality upon them Of Gradyville ty was here the first of the week He was seated on his stool plac DIRECTORY the saloons are kept open ing type in the stick The drop practice of corrupting voters theS C C Holt of Russell county ping of the stick to the floor at United States will soon have theC Sunday in direct violation of course he is paid a liberal feeno fee HERE Is no betttr place to stop sessions a yearThird en route to tracted the attention of an em con be too large for work such as that T third Monday in May and was here Tuesday Monday in January than at the aboved named hotel evil distinction of possessing thet law and so is the variety the third Monday in September Green county but after aU is said the fact remains God sample rooms and a firstclassploye Mr Kendalls head had most venal electorate i n the atre The men who are under Circuit JudgeIL C Baker Mr W O Pile who got the dropped upon his case He was world The r e is scarcely a taking the task of reforming that Mr Ca lisle comes to his native- I 1e Rates very raasonatile Feed Commonwealths AttorneyA A nuddlertoattached fingers cut off his left hand sev- breathing heavily He was placed doubtful state in which there Louisville have Augean stables to s te to force the coeducation of the W Miller nSheriffF Circuit ClerkJ F Neat eral weeks ago was in town yes- on the floor and Dr Vance was are not large numbers of electors clean but the moral people of white and black races at Berea college terday summoned Before the arrival whose ballots are for sale to the Kentucky regardless of politics an institution that was a blot on the First Monday In each month CoUNTY CoURT HOTEL fair name of Kentucky and that had pf the physician Mr Kendall highest bidder It is this class to are with them in their efforts JudgeT A Murrell Mr T B Mills and wife Leb been wiped out by the legislature of County Attorney Jas Garnett Jr which the practical polician ad E Town News anon visited the family of MrI died AND RESAURANT Clerk R stmtMr Kendall went to work as dresses himself Their votes VDCIOUSLY ASSAULTED ny NEGRO the state so far as the intermingling W R R Myers several days of sJallerJ L P Conover two races on terms of educationof the usual this morning and seemed in count for as much as the votes of last week Assessor L W Burton perfect health It is thought the wisest and best men in the Mr Ruben Satterfield propre al and social equality was concerned SurveyorR T McCairee Mr J H Dice and wife left that death was due to heart community The price paid them etor of the noted Satterfield farm It is for this purpose and this alone School SuptW D Jones M o1s at all Hours CJnfortablo Texas their future home trouble M Coronerc for their venality has been stead- on Barren river in Allen county that Mr Carlisle returns to The Old Routs Location opposite Depot yesterday The best wishes of Mr Kendall was born sixtysix ily rising in successive campaigns was the victim of a brutal and Kentucky Home In CrrT CounT Regular court second Monday their friends go with them D i LLS OLD STAND years ago at Salem Ind He They constitute now a perma vicious assault by one of his farm It were better that Mr Carlisle had each montMr John S Kinnaird and fam- served in the Civil Var in the nently venal class and their votes hands named Goose Austin a never been born than to have come to CU G EubankhJudgcJas f Adair and adjoining counties ily of Red Lick Metcalfe counIThirteenth Indiana Volunteers as have to be reckoned with in every negro last Thursday moning the land of his birth on an errand such AttomeJGordon Montgomery respectfully solicited MarshaLG T Flowers removed to Somerset the first a Federal soldier After the war election The vote of the clergy about 7 oclock as this Kentuckians have forgiven of this week Mr Kinnaird takes he moved to Owensboro Ky and man the professional business The assault occurred in what is him many offenses but for this they DIRECTORY CHURCH oneAcharge of the branch office of the founded the o wens bolo Exam man the student the mechanic known as the Horse Shoe Bend will never forgive him Let him go PRESBYTERIAN Cumberland Grocery Co in that iner the first paper published at the clerk the on the Satterfield farm about back to the east where money counts farmerindeed of Rev w C Clemens city BUREFSVILLE STREET ttorneysAtLaw that place Three years ago he any honest man with convictions three miles from the dwelling for aU let him sit among the white pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in j Mr J D Walker and family came to Eouisville and accepted on political issuesmay be offset There is only one witness a white men and the black men of New York each month SundaySehoolllt 9 n m every