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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 28, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

i o < > J < ii I 1 THE BOURBON NEWS J PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR t r roLOIE XXVIII PARIS KENTUCKY TUESDAY APRIL 28 1908 son Chas Renublican Convention The I Cay C Hough and Henry S I The convention then proceeded to vjblican convention held in fli was the largest at elect a new county committee to serve t= t convention ever held in for the ensuing year as follows FR No pJTliaaty onTheledfight between C Paris No 1 No 3 CPhillipsWilmoth2 J Barnes O by Jude H 3 actions No 4 Pat Kane No 5 J W Larkin ana Ueo W Stuart for No tie other led by James D No 1 6 R Sherman AyersNoMillersburg B Boulden a 2 Dan M and Postmaster J L Federal ofBcehold Hurst Fait Rcolc No 1 A B Thoma ¬ a other son No 2 Olliver rU has been a bitter one re- j Middietown NO 1 WHarrison North A Thomason a complete vctory for No 2 Jerry IT Kenney Clintonville No stuart f7 hand tohand e several The old church builfdns Jacoby No 2 J E Gray Centerville gate to hold the crowd No l IFrank P Bedford No 2 Spears cumposed of about 1000 i J 100 whites at 1 oclcok Prof W L V Vented an improvised stand 1 the building and read the Scenes From the Best Operas t Judge H C e meeting Miss Louise Hughes and her class ther C t n placed in nominationtem George VV Stuart for i n while Postmaster costume at the Grand on tJjr the evening AV i rl > nominatedappointedCotting of May 1 Under the aupsices of the tellers Uniform Rank K of P of this city The chairman ne J the vote naming for the Fair r ple M R Jacoby and T C Manns Opening Son and William Cherry and J P crdt to represent the Taft side E Manns opening of summer drinks After tne tellers reported the count will be on Wednesday May 6th in ¬ x for Stuart to 541 for Cotting stead of Thursday 1 zg the 7th Every T visitor will receive a souvenir Frappe z of the Taft tellers then claimed served free from 2 to 5 oclock Every unfair count and demanded a re body invited r coxt This is where hot words began 28 2t C P MANN asp and if it had not been for the to F being tresence of the police force little fights a t1h in quelling sevreal Public Renting of Grass tcie would have been serious trouble After a wrangle of aj hour Chairman The second orderen a recount Land resulted Stuart 773 Cotting T v V Ii I I < FrenchThompson THough I 11Travatore to Opening ii irk t Strayed or Stolen A big sorrel horse onehalf white hind leg and one hind hoof cracked and little white in face Strayed or stolen from city lot Saturday night Reward for any information concern ¬ MAX MUNICH ing him Junk Dealer Eighth street It WANTED A very good Rockaway horse 5 to years of age Must be perfectly gen ¬ tle one not afraid of Traction or Steam Cars or Automobiles Apply to R J NEELY 7 434 Tce SEED CORN I T x t KU > r jr > ates to the State conven instructed to vote for Sena t William o Bradley and Gov A E WIllson as delegates at t the National Republican Con ard for H Clay Howard as sic legate to the convention Seventh District and the iogation to vote as a unit aestions The State dele MR Jacoby C J w eurge W Stuart Milt Wood Johnson Ben Martin D x Stamps Moore J W Lar t TliojnpBWBj Jim Gaines C ir H C Howard J D Shy gh N A Moore J E A Thomason A B Thomr Finequality of seed corn both white Samples will be left at and yellow the following places where orders will he taken at 100 per bushel Parrish store Austerlitz V K Shipps store Co Elizabeth Paris and Cox ROBT C TALBOTT 28 2t Shoals Taken T r V L i I nd 1 Spring Suit Question You will find a range of models that lack nothing that goes to make perfect Clothing I r ti Youwill find handsome durable exclusive fabrics MichaelsStern J tp EDISON I 2500 L d CC 11 cSh 003 if you want you want s Stetsons Stetson Shoes PHONOGRAPHS U II K0JAS < MACHINES iZ ta g f J co FRANK 011 l r 500 to 600 Shoes 350 to 400 IIH Korrect Shape 4 Two stray shoats taken up by me Saturday night Own r can get am by describing proprety and paying for A nice selection of latest Disc and keep and advertisingMRS Cylinder Records always on hand DUDLEY 172J Cypress Street Both Phones No 231 r rJ io I 1 I 9 At 1fI2A 11i jj L t fI 5 riIt A VERY ATTRACTIVE LINE OF I LADIESand CHILDRENS I HIGH GRADE OXFORDS The Ladies Store lrt0M 1200 to Now is the time to choose style economy and satisfaction Lowest PricesSee Our In order to entirely close out line of Spring Suits Utnrimmed Hats Flowers Feathers make room for Summer goods we make a and Ribbons H in < 1tJle Newest Styles f Clothing t t r MILLINERY 1800 to 3500 College Brand Clothing ummer > I You will find garments of excellent styles and accurate fit cc VICTOR tglz Oracl 1 a Full Line of Photo graphers Supplies Up SPECIAL SHOWING OF JLaa and see how easily we can settle the KODAKSA- I i re M Kentucky TALKING i St to OUJ COn1e t Main St Paris do- A s Baugherty Bros Ii of the Convention proceed On May court day at 10 a m at dvvLt sat any trouble the Taft menU ti> n as it was seen by everyone court house door will rent 140 acres of grass land on Georgetown pike 2 f II hey were whipped to a finish The resolutions endorse the National miles from Paris to be used for cat- ¬ congratu tle sheep and hogs l State Administrations 28 2t ROBT C TALBOTT fi tr people of Kentucky upon the of State tu n and aonfull Republican grati + the even more ic J victory in the election of Wil Bradley to the Senate of the i f States Shade will JP You are cordially invited to attend our grand opening on Wednesday May 6th We will serve to all that call delicious Frappe free of charge Every one that calls will also be pre ¬ sented wth a souvenir of the opening 243t MANNS CONFECTIONERY = ¬ n j3 zmmwJ l What say you Praps some other I < C K Blue tJfv t fit hi I NUMBER 48 In Tans Browns and Blacks S and Ladies Best Grade of Oxfords that Sell every- ttj where at 350 and 4 Our PriceSS S I I Special Offering OF Ladies High Grade t Tailor Made Suits I MAll Suits that sell Regularly at Special eA1I Suits that sell Regularly at 2750 Special Price 25 3 20 J875 1575 Special Showing for Summer in 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