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Image 7 of Farmers' home journal, December 25, 1879

Part of Farmers' home journal

1000. MISCELLANEOUS. USEFUL RECIPES. Vinegar Candy. This candy is re- commended for colds. Three cupfuls of granulated sugar, half a cupful of vinegar, half a cupful of water, half a teaspoonful of butter. Season with lemon. Mix the sugar, water and vin-egar together, boil until the candy is found to be brittle, by dropping a little in cold water. Then add the butter and lemon. Maryland Oyster Soup. Take two quarts of oysters ; strain from them all the liquor; put the liquor on to boil with half a pint of chopped celery, one 1 small onion, one or two blades of mace, pepper and salt to your taste, and one tablespoonful of fresh butter. When this boils add the oysters. Just before taking it off put in the thickening, which is a little flour mixed with sweet cream ; then add one quart of rich milk or cream, and when it has come to a boil pour into a tureen, into which you have put some small squares of cold bread. Serve very hot. Spaghetti. This is a favorite dish at some of the best restaurants. The macaroni used should be the best Italian, and must be placed to boil in a plenty of hot water. Let it cook ten or fifteen minutes, boiling hard all the while. When done it should retain some of its elasticity. If it lies perfectly flat, or slicks together, it has been A sauce for it is too much cooked. made by slowly boiling all the morning a piece of lean beefsteak (half a pound will suffice for a small family). To this you add enough canned 'or other tomatoes, an hour or so before serving, to give the sauce a rich red color. As much water only should b? used as will leave the sauce rich and thick ; this the cook will soon learn by experience. Let every one sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on his spaghetti for himself. Cheap Waffles. One egg, one quart of flour, one quart of milk. To Cure Hams without Smoking. Treat as usual as regards salt, saltpeter and sugar. Let them he for six weeks, and then, instead of smoking, paint over with a solution of pyroligneous acid, and hang up to cure. Paint large hams twice. Crullers. Take five eggs and beat them well, stirring in sugar until quite sweet (try one pound), and add a of butter creamed ; then add half a teaspoonful of soda to half .a cupful of buttermilk,. with sifted flour enough to make the dough about the stiffness of biscuit dough allow one pound and a half of flour, say. Roll the pieces about as thick as your finger, and as long, for the dough must be cut into strips, and then form them into rings and double rings. Flavor with lemon or mace, and sometimes currants are added in such proportion as is fancied. These cakes are fried ; and as failure most often occurs in the frying, we give a few particular directions in that regard. Have ready a round stew pan or skillet half full of melted lard. As soon as it begins to bubble a little, drop a cruller into it, which will sink. Take an egg whip, or something that will not hold the lard, and turn it over ; it will then rise to the top as light as a puff. Then let it cook till it is a pretty light brown. The older crullers are, the better they get. If you do not burn your lard, it will do to use a second time, and if the above" directions are attended to will give satisfaction with very little trouble. Put as many crullers in the pan to fry at one time as you can conveniently turn over. - tea-cupf- Christian county, and that our people can never recover from the loss inflicted by that act. While those who utter such sentiments are constitutional growlers, their talk has more or less weight with that large class of people who never think or investigate for The evils of sensational literature fqr the young are themselves. well known, and the want of an antidote has long been PEOWe have recently had occasion to felt. This is supplied by HARPER'S YOUNG which PLE, a beautifully illustrated weekly journal, examine some statistics touching the is equally devoid of the objectionable features of