Sab KENTUCKY bath Prayermeetlng every Wednesday night who are soon to become residents a position with the John P Mor- by the ballot of a man who hawks man and he did not see the be where there is no color line The JA 1ESTOWk1 will be given a ton Company He is survived by his vote around and sells it to the ginning of it When he first saw friends of his youth and his riper years of Columbia METHODIST i Good people a widow who was Miss Lucy Cal purchaser who can afford to pay the trouble Mr Satterfield was want no more of him The Carlisle of paStor cordial greeting Bum V1LLE STREETRev F E Lewia Services first and third Sundays in each month Will practice in tirolying on the ground and the negro the long ago is dead the reconstructed continue to come and the popula- vin of Owensboro and three most for it SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 n m prayer tion of Columbia continues to childrenMrs P A Evans Miss ocurts in this and ad meeting Thursday night That there is some buying of was standing over him with a big and resurrected Carlisle is damned grow Fay Kendall and Omer C Ken votes joining counties there can be no question stick The man called to some Glasgow Times BAPTIST dall pastor but let us hope that it is not done other hands working nearby and 0 GREENSBURG STREETReVJ P Scruggs SCHOOL MONEY DUE Coroner Kelley was summoned on such wholesale manner as the when the negro saw them coming First and third Sundays in each month Sunday i dialattention given collections School every Sabbath at 9 n m Prayermeeting The remains were taken to the foregoing Sun editorial would in he ran away and has not been All persons that have subscribed to a0 Tuesday night residence of Mrs P A Evans dicate At one time the selling seen since although he is said to the building of the AT COST AT COST CHRISTIAN with whom he made his home of votes was the principal feature be hiding near Austin in this Training School are earnestly requested WHAT IS INSIDE OF sellMILLINERYWe are now to come forward and settle without fur PIKEW P Wright pastor CAYPBELLSILLE The funeral will take place to of English elections It is said countyMr TIlE WORLDS PAIR ther delay as the entire subscriptions Third and Fourth Sundays in rServices FirSundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 ing our hats at cost Come and morrow from the residence Slatterfield was carried to are now due and interest will be charg each month get a bargain that one man spent as much as A4D now TO SEE lr AT TilE a a m Prayermeetine Wednesday night The abov is frome Wednesdays 100 to buy a seat in the House his home unconscious and physi ed on further delay So attend to the MRS TIM BRADSHAW LEAST EXPENSE cians were summoned An eX matter at once as we are going to set Louisville Times of last week of Commons but in these later MISS EFFIE BRADSILIW LOnOES early the matter d Twoyeas ago the deceased was a days the bad habit has almost aminanon disclosed a serious tleThe balance at andue is date yet a little over The Henderson Route has gotten upMASONIc The following real estate chang resident of Columbia and was as fallen into disuse Let us hope fracture of the skull the only 457 and is now offering for free distribution CoLUMBIA LoDGE No PG F and A lL1tcsnlnr sociated with Judge H C Baker that an improvement will be made dangerous wound but there were Pay to N M TUTT Treasurer Monday Russell a very complete and valuable booklet meeting In their hail over bank on Friday night ed hands last great black bruised places on his By order of LOCAL EXCT BOARD month descriptive of what is inside and what on or before the lull moon in each Murrell conveyed to Jo F Pate in the publication of the Specta in this country in this regard Gordon Montgomery W M Li outside or the Worlds Fair and how JU son trio house and lot in Colum- tor In the last year he was fre- Anyway it is not so bad as the body where the negro had sliruck James Garnett Jr Secretary to see it at the least expense FOR SALE him Friday night the physi quently met by Mr J E Mur Sun makes out meets Friday bia known as the Nell property CoLuaiBIA CHAPTER R A IL No 7 The booklet contains informatien cians removed several pieces of An improved town lot in Middleburg Horace JCffrius II P Talmage Smith sold rell of this office and upon etch night after lull moon for 1050 new store and a 3000 stock of such value that aid prospective visitors W w Bradshaw Secretary the mans skull and trephined Ky one merchandise occasion Mr Kendall expressed his residence on Greensburg All new and to St Louis should have a copy Scarcely a week passes that we General How to reach the Fair Grounds upon to J D Flowers for 1200 Mr a desire to return to