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Image 3 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 06, no. 02, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

_ _ Our Last Frontier, the Golden North, Land of ¤ I the lVl1dni ht Sl ” . g un ly g h By Captain Clyde Grady, U. S. A., Class of ’02 - ¤l , _· The word Alaska to millions of Americans is of the Midnight Sun with accommodations for a tri; _ synonymous with iceburgs, glaciers, igloos, polar few passengers. 2 5 bears, esquimaux, malmutes, huskies, sinasher My wife and I, anxious to reach our new home . , l _ and ether analagous terms suggestive of arctic accepted passage on the freight boat. This was as · · regions. · O all exceedingly enjoyable journey of six days, but lh l ll i _ l . Upon I`€C€1V1I1g War Department orders for two space does not permit me, nor am I able, to do . a ll years, duty iI`l COlJHtI`y, known ZS OUT 13St _lllSlZlC€ to lZl'1€ g`OI‘g€O\1S SC€Il€l'y, 1*iCh and varied l — g frontier, immediately there appeared visions of observed en route through the famous Inside Pas; -. ; is 1 l __ objects just enumerated, as I had not definite in- sage, known as the Graveyard of the Paeiiio—due i ‘ ` _ for-mation of Alaska and was UIl3bl€—·€V€H 3m0Ilg to the numerous wrecks which are strewn along `P l I the officers at my post—to find anyone who could its pathway—to Chilkoot Barracks, Haines, Al- · Q l M enlighten me on the subject. My education con- aska, my destination. The water along this in- ll 7 eerning the Golden North consiste land sea-the largest inland nat- i 1 r sd erincirsllr Of a°°°uhls and Pla _,.,i ursl Waterway in the world, twelve l l l tures. in Arctic reselia ef Admiral hundred miles in length — shelter- G at X ‘ peary and other bold intrepid ex- ed from the storms or the ocean by _ l ployers and adventurers, it is ob- lj .1 innumerable islands, is reasonably Zh ‘ ‘ ;; vious what impressions these ac- ` ‘,. l_»‘` calm and placid. * ,` 5 counts make upon the student or On reaching my station in J uly, l l ~ reader, and it is easy to visuailze # imagine my surprise on observing 1 » l' the pi(:tl,1I`€S i1’I'lpI`iI1l3€(i OH OH€’S '.ll `:_ that 2ll1lZOTl'10bll€S C0l1l(i be utilized ll ll c·-. mind- 4 Y ga te advantage. and visualize my * 1 1 ; All or the things mentioned are chargrin over the sale of the car I —i lu Alrtsl

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