senand of production of Christian county before sational juvenile literature reader. that moralizing tone which repels the youthful and since the war, and we have conThe volumes of the YOUNG PEOPLE begin with cluded to give the public the benefit of the first number, published in November of each year. understood that When no time the facts at hand. In 1850, a year of the subscriber is mentioned, it will bewith the number wishes to commence more than average agricultural pros- next after the receipt of order. perity under the slave regime, Christian IIARPEK'S PERIODICALS. produced 45,678 bushels of wheat, HARPER'S $4 00 bushels of corn, and 6,312,076 HARPER'S MAGAZINE, one year 1,235,290 WEEKLY, one year 4 00 In 1878 Christian HARPER'S BAZAR, one year 4 00 lbs of tobacco. The THREE above named publications, One produced, with free labor, 971,920 Year io 00 One Year 7 00 bushels of wheat, 2,335,599 bushels of Any TWO above named,PEOPLE, One Year 1 50 HARPER'S YOUNG corn, and 7,846,928163 of tobacco. Postage to all subscribers in the United States Does that look as if the agricultural or interests of this section had been se-INDUCEMENTS FOR 1880 GNLY. riouslv criopled by the liberation of the iWThirteen numbers of Harper's Young People Harslaves? We dare say every thrifty, en will be furnished to every yearly subscriber toPhoplk per's Weekly for 1880; or Harper's Young terprising section in the South can and Harper's Weekly will be sent to any address the number of show a similar increase of agricultural for one year, commencing with 1S80, firstreceipt of $5 on Harper's Weekly tor January, Hopkinsville New Era. products. for the two periodicals. 1 PARAGRAPHIC ODDITIES. Hard fare: Chops from a battering ram. "The great American obituary provoker," is the latest for kerosene. " For of all sad words of tongue or ' It might pen, the saddest are these Remittances should be made by Postoffice Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss. M5"Newspapers are not to copv this advertisement without the express or 4er of Harper it Brothers. Address H ARPEfi & BHOTHBR3, JSew York. 100 PIANOS & ! "For sinking spells, fits, dizziness, palpitation and low spirits, rely on Hop Bitters." I "Read of, procure ana use Hon Hitters, and you wUloe strong healthy and happy." "Ladies, do yon want to be strong, healthy and beautiful:'' Then use Hop Bitters. "The greatest appetizer, stomach, blood and liver regulatorHop Bitters." l,r00 will be nald for a case that Hop miters win not cure or help." "Hon BitterR builds np, strengthens and continually cures first dose." from the "Kidney and T1- I nary complaints of all KiniiH permanently two-third- Hop Concur rrp.vla the sweetest, safest and best. Ask children . The nop Ptn for j Stomach, Liver and "Clergvmen, LawKidneys Is HiiDerior yers, Editors, Bankers and Ladies need to all others. Asfc Druggists. Hop Bitters daily." T. I. C.lsan absolute "Hop Bitters lias reirresistable stored to sobrlet y and iand drunkenness, cure use health, perfect wrecks tobacco and I and narcotics. from Intemperance. All above sold by "Sour stomach, sfck druptsts. Hop Bitters headache and dizzi- ness, Hop Bitters cures .Manuiaeturing. CO., Rochester, N. Y. wau aicw uoses. Send for Circular. ATT Best in the world, AGENTS WANTED! viduals. Particular attention paid to trousseaux and infants' wardrobes. Samples sent and letters of inquiry promptly answered. For circulars, references, erms, etc., apply as abov. Canvassers and dealers in town und country to size IHxlH inches, put up in packages of one dozen, assorted patterns. $5tXl can be made in the next ninety days selling them, as every family will buy from one to six dozen when they see them and hear the price. A pnek-asr- e showing just what of twelve handkerchiefs, they are, with wholesale price list, sent by mail for one-ce- nt twenty-fou- r stain ns : no attention paid to W. A. WISEMAN, potitls in future. 