Columbia and do not hear of the launching of a the wound but Mr Satterfield convenient out bnildings an extra good THE Smith will remove to Texas and here end his days Four months new battleship with its huge has not yet regained conscious wellnever goes dry Will sell reasona arrival in St Louis how to get around address the grounds to the best advantage the Mr Flowers will remove to Co- ago this office wrote him to come guns destructive machinery of ness and the chances in favor of ble Call on or C L PRUETT most economical plan for touring the lumbia J D Flowers conveyed but our letter failed to reach him all kinds accommodations for Exposition things of importance to see Middleburg Ky Casey Co farm on Butlers Fork to He is kindly remembered by many hundreds of men and officers and in St Louis together with many other valuable pointers regarding a trip or Tom Hughes for 3800 J D of our citizens costing several millions of dolMARKET COLUMBIA Grinds Feed Wood this nature are only some of the many Walker bought of his son Allen lars The object and only object JIR CARLISLE COMES HOME points covered in this complete booklet REPORTED BY SASS LEWIS ButtertRuns Cider Mills the Sid Barbee property fpr 3 INTEGRITY AnOVE PARTISANSIllP of a battleship is to destroy to Itis conceded even by his enemies It is something you should have be The unanimous opinion of the kill to menace other nations We 000 Mr Walker will remove to Cream Freezers Runs Ice fore planning your Worlds Fair trip that the Hon JG Carlisle is the ablest Wool Grease clean 21 Murrell Court of Appeals in the Brad would like to hear occasionally Russell Columbia and can be Kentuckian produced in a generation Washed Wool 2h L J Irvin obtained by addressing Mr General Passenger Agent sold Mr Garvin of Cumberland burnGalloway contest from War- by way of contrast of The launch 22 all that he lacked of true greatness was Beeswax Henderson Route Louisvill Ky county a building lot for 200 ren county coming after the reign ing of some great merchant stea New 44 Old 10 to 30 omission that was as Feathers 5 It is located on St Clair Avenue of partisanship which in many mers to carry to distant lands the backbonean as it is to every human HIdes Green fatal to him 10 + C M WISEMAN instances has extended to the ju surplus crops raised by our busy Hides Dry SOl I + In an evil being similarly affected All difference between the diciary itself is real refreshing 45C It is hour Mr Carlisle sat himself up in Ginseng Chickens and industrious farmers G United States and Panama have to honest and fairminded men re Spring 6 Secre gardless of political opinion This pleasanter to read about holds judgment against the home people that Old Hens been settled amicably carry thousands of had made his politioal fortunes and the tary Taft issued an executive case in which the Circuit Judge adapted to millions of bushels of grain political party that had prompted him Guinea Eggs order and signed it for President ship was involved was according cattle 2ia and all the other products of this to leadership Ice was ground in the Dried Apples to to the opinion of Roosevelt which was assented 411 Yellow Roots the Court or Ap teeming land of ours Lets have 20 dust of an overvhelmning public opir May Apple in a letter by President Amapor- peals the most flagrant case of surcease of battleships for ion humiliated disgraced and practiRuns Cream Separators of Panama Among other things tampering with the ballots after a This report will be submitted more of the I Runs Printing Presses It is true that I for revision wekly cally driven from home provided for in the order are the the count was made that there awhile and some and other machinery of the customs re has been any record of in the agencies of peace and civiliza fortune has favored him in New York turning over JEWELERS and OPTCIANS r and that he is now a reputed millionaire State The face of the returns tionExNews He Is Running the Pres to fix pumps Dealers In Diamonds and Precious Stows Panoma agrees showed a majority for Galloway are the best friend ment of Panama the South is to the but the old friends This Paper to reduce her tariff from 15 per the Republican candidate Brad and Mr Carlisle in New York is a lone Tinwork Woodwork and all kinds effect that though the fields are attention given to work and he was a It costs nothing to keep when no burn the Democrat filed a contest white with cotton the farmers are ly man just as in Kentucky ot repairing a speCIalty all ordersot goods In our line 132 West aU there is working It costs from 1 to 2 cents pe and demanded that the ballot box in need of help to pick it Good marked one Money is not Market between 1st and 2nd For