5U-- 4t Box 125, Chicntro, 111. EXHAUSTED VITALITY. physical and mental indisposition cess, study, business, or TlL?"RTT THPV from X any cause. Skin affections, Scrof ulous conditions, Blood impurities, Rheumatism. Catarrh and Dropsy, permanently cured. Thirty years' experience. Send 2oc for People's Medical Adviser, 112 pages. Address Dr. BA TE, 13 Park Row, New y York. Advice Free. UUUilJii THROUGH THE TEFTH! all Ordinary Conversation, Concerts. etc.. bv lKW riuinnrls- - entinr 4 I n For Ea.nk of Louisvills BOOKS ON ARCHITECTURE, CAPITAL $500,000. DIRECTORS. AND AGRICULTURE, receipt H.-C- . Sent post paid on of price. Woodward's Artistic Drawing Studies 00 $ woodward fi Ornamental and Fancy Alphabets 6 Of Woodward s Country Homes 1 00 Woodward's Cottapes and Farm Houses 1 00 Woodward s Country and Suburban Houses 1 00 Woodward s Graperies, A:c 1 00 " 50 Woodward's Designs for the Fret Saw Woodward National Architect, Vol. One 7 50 Woodwards National Architect, Vol. Two.... 7 50 wheeler s Homes f.,r the People 2 00 Wheeler's Rural Homes 50 Copley's Standard Alphabets " 3 00 Jacques' Manual of the House " 1 00 Monckton's National Stair Builder 5 00 Muuckton's National Carpenter aud Joiner 5 00 Rural Church Architecture 4 00 Hussey s National t ottage Architecture".!.... 4 00 Cupper s Stair Builder j so Eveleth's School House Architecture.."...!! 4 00 Harney's Barns. Out Buildings and Fences.. . 4 00 Jaciiuea Garden, Farm and Bam Yard 50 Todd's Youus Farmer's Manual, 3 Vols 4 50 Vol. 1, Farm and "Workshop 1 50 " S, Profitable Farming 1 50 ' 3. Wheat Culture 50 Ellntt s Lawn and Shade Trees I 00 Fuller's Forest Tree Culturist 100 Kendall's Practical Shepherd 2 00 Wlllard's Practical Dairy Husbandry 3 00 Willard's Practical Lutter Book 1 00 Lewis' Practical Poultry Book 1 50 Ten Acres Enough 1 00 " How to fret a Farm. &c 1 00 Our Farm of Four Acres ." 60 Flax Culture " 1 00q Husmann's Grapes and Wine J'hin's Grape Culture 1 00 Thomery System of Grape Culture 30 Frank Forester's FieM Sports, 2 Vols 4 00 Frank Forester's Fish and Fiflhiner 2 50 Frank Forester's Yonne Sportsman's Manual " 2 00 Frank Forester's American Game 1 50 Practical Trout Culture ! 1 00 The Breechloader 21 The Dead Shot. The Gun !! 125 The Crack Shot. The RiHe 125 Frank Forester's Horse of America, 2 Vols..,. 5 00 Horse Portraiture Training Trotters 2 00 The Dng Breeding, Breaking-- &c 3 00 Wallace's American Trotting Register 10 00 WaUace's American Stud Buok 10 00 Gun. Kodaud Saddle 1 00 TILDEN Louisville &Gt. Southern RAILROAD LINE. Tra;nsrun as follows November 16,1879. Leave Louisville nrriving at M p. n'AO A 111. Daily, Memphis,5:30Nashville A. m.; M; a. m. A M Daily, nrriving at Nashville x. 7:30 A. 8:30 111. A. M.; Decatur, 5:00 p. m.; Mem- phis, 4:40 P. P at 10:00 p. m. m. Accommoda-0.J- J 1T ExcePt Sunday. tion. Arriving atBowiing tireen Daily. Accommodation. A A. III. jg at Nashville at 7:00 TUT 1100 A Arriv-.0p- - J m. noxv'"e Branch, except ,.,yt nrriving at Livingston TVT at O.KK"D "M" Kxeept Sunday, Bardstown X. Ill, commodation, arriving at Bardstown at 6:55 p. m, arriving Q 6'fifi O,. ill. Daily, Cecilian branch, 8:10 a. m., 1)t Cecilian Junction at and connecting with P. E. railroad. Aceommeda-.xcePt Sunday. Tl 1U. tion, arriving at Cecilian Juncfc tion at 7:55 p. AMERICAN 47 Arkansas and Texas, Making quicker time than any other line. Pullman Palace Cars FROM LOUISVILLE TO Nashville, Montgomery, Mobile, LITTLE ItOCK, Memphis and New Orleans, WITHOUT CHANGE. For information about Rates and Tickets to all noints, and Euiiprant Kates to Florida, Arkansas. Texas and Kansas, etc., address C. P. ATMORE, Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agt., Louisville Ky. OHIO & MISSISSIPPI 0NTAPH0HEC0.,2:vi.e3L,a.clonu,uii GREAT THE Arrive at Destination Cincinnati and East 12:05 p M Cincinnati and East. ...4:00 p. M. 8:30 P. M St. Louis and West 8:40 p. m 7:00 A.M. p. m. St. Louis and West. 7:00 A. M 7:05 INfClose connections made for all points East and West Ht Cincinnati and St. Louis. BttTThrough Parlor Cars free to Cincinnati, md through passenger coaches to St. Louis, without change. MT"The only line which offers such inducements, j C. S. CONE, Jr., General Passenger Agent, St. Louis. C. B. CHAPMAN, Southern Passenger Agent, REMEDY especially recom TRADt mended as an unfail" ing cure forSemina j'?', w eaknesses, perm- C A-atorrhea, Impotency and all diseases that . w!3? follow as a sequence itt'vwU' on self abuse, as loss jrffVA'fc of memory, univer- A&&f sal iastitude. nain in t" Before Takinsth back dim"ess of fter Taking o premature "vision, old age, and manv other diseases that lead to Insanity. Consumption and a Premature Grave, all of which, as a rule, are first caused by deviating from the path of nature and over indulgence. 1 he Specihc Medicine is the result 01 a lite study and many yearsot experience in treating these SDecial diseases. Full particulars in our pamphlets, which we desire 10 send tree by mail to every one. The Specific Medicine is sold by all druggists at $1 per package, or six packages for $5, or will be sent by man on receipt ei tne money oy addressing MARK. MARK.Is THE GRAY MEDICINE CO., DetroitIich. No. 10 Mechanic's Block, in Louisville by all druggists. & CO., Wholesale AgHs. ARTHUR PETER janqiy M ProNcripMiH. Free. For the ppeedy Cure of Seminal Mealiness. Losn of Manhood, ana all disorders on by indiscretion or excess. Any DniKxiHt ddresD tVH!HIN cV CO., 78 KusMnu N. V. bronu-h- !t., year. 23-- Office Southeast corner of Fourth and Main Streets, LOUISVILLE. ENGLISH Gray's Specific Medicine WSold DIPHTHERIA!! Paducah & ElizabeMown R. R. Co. In Effect September 7, 1879. TRAINS TRAINS I. S. JOHNSON & CO., It mi-- ; or, Maine. ft GENTS WANTED for A TOUR Timmn uvmtu , mnm ifiL iyu.lL Tur BY GENERAL GRANT. WEST. 8.10 am 6.0O am 8.30 am 2.05 pra 3'25 P"1 5.30 pm - 3.10 pm 7.15 pm 4.10 pm 6.30 pm GOING EAST. Leave Paducah 9.55 am ". Princeton 12.08 pm " Nashville 8.30 am " Hopkinsville 12.22 pm " Henderson 11. 10 am " Nortonville 2.05 pm " Owensboro 8.30 am Arrive Cecilia 6.52 pm " Louisville 9.20 pm " Elizabethtown 7.10 pm Trains run daily. Trains make close connections between Louisville and Cecilia. ROBT. MEEKS, Gen'l Manager. Elizabethtown, Ky. .. the best and fast Books and Bibles. Prices reduced NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., AGE V'TS Pictorial 33 per cent. Johnson's A nod rue Lininiontwillposi- - 000 Ht Me. tively prevent this terrible disease, and will positively cure nine cases in ten. Information thatwillsave many lives, sent free by mail. Don't delay a moment. Prevention is better than cure. Sold Everywhere. GOING Leave Elizabethtown " Louisville . " Cecilia " Nortonville " Princeton Arrive Paducah " Hopkinsville " Nashville " Henderson " Owensboro (JCfA 4 RAILWAY. Leave Louisville. 7:00 a. M. AildreM '3' THIS IS THE TO 't rr our MtkE pnraphlet. . GREAT SHORT ROUTE I Sept! - uiitniaeei ail (Unary s utoh. Hcittl -- oi NEW AND STANDARD Msrchnts National DEAF HEAR THE TRADE pell new styles handkerchiefs, CONDENSED TIME. NERVOUS Purchasing" Agent Burrowes' Lexington Mustard. Diseases, like rivers, spring from small causes. The roaring river may not be easily diverted from its course, nor the neglected disease from its destructive work. Taken in time, disease, which is merely an interrupted function, may be averted by the use of nature's remedy, TARRANT'S SELTZER APERIENT. It combines the medicinal properties of the best mineral waters in the world. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. red by Hop I 43-- land, Philadelphia, Pa. WEEK in your own town. Terms and $5 out free. Address H. H AI.LETT & CO., Port, 20-i- y CENTS! READ THIS! We will pay Ajjent a, .Nalary of JlOO per non I h unil xhmimm. or allow a large commiMMiou, to sell our new and wonderful in- ventions. We mean what ue my. Sample Free. Address Mll ltll iNA C O., Itlarftliall, Mirk. u P1 Works, and Dr. Foote's !h0 VPCHPOTP'O u Health Monthly one year for $1. Sample copy free. MURRAY HILL PUB. CO., 01ilIl0oJuflIu 1 129 East Twenty-eight- h St., N. Y. Miller's Tick Destroyer ! Warren and Longfellow, $1 per 12; $2 for This is the fastest selling book ever published, and DESTROYS EFFECTUALLY the only complete and authentic history of Grant's 12 of each; $7 per 100. Travels. Send for circulars containing a full