particulars between the canal zone and the es in certain precincts in Warren prices are offered to pickers but in life If it were then God help an Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing hour when working OposlteMuslcHrepublic of Panama and the gold county should be opened and the call on or address to do your buggy I am prepared the demand exceeds the supply humanityBut aliLOUISVILLE EENTF Z standard shall be put into effect ballots counted This was done Meantime in every southern vil Carlisle has come home repairing on short notice Co FairbanksMorse There was no blare of trumpets around MATER STREET LOuATION Pearson Bartleson of Wayn and showed a difference of sev lage and city are healthy and GOING TO THE WORLDS FAIR 519 W Main Street his return There were few welcoming county bought of Frank Wag etal hundred votes from the cer strong idle men and women who WADE H EUBANK KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE AT hands and there ought to have been last Monday a pair of tificates that were signed by the are complaining that they can w F JEFFRn SON Agts goner for 325 J S Oatts sam Perhaps e find no employment mules JAS O LEWIS county bought a horse of Terry Court of Appeals in reversing this means no employment that WOODSON LEWIS Judge Osborne and deciding in they are willing to do Many Pedigo for 150 favor of Galloway declared that people want easy jobs in other r The total vote cast in Kentucky stamps on a number of ballots words to earn their money with FURS I f CAHESI at November election 435565 had been made opposite Judge as little work as possible But ARE NOW RECEIVING Democratic majority in the State Bradburns name and that the all those who are willing to take 11893 J marking event showed a different cold at any thing that comes Kan W EPDtEMAN HENRY ROUt6 i 4D8W MARKET STLOUISYILLEK A W Pedigo Glasgow bough- t ink from what had been used ne dy may find jobS of various kinds help may on farms that unskilled THE LINE THAT IS here county court four cotto SOLE AGENT FOR MILLERS HATS Of course the lazy and mules at an average of 90 per Court it was a clear case of an at do SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS tempt to steal the election after worthless the professionally idle COMFORTABLEBEYOND t head COMPLETE LnIEJ01INB STETSOtfHATS the returns had been made out the tramp element wont work at Messrs J S Stapp and 1and a bungling case at that W- e an But there is no excuse in Advertise in the Newt Cabbell will conduct a singing at are partisan when it comes to this country for any man remain if Zion the third Sunday in this politics and for our fellows until ing idle long if he is of the right WILL INCREASE month the election is over then we are makeup and dispositionEx YOU R BUSINESSS of Rev Ben will not begin a pro for the candidate to have the ALL H O M E PRINT Two candidates one in Callo fine who received the majority of tracted meeting at Milltown un the votes and opposed to any at way and the other in Woodfords til Monday night Dec 12 2100 tempt to falsify the returns W e have died since the early prima e Christmas tree at the Christion believe in all cases and under all xies in these counties and in con KENT NOTICE church Monday night of the holi circumstances that honesty should sequence there will have to be t tEARENOW READY TO DO ANY RIND primary elections to nominate be put above partizanshipE W os hakamithing horaeeNoeln- and w Ora days their successors We are already Town gy vcT1L as of Buggy Carriage and Wag rt siii Terry bought two horses a arc also prepared to apply Re ai having one bf the fruits of the a tA8K p i ti4londay at 90 and 165absurd idea of nominating candi XUBBERTIREIi = LJallptB + ly atgood dates a year before the election changing l1rTen car loadsof the celebrated MILBURN WAGON Also Gao L GARRETt stock of the best maternal aradw t1 have 250 bok of corn for sal elptices y or feU l If you wan We offer bargains t the Tray PassrAgt k done rd our shop rs guacan furnIsh any style lmggyondem pot come and see or write to loea t S fin itteidp andpriaw Remember the place T beM h gnat civic movemen t peJp Ie OiGree and adjoining coup illiamWu s iMelai rTuttI llaltsUIe WOODSON L Greensbur Ky uisYlll c toseeurv ssJ r1 fr > M PERSONAL MENTION OFFICE DIRECTORY I Wilmore Hotel ICOURT sle RINTON 1 I Kv LSbanon Russellj Jrj Etone 0 Local News F i StI JackofallTrades I i rSaws meagerGlasIgow IiShens HE Eggs1S lId Governs 1For centt guaranteedr 1 The St UfoodSOI lewis 8 Bro LOUISUSE thn ii 1IT al 0eel- H6n06rSOn FREE RECLINING CHAIR CA1 Subscriber A s i St LOUIi NewsI Jmules ir I ni 3entsb oF EaSisO I < IF J O rOO firr <

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