descripSharpless, 75c per 12 ; $3 per 100. tion of the work and our extra terms to agents. AdTICKS AND OTHER VERMIN Boydan, Black Defiance, Chas. Downing, N ATI OA AL PIKMSHIXG CO., dress ddbkss. Cumberland Triumph, Crescent, Capt. Jack, Phila., Pa.; Chicago, 111.; and St. Louis, Mo. 47 tf Cinderella, Continental, Duchesse, Great FARMERS HOME JOURNAL, Louisville, Ky 3 and MOUPHlE habit, that bane Enabling the animal to thrive and increasing American, Kentucky, Monarch, Miners' Great D. M. to society, so agonizing and destruc-t'SRODMAN. ELI BROWN ! Prolific, 50c per 12; $1 per 100. tive in its consequences, involving the growth and luster of the wool. Turner and Bristol Red Raspberries, 75c RODMAN & BROWN, affithe ruin ot body and mind, abso lutely and speedily; painless: no pub- - rTTT VTT One Box Sufficient for Twenty Sheep. per 12 ; $1.50 per 100. licity. Send stamp for particulars. 0 U XUlJ Doolittle and Kentucky Black Raspberries, THE DESTROYER is a SURE CURE OP J U H N KATE, Ai. l., jtfo. 6 Court Place, 13 and ii Park Row, New York City. 50c per 12 ; $1.50 per 100. SCAB. Good plants and safe arrival guaranteed. Price Ijy Express, not prepaid, 35 cents a month and expenses guaranteed to agents. Send for circulars. per box. Address Any business in the State or Federal Courts in bnAW & CO. Uutntiree. onsr ATTORNEYS AT LAW LOUISVILLE, $77 Louisville, Circuit Court of Oldham countv. or Court sheep 4"-t- J. DECKER, There are not a few persons in this community who are accustomed to say that the emancipation of the slaves impoverished PROVERBS. V ROVER 1IS KGAI years, Case, :i Charles Lamb, when speaking of Oct's, andKnee Swells, Walnut Pianos,warranted $455. Book, $98. New Stool $143 to one of his rides on horseback, remarked M5"Newspiper sent Free. Address that " all at once his horse stopped, DANIEL F. BEATTY, Washington, N. J. 1 year. but he kept right on." A stroke of lightning the other day Record, tore a boy's boot all to pieces and American Berkshire the boy. He had placed didn't harm Notice is hereby given that entries in Volume IV. of the boot under a tree and gone in the Record will close on December 1, 1879. For Entry Blanks or further information address swimming. An Irishman named O'Flaherty has PHIL. M. SPRINGER, Esq., found the largest diamond on record in Court House Square, Springfield, III. the fields of South Africa. It weighs not MISS HENRIETTA BARBARGUX, 150 carats, the famous Koh-i-nos being over that weight. The largest tree in Northern Wisconsin stands in Douglass county. It is 425 Brook St., LOUISVILLE, KY. a white cedar, and measures nineteen feet four inches in circumference two Respectfully solicits orders for the purchasing of goods of all descriptions needed by families or indifeet above the ground. SRLF-PK- 6:35 p. m.: Richmond, 7:20 p. m. D. P. FAULDS, 105 Fourth Street. right through me." An impudent adventurer having IKF"Purchasers should see them before buying elsemarried an keiress, a wit remarked that where. the bridegroom's brass was outshone Y prAy BE bv the bride's tin. New Organs 13 Stops, 3 set Golden Tongue Reeds, 5 6 oruax or. t ' 1, Free against Slave Labor. JPIIFK: The exhausted SERVATIO. vitality, nervous and physical debility, or vitality impaired by the errors of youth or too close application to business, may be restored and manhood regained. Two hundredth edition, revied and enlarged, just published. It is a standard medical work, the best in the English language, written by a physician of great experience, to whom was awarded a gold and jeweled medal by the National Medical Association. It contains beautiful and very expensive engravings. Thret hundred pages, more than 50 valuable prescriptions for all forms of prevailing disease, the result of many years of extensive and successful practice, either one of which is worth ten times the price of the book. Bound in French cloth; price only $it sent by mail postpaid. The London Lancet says: "No person should be without this valuable book. The author is a noble benefactor." An illustrated sample sent to all on receipt of 6 cents for postage. The author refers, by permission, to Jos. S. Fisher, president; W. 1. P. Ingraham, vice president; W. Paine, M. IX; C. S. Gauntt, M. D.; H. J. Doucet, M D.; R. H. Kline, M. D.; J. R. Holcomb, M. D.; N. R. Lynch, M. D., and M. R. O'Connell, M. D., faculty of the Philadelphia University of Medicine and Surgery ; also the faculty of the American University of Philadelphia; also Hon. P. A. Bissell, M. D.. president of the National Medical Association. Address Dr W. II. barker, LB No. 4 Bullinch street, Boston. Mass. ft I The author mav be consulted on all ' CH L uiseases requiring skill and expeTHYSELF. rience. 49 iyr " Steinway, Chickering, Gabler, Kurtzmann, Mason & Hamlin, "Is there much water in the cistern, Biddy ?" "It is full on the bottom, sir, Smith American Organ o., and others, but there's none at all on the top." at prices LOWER THAN EVER at the newly en'Mother," said a little eight year old, larged warerooms of their "I wish I was built like a hen coop, out Sole Wholesale Agent, of laths, and then the breeze could blow have been LADIE'S SEMINARY developed by firing is largely dissipated WEST LEBANON, Jf. II. before the tea is used. It is an old sayHave you daughters to educate? ing that the best teas are only to be had ennial catalogue, recently published, Send for the trito in their highest excellence in tea growing countries, where they can be pro- HIRAM ORCITTT, A. Principal cured before they have been submitted to all the severity of the heroic pro- STRAWEERRIES AND RASPBERRIES, cesses which they have to undergo before being packed for long voyages in All the New, Largest, Best and the holds of vessels. " It may therefore be found that, for Most Productive Kinds. beverage." BosMEDICAL INSTITUTE, ton, entitled THE SC1KNCE Manufactured by the greatest makers, : fit from indiscretion in early life may be alleviated and cured. Those who doubt this assertion should purchase the new medical work published by the PEA BODY Illustrated. 42-6- home consumption only, a less elaborate method of preparation may suffice, and that, as already mentioned, the article may enter into domestic commerce in cakes of dried leaves pressed into solid shapes, as is done with many other herbs ; and the roasting, which devel-ope- s the aroma, take place immediately before use, as is now done with coffee. Probably it will ultimately be ground like coffee, to secure the most delicate The untold miseries that result Harper's Youns People! Caruth! John M. Robinson. W. Geo. Anderson. Robert J. Thomas. P. H. Tapp. John D. Taggart. Wm T. Barret. George W. Wicks. James T. Irvin. The accounts of Banks, Bankers, IndiviDeduals and Corporations are solicited. posits received in general account, or Certificates of Deposit will be issued therefor. Liberal loans made on Warehouse Receipts for tobacco and other products and merchandize, Tea Culture. Mr. Wm. Saunders and on approved collaterals. Special attention says: "It is generally understood that will be given to the sale of Bonds for Counties much of the manipulation given to tea and Corporations, and to the payment of their to any other business requiring a in Asiatic countries is directed toward Coupons and financial agent. J. H. LINDENBERGER, fitting it for ocean voyages. For this Cashier. transportation the leaves must be roasted before shipment, and thus the aroma IIITOW THYSELF. Fern Creek, Jefferson Co., Ky. C e( tf iit io-- y A YEAR and expenses to agents. Free. Address Outfit feb6-iy- of Appeals, Frankfort, prompt attention. CO Gold, Crystal, Lace, Perfumed and Chromo cards, name in gold and jet, 10c. Clinton Bros., Clinton-vill- P. O. VICKEEY, Ui Augusta, me. Ct. r confided to us will receive - Augusta. Maine. jflk returns in 30 days on $100 invested. jr Official reports free. Like profits weekly on stock options of $10 to $50. Address T. POTTER WIGHT & CO.. Bankers. C?T fOjLAJ 35 Wail Street, N. Y FARMERS' HOME JOURNAL, Louisville, Ky. A WEEK. $12 a day at home easily made. 07) Costly outfit free. Address TRUE & CO. Of Z Augusta. Maine. 20- - y

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